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  1. Re: Wi-Fi functioning slow in IE and Firefox, but not in Google Chrome

    There are the flourishing extension gallery are there in the chrome and also it doesn’t have the closing of the extension as compare to the Firefox which have the feature of closing extension. And...
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    Re: Error code 0x800f0902 on Internet Explorer 9

    If you try to do the web browser update task on it then you need to use an inbuilt Internet Explorer 9 Language Pack Update option. This is the option that will be work for removing the kinds of...
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    Re: Warstorm Game premium campaign rewards

    You are able to obtain them as of puzzle card endowments generally ask for, crusade replays, troves, and whatnot. The card image that is in the fitness box, is a sack. It was never discharged within...
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    Re: Is Resistance 3 is skill based game?

    Resistance is a name that tied in glove to the life cycle of the Playstation 3. Fall of Man was a solid Launch Title, a little 'too much turned out to be mistreated by the demanding users who from...
  5. Re: YM 11: “signing in to chat took longer than expected, please try again later”

    See this is not only with the YM 11 rather all the version pukes the same error, and there are too many reasons that can cause this error while trying to Login in to yahoo messenger.

    The very...
  6. Re: Nokia E6 keeps rebooting while using 3G Network mode

    Yeah quite wired, because I haven’t ever seen any such problem but still at such a moment considering as it is the software problem thus I would like to suggest you that you should try to reset the...
  7. Re: How can i get old Facebook Interface again

    In fact if you want more information then you can check this link as well. You will get all the information there itself. also the radical changes in the interface in the facebook is the signs that...
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    Re: Do Skype group chat cost anything?

    Off course I would like to suggest you how you can make a group chat and for that you can simply follow the below mentioned steps.

    First of all you have to install the software your machine...
  9. Re: Opera mobile web browser goes to black screen on startup

    There are few questions that I would like to know so that I can help you much better. I read your query and I will surely help you to solve the issue.
    • From which Opera version were you...
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    Re: Does it is bad to use torrents

    You cannot fight with piracy like that. It is an kind of responsibility of every user who must come up and stop using this. Then only it can be stopped. I am not against piracy, but many are fooling...
  11. Re: Suggestion for Configuring a Tightly Secured Router with Wireless Routers

    According to me, the MAC address filter is none of use and I am saying this because MAC addresses are always in the unencrypted section of the wireless packets. Any attacker will directly get the MAC...
  12. Re: Linksys WRT54G v2.0 crashed with Firmware Ver.4.21.4

    I think that you will require resetting the router. So do the same and then restart the router. I wish that this will solve the problem for you.
  13. re: Opera had made silent update of Opera Mobile 11.1 for Android?

    Well I had also the same if I attempt to add the search from tineye website the one on the right, that accepts URL as keywords instead of receiving a menu with Add Search Engine and Select...
  14. Re: Full Version of Google plus and script mishandling on Opera mini

    When using the Opera Mini browser, do not expect all web sites that script handling not work properly. This is the initial situation that gives the problem of the scripting. For solving this problem...
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    Re: IPad - Gmail mobile version on opera mini

    For iPad users, the browser has been formatted to fit the larger device. It means there is to be maximum size of memory available. You can use it without external card. this is helpful for the...
  16. re: Indian Government sites not open in opera mini

    If you use a Symbian version based mobile phone then it could be possible that it applies restriction on browser. In that you can be use the restore setting process on it. Then try to check the web...
  17. Re: When saving an .html or .mht file, Opera 11.1 silently erases previously saved files in the same folder.

    I think this will not be the case in Windows XP, because, I have seen that in such cases, windows asks us whether we want to replace the existing file or not. Hence, I can say this problem is not...
  18. Re: Opera 11.50 not running Flash in BBC i-Player

    This kind of problems occurs when there is some file missing in the opera 11.50 package, so you just try to uninstall this application and again go to their official website and download the opera...
  19. Re: 2.8 billion minutes of Facebook chat powered by windows live messenger

    Good news no idea about it but still would say that its unbelievable and this is really too much and I am a god user of windows live and I think all the user around should be appreciated for this....
  20. Re: Desktop Windows Live Mail vs. browser Windows Live Hotmail

    I am having multiple Email accounts and it has been very easy to use them on the desktop client and I have been using it always and have really liked it a lot. And I am really enjoying this desktop...
  21. Re: Google chrome 13 crashes while using Google search.

    I use the same version of Chrome and operating system. the similar kind of problem arrives on my chrome browser and that time i really don't know the exact process to solve this trouble. whenever i...
  22. Re: No more version numbers for Mozilla Firefox

    Mozilla is replicating Google’s release model. The browser also has fewer legacy hurdles and has silently updated. The name of this replacing model is Aurora. I haven’t been read somewhere that...
  23. Re: AVG Safe Search is not compatible with Firefox 6

    AVG Safe Search extension is not compatible with this browser. I also read this issue in some article. Firefox 6 compatibility has been introduced with AVG Free 2012. This is the most uncommon...
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    Re: RoboForm not work on updated Firefox 4

    RoboForm is the core component of the Internet Sweepstaking System. If we perform some serious action on the web browser then the roboform gives problem. in that case, either reinstall or update task...
  25. Re: How to change default setting of Firefox back to no proxy

    One solution could be to delete all settings from hard disk. You can do this using the inbuilt option of this Firefox. There is a way that helps to you for doing this simple task. This process will...
  26. Re: How to remove Java Quick Starter Add-ons on Mozilla Firefox

    If above all solution not working I would like to suggest you to reset the firefox and make sure you’re getting the issue. By reset the option you will lose the all add-ons on your firefox.
  27. Re: autofill is not working in firefox 5 and hotmail

    Actually I am facing the same issue. This problem started with me sometime back. It started just after I upgraded to firefox 5. I would like to say that my hotmail username and password is a little...
  28. Re: Pages take few seconds of time while opening in aurora

    I think if you are getting these kinds of problems then why you don’t use some other browser. If I have any problems with the browser I shift to some other browser. I would say that either install...
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    Re: How to customize Firefox startup page

    It’s very simple to do that, so for that just click on the Yahoo icon which is there in the search bar and when click on that then you will get some search options along with the google. If you are...
  30. Re: Firefox 5: CPU goes to 100% after each 5 mins

    There may be some other processes running in your computer which is consuming the CPU uses and this is not the Firefox. To see that, just open the task manager and from there click on the process...
  31. Re: How to change Google black navigation bar in Mozilla Firefox

    There is some sort of the coding to be done to change the color of the bar, as I do not understand the coding, as I have searched on the internet and saw it. If you searching on the internet then you...
  32. Re: Mozilla Firefox 6 slows down and keeps on crashing

    The problem might be occur due to the reason of the extension / add-on which are been added in the Firefox for using the Firefox, so remove some of them.
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    Re: svchost.exe system error

    Hello i am not sure about the svchost.exe system error but as at the end you said about the Ox800106ba error, so while searching about this on internet i found the following link. just go through...
  34. Re: Google should redesign History and Downloads as similar to Bookmarks in Chrome v13

    Well the Google chrome v13 is already have the beta option in to o\it all you have to do is to switch to beta mode and you will be able to used the new Bookmarks menu and as pet the History page I...
  35. Re: Arabic text is not properly displayed in Google Chrome v13 on Ubuntu

    Thanks man look like useful information to use I will definitely find about this issue and if no solution is found I myself will report this bug on to chrome help page
  36. Re: Might & Magic Heroes VI: Special in-game Content

    According to dive in game five fractions from a pool of ten, there is in the Might & Magic universe, in the previous figure was six. In addition to Anton (refuge), Anastasia (Necropolis) and Kiril...
  37. Re: Why there is no 64 bit Internet browser for windows

    Yes many of the browsers which are actually developed for the 64 bit processing actually doesn’t work perfectly at all while using and cant able to process perfectly while using it.
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    Re: Using VOIP phone instead of landline

    Vonage voip service is best because it is very cheap. Just check on internet regarding this, you will get more information which would be accurate and not rumours. I have used it and I think I used...
  39. Re: How to Synchronize Facebook and Twitter Events with Google Calendar

    The above told the FeedCal application, which do the Synchronization of the Facebook events and the Twitter events, below is the step which you can do and have it for you, the steps are:

    Go to...
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    Re: Error 678 with Tata PhotonPlus

    I know that they are giving very poor service. you can even go to the nearest service center of it and tell them your whole query. i am sure they will try to solve your query. in between that if i...
  41. Re: No servers appear even if Freelancer is connected

    Not only you both are going through this problem I think all the users of the Freelancer has been going through this problem and this is not a problem with your internet or anything this is a problem...
  42. Re: Cannot receive or send Wall Gifts in the Pioneer Trail

    I sent an email to the Zynga team about these 2 days ago and got an email back from them saying they would respond to me within 18 hours, and still haven't heard back from them yet (now 40 hours...
  43. Re: Spam from ibibo declaring me winner of 2 cars

    Hey, I am also on the same list as I got it true. They are jut making us fool. I followed the instruction from that but got nothing after that. This is very bad and ibibo should do something for this...
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    Re: How to Tell if a Job is a Scam

    Yes what he says is the right there is no way to get rich in just a day or week . so avoid such a jobs which paying more.
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    Re: How Email Works

    When you log into to peruse your e-mails, you are logging into perused the bottom of your words record in the server. When you log in, your e-mail client unites to the e-mail server. It solicits that...
  46. Re: How to install WebOS 2.1.0 & Adobe Flash on Palm Pre & Palm Pre Plus

    I prefer to stick with the current version, as once my did that experiment on a different phone. But the file which I found was not properly patched which caused phone not working at all.
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    Re: reboot Google Chrome sync to solve error

    i would suggest you to try changing the password. i tried xmarks but it did not work for me. whenever i try to restart the firefox it doesnt work. i have looked a lot on the internet but nothing has...
  48. Re: Unable to change the Locked Default search Engine URL in Google Chrome

    A debt of gratitude is in order regarding recognizing this line which I neglected to join and was imagining that something is absent.
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    Re: What is PDF viewer in Google chrome?

    Without a doubt Chromes PDF-book fan is exceptional, I'm utilizing it rather than Adobe's (even uninstalled it) but I have a wild plan regarding the default impair. For sure it is in beta-upset, but...
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    Re: In Opera, DHL tracking is not working

    I though the developer observe the post made in the thread but I guess it not true if any one dev in here from opera please solve this problem before we have to switch to some other option
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