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    Re: How to unlock Radeon 6950 to Radeon 6970

    The ability to flash the bios of the Radeon 6950 to be a 6970 only functional to cards as they were initial cards the standard suggestion is the identical, apart from the BIOS. This soon changed, and...
  2. Re: Best potential monitors - ASUS VH232H vs. ASUS ML238H

    Is the Asus ML238H a good monitor? If you ask me then definitely I say yes. This is the LED monitor and there are so many best features present on it. For considering the viewing of the monitor then...
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    Re: HDMI/DVI connection failed to register

    I think that you are running with very high resolution for the display. If you want then you can try by lowering the resolution. I hope that this will be helpful for you.
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    Re: Information about MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III

    The MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III Power Edition / OC is because of the improved power supply. According to the manufacturer almost 40 percent more power supply to the graphics chip and thus increase the...
  5. Re: Is Viewsonic 21.5'' monitor very big for desk?

    I am using 24" monitor with my computer and I never felt that this is very big. In fact you will get better experience of it. There will also not be any problem with the resolution as well.
  6. Re: How to get display on monitor and TV with audio

    Hey, you know the answer for this then why are you not trying that? You can use another port and connect that with the help of HDMI cable.
  7. Re: What Percentage of 3D games can be played with a single GeForce Gtx 570?

    Firstly let me tell you that this graphics card has a best performance and have better design. GeForce GTX 570 rips through the latest games like Call of Duty: Black Ops and Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X....
  8. Re: Connecting PC (DVI) to the Thunderbolt display

    As I was hoping to use one with Apple MacBook, as it has Display Port, but the viewing ray specs seem to work the point that any connected device must have Ray in it.
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    Re: GeForce GTX 460 SLI with 3d vision.

    Ok, I am having some suggestion in this case. For the portal 2 do the setting as:
    For this game just set the GTX 460 SLI settings to single GPU. Because single GPU is able to manage high settings in...
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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    I don’t think the model that you have mentioned in the question supports 3D vision, because when I was searching about the same and after going through its specification I came to know that the...
  11. Re: While trying to enable 3D in Google Earth with R265 drivers, Troubleshooting failure.

    Here I don’t think that you will need Tridef because 3D Vision supports Window mode. For that reason I would like to suggest you to download the Release 270 drivers. And after that you will have...

    I am not having any type of the experiences about this thing, but I can say that checkerboard mode/3D Vision doesn't work due to a bug in the TV and also for this thing there is no other fix. For...
  13. Re: Random arrangement of the red pixels to replacing the Black

    this is actually because of the dead pixels in your monitor which is causing this problem or probably this could be hardware issue.

    So according to me you should try to make sure whether they are...
  14. Re: Which is better GT430 SLI or single Powercolor RadeonHD6850?

    I would say that single Powercolor Radeon HD6850 is very powerful and sufficient. I would say that the performance is going to be best and using this you could play maximum of games with graphics...
  15. Re: How to connect monitor and computer without having dvi connection?

    I would say that Gateway DX4860-UB20P has a vga port and hdmi port. I hope you know I am saying. Also I think that the monitor that you are having has a dvi port. I would say that try an adapter. You...
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    Re: SEO Outsourcing Pros and Cons

    It's sad to see what amount of stress people put on SEO in the final 2 years, but I'm certain the air pocket will blast someday and individuals will yet again begin centering on their content's...
  17. Re: Windows 7 ask for password after replacing the monitor screen

    You have replaced the monitor screen then you would have some knowledge about laptops . Try for changing bios set up for the computer , insert windows 7 boot able disc in to the cd rom and change...
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    Re: Funky aspect ratio in movies

    A few year ago I have came across the letter to the person responsible of one of those guides to Movies on TV, asking for them to list abbreviations like CS, WS, 4:3, whatever, to point out the...
  19. Re: The lens of Nikon in low light limits the new larger sensors

    Yes, I am assuming binning or downsampling which is always possible by hardware or software means. if the objective lenses are telecentric; light rays touching the sensor’s surface parpendicularly...
  20. Re: Internet and external sound card make noise due to Dell monitor plugged in

    You should be able to get the driver from the official website of your sound card. Sometimes this It sounds like a hardware defect of some kind. This site provides the latest version of this sound...
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    Re: How is Radeon 6770M for 1366x768 gaming

    This is also a good graphics card to use and also it is the best to play the game of the particular resolution games, but there are also some good cards which are having the best and also some of the...
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    Re: Can't watch online TV shows in IPhone

    I think you have downloaded previous version of this app. Because recently I have also downloaded, same app but latest version and I never got any problem. Try to update your mobile theatre to latest...
  23. Re: Where can i get the ATI FireGl V5200 driver for Windows 7

    There is an inbuilt driver update facility available on this windows 7 system. The online graphics driver policy of the windows 7 has to be work on the same strategy. This will be works to you for...
  24. Re: MSI N560GTX-TI GPU crashes after updating the driver to version 280.26

    See there could be so many problems regarding the hardware and software as well and for that you must have to test all of them. and do you please tell me from which website you have gotten this newer...
  25. Re: Resolution setback in Samsung 2494HS Monitor

    Comparable with me so I reached Samsung Support but they unequivocally stated to peruse the manual. I've perused the manual but still lack the capacity to resolve it. Utilizing the OSD, I need to...
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    Re: 16:10 aspect ratio IPS monitors

    I would like to tell you about some of the models, thus you can search about them on internet, or rather you can simply comment over here so that I can assist you better.

    See you can have,

  27. Re: Unable to select 1366 x 768 resolution in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    If suppose you are not able to change this settings through option there is another way as well, but let me tell you first of all as you must have to remember the original values that was previously...
  28. Re: Dell monitor starts for two seconds and then black

    Your monitor provides a self test feature that allows you to see if your monitor is functioning properly. If your monitor or computer is correctly connected but the screen remains dark, run the...
  29. Re: Acer 5742G not using Geforce GT 540M graphic card

    I would like to say that you cannot disable integrated graphics as it is used by the system. Your laptop will utilize the integrated graphics for normal operations and when it needs more graphics...
  30. Re: Latest drivers of ATI HD 5650 with Acer Aspire 7745G

    I have thinks differently related to this issue. If the system works well and it will not gives any kind of problems for loading any graphical software or games on this system, then there is no need...
  31. Re: is CoolerMaster Xtreme PowerPlus 600 Watts compatible with MSI 560Ti Hawk or MSI HD6950 Hawk

    Well let me tell you that 600watts psu would be quite good with both the graphics card that you have mentioned. CoolerMaster "Extreme Power Plus" has some problems with 600 watts power supply. The...
  32. Re: Need help buying GPU for my PSU Budget 12k

    The Nvidia Geforce 500 Series graphics cards are significantly modified versions of the Nvidia GeForce 400 Series graphics cards. The performance of this card has been popular and it will be shows...
  33. Re: Frustrating keys on the Blackberry torch 9850/9860

    Actually put a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone to my sister account. I have been playing around with it for the past couple of days getting it set up and while it is a diversion small mechanism, it is no...
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    Re: Nvidia UDV having Dual Screen

    try this option if you tried every trick..
    switch off your computer in order to reboot.

    Right click on the desktop
    then go to Properties
    go to Settings

    now you see two square box in that...
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    Re: Programmer or Coder

    The division betwixt Coder and Programmer starts with a College Level Education. In an exceptional establishment you'll pick up every last trace of the essentials then after that some. But also with...
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    Re: Widescreen Computer Display

    For me I think these widescreen presentation might as well be the strategy to go, it permits you more space to do your stuff particularly assuming that you are doing some picture altering, and that...
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    Re: Vertical color difference in Dell U2711

    If you still not able to fix this problem then the best solution is to be use an monitor replacement strategy process. This will be work if the problem is completely depends upon the monitor and not...
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    Re: VGA Connector not working with iOS 4.3

    I am facing the similar issues; VGA isn’t not working at all with Keynote since I had an update to 4.3. The VGA is working fine with good quality reader so I suppose the connector and cables are fine...
  39. re: How to fix GIGABYTE U8300 TV Tuner Dongle bugs

    This device contains features Hybrid (Analog + Digital DVB-T) with FM radio Composite/S-video connects to multimedia device. Installed the software and plugged in the USB is the only simple process...
  40. Re: Gigabyte GV-N560OC-1GI crashing after overclocking

    The best way to fix this problem is to update the firmware it would seem. The manufacturer also may be suggesting this process. In this update process you need to perform an driver update as well as...
  41. Re: GeForce GT 520 does or does not support 3 monitors at same time?

    Nvidia GeForce cards can support only two monitors at same time , if you want to connect 3 monitors you have to buy 1 more card. Only two outputs may be use at one time, the third is automatically ...
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    Re: Toshiba TV getting HDMI error

    I have an ATI HD4670 card. This works Ok via the VGA connection (in flat res) and is excellent and sharp. Via a DVI->HDMI link I would be able to get a picture shown on the TV. I would be able to set...
  43. re: Internet Not available message on Samsung UN558000 LED TV

    To get the solution for this question, you should call the Samsung support and enquire for the needed details for this. They will guide you in the right direction in order to get this issue resolved....
  44. Re: I am getting white dots in Samsung UN46D8000 LED

    I read your problem and come to know that I can give you some advice to get rid of this kind of issue. I haven’t seen this kind of issue in any Samsung user. This issue may relate to hardware only....
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    Re: Tune menu option skips on Samsung Plasma

    First of all, you will have to ensure that the source is the TV and after that press the MENU and then Scroll UP to PLUG AND PLAY. From there you will have to choose Set up. Once you choose that then...
  46. Re: White Spot in Samsung DLP HLT5076S expanding rapidly

    I noticed a white dot on the left side of the screen about a week ago, now there are about 12-13 on the right side, my wife nagging me about it, led me to search for possible problems & causes for my...
  47. Re: Need the best Internet connecting Samsung HDTV

    Amazingly the most normal reaction is they won't do anything that I ask for as they have no Internet union or fear of what the substance is on my USB drive. So much in a showcase room totally...
  48. Re: Samsung LN-T4669F 46" LCD TV makes clicking noise but no picture

    I hold the UN55B8500XF model. It is a particularly fantastic, exorbitant, alluring TV. It quit turning on 3 months following warranty lapse. This has all the earmarks of being the definite same...
  49. Re: Samsung BD-C5500 Internet TV unable to work after Firmware download

    The reset protocol with the ON bind tries not to work in this case. I have tried this again and did try that with the on-line assist some times. I wish I had the transaction number, but did not...
  50. Re: Samsung HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade not working

    I had the same discomfort but distinguiTheyd it before and have reached Samsung brought a few weeks for them to get back and no explanation, actually declared update firmware but obviously you cannot...
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