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    Re: What does Remote Code Execution means

    Remote Code Execution has many faces. It is not just done by a malware. Even a web page is capable of doing that. That is the reason we are always warned to visit vulnerable website. The code is...
  2. Re: Confused with Progress points in MS Project 2007 Professional

    The progress points of summary task are calculated in the following manner:
    %Complete for SS = (Sum of Subtask Actual Durations) / (Sum of Subtask Durations) = (2 + 2 + 2 + 0)/ (2 + 2 + 2 + 2) =...
  3. Re: How to take a screenshot of game in Nintendo 3ds.

    I was thinking that you can do this by when you are playing games at that time you just pause it and take a screenshot and save as Image. if it is not possible then what alternatives is there....
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    Re: windows doesn't show IDE hard disk

    I have finished the installed of windows 7 and my another internal hard drive. The first hard drive contains the system file for windows xp sp3 on this. The harddirve is recognized within the device...
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    Folder icon Program Files (x86)

    I got some weired and seems little bit interesting to intreact with such type of issue and tried to find out the solution for this but didn't got anything after a lot of search on the google. When I...
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    Re: Facebook Application - cannot connect

    This is the message that I am having continuously when I need to find on my browser.

    Have you got any solution for this one user ? Can somebody suggest me ? I have only had my Black Berry for...
  7. Re: Blackberry Curve 8330 Not Receiving AOL Emails

    I have just figured out recently that I am not getting my emails on my Blackberry device. I haven't configured any of my previous configuration or such type of options, so I am not sure that what is...
  8. Re: Silent install does not work using /S argument

    Actually, When we create the SMS packages for deployment then we also create uninstall the packages in the event which we require to make this rollback. The silent uninstall command would be for...
  9. Re: Adobe After Effects CS4 Crashes During Startup

    Fine , I have finished the downloading and installation of updates . At the time of initializing type engine on start up, I received After Effects error as mentioned below :

    When I clicked on...
  10. Re: Adobe After Effects CS4 Crashes During Startup

    I am running with the similar issue here with my Acrobat after Effect CS4. This is looking so weird for me and it is continuously happening again and again on my system. Where as I am running with...
  11. Adobe Reader mobile on WinMo 6.1 cannot open certain pdf files

    I am trying to open specific pdf files on my Omnia 6.1 with Adobe reader mobile and some are able to be open but for some the Reader it automatically getting quit without opening those. It goes...
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