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    Re: Using two monitor on a single DVI port

    You can use more than that. You have to buy a DVI or VGA splitter. It is available in the market. If you want to more than one monitor then you can use that splitter software. Just connect it to the...
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    Re: What does a GPU Overkill means

    It means pushing the gpu to work over the limit that can cause hardware damage to the graphic card. You have to simply check that once again. You are having a old graphic card and on that you are...
  3. Re: Unable to setup dual monitors on XFX HD 7970

    If you are done with checking the cables and all other stuff then there are way so fix the issue. You have to hit Windows Key + P from the keyboard and you will see a menu. There are 4 options in it....
  4. Re: ASUS VH232H 23" no display after sleep mode

    Turn off hibernation. That might help. You can do that from the power settings. Just go in control panel and look for power options. Go in that and disable hibernation. Then try back. I am sure that...
  5. Re: Which is the best fullhd 21inch LED monitor for gaming

    There are various monitors available. But it is essential that you choose it wisely. There are some cheaper models that give you amazing features at low price and if you go for brand then you have to...
  6. Re: An extended error has occured when mapping a network drive

    The manual method will surely work, but this error occur at the time of using net view command. The issue appear to improper time. Your workstation and server is not having the same time. You will...
  7. Re: TechArena & Kingston Christmas Giveaway Contest

    1. I will gift that to my bro :ohyeah:
    2. Germany :cool:
    3. 32GB :thumbup1:
    4. Free technical support :rolleyes:
    5. RAM Latency :thumbup1:
    6. 1.10 :whistling
    7. No :biggrin:
    8. HyperX...
  8. Re: How impressive is 5D compared to 3D technology

    This one is designed for gamers. It is a powerful workstation and it can be the first kind of notebook that has a 5D technology. This new notebook will be powered by Xeon cpu with quad graphic...
  9. Re: Is it true that Google is working on Nexus TV

    Google looks like planing for more new kind of products in the coming year. We can expect something better here. It is complicated to find out what is going to release unless and until Google...
  10. Re: Does Creative 5.1 PCI sound card will work in any desktop

    Go for Creative Soundblaster series. If you are serious about the audio quality. This sound card adds 5.1 capability in your system. Through which you can connect a higher audio profile. The second...
  11. Re: What is the difference between HD ready and Full HD

    It is a common confusion. Even I was stucked with the same thing. Most of the time. I thought HD-Ready is somewhat similar to Full HD. But has a low resolution output. Also there is a difference...
  12. Re: Not getting optimum resolution on Samsung TV while using it as secondary monitor

    There is nothing you can do without adding a graphic card. I had tested a 18inch TV on my pc which gave really poor resolution on vga cable. I think it is of no use to use a tv like a pc. While for...
  13. Re: One monitor among three stops working on every system reboot

    I had connected a widescreen monitor to my laptop. And it is by default configured on the second screen to show up display. Now when I turn it on for sometime I can see the output on my laptop lcd...
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    Re: Amd 7950 vs AMD 7870 for gaming

    The best way to find out the output is to get a benchmarking report of that gpu. You can then compare them with each other. Now there are ample of websites on the web offer you proper benchmarking...
  15. Re: Adjustable stand for 23inch Dell LCD Monitor

    Go for wall mount. They are more cheaper. And the usage here is also very easy. You can just hook the monitor on the wall and your job is done. You can later on remove it and use it as a regular...
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    Re: Looking for Monitor with Wifi and USB

    There is only model that was released some time ago. It is called as Acer D241H. It is the only computer monitor I think that comes with Wifi connection. While there is nothing like that provided on...
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    Re: How to open trn ebooks

    I don’t think that there might be any converter to convert trn file type in to some other file type. You only have the option of using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and its latest version.
  18. Poll: Re: Vote for the best Smartphone manufacturer 2012

    I have heard apple is the best but I never got a chance to try it out because of its high price, so let’s leave it as exception.

    I agree to the point MANIK has made, it’s just not about price...
  19. Re: Iphone 3g (ios 5) Wifi network asks for password every time while connecting

    Hey Sulolab, I have come across one who was under similar situation after upgrading to ios 5.1 earlier and below is what he had tried to fix it.

    Go in to settings > wifi > disable wifi > re-enable...
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    Re: Good Water blocks for Evga GTX 670

    You can also try using EK-FC Bridge TRIPLE Parallel CSQ. This is one of the best water block available in market and will go well with two Evga GTX 670 graphic cards. Actually this water block has...
  21. Re: Getting black screen in Windows 7 with Evga GTX 670

    You can go into safe mode of your computer and clean all the current graphic drivers that are present. Then again install the graphic drivers that you got with the graphic card and see if the graphic...
  22. Re: How to upgrade v80.04.31 Firmware in EVGA GeForce GTX 670?

    The new firmware that is now available for the EVGA GeForce GTX 670 graphic card will add to the stability of this graphic card. In other words, the stability of this graphic card has been greatly...
  23. Poll: Re: Gigabyte GTX Windforce 670 vs. Asus Directcu II 7970

    GTX Windforce 670 is great for overclocking. After overclocking Gigabyte GTX Windforce 670, I found that the performance of the graphic card increases by around 7%. Also the power consumption of GTX...
  24. Poll: Re: EVGA GTX 680 SC Signature 2 or EVGA GTX 670 FTW

    If I have to choose from EVGA GTX 680 SC Signature 2 and EVGA GTX 670 FTW, then I’d go with the 670 FTW graphic card. It is ideal for home use and especially if you need it for gaming. The major...
  25. Re: Download BIOS for Zotac GTX 580 Infinity edition and Amp model

    One thing I can say about the new BIOS upgrade for Zotac GTX 580 is that if you get the upgrade flashed right in your graphic card and then you would be able to resolve the problems that might occur...
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    Re: Zotac 680 GTX is worth it?

    I tried playing Alan Wake using Zotac 680 GTX and I found the results outstanding. I can play this game on my three monitor setup with resolution of the game set to 5760 x 1080 and the anti-aliasing...
  27. Re: GT 640 paired with GT 670 for PhysX will be good option

    If you want to have a dedicated PhysX in your computer, then I suggest that you use GeForce GTX 550Ti instead of EVGA GT 670. The processing power and other attributes are more powerful and better...
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    Re: TV Stand for Samsung ES7000 needed

    I use WMN2000C which is an ultra slim wall mount meant for Samsung televisions. Once attached to the wall, it will just protrude for 20 mm from the wall. All you need to have is two holes on the wall...
  29. Re: Playing game on hd 5750 gives random black screen

    Yes even I doubt that the fan or the heatsink may be the problem and not the card. Obviously card may get harmed or affected if the overheating goes beyond the normal resistance power. If you really...
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    Re: Graphics card for eMachines ET133140e

    I have recently installed AMD Radeon HD 6450 in my eMachines ET133140e and it is just working perfect. I have bought the same for gaming and it allows me to play the latest games as well. If you want...
  31. re: PhysX Installation ended Prematurely error on Geforce GT540M

    If at all you face the same error with latest version as well then you can try out installing some other older version of drivers. Make sure that you are making a fresh installation of the same as...
  32. Re: Do you believe that viruses are created by antivirus software developer

    I don’t think so. I have done some research work on this and came to know that there are many hackers who do this kind of things just too have fun or you can say to get information etc.

    But yes...
  33. Re: frames lock up while gaming with 3 EVGA GTX 470 SC

    I have find solution for this problem. All you need to do set your GVPU to 1.1 for all the all EVGA GTX 470 SC graphic cards and then restart your system and after doing this when you start playing...
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    Re: Will windows 7 get DirectX 11.1

    First someone told me that the DirectX 11.1 is backward compatible with DX11 GPUs but yet there is no confirmation about this news and still we don’t have any idea about Windows 7 or vista...
  35. Re: Sony Xperia P negative and positive points

    Sony Xperia P has inbuilt NFC which can be used to launch apps, change settings by using the SmartTags manufactured by Sony itself. This smartphone comes with total memory space of 16 GB out of which...
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    Re: Bios update for MSI 890GXM-G65

    I had not updated my bios since I have brought the motherboard. Now the motherboard is working really slowly due to the older version of the bios. I asked my friend about my computer that why is it...
  37. Re: Computer crashes with MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr II

    You can solve this problem by deleting the nvwss.dll file from your system. you have to open my computer and then go to the C drive. after doing that you have to open system 32 folder from the...
  38. Re: getting low frame rates on GTX 680 while playing GTA 4

    Have you tried latest drivers from the Nvidia official site? If you have not tried then you should visit official site of the Nvidia and then download latest drivers for your EVGA GeForce GTX 680...
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    Re: Rage Graphics on EVGA GTX 570 2 way SLI

    I would like to tell that I am getting a horrible texture pops when I have enabled a SLI enabled. Crippled that, tweaked the NVCPL and got things working all in all well. Then Nvidia sent out a SLI...
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    Re: Details about Nvidia GeForce GTX 680

    the default clock frequency of the GeForce GTX 680 is 1006 MHz but A new technology called GPU Boost ensure that the GPU faster work if needed and more slowly when possible. In the basic GPU Boost...
  41. Re: What do you mean by TDP in terms of graphic card?

    It would give you an idea of power supply which can be used on your system. I have noticed that 6870 is using 24.5 watts and 470 using 202.3 watts while playing crysis. I have found that 580 seems...
  42. Re: How to make Asus nVidia GeForce 210 1GB DDR3 on Mac OS X 10.6.8?

    I have managed to get dvi/hdmi/vga, Dual Display by using above mentioned steps. I wanted tell you about the experience of mine.

    I have deleted customer EFI string from
  43. Re: Getting low fps while playing Call of Duty: World at War in Asus K53S

    Asus K53S laptop comes with nvidia optimus technology which switches the graphic processor according to application requirements for longer Battery Life but many times it does not switch the graphics...
  44. Re: Inappropriate drivers in Nvidia Geforce 610M

    I know this problem persists with many laptops and you can’t blame the manufacturers of graphic card processors for incompatible graphic drivers. When a graphic card processor manufacturer provides...
  45. Re: Which is best AMD Radeon HD 6970 or EVGA Geforce GTX 570 Superclocked

    The Radeon HD 6970 is the successor to the Radeon HD 5870 to be the fastest Radeon graphics card with a graphics processor. Unlike the middle-class board Radeon HD 6870 and Radeon HD 6850 is based,...
  46. Re: Gigabyte GTX 560 superclocked or Sapphire Radeon HD 7850

    Sapphire HD 7850 Equipped with cooling system Cooling Design Dual-X, the card Sapphire HD 7850 is perfectly chilled. With a new manufacturing process (fine engraving of 0.028μ) and integration of...
  47. Re: Gpu Frequency lesser than what mentioned in specification

    It is a DDR3 gpu card with clock ratio of 1800Mhz and 1024GB Ram. So that looks quiet a good configuration. If the gpu is responding slow then there are some basic tips you can try out. First defrag...
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    Re: How is Nvidia EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD SC

    When it comes to NVIDIA GPU-based graphics cards, it turns EVGA is a cornerstone in the market. As one of the largest NVIDIA partner and one of the largest manufacturers in the U.S., the manufacturer...
  49. Re: Nvidia Kepler based graphic cards in medium and low price range

    Nvidia graphic cards which are of series GK106 and GK107 are the low end cards and some of them have Kepler Technology in them. You can try Nvidia GeForce GTX 550Ti which has Kepler technology and...
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    Re: Best Graphics Card suited for 250 watt PSU

    That great but also NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 will fit to you The architecture developed by NVIDIA, dedicated to high-end market and support for DirectX 11 API, has proved itself capable of...
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