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  1. Re: Moving more than 1GB of data in Android storage through FTP

    FTP is a nice solution. But it is not stable all the time. I am using ES File Explorer here. I am having around two devices in my home. One is a tablet and other one is a smartphone. And I transfer...
  2. Re: Design of Asus Zenfone 5 in comparison to Xiaomi Redmi 1S

    ZenFone 5 runs on a dual core processor. Compare to that Xiaomi might give you bit higher but it is not so on long lasting model. I thin Zenfone is enough to run all types of apps and games. It is...
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    Re: Wifi issue after updating to iOS 8.0.2

    You cannot do that. The installation is a kind of one time process. And this update is buggy. I had seen a lot of issues like this on the web. There is no clear steps that tell us about fixing the...
  4. Re: Does Moto X+1 can affect the sales of iPhone 6 in India

    It will surely change the mind of buyers to some extent. Moto X+1 is an amazing phone with good design and features that everyone is looking for in a high end phone. And above all it remains under...
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    Re: Amplifying sound of a Bluetooth speaker

    Well Windows Media Player is having limited thing to do. It is not having any instant option through which you can amplify the sound. You have to use the buttons on the speaker. There are volume keys...
  6. Re: Suggestion for budget DOS based laptop for sound editing

    There are few model in the market but I found HP 15 r007tx as the best one. This one comes for Rs.36000 approx. It can be cheaper also. This laptop offer you a 1.7 GHz Intel Core i5-4210U Processor....
  7. Re: 0% battery left after restarting Macbook Pro

    This kind of battery issue is common in old macbook. You have to take care about the same. Do not overcharge your macbook. Use the charging only when needed. This will help you to get a more longer...
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    Re: Anyone able to put hands on Xiaomi Redmi 1S

    Even I am trying the same. This looks like a pre-planned sales to me. India a huge consumer market. So obviously we are having a tons of buyers sitting around to make money from this kind of sale....
  9. Re: Any app to manage different wifi network in android

    Yes you do that. I can understand what you are looking for. I am talking about WiFi Manager. This app is nice tiny app through which it can allow your tablet to connect to different type of wifi...
  10. Re: Sony Vaio VPCEC35FB function keys not working after formatting

    I will recommend you 1 thing if any house you are able to find the right driver try to keep a backup of the same. Whatever software you use whatever you must always keep the back up with you....
  11. Re: Multi screen support on Microsoft Surface tablet

    That is a windows 8 feature. You can divide the screen into dual screen simply. You just have to swipe from the left side towards right. And then you get a bar at center. The screen is divided into...
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    Re: Advice on optimizing 3G speed on Android

    3G booster software are not going to help you much. There are reasons for the same. This tools just keeps a cache of web pages. Which next time open fast. If you are not getting good internet speed...
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    Re: How to install xampp on Android tablet

    Xampp is for pc. There is no android version available fro the same. You can still do that by installing a different web server applications. Like you can install Apache server app with mysql and...
  14. Re: Which ebooks will be good for learning mobile app development

    HTML5 is going to take more on most of the mobile phone in coming time. That means it is good if you can start with something new. Whatever you are learning with that you can also go with making apps...
  15. Re: Planning to buy Asus Linea L1 android smartphone

    This device runs on 2000 mAH and Li-ion battery . The screen is protected with gorilla glass and offer a maximum resolution of 800x480 pixel. This add a bit durability features. It also has Bluetooth...
  16. Re: Battery of Dell Inspiron laptop drain out very fast

    Actually there are many factors which affect the battery of you laptop. There are few simple preventive measure that can help you to get desire results. For instance check your laptop screen...
  17. Re: What is the cost and feature of Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

    Yes Samsung galaxy Tab 4 is released in the market and this tablet comes with some really impressive features. But there are different series available in the same. Like the one that I saw on...
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    Re: SSD upgrade for Alienware 14 laptop

    You already have a very good system and I do not really think you need a SSD upgrade for the same. But still if you want you can contact Dell for the same. You can add a 64GB SSD on the same. That...
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    Re: Vivo Xshot vs One Plus One for camera

    Vivo Xshot is a phablet that comes with 5.2inch lcd display. This device offer you a amazing 1080p display. The device fall sin the high end produce line where you have many things to check out. It...
  20. Re: Spice Stellar Pinnacle Mi-530 vs Lenovo S860

    Screen size of Spice Stellar is really big. But if you ignore that then you can try Karbonn S9 Titanium. This phone gives you a nice design with good hardware config which is enough for day to day...
  21. Re: Want help to transfer notes from iPhone 5S to Windows 7 PC

    You can only get those notes out of your phone by syncing it with iCloud. All your notes and file will be uploaded on iCloud and then you can open the same in Windows pc and download them. I am not...
  22. Re: Can I run Minecraft on Microsoft Surface RT Tablet

    It will also not work if due to java. JAVA is not supported on Windows RT. So under not circumstances you can install that. There are also many things that will not work. I am also having a windows...
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    Re: Vista laptop fails to read Blu ray disc

    Another option is to buy a usb blu ray player. You can find that on ebay and amazon. It is costly but one time purchase. You can also make blu ray videos on it. That means you can create blu ray dvd....
  24. Re: How to download games from Google Play Store on Nokia X

    Try searching for games and app on Nokia Store itself. I can see they are giving real racing. But not sure whether it is going to work on Nokia X. You can find a unofficial guide on XDA if you are...
  25. Re: What is the cost of HP Slate 6 Tablet in India

    HP Slate belongs to the voice tab series. It is not a complete tablet. It has smartphone features also. It has quad core processor with 3G connectivity. I had seen on some site. This might be not the...
  26. Re: Samsung Touchwiz stopped working on Galaxy Note 3

    Factory restore would resolve the issue if it is associated with the phone OS. Touchwiz the phone interface. Which gives you menus and app icons. If that is failing and you are still able to use the...
  27. Re: Acer Iconia W700 not working fine after upgrading to Windows 8.1

    It is always better to format and install everything from scratch. If you go ahead with upgrade kind of stuff then you face this type of problem. You can download a Windows 8.1 USB upgrade package...
  28. Re: Which android browser is good for 2G Mobile Internet

    I had recently upgraded to 3G from 2G. There is a huge difference between the speed. But the data is used by really fast when you are on 3G. I am right now using my mobile pack only for Facebook and...
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    Re: How to remove app from Nokia Asha 303

    You can remove a app from Asha 303 but in a different way. There is no app manager kind of thing available in the same. You can tap on the application first which will launch it. Then you will have...
  30. Re: How to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

    To run Windows you need a Intel architecture. Like Asus Fonepad a recently launched tablet comes with Intel cpu in it. Installing Windows on this one is possible. But not on Galaxy Tab. In in future...
  31. Re: How to take Screenshot on Acer Iconia A1-810 Tablet

    I am using Screenshot Free. This app is simple and easy to use. Once you take screenshot you can choose the part of image in this. That means it does not take the entire screen. You can choose a...
  32. Re: How to boot a Android phone in safe mode and fix freeze app

    You can try using a application for the same. You can find that on Google Play. Download Safe Mode and install the same in your phone. It look some applications in the background are constantly using...
  33. Re: Tips to find which app is draining your Android phone battery

    It is not easy to locate which app is eating up the battery. Because many of them are working in the background. The best thing you can do is add a app killer and run it at regular time interval....
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    Re: Which smartphone is easiest to root

    My answer is Samsung. Samsung devices allow you a simple rooting process. You can backup the internal rom and restore the original one back through odin mode. And you can easily find a huge amount of...
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    Re: Controlling home appliances through Android

    Through internet you can control the router. Many router itself has the feature. You can access the settings panel and use it for different purpose. It works fine and allow you to manage your...
  36. Re: What is the cost of iPad Mini and Ipad Air in India

    Both the products are launched in India. iPad Air comes for Rs.36000. I am talking about the non 4G edition. The device has around 16GB internal storage. This time Apple is offering a maximum storage...
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    Re: Camera app for iPhone to compare photos

    There are many. You can go and find some nice apps on iTunes. Most of them give you option to take pictures on different modes. They have camera effects and many more stuff.But when it come to...
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    Re: Nokia 920 Sound not working

    If you are not able to hear the audio then the ear piece is damage. Try to carry the same to service center. That is the only thing I can suggest you. You will get it fixed for free if the phone is...
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    Zen Mobile Price List 2013 in India

    Zen X1 - Price Rs. 989
    Zen X3 - Price Rs. 1129
    Zen X6 - Price Rs. 1200
    Zen M2S - Price Rs. 1286
    Zen M2 - Price Rs. 1286
    Zen X410 - Price Rs. 1375
    Zen M4S - Price Rs. 1385
    Zen M3 - Price...
  40. Sony Ericsson Mobile Price List 2013 in India

    Sony Ericsson Spiro W100i - Price Rs. 2999
    Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman WT13i - Price Rs. 3899
    Sony Ericsson Txt CK13i - Price Rs. 4265
    Sony Ericsson W910 - Price Rs. 4499
    Sony Ericsson Txt Pro...
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    Micromax Mobile Price List 2013 in India

    Micromax X085 - Price Rs. 990
    Micromax X099 - Price Rs. 996
    Micromax X099i - Price Rs. 999
    Micromax X088 Bolt - Price Rs. 1001
    Micromax X101 - Price Rs. 1029
    Micromax X084 - Price Rs....
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    Lg Mobile Price List 2013 in India

    LG A190 - Price Rs. 1180
    LG GB195 - Price Rs. 1599
    LG GB110 - Price Rs. 1699
    LG A230 - Price Rs. 1799
    LG GS155 - Price Rs. 1999
    LG GS117 - Price Rs. 2000
    LG A290 Triple - Price Rs. 2912...
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    Karbonn Mobile Price List 2013 in India

    Karbonn K202+ - Price Rs. 999
    Karbonn K103 - Price Rs. 1002
    Karbonn K34 - Price Rs. 1033
    Karbonn K112 - Price Rs. 1049
    Karbonn k108 - Price Rs. 1054
    Karbonn K1 - Price Rs. 1059
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    Iball Mobile Price 2013 in India

    iBall Shaan i180 - Price Rs. 899
    iBall I162 - Price Rs. 920
    iBall Shaan i171 - Price Rs. 1046
    iBall Shaan i153 - Price Rs. 1050
    iBall Shaan Fab 2.4c - - Price Rs. 1099
    iBall Shaan I225 ...
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    Fly Mobile Price List 2013 in India

    Fly DS 187 - Price Rs. 925
    Fly DS 186 - Price Rs. 933
    Fly DS 109 - Price Rs. 947
    Fly MC 202 - Price Rs. 1050
    Fly DS 240 - Price Rs. 1100
    Fly DS 241 - Price Rs. 1203
    Fly DS 188 -...
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    Vox Mobile Price List 2013 in India

    VOX VES 203 - Price Rs. 699
    VOX V1+ - Price Rs. 800
    VOX V7 - Price Rs. 850
    VOX V3 - Price Rs. 949
    VOX V3100 - Price Rs. 999
    VOX V45+ - Price Rs. 999
    VOX V3300 - Price Rs. 999
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    Maxx Mobile Price 2013 in India

    Maxx MSD7 Bar 1.8 - Price Rs. 949
    Maxx MX1 - Price Rs. 952
    Maxx MX152T - Price Rs. 987
    Maxx Mx153 - Price Rs. 987
    Maxx MX101 - Price Rs. 989
    Maxx MX151 - Price Rs. 999
    Maxx MX160 -...
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    Lemon Mobile Price 2013 in India

    Lemon B139 - Price Rs. 975
    Lemon B149 - Price Rs. 993
    Lemon B129 - Price Rs. 999
    Lemon B159 - Price Rs. 1022
    Lemon B169 - Price Rs. 1022
    Lemon Duo 216 - Price Rs. 1099
    Lemon B229 -...
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    Intex Mobile Price List 2013 in India

    Intex Nano X - Price Rs. 885
    Intex IN 2010 - Price Rs. 949
    Intex Nano Y - Price Rs. 949
    Intex Neo Vi - Price Rs. 988
    Intex Nano S - Price Rs. 999
    Intex Neo Smart - Price Rs. 1028
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    Huawei Mobile Price List 2013 in India

    Huawei C2839 - Price Rs. 849
    Huawei C3200 - Price Rs. 1111
    Huawei C3500 - Price Rs. 1249
    Huawei 2930 - Price Rs. 1298
    Huawei G7010 - Price Rs. 1896
    Huawei G5510 - Price Rs. 2879
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