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  1. Re: Is it possible to embeds videos from different site in Microsoft Word

    There is no third party plugin that can do this. Because I had seen that when you load videos the file gets heavy and also takes a very long time to load. So better add a few one only. If you are...
  2. Re: Not able to change secondary resolution of XMBC

    You can start with first updating the video drivers. Then go ahead with making changes in the resolution. Just download the same first and make changes in the video output. If this is not working...
  3. Re: What is the fastest way of updating latest driver

    I have some easy plans for them. I work as a hardware engineer so I have to format a lot of systems. And each time client does not has a driver. I use a cloud service of 100GB where I keep on the...
  4. Re: Can a netbook with Intel Atom processor run Bluestack

    I am not sure about that. Bluestack might work but it will affect the overall output of the netbook. It is good to avoid installing the same. Bluestack requires heavy processing. If you turn this...
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    Re: How to merge size of 16GB DVD video

    Merging different DVD file will generate a very large file at the end. That can cause problem with other media players. It is good if you can reduce its size first. And that is only possible if you...
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    Re: How to convert PowerPoint files to html

    I had did this one for my project work. I was having a nice photo gallery on powerpoint. I tried a lot to covert that in proper html5 format but it fails to work. I was not unable to figure out the...
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    Re: 3DMark showing up incorrect results

    Before doing anything just switch off your pc and turn it on again. This might help 3Dmark to give you appropriate score. When 3DMark is running any test it is recommended that you must not run any...
  8. Re: Unable to remove extra space from Microsoft Word

    This happen sometime when Microsoft word files takes formatting automatically. It is hard to get rid of the same. Here you can try copying those lines which are having extra gaps on a notepad files...
  9. Re: Microsoft Virtual pc vs other virtualization software

    Vmware is a advance and stable software. If you use this you wont face any issue with installing operating system virtually on your system. It also comes with ready to use virtual images of various...
  10. Re: Which software can help me to merge and crop videos at the same time

    That is a good solution. First merge the video. Do not crop it first. But if you have only few clips to crop them merging them will not help much. You have to remove the unwanted parts first and then...
  11. Re: Realtek HD Audio driver crash while playing dvd through vlc

    You can try using some other video player. I am quiet sure that will help. It looks vlc has some codec issue. Or else the driver wont crash on just starting up a player. You can try Windows Media...
  12. Re: Copy fail error while moving file through Input Director

    You have to configure proper file sharing for that. Both pc should be on the same work group and there must be enough permission to modify or write files in a folder. Or else it wont work. The best...
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    Re: Using plugins in Microsoft Powerpoint 2007

    Yes you can do that. You can add addins but I a not really sure which one can help you. Here the most popular one is visualbee. It is a free plugin for PowerPoint that brings up a lot of things to...
  14. Re: What is the max size I can get after compressing a 700mb file

    I am using TV here. I convert the file to mp4. I am able to get a decent video size. When I get any audio files they are in mkv format. Due to which the size is very large. And it occupy a good...
  15. Re: Is it possible to use WSUS with any third party tool

    I do not think that it is possible. WSUS is itself a service that simply works well if you configure it properly. If it is not then you have to troubleshoot the same. It is not going to work properly...
  16. Re: Sticky notes type of application for Windows 8.1

    Instead of using sticky note I think you must stick with a todo list manager. There are ample of them. This todo list manager give you options to store notes and you can also simply mark a date on...
  17. Re: What are the integrated backup solution Windows 7 has

    What is wrong with Backup and Restore. It is very easy to use. I think for taking file backup this is the only utility that comes in windows. This tool is just limited to create a system image file...
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    Re: Microsoft Word crashes while scrolling

    There is one more way to resolve the issue. You can run a repair setup of office. It is also quiet simple. All you have to do is go in the Control Panel > Uninstall program and from there you have to...
  19. Re: Simplepass not working after Windows 8.1 upgrade

    This is a hp utility and I think you can install that from the official site. I had got this problem on a dell pc before where I was not able to use the fingerprint reader. I downloaded the utility...
  20. Re: How to replace corrupt file from recovery partition

    There is nothing you can do here. What you can try is contact the system manufacturer to give you recovery disc. This cd's can be used for the restoration purpose. I got this issue on a windows...
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    Re: Out of margin error on Word while printing

    I had got this same issue in document file which I had copied from my office. It was just a 7page file. I copied the text one by one in a new file and then it works. I was able to take print. Here...
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    Re: How to cancel print from HP Smart Print -

    You can cancel the print job through pc where it is connected. When you send the print a printer icon appear in the system tray. You can cancel it instantly from there. I am not sure about any...
  23. Re: Simple way to record HD sound from a regular mic on Windows 8

    I had tried testing a few software which claim to product to good audio output. But they process and add different effect due to which the speech is affected.I was having audio clips with lots of...
  24. Re: eMudra digital signature error "Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running"

    It can be due to your system firewall.You have it off first. And then try to add the Digital Signature back again. If possible try to disable your antivirus for the time being and then upload it back...
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    Re: Cpu-Z crashing on Windows 8.1

    Just for testing purpose why don't you try some other hardware tool. There are many which works like cpu z and give you detail information about the hardware in your system. There is one more tool...
  26. Re: How to record streaming videos on Windows 8.1

    I am using Movavi Screen Capture. It is a screen recording software. It give you option to choose a particular part of screen and record the streaming video. It records good quality video and has...
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    Re: Cannot start Office 2013 after installation

    There is another way of installation. You can download Office 2013 trail edition from the official website. Download that and run the setup. Later for activating stuff you can use the serial key to...
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    Re: Hard drive failure notifier for Windows 8

    I am using HDDScan. I am using this for two hard drive. Both are 1TB drive and looks be working well. But from last couple of month I am having problem with the performance. This thing are very...
  29. Re: How to use Dolby Home Theater on regular headphones

    To use that you will need compatible audio system. This does not work on the regular audio. You can try one thing. Use the sound effects from the media player. There is a enhancements. You can choose...
  30. Re: Convertor for converting a regular noisy audio to hd

    You will need a professional audio/video editor for that. I am using Corel VideoStudio Pro. It is a advance video editor software. What I do is first I recorded all the videos. I have a script with...
  31. Re: Is there any software to diagnose cpu case fan failure

    I know a tool that can give you real time information about the speed of cpu fan. You can download and install Speedfan. It is a fan monitoring software. Through this you can simply monitor the...
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    Re: How can I convert a eBook to pdf file

    You can easily find a convertor from web. Just search for kindle convertor or ebook convertor. A good tool will provide you option to convert various ebooks format to an pdf file. That is the...
  33. Re: Application to run virtual videos for webcam chat

    There are many tools. And majority of them are free. You just have to turn them on and select it as your default web camera. That's it. The tool will start playing videos which will be visible to...
  34. Re: Office 2003 Prof. Install...file not found...please help?

    That's because you don't have permission to modify the file attributes. This type of problem appear if you have too many accounts in your system or if there is a security problem. The only thing I...
  35. Re: Looking for Excel Web Query for Java Applet working sample

    If you are using a old office version then this feature will not work properly. You have to upgrade to the most latest one. The new version is capable of giving you more proper output. It is fast and...
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    Re: Windows Media Player suddenly stopped ripping

    To get the right cause of crash you will need to go in Event Viewer. In that you can find the full description of error you are facing. And on that basis it will be possible for you to deal with the...
  37. Re: ‘Item type is invalid for AcceptItem action and Visible but Inaccessible Outbox’ error message on Outlook 2011 for Mac OS X

    The problem is associated with Outlook digital id. This kind of error appear commonly if the the public used by the sender is not installed on the receivers pc. You will get the error on your screen....
  38. Re: Install daemon tools and SPTD with Comodo antivirus

    I got this issue with Zone Alarm. I was trying to install Daemon tool but it does not worked. I had tried a number of different things but nothing worked out. The last thing I did is removed Zone...
  39. Re: New free calendar templates for office 2003 and 2007

    You cannot find a huge amount of calender templates available for Microsoft Office. But if you try to find other stuff then they are provided. Like a resume, brochure, etc. Also it is a bit...
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    Re: Microsoft Excel has stopped working

    Running a repair installation will also help you in fixing the issue. You can do that through Control Panel. Go in Uninstall Programs and in that click on Microsoft Office. Then choose Change from...
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    Re: Product Key Publisher 2007

    If you need this for free then just checkout different download websites on web. Some of them are offering a free edition in contest while some of them are giving basic edition. You don't have to pay...
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    Re: TechArena & Kingston Christmas Giveaway Contest

    1. This Christmas, what is the craziest thing you would do to win the HyperX blu gaming RAM?

    A. I will stop watching TV :tv_horror

    2. What country did Christmas Trees originate from?

    A. UK...
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    Re: How to split folders in different size

    I am using a tool that help me to rename a folder. I can rename it different name and move the files between it. It is easy and simple to manage. I just keep on creating new folders and rename them...
  44. Re: Not able to install Ubuntu on my Lenovo laptop

    Try some other OS if you are having problem with installing Ubuntu. There are many Linux distro available. Like Linux Mint or any other edition. If still it fails then your hard drive has bad sectors.
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    Re: Cross platform online backup solution

    I think for such thing Google Drive is the best and simple solution. You have a nice tiny app through which you can access your files and it is available for
    many platforms. It is simple to manage...
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    Re: How to apply soft effect on portrait photos

    You can use ACDSee Pro 6 for that. It is a awesome image editor with many features. I am using this tool from long time to create good photos out of raw images. To test this you can download the...
  47. Re: Image Enlarger software with good resolution output

    It is a bit complicated to enlarge a small image. The reason lies with the resolution. If the resolution is low you cannot increase it. The more you try to increase the more blurry it will be....
  48. Re: Reliable Uninstaller for Windows 8 to wipe browser toolbars

    I use system restore. This is quiet easy and effective also. Whenever we install or remove anything the system creates a restore point. When I found that my system has some issue I run the restore...
  49. Re: Pinnacle Studio 16 incompatible in Windows 8.1 Preview

    Run that patch it will resolve the matter. The patch was actually released for Windows 8 and it will also work with Windows 8.1. It is a minor issue. I was testing the same and it worked on my...
  50. Re: Good Professioanl document management software

    File Center is one of the best software for managing documents. It happens that in your office day to day you receive and scan tons of new documents. Keeping them at one place is complicated and it...
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