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  1. Re: Best Ebooks for learning Red Hat Linux

    Just go through "Learning Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Fedora Ebook" by James Keogh, Tom Betsy. It will be more than enough for a beginner. You will have to register yourself to download it. Just...
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    Re: How to extract .TAR.XZ file

    .TAR format file is created using Tar archive and XZ compression tools, its compressed using .XZ compression. Since you have windows, you can check out 7-Zip. If you have linux installed in any...
  3. Re: "We're sorry, but Microsoft Outlook Preview has run into an error"

    Which version of windows you are running???? If you are running windows 7 then cross check if you are running Outlook 2013 in compatibility mode. I was getting the same error once when Outlook 2013...
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    Re: Rainmeter not working in windows 8

    Yes there are some cool rainmeter themes, you can check out the below ones for instance:

    NH Theme
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    Re: Can i convert .exe file to .com file

    You can change .exe file to .com file without any issues. I’ve already tried that out, I have changed some applications exe programs and I have converted them to .com files and they are working...
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    Re: Kingston Wi-Drive 64 GB price in India

    Hey you can contact any of the below retailers and get all the details, they ship Kingston products to India.
    Avnet India Pvt. Ltd.
    Electronic Components | Connectors | Technology Solutions |...
  7. Re: Best and free partition manager for windows

    I will suggest you to use EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 Home Edition, it free and I think it is one of the best partition manager for windows. I was using PartitionMagic from a long time and I was in...
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    Re: Graphic card within 2k

    I will suggest you to get “SAPPHIRE HD 5450 1GB 64-bit DDR3 100292DDR3L Radeon PCI Express 2.1 Graphic Card” It is available for Rs 2,069.00/- on most of the online sites. You can buy it from the...
  9. Re: Gigabyte Z77X UD3H USB 3 driver - Windows 8

    As far as I am aware Windows 8 might be having built-in driver for USB 3 ports. I don’t think there is a need to install separate USB 3 driver for your board. Have you tried installing windows 7...
  10. Re: Windows 8 search functionality is not working

    Hey guys I have come across one who was facing exactly the same issue and have fixed it as well. Simply try reinstalling the search options in Windows by going in to “programs and features / turn...
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    Re: Best LCD/LED monitor within 10k

    If you are not that brand conscious than you can check out below ones as well:
    Mitashi 19" LED TV v.05 – Rs 8,999.00
    Videocon 19" LCD HD PLATINUM 19 – Rs 9,937.00
    Sanyo LCD 22R35FHD – Rs...
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    Re: Pros and cons of Motorola Photon Q

    I have got Motorola Photon Q and this is what I think:

    1. Capable of GSM roaming
    2. Wonderful keyboard

    1. Non-removable battery and SIM card
    2. Short battery life
  13. Re: How to get gsm working fine on Motorola Photon Q

    Switching to GSM is not that difficult, there are just three simple way to do it and they are as followed:

    Update to the latest firmware of your phone
    Flash the radio
    Insert your GSM SIM card...
  14. Re: Photon 4G HD Dock won’t work with Motorola Photon Q

    Why have bought Photon 4G HD Dock? You should have bought “HD Dock for Motorola Photon Q 4g” from Motorola official website or from some other store. I don’t think you should blame Motorola for...
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    Re: What factors can corrupt my Bios ?

    There are three reasons because of which one gets a BIOS error, they are as follows:

    Corrupt BIOS
    Missing BIOS
    Badly configured BIOS

    Bios can get corrupted if there is virus in your...
  16. Re: Unable to Sync SAmsung Omnia 7 with Outlook, Error 80072F0D

    Yes Error 80072F0D is related to certificate, to fix this you will have to first send the certificate to yourself, which you can do using your hotmail or Gmail account and download the certificate...
  17. Re: Hero Academy startup crash on windows 7

    Hey I have been checking out for this issue and have come across a solution that has been mentioned as working for some people who were facing similar crash. If you want then you can try performing...
  18. Re: Getting white screen on facebook on Sony Xperia ion

    I don’t think that there might be anything wrong with Facebook, I am not facing any such issue with my Sony Xperia ion. I think that you might not be getting proper signal because of which the page...
  19. Re: Turn on printing quality of HP Deskjet 1050 J410

    Now for that you can try referring the below troubleshooting steps:

    Use genuine HP cartridges:
    Make sure that the cartridge is compatible
    If you are having incompatible cartridges then replace...
  20. Re: Turn on printing quality of HP Deskjet 1050 J410

    In that case I will like to inform you that in HP Deskjet 1050 J410 series document properties you have to click on advanced button under paper/quality tab and set the resolution to the draft mode....
  21. Re: How to unlock Blue Poison on windows 8 to apply different themes?

    Yes the themes are locked in windows 8 customer preview and release preview. I haven’t found any one who have successfully managed to use those locked themes. I have come around some people who...
  22. Re: Want information on You Scod 18 digital cable service

    Yes they are having a common branch for Borivali/ Dahisar - 3 & 4, Prathmesh Horizon, Link Road, Nr Sailee Shp Center, Borivali (WEST), Mumbai : 400 09, email - borivali.hub@youtelecom.Com , Asif:...
  23. Re: Upgrading HT1338 to Mountain Lion 10.8

    This is what I have found regarding Mountain Lion 10.8:

    Qualifying Mac purchsed from Apple or an Apple Authorized Reseller on or after June 6, 2011 can get Mac OS X Lion Up-To-Date upgrade for...
  24. Re: S-bar utility crashes while adjusting brightness on MSI GX780

    Do you remember the recent changes you have made in your system, I mean have you installed some software recently? If yes then try un-installing the same and see if the issue is getting solved. I am...
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    Re: H100 or H80 for overclocking

    I will suggest you to get Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro rev.2 cpu cooler its quite cheap and works well, I have been using the same in my system for my Intel Core i7-3770K 'Ivy Bridge'. It is the most...
  26. Re: Cant recharge mobile phone via Vodafone Online using SBI net banking

    Are you sure that Vodafone customer support told you that SBI net banking is not supported for recharging? I mean I have been using SBI net banking for recharging my Vodafone card since 5 months and...
  27. Re: What is Brand Management and Issue Management in Software Development

    Brand Management Software has a number of tools for compiling, updating, creating and storing information of the software products. Below are some functions that are included in Brand Management...
  28. Re: Is there any desktop customization tool for Linux

    A better idea will be downloading and installing latest themes for linux. I have been doing the same, there are numbers of them over the web and I have tried out plenty of those. You really have vast...
  29. Re: Samsung Galaxy Chat mobile for easy Texting

    I think Samsung Galaxy Chat is delivering the best features at this price range, I was expecting it to be high. It will surely give a tough competition to the other blackberry phones within it range....
  30. Re: Different kinds of super bubbles in Zynga Bubble Safari

    If you have started the game recently then you might not be aware of all the Super Bubbles, I mean how they look like. So just to help you with the same I am posting this:...
  31. Re: How to copy Tata Sky HD+ recorded video on pc

    I am not aware if you can transfer recorded video on from Tata Sky HD+ to pc but you can use iBall Claro TV- T18 for receiving television signals television signals and record television programs...
  32. Re: Which version of Surface Tablet will you buy - Intel or ARM Processor

    Yes I completely agree to you on that point, other than the price some information like software support, application support, Xbox integration, resolution and actually battery life are yet to be...
  33. Re: Installed VLC 2.0 and hearing lots of audio distortion

    I am not very sure if these solutions will make any effect but you can give them a try and see if they are appearing to be helping:

    Go in to Tools > Preferences > Audio > Output > Output module...
  34. Re: screen stucked in classic mode on windows 7

    Even I have found a solution regarding the same, if you have not yet got success in solving your issue by now then you can try out the below solution:
    Go in to control panel and click on Power...
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    Re: No sound in Nintendo 3DS. How to Fix

    There are possibilities that there might be some hardware issue but you can try out the below workaround and see if you are able to get the sound back.
    First power off your Nintendo 3DS and power it...
  36. Re: BSOD and BCCode 116 with GTX 480 SC sli setup

    In that case you can check out the below ones tow them are from Antec where as two of them are from CORSAIR, I will suggest you to go for CORSAIR one but you can get the one you find better.
  37. Re: BSOD and BCCode 116 with GTX 480 SC sli setup

    As far as I can guess I think either you might be having a overheating issues or one of your video card might have turned faulty. So first check out if the environment in the case while reproducing...
  38. Re: Negative points of Kobo Touch and Kindle 4

    Just to elaborate the cons of Kindle 4 in detail. I will like to inform you that Typing on Kindle 4 is said to be the worst experience as compared to the other ebook readers that are available these...
  39. Re: Need power cord for WD My Book Essential HDD

    See there are different power supplies for the western digital products and they are as followed:

    24W Power Adapter for WD TV Live Hub
    18W Power Adapter for WD TV HD Media Player
    36W Power...
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    Re: Can I play angry birds on TV

    Even Samsung have made a partnership with Roivo the developer of the Angry Birds for providing the game on their tv’s. it is said that the games will be available as inbuilt apps but they have not...
  41. Re: WD MY Passport Essential USB 3.0 SE recognized as usb 2.0 on laptop

    In that case I just want to know the below things:

    Have you tried out installing the latest firmware for the WD MY Passport Essential? If not then try out the same and see if it is getting...
  42. Re: Getting "configuration information could not be read from the domain controller" when changing password in windows 7

    If you want then you can change the Password to CTRL+ALT+DEL Screen by using a REG File, you can get the REG File from the below attachment, you will just have to save the .reg file to the desktop...
  43. Re: Get Asus Transformer TF300 to connect to Home WiFi Network

    Your issue seems to be weird but then before suggesting you something about the same I just wanted to know that have you tried out using some other device to check if they are getting connected to...
  44. Re: Error "A corrected hardware error has occurred. Component: PCI Express Root Port" on Intel DX58SO2

    I have checked out for the same and have found the below possible solution that you can try out:

    Try changing the PCI-express root port driver from Intel provided to Microsoft generic driver and...
  45. Re: Toshiba Excite tablet wont power on immediately if it is power off for long period

    Hey guys I think that I can help you out here, first of all I will like to inform you that the upgraded to ICS is available now, I was having the same issue previously and since it is a minor bug I...
  46. Re: Toshiba Excite's wireless connectivity disconnects from internet using built in browser

    Yes you won’t be able to try out the uninstallation and the reinstallation process but then you can try updating the built in browser, if you are not aware whether you are having a updated browser...
  47. Re: Toshiba Excite's wireless connectivity disconnects from internet using built in browser

    Below are some troubleshooting method that you can try out to narrow down the cause of the issue:

    Turn off other devices like cordless phones, radios or any other wireless devices that might be...
  48. Re: Play skyrim on EVGA GTX 680 ultra settings without any performance issues

    Even I wanted to share that I am running a 2500K @ 5.02GHz with my 680 at stock settings and I have tried running Skyrim with the possible high resolution and the EVGA GTX680 is just running the...
  49. Re: Will Samsung Galaxy S III work on T-Mobile

    I am really getting confused with the same I have checked out mobilecityonline site and have found it to be saying 4g, I think that it will be just great if this is true:

    Voice Compatibility:...
  50. Re: Display of Samsung Galaxy S III will be good or bad?

    Here I will like to share that the display of the Samsung Galaxy S III is bigger but then they have not worked on the resolution and have made the S III pixel density 306...ppi which is low as...
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