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  1. Re: iPhone 4: Dropping calls when antennas are touched together

    But the problem should not exist, I live in a big city and the signal sim umts is always powerful, even with other phones. Now I'm trying with a card 3g wind mode, and then try with another number...
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    5800 Bluetooth Connection

    I have been using the Nokia 5800 version 40. whenever i try to connect to the Bluetooth. But i am not able to get this problem resolved anyways can anyone tell me how to get rid of this problem i...
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    Re: MSE: How to Remove Quarantined Items

    This is far as easy job you need to Click on the Quarantined items radio button so that it displays the list of all the quarantined items. Then you have two options either click Remove all button to...
  4. Re: Change a 64-bit browser to a 32-bit browser, or adding a 32-bit browser alongside the 64-bit browser

    Hi all i am very much aware about this 32 bit and 64 bit operating system as well as the browsers but i just could not find any relevant information on these topics what is the difference between the...
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    Re: KIS 2011 kl2.sys

    Is it possible to get rid of this kl2.sys problem since it is annoying me even though i reinstalled it for a number of times it appears as the application is not working correctly since the error...
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    Re: Modem ADSL Light Keeps on Blinking

    This was the same issue which occurred at my home so after trying to adjust the firewalls and then i ensured that all the ip configuration are correct. Finally i disconnected all the wires connecting...
  7. Re: ComboFix.exe Downloads With Win32/SillyDI.PRR Virus

    Everywhere I see in forums that Combofix seems to be the tool most advanced for now in the hunt for malware. But anyways its use appears to be a case of the expert only which according to me will not...
  8. Re: Torrent Error The system cannot find the path specified

    go to administration tools open "Local Security Policy" double click Access this computer from the network and add "everyone". it should normally already be Admin, User, Users and operators of power...
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    Re: Samsung S5230 Sending Random SMS

    Hi to all! so I too had this problem I could not send sms, my message center number was good ... but I could not send anything! Then I finally deleted the voicemail number (which however was good)...
  10. Re: Catalyst Control Center on Right Click Desktop Menu

    I had the same problem with my HD4650, forced the driver and the device manager until I install Driver Cleaner Pro which allows the complete removal of traces of different drivers. The application...
  11. Re: Nokia x6 16GB restarting after installing update

    Here I have a similar problem the only difference that the small indicator lights on my phone I plug either the mains or via USB, but that can not turn it on, the show starts really has me the break...
  12. Re: Ati catalyst 10.3 will not install drivers on windows 7 x64

    I have an Nvidia card GT 220 installed with Windows 7 (64 bit). I also have this error message that appears and therefore I went on the Nvidia site and installed the latest driver. But now, this...
  13. Re: How to Mount or Watch .ISO Image Files with DAEMON Tools

    So what DVD is the purpose of creating an image file from a CD or ask? Well, it's great for backup purposes in case you lose your original CDs or DVDs. Well, it's great for backup purposes in case...
  14. Re: How to Mount or Watch .ISO Image Files with DAEMON Tools

    simply click on the Select the folder and select the folder you want that to an ISO image. Then click on Output and select the destination folder (not to the same folder as chosen by step 1)....
  15. How to Mount or Watch .ISO Image Files with DAEMON Tools

    Most probably an ISO file can be considered as a complete image of a disc. Also these files are used extensively while transferring CD-ROM images over the Internet. Here is How to Mount or Watch .ISO...
  16. LG: Weired alert with yyyyyy on my LG phone

    I have been using the LG 3 phone Verizon wireless and i frequently get a pop up alerts regarding the date :

    dec 15 12658 9:36 am
    Mar 31 5048 11:59pm
    Repeated end time
    Until Mar 31, 5048
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    Cannot delete file from desktop in Vista

    My acer laptop was installed with windows vista. Recently i downloaded a music file on my desktop and after moving it to the desired folder location when i try to delete the downloaded file i am...
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    How to repair windows 7 spwizeng.dll error

    My Compaq desktop is installed with windows 7 operating system. when i restarted the system yesterday it resulted in to an error message as soon as the desktop apperas that "spwizeng.dll error"....
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    C905's screen won't turn on.

    I have been using a sony ericsson C905 phone. Yesterday when i was listening a music file which i just got from one of my friend via bluetooth. the screen of my c905 won't turn on. Don't know what...
  20. How to Organize all multimedia content with Media Center

    I am using a custom desktop installed with windows vista ultimate i want to Organize all multimedia content with Media Center. Since every time i open media center i had to search for all my windows...
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    Re: Flashing internet

    Thanks for the help but all the above suggestion did not worked for me. Microsoft Fixit application is not also able to help me in this matter. Is there any other solution to this problem i would...
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    Flashing internet

    I am using a Toshiba laptop installed with windows Xp recently i have upgraded my windows XP to windows 7 which is working smoothly from last one month. But yesterday when i was trying to open a...
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    How to stop having to enter password twice

    I am using a desktop computer installed with windows vista but recently i have upgraded windows vista to windows 7. Now whenever my system returns from the sleep mode it asks me for the password. But...
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    Cannot get addressbook from xp to 7

    Recently i have migrated from windows XP to windows 7. I was using address book on my old computer Desktop installed with windows XP but now the problem is that i am unable to get the address book in...
  25. Re: Windows Easy Transfer says you are logged into a temporary profile

    I followed the above suggestion but none of these seems to be useful. Since i created a new profile on both the systems. This time when i tried to run Windows Easy Transfer Wizard it started for a...
  26. Windows Easy Transfer says you are logged into a temporary profile

    I am using a an acer aspire laptop installed with windows 7. When i try to run the Windows Easy transfer it displays an error that you are logged in to a temporary profile. What is causing this i am...
  27. Thread: tfswctrl.exe

    by Hebrew


    My desktop is installed with windows XP and whenever i try to shut it down i usually get an error message to end tfswctrl.exe. and every time i had to click on the End now button to shut down my...
  28. No video just sound playing .AVI file with Nero vision

    I am using a dell inspiron desktop installed with windows 7. i have installed Nero 9 application on my desktop. Whenever i try to play an Avi file Nero vision plays sound only. has any body faced...
  29. Re: YouTube Downloader crashes while downloading video in windows 7

    As you mentioned in the above reply i followed and tried to download a nother video using the youtube downloader application. But it resulted in similar manner. Also i then tried one more video and...
  30. YouTube Downloader crashes while downloading video in windows 7

    I am using a custom desktop which is installed with windows 7. I love watching videos on youtube also i download the videos from youtube frequently with the help of youtube downloader. But yesterday...
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    Re: Wanr to remove Win32.Funlove

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion as mentioned in the first reply all my executable files seems to have corrupted and i think that the corrupted files are of no use anymore. I have used the...
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    Want to remove Win32.Funlove

    I am using an acer aspire laptop installed with with windows 7. It sounds as my system is infected with the Win32.Funlove virus i want to remove Win32.Funlove virus as soon as possible since it is...
  33. Re: Problem with recent documents list in word 2010

    Thanks a lot for the replies friend i tried all the solution that you all have mentioned but none of them helped or seemed to work in this case. I clicked the file menu and then clicked the recent...
  34. Problem with recent documents list in word 2010

    I am using a windows 7 system recently i have installed the office 2010 program on my system. As i am not familiar with the word 2010 beta much. I ma not getting the recent document list as i use to...
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    Re: Infected by BehavesLike:Win32.Malware

    My system was also affected by the same threat so i followed your instruction of downloading the malwarebyets and then i installed it on my system but the malwarebytes was not capable of detecting...
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    Provide features of Recuva application

    I am using acer desktop running with windows 7 operating system and i am thinking of installing the recuva application on my system can you please furnish some details about recuva application. Also...
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    Help to fix Backdoor.Cmder.L virus

    I am using a dell inspiron laptop installed with windows 7 operating system since this is troubling me a lot i have tried to install an application from the internet after which i have started...
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    Re: Compatibility of ImgBurn with windows 7

    Hello friend i am quiet happy to know that the ImgBurn application is compatible with the windows 7 operating system since i was thinking of installing this program on my system. But before...
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    Need to remove Trojan.VB.Yusa.A

    My hcl me laptop is installed with the windows 7. Now every now and then i get pop-up alert message that my system is infected by Trojan.VB.Yusa.A this really bothers me a lot because it disturbs me...
  40. Re: Deep Burner error message "Invalid Field in (CDB)"

    Since i posted the above query in a hurry and hence i for get to mention the details which you have asked so , i am having Dell 24X CD-RW installed on my system first time when i was burning it was...
  41. Deep Burner error message "Invalid Field in (CDB)"

    Hello i am using the dell inspiron desktop installed with windows vista. I have installed the deep burner program on my system but when i tried tio write a dvd using this application i am not allowed...
  42. Unable to sync online bookmarks in Avant browser

    I am using the Avant browser on both my lg desktop and on the compaq laptop. I am facing a very big problem online syncing of bookmarks to works. If i try to make a new bookmark entry on my desktop,...
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    Itunes Scrolls very Slow

    I am using the iphone and hence i need to use the Itunes program for managuing my music in iphone. I do not know why i am not able to scroll down as fast as it used to scroll initially. Hence i would...
  44. Problem opening pages with password fields using internet explorer 8

    I have a compaq presario laptop installed with the windows 7 operating system. From last few days i am not able to open login pages or pages which comes with a password field. This problem is really...
  45. Outlook Express links stopped working in windows 7

    I am using a dell desktop which is running with windows 7. I installed the outlook express on it which worked greatly on my system. But to my surprise i found that the email links which are embedded...
  46. Re: Intel X3100 drivers won't respond until Windows starts

    Both these suggestions really could not work for me . CHKDSK utility is functioning correctly and also there is no problem it during startup. I also tried to run the registry optimizer prior to your...
  47. Intel X3100 drivers won't respond until Windows starts

    I have a hcl me laptop. It is running windows 7 previously i was not getting the windows 7 startup screen what i can see was just the hcl bios screen, after sometimes it use stays black until the...
  48. Re: Error while logging in to system after screen saver lock in windows 7

    I have upgraded my operating system with from the windows Vista to windows Vista. Also i would like to tell you that i tried to change the screen saver but this could not help me to solve this...
  49. Error while logging in to system after screen saver lock in windows 7

    I have recently upgraded from windows Vista to windows 7 that's why i am not much familiar with windows 7 environment. The problem here is that when my system remains idle for 15 minutes the screen...
  50. Security center always get shutdown in Windows 7

    I don't know what has happened to my windows 7 although it was running smoothly till last week. Now i don't know why my security center always get shut down. i keep getting this message always. For...
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