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    Re: What is Wireless IDS?

    Intrusion detection systems are very common in wired networks - maybe you will have question that why not use the technique so well for WLANs? Wireless IDS (WIDS) are in relation to their wired...
  2. Re: Is there risk factor despite encryption in WLAN security?

    So everything is in order, and the companies have done their homework regarding the securing from their infrastructure? Not at all. For in London and New York are just over 50 percent of companies on...
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    Re: Fiber-optic network architecture

    Fiber-to-the-Building (FTTB) means "fiber to the building". The FTTB architecture provides that the fiber ends within the building in which the customer is connected. More specifically, said ends of...
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    Re: IBM Smart Business Desktop Cloud

    The following are some features and benefits of IBM Smart Business Desktop Cloud :

    Rapid scaling of the IT infrastructure to respond to changing business requirements
    Improved management and...
  5. Re: How to reduce security risks of cloud computing

    The biggest challenge for companies in the cloud computing is to find the right service provider. You need to deal with this, intensive services offered by them and its actual performance. Can he...
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    Re: Best tool for the wireless access

    Wireless access to the Internet is essentially a practical and often low cost alternative to the (usually) more expensive cellular processes GPRS and UMTS. But often we do not know where is the...
  7. Re: Bluetooth Basics: Communication and Security

    The RFCOMM standard is one of the major application protocols. It emulates a serial RS-232 interface and adapts to a part of the ETSI specification TS 7:10 for the Bluetooth standard to. This...
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    Re: VPN and IPSEC protocols

    The VPN is based on a tunneling protocol is a protocol for encrypting data by a cryptographic algorithm between the two networks. There are two types of VPN:

    VPN access allows a user to connect...
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    Re: How to configure Linksys Router?

    I recently bought the linksys router wrt54g and I did walk in 5 minutes. If not properly set, I estimate that he lacked the security aspects, but for now I works perfectly. Also I have a modem...
  10. Re: Problem with the IPv6 connection in Windows Vista

    I found many solutions on the forums, so I too am sharing a very useful information for all to view web pages with Vista. I am connected via Ethernet to the modem with Vista and 2 other XP PC WiFi....
  11. Re: Windows 7 computer does not receive DHCP IP address in wireless network

    Sometimes it happens that Windows 7 to get on the first attempt by a DHCP IP address will be delayed and then maps the 169er address. This is Stupid: Windows 7 stores under the MAC address of the...
  12. Re: Help to connect to network with WPA-PSK wpa_supplicant

    What surprises me is that you will not show the card in YAST but good. If you want to continue intentanto found this RMP for openSUSE 10.2 wpa_supplicant-gui-0.4.9-27 RPM for i586, look at the...
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    Re: Problems with Bridge Networks

    A network bridge is independent of higher network layers. In other words, a bridge will work with both TCP / IP protocol with a non-routable (not logical addresses) as NetBEUI. It is imperative that...
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    Re: Linksys ADSL2 modem problem

    The purpose of the device is to disable the automatic DHCP mode by assigning a fixed IP address for this connection to address subnet and gateway that is other than the modem.

    Double-click the...
  15. Re: Local Area Connection Icon in Network Connections missing

    Many users are having this problem. You can go to start-show all connections right clip on connecting local-state-area properties off the notification icon to connect and accept. After doing this I...
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    Re: Problems with uTorrent Mac

    The library file or files you want is downloaded from the sources found by the search server, and while the download is done, you start to climb the sides of the file available to other sources,...
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    Re: Port Forwarding on Mac OS X

    Inexperienced users often have to open some ports on the router to allow certain applications to communicate properly in Internet. Consider, for example, some online multiplayer games, or almost all...
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    Re: Configuring the Wireless-G Broadband Router

    Well, concerning your problem PIT44, have you tried to force the 802.11b wireless DLINK router config? I also advise you to try to establish a channel (the most common being the 6). I'll test your...
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    Re: Crashed ADSL modem. doesn't work

    Apparently you have properly configured. Maybe you should call Ono, tell what happens to you and some bad that you change the router. Anyway I do not understand is why you say that the "number of the...
  20. Re: My router doesnt open in web browser

    Some router requires a login and password to gain access to the virtual, in which case you should try to find them in your provider. For example in the login is user and password pass. Once in the...
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    Re: Dlinkap Problems

    Thanks to D-Link AP Manager Implementation "miracle" to call it somehow, I found the AP network. Without requiring external cooling ... see that such a value of 20 dBm, 100 mW? Overheated too much?...
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    Re: Windows network drive problem with iDisk

    Some features. Mac has been lost after the transition: Mac OS X 10.3 no longer supported, iCards (a service of electronic greeting cards) and access to Web bookmarks disappear. Nevertheless, one can...
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    Re: Snow Leopard VPN

    The second bears well NAT-T, but Cisco does not provide 64bit (and anyway, EzVPN is doomed to disappear, Cisco does not seem ready to support Snow Leopard to this solution), while the first from my...
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    Re: Network bandwidth usage tracking

    Even I would like to recommend you to use the WinGate. The database of users and the rules proposed by WinGate allows administrators to limit and control access to Web users. WinGate has a built-in...
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    Re: IP address issues in Snow Leopard

    On your Mac, what is (are) the DNS you use? The DNS orange are sometimes overloaded and restart the Livebox causes a change of DNS. The ideal would be to add the Open DNS and / or Google to the list...
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    Re: Open PCMCIA card

    I understand better. You want to be automatic with maps showing data. You put these cards in your PCMCIA slot on your computer and nothing happens. (That's where I got it all wrong?). When you look...
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    Re: Alfa AWUS036H and VMware with wicd

    When a network profile is registered without name, Wicd modifies its configuration file / etc / wicd / wired-settings.conf by inserting a mistake! Therefore the wicd-client can not boot. Start by...
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    Re: Firewall penetration testing

    For penetration testing, the tester has several tools :

    The web : it may seem insignificant but it can become a veritable mine of information (email addresses, street addresses, phone numbers...
  29. Thread: DLNA Slow

    by Norberd

    Re: DLNA Slow

    Windows Media Player, besides being a software for playing audio and video, is also a media server under the auspices of technology DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), which is becoming a...
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    Re: How to get rid of Windows Vista Keyloggers?

    There are many Windows Vista keyloggers out there, waiting to have access to your personal information. In fact, there are keyloggers for all different types of Windows operating systems, not just...
  31. Error C:\WINDOWS\system32\calc.dll is not a valid Windows image

    I would suggest you to use install ComboFix because it will automatically install the Windows Recovery Console onto your computer, which will show up as a new option when booting up your computer....
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    System infected with Trojan SHeur.BMLE

    I have seen that mostly all system get infected with Trojan horse and most of the time everyone format they system and install a fresh copy of operation system but i don't think so this is an...
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    Remove BackDoor.Tdss.565

    If you really want to remove BackDoor.Tdss.565 then i would suggest you to use Dr. Web anti-virus scanner which is capable of detecting and removing new Trojan BackDoor.Tdss.565 and if a user is...
  34. Display images in gmail account with Internet Explorer 8

    If you really want to disable Display Only Webpage Content Delivered Securely Security Warning in Internet explorer then when you are browsing web pages you will get a pop up box which will prompt...
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    Computer infected with msb.exe virus

    If you really want to remove msb.exe virus from your system then first you need to disable your system restore and reboot your computer and boot in safe mode, now click on start goto search option...
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    Remove Packed.Hidden virus

    I was also facing such kind of issue i had uninstall AVG anitivirus from my computer and install latest version of Norton Internet Security and have a full scan for your system this will...
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    How to execute scripts in Kaspersky

    It's very simple if you really want to execute any scripts in Kaspersky first copy the script and then open the main window of the tool then goto Manual Cure tab over there you will find field over...
  38. Re: Editing xml file on remote server with web service

    You can configure the solution that should be used to open your document when clicking "edit button" from the web client : in shared/classes/alfresco/extension/web-client-config-custom.xml, As I get...
  39. Re: How to open port 3101 on my server running on SBS

    Aside from port 3101, users can also initiate the same inbound/outbound traffic through port 3500 for messaging and PIM exchange when port 3101 is blocked or incompatible with the platform utilized...
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    Re: How to convert Javascript code to Html code

    If you want to convert existing HTML code into document.write() sentences to make that HTML code, you can use this online free conversion tool, Or else you may download or purchase the software that...
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    Re: How can I run acer recovery disc

    I think the long check occurred because i had the 1st recovery cd on my cd drive. slap in disk one and reboot. It's going to restore everything back to the way it was when you got the machine. You'll...
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    Re: load balance t1 and dsl with cisco router

    Unless the ISP is actively cooperating by supporting BGP (or equivilent), You could run pretty much any Cisco router with dual Ethernet interfaces as long as they support 802.1Q trunking and you have...
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    Re: How to stop Cisco router through console

    The best way to disable telnet access is to remove the password. First tell me have you included a copy of your configuration file (no secrets), together with a trace 4 debug showing what is...
  44. re: What is the property of dhtml innertext method

    With Dynamic HTML and Internet Explorer 4 and 5 you can update the text on the page after the page is rendered. The innerText property is valid for block elements only. By definition, elements that...
  45. Re: How to specify the table containing the records you want to delete

    Never tried to delete using a join; I assume that that is where the problem is. Although I also generally don,t include column names because you're deleting an entire row, not just data within those...
  46. Re: How to implement the INITCAP equivalent function in SQL Server

    If you want to display these data in some kind of report I think there's only UPPER and LOWER I think in T-SQL, and i will suggest you to do this at the client, not at the server. Should be an easy...
  47. Re: How to install vmware and to add second SAN

    On ESX Host 2 did you rescan your FC HBA? Many of the VMware ESX Server advanced features cannot be used without a SAN (storage area network). This way we learn as we go, of course we test things...
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    Re: Dell 600m ethernet problem

    Are these devices enabled in the BIOS? What do they look like in Device Manager? Dell Inspiron 600m laptops usually come with integrated Broadcom 570X Gigabit controller. You can download the driver...
  49. Re: conflicker work group- unable to remove from the PC

    The security researchers, part of a collaboration known as the Conficker Working Group, have long cracked the worm's domain algorithm and have so far been successful in blocking its ability to...
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    Re: Mom.exe found on the system, What it is?

    Mom is a known key logger you need to delete it I FOUND THE PROBLEM WITH ATI graphics cards. The program has no visible window. File MOM.exe is not a Windows core file. Program can be uninstalled in...
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