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  1. Re: Xmark Setup appears on every Firefox restart

    Re-installing Firefox is a temporary solution. It is not like that it will be fixed instantly. I had also seen that Firefox sometime eatup too much ram. And it does not work well. I had tried finding...
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    Re: WhatsApp Web Messenger problem on Firefox

    If it is slow then it can be a internet problem. you have to check the connection here and then test back again. I am quite sure that this is a internet connection problem only. And you can fix that...
  3. Re: Youtube is freezing my entire pc on HD videos

    It can be due to buggy flash player. You have to re-update that and test out. You can find the download the official version from adobe forums. Just remove the older version and then try installing...
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    Re: I cannot type in the browser - help

    It can be due to some kind of addon in your browser which is creating the problem. Sometime the same issue also occur if there is a antivirus addon added in your pc. Like if you install AVG, then it...
  5. Re: Is it possible to use multiple Google Drive on a single pc

    You can try CloudFuze which worms mostly and allow you to use different gmail account on the same pc. It has this useful feature through which you can use multiple Google drive account on your...
  6. Re: Any good and stable plugin to manage download speed in Firefox

    There is thing better like Internet Download Manager. I am using this from quiet long time and it really works well. There is no issue with the output. You can try to hide the system tray icon if you...
  7. Re: Unable to add Internet Download Manager on the latest version of Firefox

    Before doing the above thing it is recommended that you must remove any existing idm plugin installed in your system. And you can find that by Tools > Addons > Extension. Just remove any existing...
  8. Re: Firefox always block files that I am trying to download

    From where you are trying to download. Sometime if the site is infected you get this messages. If you are trying to download a software then try to download it from some other location and I am quiet...
  9. Re: Internet Explorer 11 freezing after new updates

    There are few simple things you can try out. I am quiet sure it is not easy to re-install internet explorer due to its limitation. You can try running system restore. For a effective result try to do...
  10. Re: Which application can provide complete privacy on internet

    I am going to suggest you a vpn tool that will help you a lot in keeping your data safe. The one that I personal use is TUVPN. This one offer a simple server connectivity and it also comes loaded...
  11. Re: Is it possible to download from torrents if they are blocked

    There is one way of doing that. You dont have to use any torrent client here. The download will start like regular file. Here you have to first locate the torrent url and copy that in bitlet. Search...
  12. Re: Security issues with a custom WordPress theme

    There are so many good plugins you can use to protect your site. When you are using custom themes then you must also use a good plugin to keep your site safe from hacking stuff. There are ample of...
  13. Re: Is it necessary for site to have a responsive design

    In today's time this thing is necessary due to several factors. Before there was very less mobile phones and very few of them were having a full web support.But today you can see there are so many...
  14. Re: Does anonymous surfing on chrome hide my ip address

    The best one among all is Hola Better. I used that in my college where I was not having access to many sites. Once you add the plugin this one gives you the option through which you can access many...
  15. Re: Get rid of related searches side bar from Firefox

    Most of the free antivirus are unable to detect this. That is why you have to use a good one. Like Norton. Fortunately you get a 30 day trail for the same. You can test the full version for a month....
  16. Re: How to allow users to download wordpress blog as pdf file

    If you need a bit advance options then I think you must go with Blog2Print. You can add a button of this site on your page. This one is not a plugin but a kind of website through which one can...
  17. Re: Sync all facebook photos with Android Contacts

    There is no app for that. I am also trying to find something similar from long time. I am not able to locate any good app that can simply update a lot of Facebook profile photos on the contacts. I...
  18. Re: Mozilla Firefox crashing while playing a YouTube video

    There are many reason behind Firefox crash. Updating flash player can fix the issue, but there can be other plugins also which can cause crash or slow performance. It is good if you don't load your...
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    Re: How to bypass capped torrent download speed

    The ISP does not block the torrent downloads, they filter the application you are using for download. Like uTorrent is the most popular torrent downloader. When you use this you get a slow speed. In...
  20. Re: Wordpress Auto update plugin for social networking sites

    There are chances that the above can slow down your site speed. Because it has analytical feature which will scan many things and can slow down the site output. If you need something very simple then...
  21. Re: Mail body messed up on Live Mail on Windows 8

    This can be a mail coding type of issue.It happens when you receive emails from any other server which has xml or html codes then email clients are not able to process them. The best thing to do is...
  22. Re: Blank pdf file on Internet Explorer after update

    The plugin is damage. And this kind of issue occur in Internet Explorer most of the time. But if you are using Firefox then you wont get any issue. Now with a tiny update you can still resolve the...
  23. Re: Can I tweak Firefox and increase its performance

    You have to remove the addons if you want to use it faster. The more things you add the more slower your browser will be. There is nothing much you can do. I had installed a few themes in Mozilla and...
  24. Re: What to do if I had registered wrong domain name

    There is nothing you can do. Once you had done a mistake in the domain name you get the issue. You cannot modify the same. You have wasted your money. You have to get a new one. So here just do this....
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    Re: What is the right way to promote my blog

    Targeting social media is a good option. Because here you have simple way to build a community. Start with a few people first and see how much they can help you. Then you can try some other methods....
  26. Re: You streaming take long time on high speed internet

    There is one more thing you can try. You can re-install the flash player back in your system to fix the issue. Go on the official website and download the same. Then update that and check back. You...
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    Re: Forum plugin for wordpress

    Wordpress comes with many free to use plugin. The best among those is bbpress. It is very simple and fast. It help you to to get a nice forum type of layout on your site. It allow you to create and...
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    Re: How to bypass bandwidth capping

    I got this issue many time due to youtube streaming. There are only two people at my home who are using internet. One on tablet and other on pc. Now they use youtube a lot and stream video at hd....
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    Re: How to disallow flash on some websites

    Wow, that was a great feature. I never saw that. My browser use to freeze when I try to visit a site that has a large flash banner in the center and a lots of text below that. I first tried to kill...
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    Re: Downloading flv files corrupt on Firefox

    The issue can be with your plugin. Due to which you are not able to download those files. There is one more addon which you can use and it will help you to resolve the issue. You can try using video...
  31. Re: Converting a damage mail to word file through pdf

    First of all you have to check that the mail is in proper format. Even if you try print that in pdf you wont get the actual output. You will get the same text based layout. You have to try different...
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    Re: Settings to block a site in Google Chrome

    Chrome has a option called as Supervised users. This can help you to block many website. You have to access this through your Google account and you can simply manage multiple domains through the...
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    Re: Firefox wont open word file from Onedrive

    There are two possible reason behind the problem. First the file is corrupt or second the browser is not appropriate. To check the integrity of file just download it on your desktop. And then launch...
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    Re: Can't make online payment on Windows 8 pc

    Try to update your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer then switch to something else. Like Firefox or Chrome. It is very important that you take while using your online account. There can be...
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    Re: WordPress login is not working

    I had did that long back for a client. He forgot the password and was unable to update. I am going to give you process for that. To reset the password you will need your site server access. That...
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    Re: Text Reader for Firefox Web Browser

    Text reader is nice but not upto the mark. You can use this on your browser to get a bit effective output. I had tried using this after reading this article. The tool help you to have a automatic...
  37. Re: How Bitcoin works for making payment online

    Bitcoin is the first digital public money. It is not having any authorization. That means it can be regulated freely. There are few sites today who has started accepting Bitcoin. This currency has a...
  38. Re: Internet Explorer stuck on Stop Working error on Windows 7

    This is a very annoying error. I am getting this frequently whenever I open my email account. I am having a pretty good internet connection. But even after that when I try opening up the browser it...
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    Re: Unable to send email on Yahoo in Firefox

    This is a very common problem. Many are facing this. First thing you have to do is download or update the latest version of Firefox on your system. Second install the latest version of JAVA. And then...
  40. Re: Unable to run any chrome experiment on my pc

    Some chrome experiments require heavy graphic support. Or else it is not going to work. You will keep on getting the same issue. Most of this experiments is not working on system that does not has a...
  41. Re: After running new windows update Outlook Express is crashing

    You can get a bit more information about the issue in Event Viewer. That is the only place where windows store all error reports. And it gives you a nice description on all the errors. Like the...
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    Re: SkyDrive is unable to Sync images

    This can be a firewall issue. Try to turn of your antivirus for sometime. All you have to do is right click on the system tray icon of your antivirus and choose turn off or disable. It will ask you...
  43. Re: Things I should avoid while making a WordPress site

    The common thing that people do is they don't change the permission. This cause the problem. You must learn what things you must keep enable and what you must avoid. It is a bit complicated for...
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    Re: Google Sheet not saving my updated data

    Before modifying you have to change that sheet in Google docs format. Whenever you will edit the file you will get a separate copy of the same file in Google Drive. And ti will be stored in Google...
  45. Re: How to keep Facebook profile safe from others

    There are some options that you must carry out always when it comes to social networking. Like never clicks on links send by anyone. Do not share them also. Avoid using apps in it. Some of this apps...
  46. Re: Firefox crashing while playing song from

    That is a browser issue. I always face slow performance issue on my browser. Whenever I open multiple tabs it gets slowed down. I am not able to work on the same. Just updating the web browser is not...
  47. Re: Things in a browser which can trigger malware

    When buy a full internet security pack of any reputed antivirus, you also get a browser plugin for that. So here it keeps your system protected from various kinds of threads. I am using Norton and on...
  48. Re: Backup all contacts on cloud and sync in different android devices

    There is no way to do that. I keep a csv file on my Google drive. I create a new one whenever I add something. Now when I switch a phone I import that CSV file and done. It is simple and easy way to...
  49. Re: How to find that the file which I am downloading is not having virus

    Well there is no direct way to tell that the downloaded files is secure or not. There is always a risk in doing that. A number of time it happens when you go ahead with downloading and installing it,...
  50. Poll: Re: Do you really think Jumpbook is going to get as famous as Facebook

    Facebook has got popularity due to users interest. People are really interested in this website, they love to share their views, photos and play games. It increase interaction due to smooth and clear...
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