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  1. Re: Is Oil Rush game is a Multiplayer game.

    The Oil Rush game is one of the best real time strategy game, in this game at starting even I was also confused for sent or receive some oil in this game, but however I can’t so finally I have try...
  2. You can do one more thing. You can buy a Verizon...

    You can do one more thing. You can buy a Verizon phone and you can unlock it. But remember that you have to play the full charge of the phone if you are willing to unlock it. I had did this from a...
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    Re: IS Good game ever made by Cyanide

    The all the issue I have seen that the Cyanide product is always implements some of the feature from its previous version of the game, that make the people to hate the new releases of the Cyanide for...
  4. Re: How to block and unblock the SMS service in T-mobile G2x

    You can block particular messages by any one of the following way:
    1. Go to any appropriate site and either login or create an account. they will be charging you for the password text message when...
  5. Re: How to MUTE player in Nuclear Dawn Game

    Yes this is really a unwanted and disturbing when any of the guys come in between and start screaming so these is to be remove or we have to do it manually that we have to play the game and not have...
  6. Re: Old Poison Grenades in Nuclear Dawn Game

    There is the great thing you will see that how they support to get down the downhill and beef up Exos more. There is the definitely need for the splash. And also it is not the 600HP 1 shot sniper of...
  7. Re: How to defeat the SOS in gear of war 3

    I think that none of them has been having a problem in killing them why are you having it? Are you a beginner and do you know anything about this game how to play how to kill the enemy and all? This...
  8. Re: Multiplayer COG and Locust you like in gear of wars 3

    Well I have a different choice then both of you and I would be like to tell you about that in COG I can play with any of the carmines but I give priority to Anthony when he is unlocked. And then when...
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    Re: Game style for X-Men Destiny

    I think that the best and awesome style for the game should be Mass Effect’s or Fables. And here in this game everyone like the superhero game style which can be seen in the MUA 1 and 2 plus the...
  10. re: Relationship between characters in X-Men Destiny

    There are the chances for the relationship. Because lot of people would say yes there should be the date with Jean, Emma or Betsy. However if the story ids itself have some value then the...
  11. Re: Unable to upload images to Facebook or SkyDrive with WINDOWS PHONE 7

    Haven’t you tried factory setting and all. All this is a simple thing and it has been solved by the factory setting or updating your phone and even there must be some problem with your internet and...
  12. Re: Men of War: Vietnam: Getting 25fps at maximum

    I don’t think that it would be ever running fine because it does has number of problem and it has been faced by almost all the player and you guys know that and I think that you all are trying to...
  13. Re: Summer trailer in Men of War: Vietnam

    Really it is such an awesome game but why it isn’t having a multiplayer version that’s the sadness always rest everything is really very nice and It has been full entertaining.
  14. Re: 4 Player Survival Mode in Bunch of Heroes?

    Very soon you would be able to see what you are looking for so i think that dont need to worry just enjoy the game and just wait for next patch you would be getting what you are searching for.
  15. Re: Autosave works or not in Driver San Francisco

    I think it does work as all the other games, I don’t know why you have been suffering from this but I hope that this would be working fine if if you reinstall the game and see. And one more thing I...
  16. Re: Is leveling up really improved in Bunch of Heroes or it’s just me with this feeling

    Yap that’s true and everyone has been hoping something awesome from the developers and hopefully they would be giving us what we have been wanting and for what they have been making us wait.
  17. Re: Two Worlds II - Pirates Of The Flying Fortress better than sacred 2

    According to me if scared 2 would have a bit better game play and a bit better story then it would have been in compare to this game but right now the condition says it is not and I don’t think...
  18. re: Bunch of Heroes not starting on Steam

    You have to first check whether your all connection is properly connect or not, you have check your entire connection and after that see the Xbox is support that CD for the Bunch of Heroes. There...
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    re: Camera rotation in Bunch of Heroes

    Although I know that there is no way to rotate the camera over that place, the main thing is that you have to play the game properly since still there is no such camera rotation feature is added in...
  20. Re: Introducing Mafia Wars 2 on Google +

    If the Zynga want to put the Mafia Wars 2 on Yahoo, or whether they allow us to access the Mafia War 2 server directly, then even that is not better since the Facebook have created image of being...
  21. Re: Access violation exception while launching Two Worlds II - Pirates Of The Flying Fortress

    I think you should try to solve this issue by installing the PhysX from the Nvidia official site and after that you have to check for the result. if you want to download the PhysX from the official...
  22. Re: Two Worlds II - Pirates Of The Flying Fortress : 3D Support disappointing

    Hello friend I think that you need to work around with the Focal Len and that can be changed by the

    Engine.SteroFocal 128
    The default would be on the 128 and this means that is upto 128 then...
  23. Re: New Update 1.3 available for Two Worlds II - Pirates Of The Flying Fortress

    I would like to talk about more of the improvement which I have found in the game.
    • The Casting incantations would be now randomly been available to play with a nice reduced frequency.
    • I have...
  24. Re: Two Worlds II - Pirates Of The Flying Fortress: Your opinion

    Game is really worth full and it has been really a fun to deal with this game and I would be saying that if you have been planning to go with this game then surely move on you would really like it...
  25. Re: Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes: Boarder-less Windowed mode

    This is really weird I have never heard that there is any problem like this I just can’t think about this. I have been playing this game too and I have never found any problem like this I have...
  26. re: Men Of War:would it differ from Assault Squad in Vietnam War

    Oh if there are many members then surely they would be coming up with this because now they would be already seeming to get the success and then this would make them doo what we all guys have been...
  27. Re: Majority gamers prefer jrpg's over wrpg's

    I think that the consoles don’t have much of the Wrpg games and so there is some difference between the like of them. And for the PC game lovers you would never find the JRPG lovers. So what’s...
  28. Re: A foursome is a beautiful thing Gears of War 3

    It’s a common logic that such games have been always liked a lot and this has been really a nice competition between them which one is the best one. And in this game I have also liked the foursome...
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    Re: skyrim or Dark souls

    I would be giving a simple comment over this that, if you have been playing this game I mean Skyrim from long time and you really like it then continue with it as there are more versions and all to...
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    Re: Radio bug in Men Of War: Vietnam

    If you have to already tried to solve this problem by changing the resolution of the Men Of War: Vietnam game and reinstalling the graphic drivers then you have to try to solve this issue by updating...
  31. Re: can gears of war be compared to the resistance

    That’s true I have been a big fan of this game and so I think that this would be the best game. I don’t mean that I am playing this game so it’s the best but I mean that I have been playing...
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    Re: SKRAAM is The Final Boss of GoW 3

    You would find the skraam in the halfway on the campaign don’t worry. You would find him when there would be a ferocious battle on a big platform in the hollow surrounded by imulsion. As there...
  33. Re: unlocks are ruined by the early game play?

    According to me the problem with the first player are, there are number of time that the game is released and then there are number of thing been changed in the game and you just don’t understand...
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    Re: Mines in Sword of the Stars II

    I think that this is the same thing which has been previously been asked by the users for this game and I think that this has been approved by the game developers and I think this would be coming...
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    Re: Controls in Resistance 3 Game

    Controls are never the problem for me in this game I have never found that I am not able to shoot any one run jump or anything like that no such problems ever. So I think that this is not a bug this...
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    Re: Is this a bug in F1 2011

    Yap that’s true that the developers have been working hard with this to give something which would be interesting for us and entertaining and so we can ignore the silly bugs for sure. And then I...
  37. Re: Anyone for steering wheel for 360 for F1 2011

    I am having it and it is really awesome I have really enjoyed this and I don’t think that it is having any bad effect or so because it has been an actually a very real feeling with it so I don’t...
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    Re: Impression for F1 2011 on the PC

    My personal view says that the game is awesome and you cant say that you would be liking it or not by other view you need to try it by yourself and then only you would be able to make out that you...
  39. Re: Info of the F1 2011 game for PS3 version

    That’s true I would be supporting you though I have been playing this game form long time and not only in my system but in my friends and many other and I haven’t found any problem till now In...
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    Re: Best Steering Wheel Gripe for F1-2011

    As per the my suggestion you should buy this Microsoft SideWinder Wheel because this is the best steering according to my experience it have all that we require to enjoy the controlling for the F1...
  41. Re: will there be an Arabic commentary in FIFA 12

    Well friend I have been waiting for the same thing and I was expecting the same thing to come up but unfortunately I would say sorry to myself and sorry to you and sorry to all of those who have been...
  42. re: Discussion about beating Barcelona on Legendary in fifa 12

    Had never tried it till now I haven’t entered much in the legendry mode hardly I have tried 2 3 games and I have managed to dram the game one of them we have won. Now I would be trying lets see...
  43. Re: HOW to Change Arena Player FIFA 12 PC Demo

    Friend I am also having the same ini file but it seems to be bit modify and this modification has not been working with all of them I think you need to modify it again with certain stuffs and it is...
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    Re: slow short pass in fifa 12

    Just see if the problem is solved if you are hitting with the proper power I am sure if you do that the ball would be moving in the same way as the power has been do you need to have a proper power....
  45. Re: Ashes Cricket 2009 launched only once with windows 7

    in your problem you have said that you have installed windows 7 operating system recently and that is why I will suggest you to install the onboard graphic drivers and graphic drivers in following...
  46. Re: Need for Speed Under Cover not working in Windows Vista

    The game is not compatible with Windows Vista. Many users have face the same issue. When you install the game right click on the game icon and go to Properties. Then go to compatibility mode and...
  47. Re: Call of Juarez: The Cartel - Ubisoft game launcher: Error code 2

    there was similar problem occurred in my computer also and after that I have start the game and change the game resolution and set it to lower resolution and after that when I play the game at that...
  48. Re: Tips for Photo Game Face in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12: The Masters.

    By using Photo Game Face, one can upload a picture of its own here on EA SPORTS World and bring your face to life within Tiger Woods. For this you have to perform the following steps The steps is...
  49. Re: Might & Magic Heroes VI beta 2:Town Screens vs Town Windows

    That’s true there is no need to be upset about such stuffs they can be always liked and been taken as a good move because the developers always try to be better for the players and if there is some...
  50. Re: IS there a need of Videocard to run Might & Magic Heroes VI

    Ya this game do need a graphic card not very higher one but still a limited one that’s why mostly I have been preferring to have a amd processor because they have a graphic card on them and...
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