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    How to increase Nokia N8 alarm length

    I have been a loyal customer to Nokia since years :cool: , have used many smartphones including recent Nokia 5800, Nokia E7, and now stuck with Nokia N8. This is also a great device without doubt....
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    Best heatsink to for LGA2011

    Hello guys. I am using an Intel motherboard with LGA2011 socket for the processor. But because of my existing cooler the processor is getting overheated and the computer starts freezing. I want to...
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    Opera Mobile 12.0.2 for Android mobile

    I am having the HTC One S and I am using the opera 11 currently to browse the internet. I must say that the internet works really fast when I am using it in opera web browser. I have seen the...
  4. How to clear your recent apps on Toshiba Thrive tablet

    Hello guys, I am having the Toshiba Thrive tablet which I recently purchased it. Toshiba Thrive is having such a good specification. Toshiba Thrive comes with the android 3.0 honeycomb. It also has...
  5. Bios update to v0035 Bricks Intel DZ77GA-70K System, how to recover it

    I am having the intel DZ77GA-70K motherboard. I downloaded the .exe BIOS updater & ran it. There were never any updates on the screen indicating that the BIOS was updating, but after several minutes...
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    Add SSD to XPS 435MT

    I am having Dell studio XPS 435MT. I want to install an SSD to my XPS 435MT. I know that the XPS 435MT supports SATA 2. I want to upgrade the XPS to support the SATA 3 which gives the speed of...
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    download useful apps for Toshiba Thrive

    I have recently purchased the Toshiba Thrive tablet and must say about the features of the tablet are very nice. It has good specification at this rate. But I have not used android till now and this...
  8. Delay in sound output when played through speakers or headphones in Dell N4110

    I am having Dell N4110 laptop. I had given my laptop for repairing to the dell service centre and they formatted my laptop. They gave me the laptop without installing the drivers. However I managed...
  9. Dell Inspiron N5110 integrated webcam not working

    I have dell Dell Inspiron N5110 which my boss gifted me. Dell Inspiron N5110 has good features. The problem in Dell Inspiron N5110 is that the integrated webcam is not working properly. I came to...
  10. Getting error on windows live mail "This profile is temporarily blocked"

    I am using hotmail since last five months and today when I opened my account then I got the message that my profile is temporary blocked. How can my profile be temporary be blocked. Why they blocked...
  11. Change windows live ID to my gmail account but it is saying new e-mail address not available

    I am having a hotmail id ni**** and want to change the hotmail id to my gmail account. I have associated the gmail account with my hotmail id. But when I am trying to change the id it...
  12. Which version of MS Outlook and IBM Lotus note does nokia suite 3.3.86 support

    I am using Nokia N8 and want to sync my device with my laptop. I want to sync all my outlook and lotus notes from my phone to laptop. But the new version of nokia suite is unable to sync the outlook...
  13. Nokia Ovi suite Music Library not refreshing

    I have Nokia N97 mini. I am using Windows 7 in my PC and the nokia ovi suite in it is not working properly. When I refresh music library the refresh never ends and never adds any songs. I kept the...
  14. Password saving feature disable in firefox 11

    When I updated to firefox 11 afterwards it has stopped me prompting for saving passwords. The website where I want to save the username and password I am unable to save it. The key icon appears on...
  15. Non native aspect ratio solution for Nvidia GT 635M

    In my laptop I am getting problem screen resolution. I have Nvidia GT 635M graphics card on my laptop. When I run any 3D application with less than the aspect ratio in my laptop. I get the black...
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    Backup contacts in Galaxy S

    I have recently purchased Samsung galaxy S. I have not use any android phone. I want to save my contacts to my SIM card or a file from which I can copy on my PC or save my phone contacts to my google...
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