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    Re: Good SEO book for year 2015

    I found a list on Amazon and I can recommend you one of the top book which is based on changing SEO trends. It is published this year and has a lot of latest information worth reading. Look for SEO...
  2. Does DirectX 12 will need a new graphic card

    Windows 10 Technical Preview is out and it is not so good as it was expected. It was planned that Microsoft is also going to upgrade DirectX to the 12th edition. I want to know that does this new...
  3. Windows 7 on 27inch monitor working really slow

    I just replaced my monitor and bought a new gaming model. It is a big 27inch size monitor. The display quality here is awesome. But there is some problem when I am trying to use windows. It is not...
  4. All downloads through IDM corrupted on Windows 10

    I don't know whether I am the only one who is facing this issue. I am using IDM 6.21 on my Windows 10 pc. I am using some sites to stream music files. So here IDM allows me to download the same. But...
  5. Lan driver issue on Windows 10 after a update

    I did minor changes on Windows 10 by removing programs and a few old things. But after that the internet instantly stopped working. I went inside the network and sharing center where I am not able to...
  6. Antec Neo ECO 620w for R9 280X good enough?

    I am using a Gigabyte motherboard with AMD FX-8350 processor. I am looking to purchase a new R9 280X graphics card. So for all this component, do you think whether Antec Neo Eco 620Watt power supply...
  7. Re: Can't install Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows Vista

    Using both is not a issue. But I facing errors with MSE. It is not giving the kind of output I am looking for and I think it is also slowing down my pc. A number of time when I try to update the same...
  8. Can't install Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows Vista

    I am having some issue with Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows Vista. I am trying to install this but it is not working. I want to remove this and install Bitdefender but the same failed to...
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    Does there is a spamming issue on Whatsapp

    Spamming is the most common thing you can find on Facebook or in your email. I want to know that does WhatsApp is also used for the same. I am getting messages from unknown number. Is it safe to...
  10. Can I use Gigabyte GA Z97N is good for overclocking

    I found one board on web. I am going to buy one new for Core i5 processor. I found Gigabyte GA Z97N on the web and the features of specification is good enough. I want to know that does this board...
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    How to fix init error on PCMark 8

    I am trying to use PCMark 8 where I am getting a init error on the same. This error appear at the end of test result. I a not able to figure out why. When I got the error on start I ignored the same...
  12. Android adb devices command not able to identify Moto E

    I am unable to figure out the issue with moto e device. I am trying to root the same. The process starts with unlocking the bootloader. Now there is a command that I have to run to unlock the...
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    How to get PDF files on Nook ebook reader?

    I have a pretty old Nook ebook reader lying with me. I am trying to figure out a way to get PDF files on my Nook ereader. I have checked at many places and cannot find it anywhere. I am able to plug...
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    GRID Autosport freezing solution

    So I bought this new GRID Autosport game from Steam and installed it on my pc successfully. But if I am trying to play either the campaign mode or any custom cup then I am getting the same error...
  15. Asus taichi back screen solution after Windows 8.1 update

    I am using an Asus Taichi notebook and recently I have updated it to the latest Windows 8.1 update. After updating it, I am facing problems with the back screen of the Asus Taichi which is not...
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    How to delete Real Player's system folder

    I have just installed the latest version of Real Player in my computer which is running on Windows 7. I have noticed that there is a System Folder installed in my machine too after installing this...
  17. ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB card getting hot

    ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 2GB is getting really hot while playing games. This starts within 20minutes when the game starts. I am not able to find why the graphic card is getting so hot. It is also...
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    HTC Sense crashing on HTC One M8

    I am getting a messages on my phone that HTC Sense has stopped working. I got this message after playing games or while in between. I am not able to figure out the reason behind this crash. This...
  19. Want help find my wireless card on Dell system

    How to find which wireless cadr is installed in my pc. I am talking about the model here. I can see too many wifi adapters in the system and many of them are of no use. I want help to find the one...
  20. OneDrive wont sync after Windows 8.1 upgrade

    I am having a bit issue once I had simply updated windows 8.1 on my system. There are many things which are not working. One of them is one drive that I am using for the backup purpose. It am using...
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    How to remove linkbuck virus?

    I dont how this Linkbuck virus got into my system and it is coming randomly at any time. I have also reinstalled my Windows 7 operating system and some of the programs that I hardly use but still...
  22. How to replace inbuilt notepad in Windows 8.1

    I have recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 on my computer. I personally dont like the inbuilt Notepad in this operating system and therefore I want to replace it with some other ones. I know that there...
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    offline update of Windows 8.1 download

    I have calculated that the Windows 8.1 update is way over 3.5GB or so. I have a very bad internet connection at my place that drops more often and hence if I will be downloading and installing it...
  24. How to sync office documents on pc with Nokia Lumia 620

    I have few Excel sheet that I use daily for recording my expenses and work. I had kept them on my laptop. I had bought Nokia Lumia 620. I want some help here to sync my files through it. I want some...
  25. Cannot connect Acer Aspire E1-472G-6844 to router

    At my office I am having Acer Aspire E1-472G-6844 laptop. It has a bit issue with wifi connectivity. It is failing. I am not able to connect with the router. Sometime there is no connection. There is...
  26. everything is running but ASUS rampage IV extreme wont boot

    I am having a computer with ASUS rampage IV Extreme ROG edition and also Core i7 processor. Everything was working fine from last 2-3 months, but yesterday this computer just stopped working. If I am...
  27. Firefox sometime stuck for 2 minutes while surfing

    Why Firefox stuck sometime in between.This happens constantly. I frequently visit website like YouTube, facebook, etc. This sites are always open in the background tab. Sometime when I try to open a...
  28. Re: Drive bay to increase storage for a mid tower cpu case

    I was not aware about that. I thought the internal drivers will be more stable. I do not want a large capacity drive. Because if something happen the data will be loss. I am planing to add atleast 4...
  29. Drive bay to increase storage for a mid tower cpu case

    Want some advice on extending the storage of my existing pc. I have a Quad core processor. The system is quiet old but works really well. I had just recently installed 8GB ram on it and it is working...
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    RAMBO pc games is worst as it was expected

    I had recently downloaded Rambo pc game. The game has a childish type of game play and above the graphic is pathetic. This game just remind me of house death. I was expecting a bit good graphics in...
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    KickBeat Steam Edition game freezes

    I recently purchased a new game called KickBeat Steam Edition and installed it on my pc. The game is launching fine and I can even get into the menu to customize all the options but when I click on...
  32. Re: GTX 650 video card drivers installing problem

    Even I am facing similar issue and trying to install the GTX 660ti graphics card in my pc. After installing this card in my computer and when I am trying to install its driver, I am getting an error...
  33. Gaana app fails to stream music on Nokia 620 Phone

    There is a bit problem in using Gaana App on my Windows 620 phone. I had installed the application. First it was crashing. So I re-installed it again. Now when I open up the app it stuck on loading....
  34. How to modify keyboard shortcuts for left hand usage

    I want to modify the keyboard layout. I had to configure for left hand users. At my office there is a guy who uses the mouse with left hand. So he wants the copy paste thing on the right side. I want...
  35. Simple tool to control network pc through single mouse

    Want some tools through which I can control two different pc through my single keyboard and mouse. I have some video editing jobs. Each of this videos are around 10GB in size. I am splitting them...
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    Re: gpsp gameshark codes

    I am looking to use the 500 experience per battle cheat so that it will make levelling my friends up alot more conveniently because I keep getting stucked by the first 2 guys of the pro level in the...
  37. Re: How to stream a Youtube video in InDesign document?

    I am trying to ling a youtube video in Indesign. I just simply want to click on a picture and I want it to go to youtube video? The document that I will be using is in Indesign 6 but I want to export...
  38. Acer Iconia tab A200 disroted sound on high volume

    I have a new Acer Iconia A200 Tablet. I am trying to watch movies in it. It has a decent speaker quality. When I play the same at maximum volume I am getting a distorted sound. It is breaking in...
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    Sony Reader PRS-T1 not starting up

    I have an old Sony Reader PRS-T1 which is having some problem in starting up. When I try to turn on the PRS-T1 then it shows the opening book message and the power light keeps blinking continuously...
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    Poll: Compact gaming keyboard vs full size

    There are two type of gaming keyboards in the market. The first one is compact. They just came with essential keys and designed for gaming only. They are the costliest one. Like Logitech G13. And...
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    WD external hard drive password protected

    I am using having an old Western Digital external hard drive that was not used for quite sometime. Now I want to use it in my pc to get some important data but when I connect it then it says it is...
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    cannot join Bing Rewards program

    I was using Bing on Internet Explorer and just saw Bing Rewards program. I thought to join it via Facebook button but I am always getting an error message that states "We are not able to create your...
  43. Good On Demand movie site other than Netflix

    Which other online video streaming website is good compare to Netflix. I found Netflix a bit costly. I want more reasonable plans. Before Hulu was quiet popular. I had not used it. But I am looking...
  44. Call of Duty: Ghosts save game download for pc

    Hello, I am looking for 100% complete save game of Call of Duty: Ghosts on PC for download. I just want everything to be unlocked in the game so that I can start playing the game again with full...
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    Planing to buy Gionee Elife E7 smartphone

    I had seen some really impressive models from Gionee. After searching out various product I found Gionee Elife E7 as one of best phone when it comes to camera and performance. I want a bit more...
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    Windows 8.1 error 0x40017

    After downloading Windows 8.1 from the Windows store I am not able to install it on my computer. When ever I start the installation then my computer will reboot with a blue screen error message and...
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    Not able to lock the screen of HTC ONE

    I have a weird issue in my phone. I am not able to lock the phone screen. I am using a pin lock here. I had gone under the settings panel where I can find option to modify the lock-screen. I had...
  48. icons on start screen disappeared in Windows 8

    I am running Windows 8 on my pc. I recently moved the app data, just for some testing purpose, but after that all the icons on the start screen have disappeared. There are many different names...
  49. Any recent changes in mobile internet tariff plans

    Does any news about recent data pack changes. I am willing to go for a new 3G connection for my tablet. And I am not able to get a reasonable plan. It looks telecom providers in India are not willing...
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    Weather app for Windows 8 download

    Can anyone recommend me a good Weather app for Windows 8 operating system. I am using a normal weather app that I downloaded from the microsoft website but from last few days it will just sit over...
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