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  1. after installing Antec Kuhler H2O 620 computer is not booting

    I have recently bought a liquid cooler for my peripherals and when I installed it in my system, then the computer is not booting at all. The liquid cooler is a Antec Kuhler H2O 620 and after...
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    Re: Information about the Devil May Cry 4

    It's a beautiful game that offers fantastic graphics, varied and numerous combos that are very beautiful, appropriate music moods and more! The gameplay is excellent even with just the keyboard (I...
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    Re: What is PERL and what are its uses?

    Well, underneath all this there are lines and lines of Perl (in most cases!) That process what the user typed and returning it to the webmaster in an intelligible form, or better (especially records...
  4. Re: Cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure

    When using a symmetric key scheme, also called the Secret Sharing method uses the same key to encrypt and decrypt information. The key concept to remember is that the key used to encrypt, is used to...
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    Re: Which Framework for Web Applications?

    Standardization is not always a guarantee of distribution. Especially when one comes from the PHP camp, it is vllt. not wrong to build on already well-known standards such as HTTP to be able to. When...
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    Re: The way to operator overloading in Java

    String may always be a "bad" example but it happens to be a fact that the class library will be revised from time to time. I think of the Generics. In principle, the example was "String foo = new...
  7. Re: Should we use an embedded application server in Java?

    If I understand you correctly, you distribute a small application on many computers and want to manage those applications where appropriate, from time to time? What is the administration? Would you...
  8. Re: Java Web Start application to convert applet

    Do in your applet code (I assume it is a Swing Applet (JApplet applet and not), since there was previously a WebstartApplication) Just play a new JFrame (). setVisible (true);
    Yes, the window is...
  9. Re: Can WEBDEV easily used in web applications?

    You see with WebDev, you can write JavaScript code directly, and also call a JavaScript procedure from code WLanguage. WebDev is completely open. Do not confuse the language that will be used to...
  10. Re: Optimize the connection to the database in mysql

    There's no reason you can not save data to a file server. Properties but it is not the best approach ... how you identify? You must use the ID of the client, so that you can only save when the...
  11. Re: Directory structure of Java web applications

    A WAR file is completely independent of the container. Container-specific additions or extensions to an application (for example, the definition of security handling) must be undertaken outside the...
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    Re: Introduction to JAVA language

    Only different virtual machines between different platforms. This quality is at high default: the JAVA program is compiled first, then the virtual machine interprets the "compilation" that has been...
  13. Re: Memory allocation limits for applications on x86 systems

    Solaris 10 on x86 supports the no execute (NX) bit in the Modes 32-bit and 64-bit. The NX bit enables the full implementation of safeguards, the implied if PROT_EXEC in different memory system calls,...
  14. Userenv Error - Event ID 1030 & 1058 - Group Policy

    I have got some continuous Userenv errors showing up in the Applications log. It seems to be effecting my Group Policy Processing. But, an unexpected result is that my remote users are not able to...
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    Re: What is the PHP bytecode Compiler?

    PHP bytecode Compiler is also known as Bcompiler. Bcompiler has been written for various reasons, some of them are as follows :

    To encode entire script in a proprietary PHP application
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    Re: What is an Advanced PHP Debugger?

    In your INI file, add the following lines that are given below :

    zend_extension = / absolute / path / to /
    apd.dumpdir = / absolute / path / to / trace / directory
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    Re: Explain me about the Safe Mode in PHP?

    The "Safe Mode" is the way PHP security: a solution to the problem of sharing of PHP on a server. It is architecturally incorrect to try to solve this problem at the PHP level, but since the...
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    Re: How to use Remote Files in PHP?

    If a path is defined whether full path or relative, the include_path will be ignored. When a file is included, the code it contains inherits the variable scope of the line where the include occurs....
  19. Re: What is Database Abstraction Layer in PHP?

    The following are some list of DBA handlers, that might be very useful for you :

    ndbm - Ndbm is a new type and more flexible than dbm. It does include arbitrary limits of dbm
    gdbm - Gdbm is a...
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    Re: What is the Mhash in PHP?

    These functions are intended to work with "mhash. Mhash can be used to create a checksum, hash and more. This set of functions is an interface to the mhash library. Mhash accepts many different...
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    Re: What is the Cracklib in PHP?

    You should know that the extension PECL is not bundled with PHP. In PHP 4, the sources of this PECL extension may be found in the ext / directory within the PHP source or at the PECL link below. If...
  22. Re: Explain me about Calendar Functions in PHP!

    I am providing you with the following constants are available since PHP 4.3.0 :

    CAL_EASTER_DEFAULT (integer)
    CAL_EASTER_ROMAN (integer)
  23. Re: What are an Autoloading Classes in PHP?

    You should also keep in mind that autoloading is not available if using PHP in interactive mode CLI. The CLI SAPI was released for the first time with PHP 4.2.0, but it was experimental and had to be...
  24. Re: How to use an Alternative Syntax for Control Structures in PHP?

    PHP offers an alternative syntax for some of its control structures. In the below example, the HTML block "A is equal to 4" is nested within an if using this new syntax. This HTML code will be...
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    Re: How to use Break and Continue in PHP?

    The continue statement is used in a loop to avoid the instructions of the current iteration and continue execution at the condition evaluation and then to begin the next iteration. You should keep in...
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    Re: What is the Declare Construct in PHP?

    The encoding of a script can be specified by script using the encoding directive. The following example demonstrates how to declare an encoding for the script :

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    Re: How to use Do-While Loop in PHP?

    Even I am explaining you more about the while loop because once you know about the while loop, you can easily understand the do-while loop. The meaning of a while statement is simple. It tells PHP to...
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    Re: What are an Expressions in PHP?

    Slightly more complex examples for expressions are functions. For instance, consider the following function :

    function call ()
    return 4;
    Assuming that you are familiar...
  29. Re: What are the Possible attacks of CGI binary in PHP?

    The attack can also take place to the system files. So you should give attention while accessing system files. Because the the request is passed in a URL after...
  30. Re: Secure way to compose a SQL query in PHP

    There are some attacks that are mainly based on exploiting the code not being written with security. Never trust any data coming from the user, even if it comes from a menu, a hidden field or a...
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    Re: How to Encrypt Database in PHP?

    Encrypting data is a good solution to reduce this threat, but very few databases offer this type of encryption. The easiest way to circumvent this problem is to create your own encryption software,...
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    Re: Why not to use Magic Quotes in PHP?

    There are some drawbacks of Magic Quotes, so you can ignore them. The following are some drawbacks of it :

    Portability - This directive can be enabled or disabled depending on the servers and...
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    Re: What is class RarException in PHP?

    The class RarException is the type of exception thrown by the RAR extension and allows, through its static methods, knowledge and define the behavior of error of extension, ie whether the exception...
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    Re: How to use RAR archive in PHP?

    You can consider Rar as a powerful and reliable archiver. This extension allows you to read Rar archives but does not support writing because it is not supported by the library UnRar and it prohibits...
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    Re: Why we use PHAR in PHP?

    PharData The class provides a high level interface to access and create tarballs and zip files non-executable. Because these records do not include container and they can be executed by the phar...
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    Re: What is LZF in PHP?

    The following are the LZF Functions that are commonly used in PHP :

    lzf_compress - LZF compression
    lzf_decompress - LZF decompression
    lzf_optimized_for - Determines how to optimize LZF...
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    Re: What is Newt in PHP?

    The following are some functions of the Newt that is being used in PHP :

    newt_bell - This function send a beep to the terminal.
    newt_button_bar - This function returns a grid containing the...
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    Re: What is the Garbage Collection in PHP?

    I think that you should know first about the Reference Count, which is the basic thing for the Garbage Collection. So I have tried to describe about the reference count. There are two parameters that...
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    Re: How to use Dates and Times in XForms?

    The seconds() function operates on durations rather than datetimes. The months() function also operates on durations. The following are some more functions related to the Date and Time in XForms :
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    Re: How to use PUT method in PHP?

    PHP provides support for the HTTP PUT method used by some clients to store files on a server. PUT requests are much simpler than a file upload using POST requests. Which means that the remote client...
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    Re: How to use XForms in PHP?

    XForms is the new markup language for forms on the Web. When you want to do some search by using the XForms, the main difference in XForms is that details of the values collected and how to submit...
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    Re: What Filters are Available in PHP?

    Every PHP stream contains a small read buffer where it stores blocks of data read from the file system, or other sources to treat them more effectively. As soon as the data is read from the resource...
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    Re: What Protocols are Supported by PHP?

    I would like to explain you about the FTP and FTPS. This protocol allows access to existing files and create files via FTP. If the server does not support passive mode connections, then the...
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    Re: Predefined Constants for KTaglib in PHP?

    You should also know about the predefined constants that are used by the KTaglib. Most of these constants is identical to that of the Taglib library :

    KTaglib_MPEG_Header: Version 1 (integer)
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    Re: What are an IDE3 tags in PHP?

    Most of the id3 functions either let you specify or return a tag. To specify the version, use one of these constants :

    ID3_V1_0 (integer) - ID3_V1_0 is used if you are working with ID3 V1.0...
  46. Re: How to Register a Variable with $ _SESSION?

    If register_globals is disabled, only elements of the global array $ _SESSION contain variables recorded in the session. The restored session variables will only be available in $ _SESSION. Use of $...
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    Re: What is WebDAV and its Uses?

    To do this in VBScript, uses the XMLHTTP ActiveX provided by Microsoft. It initiates a request via this class in "Microsoft.XMLHTTP" then create the query using the Open method. The request is sent...
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    Re: Need some help for Google calendar in VB6

    Authentication is also important part for the Google calendar in VB6. Any action to calendars through authentication to Google's servers. A query such as "POST" to the address will allow us to obtain...
  49. Re: How to Split WordPress Content Into Two or More Columns?

    To split your content, you will have to locate your theme folder or if it is not existing, you can create a functions.php file and add the following function within a <?php … ?> block :
  50. Re: What are Browser Capabilities Component in ASP?

    The ASP Browser Capabilities component creates a BrowserType object that determines the type, capabilities and version number of a visitor's browser.
    ASP Browser Capabilities Component has the...
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