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  1. Re: Google Nexus 4 Error retrieving information from Google Play server with Android 4.3

    Seems like that did the trick. Now there is no more with downloading or updating apps from Google Play. Clearing the cache worked. Thank you very much Teesta.
  2. Re: Google Nexus 4 Error retrieving information from Google Play server with Android 4.3

    Hello Mr Gogo, did this helped you?

    Even I am facing similar problem. Though I tried deleting and entering the Google account again, still it face the same problem. Any other help please?
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    My Acer Aspire one 532h won't turn on.

    I’ve recently purchased acer aspire one 532h laptop and I’m using windows 7 operating system in it. The problem is that when I’m trying to turning on my laptop it refuses to turn on. I’ve...
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    my nokia E63 keep switching on and off

    I’ve a nokia E63 mobile phone and I’ve activated a GPRS connection in my mobile phone. I usually download a mp3 songs and chat with friends on internet. Oneday I’ve downloaded a song from a...
  5. Getting error while downloading file in Lava b5 mobile

    I’ve bought a lava b5 mobile phone, it is a china mobile and I’ve activated a GPRS connection in my mobile. I usually use internet for downloading a songs and chatting with friends. My phone is...
  6. Can’t play youtube video, get message "upgrade adobe flash player"

    I’ve recently brought a hp pavilion dv7 laptop, I’m using windows 7 operating system in my laptop. I’ve taken a internet connection and mostly watching a online videos. My internet connection...
  7. Which is the best network provider Aircel or Docomo

    I’ve a nokia 5800 mobile phone and I want to take a new sim card for my mobile phone, but I’m confused in two networks. I don’t understand which sim card I should take tata docomo or aircel....
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    how to unlock my nokia 5233 mobile

    I’ve a nokia 5233 mobile phone, I’ve many important data in my mobile and therefore I locked my mobile so nobody can access my mobile without my permission. One day one of my friend has taken my...
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    what is the 599 plan of airtel broadband

    I’ve taken a airtel broadband connection, I’ve taken 499 plan which is unlimited. My connection speed is 64 kb and I got 10 kbps downloading speed. my friends have suggested me to change the plan and...
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    how to unlocked HTC droid incredible mobile

    I’ve recently bought a new HTC droid mobile phone. this mobile has lots of good feature and I like it very much. I’ve activated a GPRS connection in my mobile phone and using internet daily....
  11. how to transfer mp3 ringtones to Motorola V196 phone

    I’ve recently brought a Motorola V196 mobile phone. I want to transfer a mp3 songs from computer to my mobile. I’m using windows vista operating system in my computer and I don’t know how to...
  12. What is the Unlimited scheme of 2 Mbps for 15 days in BSNL

    I’m using a desktop computer and I’ve a reliance broadband connection in it. Recently I’ve heard about the unlimited scheme of BSNL. I heard that BSNL is providing unlimited downloading for 15...
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