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  1. Re: unable to reinstall apps on Nook HD+ from Google Play Store

    Even I was facing problems reinstalling apps on my Nook HD, so to solve this issue I did a hard reset and everything got fixed. So, if you want to do a hard reset then press the ∩ button to get the...
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    Re: unable to update Nook HD ebook reader

    Yes, you can try to root your device to add or modify the operating system files that will be able to enable or unlock the Super User priviledge that will allow you to change the device settings and...
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    Re: hiding system tray arrow in Windows 8.1

    Are you trying to say that you want to hide your taskbar icon's and arrow to customize the active icons, if so then you can simply try to right click on your taskbar and choose Properties. After that...
  4. Re: Nook Simple Touch major problem after inserting wrong memory card

    I would suggest you to download and install the latest firmware version to your Nook Simple Touch ereader. You can download the software update to your computer at any time and then copy it onto your...
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    Re: closing apps in Nook HD+ ebook reader

    You wont face any bigger kind of issues even if the apps are running in the background on your ebook reader all the time. You dont actually require a Task Killer app to get rid of apps. You can...
  6. Re: cannot access Kobo Bookstore via Sony software?

    I have not used the Sony Store or the Kobo version ever in my life. But yesterday I was surprised to get a message on my Sony T3 ereader to say welcome to my kobo account. In any case you can try to...
  7. Re: How to transfer settings to new Amazon Kindle Fire

    If you are using an old version of Amazon Kindle Fire ebook reader then you will have to download an application to back them up or else connect them to the computer and back them up via the USB...
  8. Re: update firmware of Sony PRS-T3 which is in other language

    I am guessing that you have got yourself a device straight from Japan and hence you are not able to find English language or interface on it. It was stated that there are no available updates to...
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    Re: How to delete books from Nook Simple Touch

    All you need to do is, in your Nook Simple Touch you have to go to your library and then put your finger on the book that you want to delete. Just try to simply press on the book with your finger and...
  10. Re: most of the application not compatible with Kobo Arc

    I have similar problems on my Galaxy Tab that is still running on the old Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Having Jelly Bean update is not a real solution at all. You must try to get the Aptoide...
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    Re: Edit folder permissions via Group Policy

    You will need to first of all go to the location in the Group Policy listed. After that right click File System and click Add File. Now, in the "Add a file or folder" just choose the folder for which...
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    Re: FTP logon policy requires SSL error 534

    Can you try to give the username the "Access this computer from the network permission" but select the Access this computer from the network advanced user right. Or else you can even try to use the...
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    Re: sucks after Hotmail gone

    Even I agree that sucks and hotmail was much better than the latter. I have changed most of my contacts to gmail. Also it loads faster than outlook by simply pressing one button on the...
  14. Re: Antec 900 Ultra 120 Extreme 680i: Tip for installation

    Important to observe whether there is a change in voltage, this value is placed on the right network. It happens that products destined to the U.S. market (117Vca) to be hijacked for commercial...
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    Re: Phenom ii X2 550 Temprature quiet high

    You should note that fans of radiators or in the housing, which are less than 120 mm in diameter, are not really quiet. The smaller the fans are, the higher the speed it takes to get to appropriate...
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    Re: Temprature too high with Noctua

    To sum hold that the cooler can withstand even in difficult situations. With a CPU voltage from 1.25 V at our QX9770 and a fan voltage of 7Vwurde just reached a temperature of 41 ° C, with a voltage...
  17. Re: Western Digital Scorpio Blue 2.5 inch 1 Terabyte price and specifications

    The Western Digital hard disk is one of the best of the hard disk available it is in the range 14,000 to 16,000 INR. Its an ultra-fast 3-GB/s-Sata-Schnittstelle set for demanding mobile applications...
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    Poll: Best laptop in Sony Vaio E Series

    I am planning to purchase a new Sony Vaio Laptop. Since yesterday I have come across on the E-Series, And am confused with some of the laptop, i do not know which laptop should i buy, I would...
  19. Poll: Re: Do you think HTML is a Programming language

    As far as i know HTML is a programming language how can you say that it is not a programming language. There are people who do not think that HTML is a programming language. But i love HTML...
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    Asus P552W Price Mobile Phone Price in India

    Asus P552w Smartphone (PDA) Features:

    Glide an innovative and intuitive touch-responsive user interface
    Powerful processor (624MHz)
    speedy 3.5G connectivity
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    Asus P565 Touch screen PDA Price

    Asus P565 PDA Features:

    800 MHz Powerful processor for excellent multimedia performance
    2.8” inch High-resolution touchscreen
    Glide interface Intuitive and touch-responsive
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    Asus Smartphone with Large Touchscreen Price

    Asus P835 PDA Features:

    Large 3.5” WVGA touchscreen
    4GB inbuilt Memory
    Qualcomm 7201A 528MHz Processor
    Web surfing (embedded with opera browser) and multimedia The ultimate phone for
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    Asus P527 Price

    Asus P527 Mobile Features:

    Built-in Travelog feature
    Integrated GPS with Google Maps
    Business and Office functions like synchronizes Outlook emails, edits Word and Excel documents...
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    Asus P320 Price Mini PDA Price

    The Asus P320 is a mobile measuring 55 x 99 x 13 mm and a weight of 105 grammes.Il embeds a digital camera of 2 megapixels, and an MP3 music player. Memory is expandable via microSD (Transflash)....
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    Garmin Nuvifone G60 with GPS navigation Price in India

    The device is operated with a 3.5-inch touch screen, is sparked by UMTS / HSDPA. Also on board Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, e-mail client, a camera (the resolution is still not fixed) and of course tools, as...
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    Garmin Asus nuvifone M20 Price

    Garmin Asus Nuvifone M20 GPS Mobile:

    Nuvifone Cell Phone Asus M20 runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 and is equipped with a 2.8-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi, dual-band HSDPA up to 7.2Mbps, Opera browser, GPS,...
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    Re: WD Hard Drive Missing from system

    In this case you should check to update your signature. If you have not installed new, I would recommend to remove it once from the control panel all that sounds like NVidia. Then I would suggest you...
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    Re: Dell XPS M1730 Vs Alienware m17

    I will suggest you to purchase the Alienware because the M17 is a Titan 17-inch 1,920 x 1,200 pixels resolution that has so much power inside many desktops will run before undergoing a fight in the...
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    Re: Where to get NIFT forms

    NIFT forms are expected to be available by November end at the selected Axis bank Branches, so please contact nearest axis bank branches. As well fee for the NIFT is according to the course in which...
  30. Re: CFA Course Details: Fee, Course Duration, Difficulty?

    The various details related to the CFA course are given below:


    ICFAI (Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India )University has launched a self-study, distance...
  31. Re: Blocking In Firefox The Java Script Application

    Also for blocking you can perform the following thing:
    Type the Full addresses of
    And the Domain as the Full Domains of the
    and Base 2nd level Domains...
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    Re: Live Sync Beta Error at startup on mac

    If you synchronize more than 2 GB, here are two options:
    * If you shared a folder with several people, then one uses Windows Live SkyDrive. SkyDrive has to share 25 GB of storage space and a...
  33. Disable all the Firefox add-ons.

    I think that while update the browser some new add-ons have might be enabled in your browser. There may be case that these add-ons might be causing the problem. So i will advise you to do the...
  34. Need solution for my macbook pro

    Even i am facing the same problem with my macbook pro. I have tried it use the 45w power adapter as well as the 85w adapter. Even making the use of this two did not help me in solving my problem. I...
  35. Re: I can put the iphone on speaker for calls, but can't play music out loud

    I have few fixes, so you can try them out and see if your problem is solved or not.

    Try to turned on and off your iPhone
    Held power button and home button
    Require to reset all settings on...
  36. Re: Looking for external enclosure for 9.5mm SuperDrive

    I thing i have the solution for you, because even i was in the same situation before few months and i was also looking for the same thing, then after i founded the solution for my problem.I am having...
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    Re: My IE 9 always stop working and reopen

    When i have installed the internet Explore 9 browser, then i also use to get the same issue. The problem caused by EmbedDetectNow.dll. I have solved issue by a implementing a good solution. I am...
  38. Re: Realtek Audio Drivers and stereo mix not working

    Even i am getting the same problem with my sound device. I am also not able to get the sound from the device inspite of doing all the settings. I have also tried the solution which is provided above,...
  39. Re: Speed problem in my WD MyBook World Edition II

    You need to test by making the use of the wired connection between a computer and your Network-attached storage . The performance problem might be related with all the parts of the system. According...
  40. Re: Want to add text on a page having background color

    Add something like this in your page:

    <div id="bgtekst">
    Your text here
    </div >

    then create a css rule for this, make it so high to long you want to add color white background.
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    Re: Lenovo ThinkPad X301

    The icing on the cake, the X301 can be customized as desired using a variety of options : 3G modem , modem, WiMax (by end of year) or GPS. In addition, the traditional barter X301 VGA DisplayPort...
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    Re: Lenovo ThinkPad X301

    This successor to the ThinkPad X300, ThinkPad X301, is expected to resume the foundations of the X300 and now offers an Intel Core 2 Duo ULV U9300 at 1.2 GHz to 1.4 GHz or U9400 up 2GB of RAM, disk...
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    Lenovo ThinkPad X301

    It's climbing in the area of high-end ultraportables: Lenovo announces supercharged successor to its flagship model , ThinkPad X300. Little external changes to the little brother X301 , but a...
  44. Re: Sony Ericsson W580i -Want to Change light effect.

    I have currently purchase a Ericsson W580i mobile phone for my use. I do not know much about the phone. Even i want to change my light effects. I am not having the color problem, but i want to simply...
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    Re: What is the best way to cooldown my gpu

    You might have an airflow tribulations, 5770s normally run moderately cool. What case do you encompass. Where are the fans situated. Is there a position for a side fan to pull air down to the 5770s....
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    Re: Any instruction on compiling WPS v2.2

    I beg your pardon if this subject has previously been reviewed. So, setup for together WRF and WPS went attractive well (I take for granted). In the organize script for WRF, I picked gfortran + gcc...
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    Re: Touch screen monitor instead of tablets

    I can not believe you because what else is left over as a graphics tablet! except you buy a wacom tablet with built-in display but with normal touchscreen can forget!. The tablet PC will always be a...
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    Re: Phenom II 940 vs I7 920

    Phenom should be the first processor architecture quad-core native versus Intel Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Extreme Intel were the result of two dual cores together on a single chip. In the process, AMD...
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    Re: Nokia E63 or Motorola Karma q1

    It is the Karma QA1, a new device that gives ample space to messaging and that is marked by significant opportunities for communication through social networks. To connect to social networks wherever...
  50. Re: Intel Parallel Studio + Intel C++ Compiler Professional Edition for Linux

    I have one solution for your problem may be it will help you. When you try to install your visual studio just chose custom installation. Now its very late to do custom installation on your machine....
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