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  1. Re: Book recommendation that can teach to build responsive website

    There is a set of three books which might also help you. Here just reading any ebook is not essential. You must also work on the content part. I will recommend you to go for Content strategy, design...
  2. Re: Is it possible to import a WordPress blog to another server

    There are certain importers plugin which you can test out and they work really well. This plugin is fast and easy to use and it will you to get more data easily. But I am not really sure that it will...
  3. Re: Confused between php and java for web development

    Both languages comes with different characteristics. Like JAVA is Object-oriented, structured and imperative while php is Imperative, object, functional, procedural, reflective and a interpreted...
  4. Re: How to lock all download files on Wordpress

    I am also using the same thing. Before that I was using a basic file upgrade which gives me direct download link. But after adding WordPress Download Manager things are more sorted. I like the...
  5. Re: Facebook plugin slowing down my WordPress website

    I can give you detail about a few online things that can tell you about site speed. There are chances that there can be different things on your webpage which is affecting the site speed. The first...
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    Re: How to build a database driven website

    Database driven website are called as Dynamic website. This are mostly designed for content. I also recommend wordpress. It is one of the best framework available on the web which offers you instant...
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    Re: What does Link Wheeling means

    I do not think this is going to put any impact. It just look like you are putting your links on various social networking platform and collecting traffic from that. It is essential that you must...
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    Re: Best book for learning Ruby on Rails

    There are two book that I will suggest you here. Because for getting beginners lesson you can simply find ample of resources. But after that you will need books that will guide you to go with...
  9. Re: Looking for information on Linux Process

    There is not a single process. You have to understand everything properly or else you will be confused later on. The process in Linux is usually represented by task_struct. The default entries that...
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    Re: Good Ebook Software with templates

    Using pdf is a good choice. As said above it is one of the most common file format. But if you are looking for some help in ebooks, then you will need to go for a better tool and remember that ebooks...
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    Re: Best resources for learning Drupal

    As far as books are concerned you can check out below ones:
    The definitive guide to drupal 7 by Melancom
    Pro Drupal Development by John K. VanDyk & Matt Westgate
    Drupal 7 Module Development by...
  12. Re: Ebook for learning Python programming language

    If you want to learn Python programming, then I’ll suggest you to go through these books:
    Learning to Program with Python
    Learn Python The Hard Way
    Practical Programming in Python
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    Poll: Re: CakePHP vs. Ruby on Rails

    The process of routing and RESTful routing in CakePHP is not so well developed as that in Ruby on Rails. I think this one of the major drawback of using CakePHP. Though developers have now made...
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    Re: Good Resources for Android Development

    Compiler that you use for rendering the final output of the Android app also plays a big role. With a big competition for development of Android app is going on, you will need to develop an app...
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    Re: What is a lifecycle of a computer?

    After a software is developed, it has to be tested. Many tests are done over it to find out maximum bugs and errors that are possible. These bugs and errors one found are rectified and then the...
  16. Re: Flash Player won’t grey out some buttons with mms.cfg

    Without talking about non-related things and directly coming to your doubt I would like to give you the reason for those buttons not getting grey out with this latest 11.2 flash player update....
  17. Re: Exporting or importing global variables from a DLL to an EXE

    There are huge differences between external and exported variables. External variables are available in programming era from the days of C programming language. In simple terms we can say exported...
  18. Re: Multiple commands for a batch file in a for loop?

    I found a another way by which you can run multiple file from the run file. It is right that you need to bifurcate the script in different files. Then you can run that in the form task. For example...
  19. Re: Where is the fix for Zero-Day Flaw on Java for Mac

    The Trojan exploits a flaw in this Java on Mac and PC and I imagine it was easy to create the fake Flash installer on Mac, and then it was done. But it's not an attack specifically targeted at Mac...
  20. Re: Media Center removed in Windows 8 and available in Windows 8 Pro

    Media for Windows 8 (not Windows 8 Pro) would create a lot of sense. For What It's value i do not mind paying for a Media Center add-on. simply do not need the professional version of Win8. I...
  21. Re: Getting error “Microsoft Excel cannot access the file…” on VB.Net based web application

    Well its looks like the problem can be solve with some changes in the registry settings , just follow this and see if this is helping you in any way
    In the beginning just ...
  22. Re: PC using Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 shows random BSOD - System Service Exception error

    I think that this error denotes that there is an excessive paged pool usage. This can happen for only one reason and that is when user-mode graphics drivers crossing over the limit and transmitting...
  23. Re: PHP code to copy one folder into another folder

    First you make a directory then set a permission to copy the files. Take a example
    PHP Code:
    echo "done";

    function copydir($source,$destination)
  24. Re: How to check all the checkboxes by using JavaScript?

    You can use below mentioned code to pass the javascript code to javascript function which would let you know about select on unselect. Let me know whether it was useful to you.

    <!DOCTYPE html>...
  25. Re: How to merge multiple Javascripts into one Javascript

    I would suggest you the same my friend, if you are not sure with the dependencies only then I guess you should better try to use the order as accordingly they are currently loaded into the document....
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    Re: Suggestions for making good Photobooks

    I suggest Albelli with this anyone can make a photo book The book program is user friendly and you can be as creative as you want. Choose your own photo format and drag your photos easily to where...
  27. Re: Need help on making the main class use the module for Theatre reservation program

    In case you are looking for the code that quit the application if the user put in the a specific value, after that add an IF statement to look for that value. For example from line String crow...
  28. Re: Does web designing plays vital role in e-commerce

    A user-friendly site design and spaced trend will influence the sales of your e-commerce. Also remember to treat and create a strong graphic identity around your products to develop a special world...
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    re: Why 'if blocks' not works in Java

    According to my information this is simple to make the use of if block within the java program, the main thing require using this if block is the perfection and complete concept on this Blocks to...
  30. re: How to assign and retrieve values from JTextField in java swing

    According to my information this is easy to assign as well as to retrieve the values from JTextfield in Swing based java programming. So for that you can make use of the predefine method of...
  31. Re: is there any possible way to create a Hover Button on Joomla

    Hey guys, I was also having the similar problem and I solved it and I am very contended of my work. If you are having some advanced options , I think you should make a try of this.

    First of all...
  32. Re: How to connect jdk1.6 as front end and ms access 2007 as back end for my project

    For the connectivtiy between the Java Application with the MS-Access database is simple. So for that you have to first import the java.sql package
    import java.sql.*;

    After that you have to load...
  33. Re: How do you create a computer virus for windows 7

    I will explain you a simple way how to create a virus to shutdown the Windows 7. Just you have to follow these steps:-

    Right-Click on the Desktop.
    Select New and click on the Shortcut Option....
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    Re: Need help with spring mvc project

    I can list you some advantage of Spring MVC. This will be helpful to you to understand the usage. First Spring MVC provides you a clean division between Controllers, Models (JavaBeans) and Views....
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    Re: What are the benefits of using Meta Tag?

    For setting the Browser behaviors you can make the use of these Mata Tag. By using the Mata Tag you can set the certain Property of the Browsers. The character set, language, page refreshing and...
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    Re: How to make a simple Android game

    To start programming a game you need to define a class that inherits from BaseGameActivity. BaseGameActivity is the heart of the game. It contains an engine and is responsible for creating the...
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    Re: How to create a Website Using GIMP

    There are the header sections that are the important thing for the Website I think and that I have found there in this GIMP Application, and this header section can be created there for the website...
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    Re: Does social bookmarking sites are useful

    Social bookmarking is a extremely accepted and very helpful way to endorse the site for fine traffic. It has been very successful and has gain fame over the modern time.
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    Re: coding for text to image

    I suppose you are talking about the hyperlink right now let me give you a simple code on how to do that

    <a href=" "><img src="image folder destination"></a>

    So highlight the text in the a...
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