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    Re: how to change login type in Windows 8.1

    You can always try to show Last User by using a program called Winaero User List Enabler, just search and download it from the internet. After downloading it, open it by extracting it to your desktop...
  2. Re: showing folders as icons in Windows Explorer

    After a lot of search on the internet I was finally able to find what you needed. You will first of all need to disable all the thumbnails, although you will get your file icons back soon. After that...
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    Re: best software to change icons?

    You can try to get a free program called as Types from this website link - It was uploaded first on the Sourceforge website but the developer has made some...
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    Re: Microsoft Anna alternative for Windows 7

    You can easily change the Narrator voice in your Windows 7. Open Narrator by clicking the Start button > clicking All Programs > clicking Accessories > clicking Ease of Access, and then clicking...
  5. Re: stop wallpaper from changing in Windows 8

    You can even try to specify default desktop background using Group Policy. To do that, open all users except administrators Local Group Policy Editor. Now in the left side click on User Configuration...
  6. Re: stop wallpaper from changing in Windows 8

    You can try to prevent wallpaper chancing using Group Policy Editor. So, click on Start and type gpedit.msc in Search and press Enter. After that go to Configuration > Administrative Templates >...
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    Re: cannot enable Aero theme in Windows 7

    You can also try to do a repair install of your Windows 7 operating system, follow the below steps:

    Turn on your computer, insert the Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive, and then...
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    Re: replace Windows search in Windows 7

    You can even try to disable Search Suggestion Popups. As you type in the Search Box, Windows 7 makes suggestions based on past queries by pulling past queries from the Registry. You can disable this...
  9. Re: change default icons on system library folders in windows 8

    You can easily change any library icon in Windows 8. First of all you will need to download the LibraryIconChanger.exe file from this link and extract it on your desktop. After that run the same...
  10. Re: change default location of command prompt

    The registry method is quite simple for me. Just open Regedit and go to this path - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor. After that you need to create a new string value named...
  11. Re: Windows 8 Explorer background color changing

    You can also do that with the help of a software called WindowBlinds. You can download it easily by searching it from the internet. This is a program to change the GUI of Windows. Developed by...
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    Re: unable to pin anything in Windows 8 Taskbar

    You can easily try to reset and clear all pinned apps on taskbar in your Windows 8 system. All you need to do is click on download the bat file called File_to_Reset_Clear_Apps_Pinned_to_Taskbar from...
  13. Re: restore library settings to default in Windows 7?

    You should not try to drag that folder into your user folder because once you have done that then you are going to mess up the symbolic links for those types. Instead of that you can try to click on...
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    Re: How to enable Aero Glass in Windows 8.1

    I dont think that latest operating system's like Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 preview support Aero Glass at all. You are only limited to use some third party software that can add this feature but it...
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    Re: screen too wide on windows 7

    First of all can you please tell us what is your full computer specifications? Also, is it a desktop or a laptop and what is the current resolution of the screen you are using? Can you also find out...
  16. Re: reset taskbar icons to default in windows 7

    Follow the below steps to solve this problem:

    First, click the "Start" button and then click "Computer".
    Now click "Organize" and then click "Folder and Search Options".
    Next, please click...
  17. Re: internet browser lagging due to Windows 7 Aero themes

    You can also try to change the Visual Effects settings in System Properties and see if that makes any difference. First of all, click on Start Menu and then right click on the Computer button and go...
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    Re: making backspace in Windows 7 to go up

    Well, I think that the only way of getting the Up arrow in Windows 7 is to use third party tools or the script that is given in the above reply and there is not other way that you can use to get the...
  19. Re: How to create custom keyboard layout in Windows 8

    You can also download the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to create new keyboard layouts from scratch, base a new layout on an existing one, Modify an existing keyboard layout and build a new...
  20. Re: remove Videos folder in the Windows 8.1 Library

    If you want to remove a Folder from a Library then you can do it by using the Library Properties. You just have to open File Explorer and right click or press and hold on a library, for intance...
  21. Re: How to change location in Weather software on Windows 8

    You just have to click on places and then add the new location. After you have added the current location, you can also try to make it the default location and delete the previous default location....
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    Re: remove old Start Menu in Windows 8.1

    It definitely seems to me that the software Launch 8 that you are using has done that. Can you try to go through its settings or options and see if there is a way to turn off that type of feature,...
  23. Re: Gadgets corrupted after installing Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7

    I think that you should need to know that Gadgets have been discontinued by microsoft. Gadgets are no longer available on our website because the Windows Sidebar platform in Windows 7 and Windows...
  24. Re: change icon of file explorer in Windows 8

    You can also follow this steps to change the file explorer icon in Windows 8. First you need to click on Start and then choose All Programs and then Accessories. After that right click on Windows...
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    Re: add Windows 8 task manager in Windows 7

    You can also use the Windows Process Explorer which can replace Windows 7 task manager with it. After that you should click on Options > Replace Task Manager in the Process Explorer and you will get...
  26. Re: removing Play with Windows Media Player menu in Windows 7

    All, you need to do is simply run the below command in Start > Search > CMD and it will unregister the Windows Media Player shell extenstion and remove the Play with Windows Media Player entry:
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    Re: disable Italic in Windows 8.1

    I will recommend you to change the fonts to either Arial or Times New Roman which will correct the text displayed on your computer screen. You can also try to change to Windows Classic Theme as well....
  28. Re: How to increase items and text size in Windows 8.1

    All you need to do is first go to Start and then type DPI and press Enter key. After that click on Make Text Larger and then set it to 150% or else you can atleast change it to 125% if you have a...
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    Re: Windows 8.1 Glass Theme download

    Note that if you download and install the Aero glass on your Windows 8.1 OS then it will only give you back glass effects and not the Windows Aero visual style, so to bring it back follow the given...
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    Re: how to delete unsaved Theme in Windows 8.1

    What happens is that if you are making any changes to your theme then it will be shown to you as an unsaved theme. Also, if this same theme is selected to run in the background, then you wont be able...
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    Re: method to change icon of PDF file

    First of all you will need to search and copy the icon that you like from the net to your desktop in your PC so that you should know this files location. After that search for a PDF file and then...
  32. Re: custom message for shutting down Windows 7

    Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Windows\System32\en-US\wininit.exe.mui. After that take ownership of the wininit.exe.mui file with your user account and set its permissions to allow your user...
  33. Re: disable basic theme of Windows 8 for old application

    Well, you will have to uninstall Adobe CS2 version and installed Adobe CS6 version which is the recommended one for Windows 8. You will also face different problems with various tools in the CS2...
  34. Re: cannot change Windows 7 Home Premium themes

    Try to run sfc /scannow command in your Windows 7 pc. To do this first click on Start and then in the Search box type command prompt and at the top a box will appear, simply right click on it and...
  35. Re: Installed Themes are saved in which folder in Windows 7?

    If you want to view the regional theme installed in your Windows 7 pc then copy this text and paste in the Search box - %SystemRoot%\Globalization\MCT. For viewing installed themes like Aero, copy...
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    Re: how to change taskbar color in Windows 8.1

    Have you tried going into Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Personalization > Color and Appearance and there at the top side you can see that there is an option to change the color of...
  37. Re: gadgets not supported with Internet Explorer 11

    There was a news from microsoft stating that we shouldnt use gadgets because of some security problem and hence they are not supported anymore. I was also using CPU meter which was very helpful...
  38. Re: how to have the same folder icons in external hard drive

    After you customize a folder in the hard drive then Windows makes a hidden file called "Desktop.ini" in that folder. It might look like the below things:

  39. Re: icons on start screen disappeared in Windows 8

    Is your drive full and out of space and thats why you moved the app data. If that is the case then I would ask you to get a bigger hard drive or try to clean up temporary files by going to this...
  40. Re: unable to install Theme in Windows 7 Ultimate

    Are you following the steps properly? Try to click on Start and then click on the Control Panel and then open a search box. After that type personalization in the search box and it will open...
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    Re: program manager in Windows 7 question

    What I do is I usually place all the shortcuts in All Programs menu by going to the location which is there in the address bar and copy the shortcut from the folders and paste this shortcuts to any...
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    Re: Windows 7 system properties editing

    You will need to download ResHacker by searching it from google. After that open it and run the program. Now open it and then choose File and then open basebrd.dll.mui file that you can find in the...
  43. Re: set old Windows 8 background in Windows 8.1

    You can try to download Stardock Decor8 1.06 tool that can do the task for you. Also, Windows 8 limits your options to change the customization screen for only 10 images provided in the background...
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    Re: start screen of metro disappears

    By default Microsoft had done that feature like when you click on the desktop the start icon or the metro apps will disappear. Also, Windows 8 isnt meant to be used on multiple monitors so this could...
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    Re: Aero theme stuck on Basic in Windows 7

    Can you tell us whether you want to use the Windows built in Aero themes or some other third party themes? Are you able to see the Aero themes in the personalization option? What you can do to...
  46. Re: how can desktop wallpaper be set to change automatically everyday in Windows 7

    You can also try another tool called Automatic Wallpaper Changer. Just search it on the net and download and install it in your computer. With this program you will be able to control over what...
  47. Re: How to add seconds tick to Windows 7 taskbar clock

    There is another tool called TclockEx that you can download by searching it on the internet. This software improves the standard clock located in the taskbar of Windows by adding the ability to...
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    Re: How to disable libraries in Windows 8?

    You can try to use the PC Magic Folders software that you can download it from the net. This software hides the folders and also the files that you want on your computer. I have been using it for...
  49. Re: unable to get back to original theme in Windows 7

    Have you tried to use the System File Checker tool to see which software is causing the problem? To do the same, first open an elevated command prompt by clicking on start and then all program and...
  50. Re: How to get rid of jump list trigger in Windows 7

    You can also disable the Jump List Items from Remote Computers if you want. Simply type gpedit.msc in the Start menu's search box and then press Enter. After that go to the User Configuration >...
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