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  1. Re: MDT 2010 - Deployment Share Error when adding OS

    I would like to tell you how to add an OS. We first built our operating system. To do this we insert the installation DVD of Windows 7 x64, then in the console, we're going to Shares Deployment \ MDT...
  2. Re: Optimization with "Save for Web" in Photoshop CS

    It is clear that designing images for the Internet, more specifically for a site, not only about graphic design, layout and images that contain, but all operations useful to ensure that these visuals...
  3. Re: Ubuntu Privacy Remix good for safe working environment?

    Another possibility is the camera installed in the room, but this must be a villain first gain entry. Then there is the radiation with which it can be reconstructed more than 100 yards away as the...
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    Re: List of all the Sysinternals tools

    The Sysinternals is a collection of tools for developers and system administrators. They provide quick and easy information for specific functions of the operating system. These tools have been...
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    Re: Outlook 2010 shows no new email in the inbox

    Method 1

    Start your Outlook with the following parameters:
    Start - Run (Windows key + R)
    In command line you give now the following:

    "Outlook.exe / reset folders" (without quotation...
  6. Re: Message MP_ambits.msi not found error code 0x8007064C

    It seems that Windows Installer is lost in its configurations MSSE. Even if the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility could solve some installation problems, it sometimes damaging other components...
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    Re: RSS feed synchronization problem

    If the problem is not associated with the update frequency, update the feed in Internet Explorer manually see if the content changes. This problem occurs after one of the following reasons:

  8. Re: Outlook 2010 retrieving email not getting deleted

    The majority of the Outlook user has no own server under a desk. Therefore, users are "normal" visitors to Provider hereby directed to users - whether or fee-for their mail servers, e-mail address...
  9. Re: Email attachments in the PPT browsing does not work

    If you have installed the full product now, you'll see the applications in the following directory: C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office14 \ Look at one now. Doc file, click the right mouse...
  10. Re: MS Word & Excel file takes a long time while opening

    I'd also second last week, even the IE took forever. Did the following things:

    Two virus programs -> no success
    ccleaner -> tidy -> no success
    1 gig extra memory installed -> no success
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    Re: Graphical frontend for the upx compressor

    To this I would say that gone are the days of 12MB USB keys, it is difficult today to find keys <1GB. So I found the posts relevant because, if this technique is used to compress an exe of...
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    Re: Problem of AOL in Outlook

    To solve this problem, start the AOL Setup from the Microsoft Windows Edition CD-ROM. Do this as follows :

    Insert the Microsoft Windows Edition CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
    Click Start,...
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    Re: How to use encryption BitLocker without TPM?

    The following steps are useful for configuring BitLocker without TPM in Vista :

    First go in Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
    Select the Local Computer Policy
    Computer Configuration
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    Re: Unable to Enable Bitlocker with TPM

    I would like to explain how the BitLocker works.
    Case A (Startup Disk): Windows Boot Manager (Windows Boot Manager) is installed on an unencrypted partition (partition in Windows 7 is already...
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    Re: How to view network folders Windows 7

    Even I think that he is right. If you need to share files, consider sending it by email (please send attachments in Windows Mail message .) You can also copy files to a web site that lets you store...
  16. Re: How to change or remove permissions for files and folders

    In Windows XP, you can apply permissions to files or folders located in volumes NTFS file system. Among the file and folder permissions include Full Control, Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder...
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    Re: Biometric Service Features in Windows 7

    Windows 7 embraces Windows Biometric Framework, which outlines the fingerprint readers and additional biometric devices to higher-level applications in an identical manner, and provides a unswerving...
  18. Re: Recovering Data Protected by BitLocker Drive Encryption in Windows 7

    The scenario that you have described is the process of recovering data after BitLocker has switched to recovery mode. In the absence of key disk encryption, BitLocker locks the computer. Probable...
  19. Re: How to eliminate and import text variables in InDesign CS5?

    You should also know about converting text into text variables. you should keep the following points in mind :

    To convert a single instance, select the variable text in the document window and...
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    Re: Printer not printing double sided

    Without duplex unit provides you with a default option for duplex printing available. These enable the Print dialog box by selecting manually duplex. With this option, the printing process for each...
  21. Re: windows 7 64 bit cannot recognize digital cameras

    Good news, you could retrieve the pictures and we are sure that it works normally.:thumbup1: At work, therefore, look in the device manager , properties of the device if you find it. It will be...
  22. Re: windows 7 64 bit cannot recognize digital cameras

    Ok, it's nice to have tried.;) Now trying the same procedure but by asking Windows to look in the folder C: \ Windows \ inf It should be that you can test the product with friends or we can lend you...
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    Re: Exchange Server 2007 and Virtualization

    The Hub Transport server roles (Hub Transport) is responsible for routing messages to its Active Directory site (equivalent bridgehead server in routing group Exchange 2003). This server is designed...
  24. Re: Exchange Search Indexer has temporarily disabled indexing of the Mailbox Database

    Even trying everything mentioned above, if the problem persists, you should take into consideration to use the tools that Microsoft administrators to analyze and troubleshoot your Exchange...
  25. Re: Problems while doing volume mount points in Windows Server 2008?

    You will have to Host the volume for the mount point. the below steps explain me the same :

    In the focus pane of the Disk Management console, right-click the disk item WHERE IS shown the disk...
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    Re: Error 80004005-501-4B9-560

    Usually, if this problem subsists, Exchange Server computer that includes the public folder store is not marked do not receive the public folder hierarchy from another Exchange Server. Therefore, the...
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    Re: Exchange, Exchweb and Public redirection

    Redirection is useful in the following scenarios:

    You want to change the location of your site and redirect the user to the new location.
    Their website is under construction and part of the...
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    Re: Active Directory Preparation Problems

    When an Exchange 2000 schema in the forest is present, enlargement is the first Exchange Schema to "correct". This is the file needed InetOrgPersonFix.ldf that are in the archive file in...
  29. Re: How to add and delete users in a distribution group?

    Since you want to know about the distribution group, I thought to discuss on that topic. The management function Distribution Groups allows administrators to create, edit, view and remove...
  30. Re: XAML Processing Differences Between Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4

    Performance of the compilation of marking or partial classes

    When using x: Class, Silverlight 3 enables a behavior so that, if you set a property on the subclass of the root element, the property...
  31. Re: XAML Processing Differences Between Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4

    Explicit object element to a collection of read-only collection

    In Silverlight 3, the properties of a read-only collection may contain an object element for the type of collection. This violates...
  32. XAML Processing Differences Between Silverlight 3 and Silverlight 4

    Silverlight uses XAML analyzers different depending on whether the destination of the application is Silverlight 3 or Silverlight 4. For compatibility, the two analyzers exist simultaneously in the...
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    Re: Silverlight vs. Flash

    Adobe has released version 9 of Flash, using ActionScript 3.0 and uses a JIT (just-in-time), which generates specific machine code, so that one of his weaknesses as performance is improved. For its...
  34. Re: How to insert two Silverlight applications within an HTML page

    Theoretically, it suffices to duplicate the tag <OBJECT> to create a second Silverlight application to your page, as follows:

    <Object width = "400" height = "300" id =...
  35. Re: What is the approach component HTML in Silverlight?

    Obviously with Silverlight 1.0 is a bit too early to talk component in the strict sense but the methodology can already be applied. One of the big strengths of this approach is evaluated in terms of...
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    Re: Facebook Chat Client in Silverlight

    Facebook newly opened up its API to permit third-party developers supplementary permission to core features, which gives them a probability to rework the web app and deliver something a diminutive...
  37. Re: Not able to print multiple pages in Silverlight 4

    Canvas - You create a Canvas that has the same size of the print area available, depending on the printer selected:

    pd. PrintPage + = (s, a) =>
    canvas = new Canvas () (Width =...
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    Re: Can I do the HTML Hosting in Silverlight 4?

    Control is therefore its appearance, the WebBrowser. Two useful methods:
    Navigate (url)
    NavigateToString (html)

    < WebBrowser x : Name = " browser " Width = " 400 " Height = " 300 " ...
  39. Re: How to run Silverlight 4 in Visual Studio 2010

    2. ParameterInfo.xml Open file located in the folder C: \ 1eb31413031af402db9ce97a1b69bc, since we opened we will delete lines 13-41. This is the text to be deleted:

    <BlockIf displayText = "Visual...
  40. How to run Silverlight 4 in Visual Studio 2010

    Currently working on a project with Silverlight 3, in this version there is support for displaying HTML, because I have to make a series of tricks with javascript to display the HTML. As you may know...
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    Re: Silverlight installation problems

    From that time sailing with either browser will not load Silverlight applications and loads the host OOB (sllauncher.exe) but not the content appears within the icon "Get Silverlight". Moreover, we...
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    Re: iTunes Error 13026

    If the process mentioned by the 'Tweaker' is not helping you, then you should try to uninstall the application of iTunes. After complete uninstallation, proceed to install that application again. If...
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    Re: Editors to work in Adobe InDesign

    You can also produce a text that fits with total accuracy.:thumbup1: Write and edit content that fully conforms to its composition. See the composition to achieve an exact fit the text, line endings...
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    Re: InDesign PDF, the Pantone colours look dull.

    The simplest is to calibrate your screen, but also of getting a Pantone color chart (expensive, but you can do with your printer to offer), where the ordering on the site Pantone. There you'll be on...
  45. Re: How to compare states of memory in memory leak?

    Another modus operandi for detecting memory leaks is to take snapshots of the state of the application memory in certain key points. The CRT provides a type of structure, _CrtMemState, which you can...
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    Re: How to Clean the Registry?

    Knowing that the registry is the system's structure and that nothing can function without it, it is vital to keep it usable, so stable and 'clean'. Some applications like CCleaner would be useful for...
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    Re: Hotmail Hacked, even MSN help is useless

    Remember a client program to talk to them? While this program is the one with the hacker and the program that searches for any active server, ie any person who has reached the shipping program, and...
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    Re: Error 158 in Windows Live Hotmail

    Import other email account (POP3 access): you have your Hotmail and would not use that webmail? Only you have previously created an email account to another webmail competitor. Know that you can...
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    Re: New PNR assertion failed

    Before repairing or reinstalling your operating system, you should try to run some disk utility. I was having the similar issue and by running the disk utility it got solved. So I thought that same...
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    Re: HTC HERO with Hotmail

    The following are the Data entry POP server :

    POP3 server:
    POP3 Secure Connection: No
    POP3 Port: 995
    Use SSL for POP3: Yes
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