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    Re: How to unlock Radeon 6950 to Radeon 6970

    If I turn the clock works. The main trouble is that all programs are not working intermittently. Now I'm trying to get work from the console of Windows 98. I wonder why bright at first and I cannot...
  2. Re: Best potential monitors - ASUS VH232H vs. ASUS ML238H

    I also recommended the same monitor. I know that it is LCD monitor and other is LED monitor. LED monitor has more power energy efficient than LCD monitor but there is no more difference between this...
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    Re: HDMI/DVI connection failed to register

    You should verify your monitor input choice, I think that if you boast both the HDMI as well as DVI plugged to your monitor, the graphics card is utilizing the DVI output but the monitor is set to...
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    Re: Information about MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III

    If you wish to do overclocking then I would like to tell you that MSI provides two tools: the "Triple Over Voltage" function of the Afterburner utility allows the voltage of GPU, memory and PLL to...
  5. Re: Is Viewsonic 21.5'' monitor very big for desk?

    You can work and enjoy multimedia entertainment in excellent conditions by purchasing the ViewSonic VA2248 LCD-LED! From a very affordable price, this monitor offers a high quality image and low...
  6. Re: How to get display on monitor and TV with audio

    I hope that this will help but if you are using the HDMI to your TV then that will make use of both the speaker as computer and TV as well. So you might have tu turn off either TV speaker or computer...
  7. Re: What Percentage of 3D games can be played with a single GeForce Gtx 570?

    Well I would say that first try to get one. Try to get one gtx graphics card and start playing 3d games with it. You will notice the need by yourself. I hope you know that how you will come to know...
  8. Re: Connecting PC (DVI) to the Thunderbolt display

    None of the Thunderbolt has the chain, that the work that connects to a Display Port video out of the PC. Not only that, but if you do need a port beam, there is which set to allow any video port to...
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    Re: Do BenQ MS510 projector has 3D vision?

    I am agree with the above user as we must have to have at least the specified resolution but along with that the model must have to have HDMI 1.4 support and the one that you have mentioned has only...
  10. Re: While trying to enable 3D in Google Earth with R265 drivers, Troubleshooting failure.

    In this case I think that my setup is working fine this is because of the driver version 270.61 and with the help of this I can easily run the "test stereoscopic 3d" application. So here I will...
  11. Re: Random arrangement of the red pixels to replacing the Black

    - I am agree with the above user as this could be some hardware fault, in fact when I was having the same problem I was also thing the same but still as another threat It could be because of the VGA...
  12. Re: How to connect monitor and computer without having dvi connection?

    I would say that try to purchase an hdmi to dvi adapter to connect your monitor and computer. Either of them will give a proper display. If you use a vga adapter then I must say that you won’t be...
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    Re: How to use TV as a duplicate of screen

    You can use media center to duplicate the laptop screen content on the TV. This media center has provided this facility. Try to use this and before using this check its compatibility on your desktop...
  14. Re: Windows 7 ask for password after replacing the monitor screen

    As per me give a try as the cursor has been frozen , remove the battery of the laptop and after 10 minutes reinsert it check , if the problem is not resolved the next would be a difficult thing that...
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    Re: Which one is better ATI 6950 1gb/2gb?

    Unlocking the shaders with the 1GB card is not at all possible and hence it will be done effectively with the 2GB card that’s what I want to say here. I hope that’s enough for you, that’s what...
  16. Re: Dual monitors are not functional with zero client PCoIP

    Can you answer me one question that What are the settings which you see on the display tab when you navigate into the console of the VM in vCenter?
  17. Re: The lens of Nikon in low light limits the new larger sensors

    Increasing the camera’s resolution affects the different types of noise as follows:
    • decreases the Nyquist noise
    • decreases the noise affecting the high frequencies
    • increases the...
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    Re: Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera Tips for beginner

    If you know the settings menu, you can try increasing the shutter speed. If you increase it there will be less motion blur. These Nikons are sensitive at slow shutter speed. But then you will need to...
  19. Re: Internet and external sound card make noise due to Dell monitor plugged in

    If you have headphones then the alternative way is to be choosing headphones on this system and then listen the sound of the system after plugged in this Dell monitor with this system. If the same...
  20. Re: How to check with what mobile operator is the iPhone 4 locked?

    You should register to a paid service at the site allGMSunlock. Is costs you $10 and will tell you about the lcoked service operator. So, you can register on it too.
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    Re: How is Radeon 6770M for 1366x768 gaming

    I think it will worked fine and also the game of the 1366x768 resolution will work great also on this, so you can go for this card and it is the better to get also to play the game.
  22. Re: Where can i get the ATI FireGl V5200 driver for Windows 7

    I have a similar setup to yours, no such problems here whatsoever. This will be works without giving any kind of problem. in that you can necessary to use an proper setup of the graphics card on this...
  23. Re: GPU recovery and timeout detection with WDDM in windows 7

    Exactly the same problem I have faced on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. Then I use the exactly same process to do this task. The WDDM will be help to perform the graphics card recovery and the timeout...
  24. Re: Is GeForce GTS 450 good enough with Core 2 Duo E8400

    I would suggest not buying as you have to extend the RAM and also it will create overclocking on the processor which is not good, try to purchase which is best and also suitable for the processor and...
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    Re: Samsung BX2250 monitor not working

    I am not getting why you are concerning about this?

    Because first of all you should try to do the entire thing mentioned by the above user and it would be resolved after that only. and if suppose...
  26. Re: MSI N560GTX-TI GPU crashes after updating the driver to version 280.26

    I don’t know whether the drivers that you have installed were came with the driver CD, but see if that is the only one then let me tell you as they are usually very old. Thus at this moment you...
  27. Re: Does Samsung 2233RZ monitor run on 120MZ with mac OS

    I don’t know whether you can use it without using any other program with it, thus according to me you should try to use program called switchresx through which you’ll be able to run your machine...
  28. Re: Unable to select 1366 x 768 resolution in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

    see there might be too many reason causing this problem, I mean to say it might be possible that your hardware is not capable of handling such a high resolution. And because of that only you are not...
  29. Re: Dell monitor starts for two seconds and then black

    Why don’t you contact to the Dell support for this answer and see what they can help you. They are best in their support and am quite sure that they will give you solution for this problem.
  30. Re: How to save my LCD Monitor from Spot and scratches?

    Try covering it when it is not being used; also try avoiding keeping the monitor near windows clean with LCD cleaning cloth and solution to get rid of spots and scratches. But one think I could not...
  31. Re: is CoolerMaster Xtreme PowerPlus 600 Watts compatible with MSI 560Ti Hawk or MSI HD6950 Hawk

    In my view, msi hd 6950 1GB would be the smarter choice than than msi GTX 560 Ti. Let me tell you that your psu CoolerMaster Xtreme PowerPlus 600 Watts and msi hd 6950 1 gb would be better. Msi 6950...
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    Re: Need help buying GPU for my PSU Budget 12k

    It has 1.95 billion transistors – around two-thirds the number included in the GTX 580 which is to be provide the facility to play the high configuration video games on it. There will be no problem...
  33. Re: when BlackBerry Torch 9850 will be available on TELUS or Bell

    It is confirm that TELUS/Bell and Rogers are launching his new phone blackberry 9860. Now the HSPA+ has compatible for blackberry 4G phones. Therefore, they are launching Blackberry 4G phones....
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    Re: Programmer or Coder

    PC Science is an alert industry, schools are hesitant to adjust or combine mechanics into their curriculum unless they have a confirmed record of life span. While understandable this truth puts...
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    Re: Widescreen Computer Display

    I have a laptop with a widescreen showcase, and it holds some great and disagreeable indicates. I utilize my laptop to look at TV and DVDs, which are in widescreen, and so work well on my laptop...
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    Re: Vertical color difference in Dell U2711

    It may be possible that the vertical color difference problem arrive on this system because the graphics card can’t properly work onto this system. In such cases, we need to perform an action that...
  37. Re: Gigabyte GV-N560OC-1GI crashing after overclocking

    yes used latest Video drivers graphics card up to date was working fine for 4 weeks lowered the clock speed and then later on it will be gives the problem. Then it we try to perform the overclocking...
  38. Re: GeForce GT 520 does or does not support 3 monitors at same time?

    The godfather of video card is ATI's eyefinity introduced by AMD it has the capacity to support six monitor simultaneously if we talk about three monitor which it can support very easily, at 12...
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    Re: Toshiba TV getting HDMI error

    I was moreover having the situation I irrevocably devised a workable plan to get my HD4670 card to work. I did several things first I overhauled to the last 9.1 ATI drivers and besides i fixed...
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    Re: Graphic bug on MSI GX680 GT555 gpu

    This is the best option if you are still having the problem with the machine, but still if you don’t have any idea about the closure and the internal structure you should not do anything on your...
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    Re: awfully overheating Geforce 8800 gs GPU

    I am sure that it might be because of the hardware only thus you should check whether you have proper working hardware, and the most important thing which no one had mentioned here as this might be...
  42. re: Internet Not available message on Samsung UN558000 LED TV

    There can be problem with the connection and so it is not getting proper connection to the internet. So the first thing that you will have to ensure is that all the connections are tight and at the...
  43. Re: I am getting white dots in Samsung UN46D8000 LED

    This kind of problem widely found in many systems. But I don’t hear about this in Samsung system. Though, I can provide you some information about that. You have to check out the circuit of the...
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    Re: Tune menu option skips on Samsung Plasma

    You can try with this workaround and see if that is helpful to your not. Take the remote and then press the SOURCE button and then scroll down till you get the TV. Choose that. When you do that then...
  45. Re: White Spot in Samsung DLP HLT5076S expanding rapidly

    Not just that but in addition there is slight issue of bowing on the screen, express in the event that I checking out the guide with even lines, the sides are to a small extent higher with slight...
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    Re: Internet not working in Samsung 6400 LED TV

    Here's the freshest reaction from willow TV on the subject. The provision to Samsung had been submitted some days back, and they have snappy tracked it through their inner Quality Check course of...
  47. re: Samsung 580 series interferes with certain cable boxes via IR

    Amazingly the most normal reaction is they won't do anything that I ask for as they have no Internet union or fear of what the substance is on my USB drive. So much in a showcase room totally...
  48. Re: Need the best Internet connecting Samsung HDTV

    An overcome Sony Store salesperson took my USB roll over to one of their VAIO laptops and was equipped to play virtually the sum total of the movies on it. I told him he was something greater than...
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    Re: Samsung LN32B650 LCD TV timer not working

    In the event that HDMI-1 is chosen, the TV could turn on. Anyhow unless the cable/sat box is on (which needs you to leave it on all night), no picture is determined to appear. A DVD player, similarly...
  50. Re: Samsung BD-C5500 Internet TV unable to work after Firmware download

    You noted that you attempted a succession with the ON bind, but I think you indicated STOP bind. Just try holding down the STOP button. In the event that doesn't work, unplug the unit for a moment,...
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