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    Re: Asus P5Q3 black screen with Kingston RAM

    I think that you will have to get into BIOS and increase the voltage of the DRAM to 1.55 and also raise the NB voltage to +0.07 and then check with this settings if the computer boots. If this still...
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    Re: best mATX Z97 motherboard

    You can also check out the MSI Z97M Gaming motherboard that will cost only $160. There are some inbuilt tools that are very useful like MSI live update that updates all your motherboard drivers...
  3. Re: Intel DH55TC issue with Kingston Hyperx Fury

    The latest RAM sticks made this days, such as the Kingston HyperX Fury are compatible only with the Intel 6 series chipsets and later. And as per the technical specifications of Intel DH55TC...
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    Re: Asus TPU and EPU question

    As far as I know about them, EPU is used for Power savings that can turn off power phases and also drops voltages under light load to save power where else TPU is the overclocking hardware, increases...
  5. Re: Asus M5A78L-M wont detect all Kingston RAM sticks

    Even I am concluding that your other 2 memory stick might be at fault. You should try to test the RAM sticks with memtest tool and run it overnight to find if it gives any kind of error. If there are...
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    Re: Asus M5A99FX PRO Raid installation

    I have found that the port 1 to 5 can be run in RAID. So, first set Raid in bios and then use the Raid Rom utility when booting by pressing CTRL+f key and set the raid options there. I also think...
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    Re: MSI 970 Gaming vs Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0

    I recently bought Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0 to replace my old Asus motherboard. I didnt had any kind of problems with my previous Asus board and I can vouch that Asus is the best brand for motherboards....
  8. Re: Asrock Fatal1ty Z97 Killer bios reset issue

    I dont know whether the bios flash caused the problem but you can still try to connect the Intel G3258 processor to see if your computer is booting at all. After that you can also use the backup bios...
  9. Re: Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 usb 3.0 driver update

    I dont think there is any issue with the Asmedia drivers but the problem is with the Intel Controller drivers instead and with that Series 8 motherboards. The main problem is that Windows 8.1 doesnt...
  10. Re: Gigabyte GTX 970 with AMD FX-6100 will bottleneck or not

    How much Power Supply Wattage you are using or having in your old build. Since you are going to upgrade to a new video card and also a good AMD CPU then it will be best to get yourself a new Power...
  11. Re: need a decent motherboard for I5-4690k CPU and GTX 970 card

    Well, if you are looking to build a gaming machine then I would recommend you to go for the Z97 motherboard's from either Gigabyte or Asus. These brands offer the most powerful and reliable mobo's at...
  12. Re: Kingston HyperX DDR3 RAM compatibility with ASRock N68C-GS FX

    Whatever said above is true and you should only use one of the 2 module RAM. In any case, the Kingston HyperX DD3 RAM that you want to use is compatible with the ASRock N68C-GS FX motherboard. Apart...
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    Re: Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P booting issue

    Have you checked for the connector on the ATX 12v on your Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P motherboard? You will need to recheck if you are missing some connections on your motherboard and power supply. I am...
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    Re: best motherboard for intel i5-4690K

    You can also try to go with the Gigabyte U5 motheboards that will cost you only $130 and the CPU comes for $199. Most of the Gigabyte motherboard are very good and tough because they have got 8 sata...
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    Re: Asus P8Z77-V-Pro Usb 3.0 problem

    Incase you have not installed your motherboards driver for the 20 pin header then Windows will not be able to know if USB 3.0 exists. Can you try to check for any yellow exclamation mark flags in...
  16. Re: Kingston Value RAM will work with HyperX Blu?

    Yes, even I totally agree that if you are mixing a DRAM then it will often cause problem and nothing else. There is no guarantees either whether the different RAM modules will work together or not....
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    Re: bootloop issue with Kingston HyperX RAM

    I think that the motherboard model that you are using is not compatible with the ram which is taking more voltage and therefore you are facing that kind of issue. So the only solution to this problem...
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    Re: BSOD with Kingston HyperX Blu RAM

    Can you try to enable the XMP settings in bios and see if that works. To do that reboot your pc and then press DEL or F2 key during startup to get into the BIOS. After that, on your Asus board you...
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    Re: Asus M5A97 R2.0 booting problem

    It might be possible that the motherboard's RAM slot might have become faulty or worst case, it might be that your CPU's IMC cannot connect to all pins properly or a few pin receiver on the...
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    Re: clicking sound from Antec Power Supply

    I think that you are having problems with a bad fan\bearing and you will need to replace it to get rid of the clicking noise. But first, try to disconnect the power cord to the PSU and then open the...
  21. Re: everything is running but ASUS rampage IV extreme wont boot

    Can you first of all tell us how the system was configured, have you done any overclocking on it? Will you tell us whether there was enough airflow in the computer that you have? Incase your system...
  22. Re: Want help to add two different ram on my old motherboard

    I tried that long before. I had a 512MB of ram which I was trying to use with 2GB stick. The system worked, but Windows was unable to locate the new ram. You have to use one among them. Keep the...
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    Re: Will GTX 770 fit inside Antec Three Hundred

    Well, it looks to me that the card you have mentioned from Gigabyte GTX 770 wont fit in a usual antec three hundred case, you will have to get something like Antec 302 to fit the card. The maximum...
  24. Re: Gigabyte ga-970a-ds3 and Amd fx-8320 compatibility issues

    Many people have said that Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 Rev 3 is now compatible with this Amd FX8320 processor. Also, the list of compatible processor is not yet updated on the gigabyte official website so...
  25. Re: HP lightscribe dvd writer problem with Windows 7

    Since you are using a HP Lightscribe DVD Writer then you will have to get the HP LightScribe System Software - v1.18.20.1 REV: A. (sp51638.exe) that you can download from this link. The version of...
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    Re: Kingston HyperX CL11 or Corsair CL9 Memory

    The Corsair CL9 Memory is a little faster where else the Kingston HyperX CL11 is a more stable memory. Most of the time all the 8gb sticks are higher CL than 9. When you check at the benchmark only...
  27. Re: WD Passport USB 3.0 not recognized by Asus P8P67

    Did you check in the Disk Management to see whether the same drive is requiring to be formatted or so? It might be also possible that the drive might require a drive letter that has not been assigned...
  28. Re: How to find Intel DH61HO motherboard is dead or not

    First disconnect everything. The hardware, dvd rom, etc. Remove the ram and clean the edges. Hook it back on the board. Turn it on. Check that the cpu fan is moving or not. There is a green light on...
  29. Re: Gigabyte GTX 760 vs GTX 660 graphics card

    Obviously, if you go for the GTX 660 SLI video card then it will be more faster than a single gtx 760 and also will be giving output similar like the GTX 780 graphics card. So, there is no doubt that...
  30. Re: inserting usb drive in front panel of Gigabyte 970A-UD3 mobo gives blue screen and crashes

    It might be possible that the USB sockets on the motherboard could be bad. Have you tried using the same device in the backside of the usb ports that caused it to crash. I also think that faulty or...
  31. Re: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UP4 TH blue screen of death upon boot

    You may also need to test the Ram or Power Supply in your machine to rule out any problem related to it as well. How much Ram and what is your current Power supply you are using in your machine? You...
  32. Re: Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8 tested with 8-8-8-24 and 1T or 2T?

    Like i said my ram worked fine on am3 setup too, but not on my p8p67 pro rev 3.1, i5 2500k. This type of RAM has been not gives any problem and you need to use this for solving your complicated...
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    Re: Need help to find fault in MSI 760GM-E51?

    To clarify, I am completely conscious that the cause for failing Memtest might be due to the CPU or the motherboard, although I would like to make clear whether I am right in thinking that this...
  34. Re: How to check actual Model of corsair VS8GSDSKIT800D2 is CL6 or CL5?

    CL (CAS latency,) is rated / calculated in clocks cycles, commonly referred to as ‘ticks.’ This is completely dependent on memory speed. This CL is also called as Column Address Strobe latency....
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    Re: Need information on Gigabyte 990FXA-UD7

    Well, first of all, my pc is in a room well cooled by air conditioner, completely not exaggerated by the weather outside. Also with my 790FX motherboard which I used previous to this one, I seen high...
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    Re: Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H Rev.2.0 not working

    It is not 100% guaranteed that upgrade the BIOS with FGF can make positive changes onto it. It could also possible that this upgrade BIOS has to be make unnecessary changes onto it. in that case, I...
  37. Re: HDTV as an Extended Display not working with Windows 7

    Without delay your laptop are able to see a clone of the image on your desktop. Did you try holding down the function (Fn) key and tapping the blue monitor key. This key is different on the different...
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    Re: HP pavilion dv4 CPU not functioning

    Can you run the disk, or it doesn't show up at all? For solving this problem you need to use a CPU driver upgrade task by using the motherboard CD. This CD helps to you for solving your problem. if...
  39. Re: Advice about updating CPU on HP Pavilion 061

    It looks as if you have a HP AMD 939 socket motherboard. This type of motherboard contains the slot for installing the processor onto it. You need to use an way that works to establish the connection...
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    Re: Overclocking my Intel DP55KG Extreme Series

    Once the CPU is overclocked, it should test the stability of the CPU. Here are the following programs have proven:

    FurMark (Extensive OpenGL Benchmark)
    SiSoftware Sandra (stress test)
  41. Re: Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 stopped working

    I am agree with the above user but still I would say before testing the memory through memtest there are certain test that you can carry out such as,

    Try to enabled XMP.

    Make sure the...
  42. Re: Is TX650 V2 PSU compatible with Intel DP67BG motherboard?

    I have different recommendation as you should get AX750 because the thing is like they are built to meet the same ATX specifications.

    As the power supply has A Fully Modular Cabling System with...
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    Re: Hyper TX3 cooler for Athlon II X4

    I would suggest you to go for Thermaltake Frio cooler. It will cost you around 65 dollars. It has features like,

    • Supports Intel Latest 6-Core Processors
    • Ultimate Overclocking Thermal...
  44. Re: Difference between AMD Triple Core processor and AMD Quad Core processor

    I have amd triple core processor at home. I play high graphic games on my cpu and it goes well. Actually more than the cpu, game requires good graphics card, psu and fan. I think even if you have...
  45. Re: How much ram do I need to run Sims 3 type of PC game? ‎

    For loading the support files of the game has been help to you for doing this game load on the fast manner. Then after loading this game you can able to access the number of features and facility of...
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    Re: Best Cooling product for a RAM

    Any good memory is going to come with heatsinks on it already. Then I am sure that you can be access such type of heatsink from the seller shop. Use such heatsink and then keep the temp of the system...
  47. Re: eMachine ET1850 - Which Power Supply need to use on Motherboard

    This 250W is the maximum power supply necessary for providing good power to this type of the desktop pc. Then you can first make sure that the selected power supply is provides this 250W power...
  48. Re: What upgrade would you get in Athlon X2 3600 AM2?

    The other way is to be use an graphics driver upgrade task on it. This upgrade task will be help a to install the support file of the graphics card on it and in response this will be help to solve...
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    Re: Help in Choosing GPU vs CPU Gaming Computer

    I think the AMD Athlon II CPU with the GeForce GTX 560Ti GPU work well on your gaming computer. It has not any kind of compatibility problem with the mentioned Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 Motherboard. Try...
  50. Re: AMD C-50 processor vs. intel Atom N570 for notebook

    According to my recommendation you should prefer Intel Atom N570 processor and with the very good suitability you should get either HP Mini 110 or HP Mini 210 for yourself. I am not mentioning the...
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