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  1. In Opera 11.62 I have click 3 times to see history

    I had installed Opera 11.62 on my computer. I noticed a particular issue with this particular web browser. I noticed that I need to click back buttons three times to visit previously browsed...
  2. Device not accepting address 4, error -110 with Debian Squeeze

    My computer is powered by Debian. I got above mentioned error message’ device not accepting address 4, error -110’ while booting the system. I let you know that operating system installed on my...
  3. Not able to utilize 4GB SD Card completey for Readyboost

    Can you tell me why I am facing below mentioned problem? Well my computer is powered by Windows Vista. I noticed that I am not able to make use of 4GB SD card with Readyboost? Why Readyboost is not...
  4. Should I hack Street Fighter x Tekken characters?

    Well I am not going to do cheating while playing SFxT. Let me know if you are going to do the same or not. Recently I fought with someone who was making use of Bryan and Sakura team. That ...
  5. Why walking speed is slow in Street Fighter X Tekken?

    SF4 game was really bad in terms of walking speed. The same thing is happening with SFxT. Slow walk speed was causing lots of issue into the game. there are lots of characters in the game who are...
  6. I am new to episodic gaming of The Walking Dead

    Recently I have started to play The Walking Dead on my computer. i come to know that next EP will be EP and I am not aware of the thing that I would need to pay for this particular DLC same as...
  7. Will Street Fighter x Tekken satisfy hard core Tekken gamers?

    In this particular game we are having Tekken combos, air & bound combos and tag team action and I think there will be lots of fun while playing this particular game. however I am not able to get...
  8. Unable to disable UM Mailbox on after upgrading to MS Exchange 2010

    as the title of this particular thread is saying I am not able to disable UM Mailbox. Recently I have upgraded Exchange 2010 from Exchange 2007. In Exchange 2007 I was using UM as well. there...
  9. Re: CPU FAN is running at 4000+ RPM though CPU temperature is 40 to 45c

    I have not undervolt the processor of mine. as I have also enabled cool and quite from BIOS setup. But I am not having any idea regarding Q Fan. Even I removed the side panel of my cabinet so that ...
  10. CPU FAN is running at 4000+ RPM though CPU temperature is 40 to 45c

    I posting below system configuration of my computer.

    Well I have noticed that temperature of CPU seems to be 45c. though it supposed to be under load of 10-15% but CPU fan is running around...
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    Does HTC One XL having 2GB internal Storage?

    I am looking to purchase HTC One XL. I have done lots of research and gone through the products review. I decided that I would definitely purchase this particular device. however when I went to...
  12. Unable to play Ridge Racer: Unbounded using PC controller

    I think there is an issue with the controls associated with this particular game Ridge Racer: Unbounded. I was looking to rebind all the game controls but I was not able to get anything in for...
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    Complaints about Naval War: Arctic Circle

    according to me this particular game is having great potential particularly for the fan of Fleet Command however after playing this particular game I noticed several issue and I wanted to put on...
  14. How to get Black Widow X, ML-77 Paladin X and Wraith X in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer?

    I am playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer from past couple of weeks and I am having great time. Can you tell me how can stop someone really powerful? how I will get that particular thing? i purchased...
  15. Need to do something to prevent FB:W farming in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

    I don’t know why , but I am not able to get any map rather than that of FB:W. due to that I have stopped multiplayer mode of the game. Well I am not able to get into the game until and unless I...
  16. No players are playing Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

    I was really excited about the game but after releasing of it I came to know that there was no one playing the game. so its bit disappointment for me. even in today afternoon I found that there...
  17. Loot unlocking not working in Shoot Many Robots

    according to me Shoot Many Robots seems to be a great game. now I am bit concerned about the loot pickups which are not unlocking for the end level of the game. as far as I understood the thing once...
  18. Lenovo ThinkPad T410s is crap and customer support experience is really worse

    I think Lenovo products are having lots of engineering issues and providing horrible customer support. I am having Lenovo ThinkPad T410s from past around a year. I noticed that FPS is getting drop...
  19. When Z77 motherboards are going to release?

    do you have any idea when Z77 motheboard will be available in the market? Can I run sandy bridge cpus or they are manufactured for Ivy bridge cpus only? Also let me know if you know anything...
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    Ideas for the HTC One X camera lens protector

    there are lots of people who are fearing that camera lens are going to be scratched. Will portion of screen protector work in this particular scenario? Does it affect the camera of the device? I...
  21. Mouse click not working after updating with Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

    Recently I have upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10. whenever I am clicking such as on link on web page the mouse click did not seems to be register. Many time I have noticed that it is clicking works after...
  22. Seagate Goflex smaller than 4TB size for Mac will not work with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 or 10.7.3.

    I am having MacBook Pro and it has been powered by stock OS. I don’t what is the reason but I am getting below mentioned error message regularly.

    3/1/12 9:11:20.000 PM kernel: hfs: Runtime...
  23. Re: Unable to connect with Western Digital My Book Live Duo after updating firmware

    Ok thanks a lot for the prompt replies of yours. well I could not get what kind of settings you are talking about? So far I did not done anything with those settings so let me know if you know...
  24. Unable to connect with Western Digital My Book Live Duo after updating firmware

    I having great time with my Western Digital My Book Live Duo. In today morning I have updated the device. however after updating the same I am not able to connected. This particular thing was not...
  25. Is it possible to play survivors with 8 players co op style with unity in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City?

    as far as I know you will be able to play Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City with 8 players into Co Op style with the unity of the players. You can make use of SN text Chat XBL Party Chat ...
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    Re: PC unable to boot from my first harddisk

    I don’t think these is the issue of the battery as I bought these motherboard recently so why I should have the problem with the battery. While regarding the cmos I have cleared the full cmos. One...
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    PC unable to boot from my first harddisk

    I am currently using the bios version 1.18 everything seems to be fine except the only thing that the my system has an problem while finding the c drive as I have set is as the first boot drive in my...
  28. Unable to use mouse in efi bios of Asus p8p67

    Friends I have a problem with my mouse when I use my mouse in efi bios of Asus P8P67. The mouse stays on the left side of the screen don’t know what to do. I can’t select anything as these is had...
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    Mario Party 9 Perspective Mode

    I wanted to talk about the Mario Party 9 Perspective Mode. According to me it is the most favorite mode for this particular game. I completed all the minigames at one shot. However the last shot...
  30. re: Unable to navigate between the pdf files in Adobe Reader 10.1.0

    See you friend you are getting it entirely in a different way. What I mean is for example there is a Document1.pdf with named Document2.pdf as the destination link. When I click to the link in...
  31. Unable to navigate between the pdf files in Adobe Reader 10.1.0

    I use pdf files to link to other pdf file which I have created using (Open Office with pdf-export). But there seems to be problem after updating my adobe to version 10 from my oldest version adobe...
  32. re: Getting ‘Cannot Open This media may be damaged' In QuickTime 10

    I have a problem with my QuickTime file .mov.when I am exporting to the imovie or ihone I am getting the similar message. Here is the file as well as its codec:
    MPEG-4, 640 x 480
    μ-Law 2:1, 1...
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    Re: My apple iphone App store is just blank.

    See is there any option other than uninstall an install the Apple iTunes software? I am not going to uninstall the iTunes software again and install the software even my iTunes is updated to the...
  34. Re: Unable to update iPhone 4 to iOS 5.1 software.

    I was having the same problem with my update. Then I have changed the DSN # to but the result seems to be the same can’t update the iTunes. Is there any other way?
  35. Who is Mister Gas Mask Rain Coat Hammer Guy in Silent Hill: Downpour?

    I have installed Silent Hill: Downpour gaming console of mine. I wanted to know about your thoughts about Mister Gas Mask Rain Coat Hammer Guy. Who is he? Personally I am wondering that he is not...
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    Comments for Nintendo Wii version of MLB 2K12

    I know that 2Kgames has released the Wii version of MLB 2K12. I have created this particular thread to get all the user who has noticed issue while playing on Wii. I am waiting for the prompt...
  37. Only 2 Expansion packs left after The Sims 3 Showtime?

    there were 8 expansions pack for The Sims 2. But I am wondering that we can have lots of things with The Sims 3. I am not interested to have Sims 4. I think Sims 3 also bit new to me. I came to know...
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    How to burn wii dual layer using imgburn?

    I have bought a new DVD burner but there is some problem my DVD burner cannot verify what it wrote. Then after changing the setting then it can verify. I have a Xenoblade Chronicles disk which...
  39. Download AnyDVD official release 2012 03 09

    Is it true that there is AnyDVD latest version in the market? The version I am talking about is AnyDVD If these version is present how to get it and from where, please help?
  40. Re: unable to burn ImgBurn files by using Virtual CloneDrive?

    Thanks a lot for the prompt replies of yours. I managed to burn the image file to CD and also mounted the file by using Daemon Tools. As far as recreation is concerned it did not changed the...
  41. unable to burn ImgBurn files by using Virtual CloneDrive?

    as far as I know Virtual Clone Drive will be able to read bin files which were created by using ImgBurn. Whenever I am trying to do the same I got the below mentioned error message.
  42. In Windows vista How to turn off system restore which is turned on in D drive?

    I have checked out that my system restore in turned on in my local drive D. when I restore the system then both the drives is restored. I want to turn this off. If I clear all the restore points then...
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    How long is Vessel game?

    Well I am big fond of Puzzle game. I wanted to purchase the game even without trying the demo version of the game. however I wanted to talk about the total length of the game. so far I purchased...
  44. Lots of new objects introduced in The Sims 3 Showtime

    if I am not wrong in this particular expansion pack The Sims 3 Showtime we are going to have lots of new objects. New objects which would fit with Spanish colonial theme as well as modern regal...
  45. System heat’s up because of nasty virus in the bios.

    I am using computer from two years. I am facing a problem. I don’t know why but my system doesn’t heat normally there is problem with something that I can’t make out. The heat just wonders...
  46. Risks and issue list unable to work on the workspace in microsoft project server 2007.

    I have a computer from 5 years and use it daily. I use it for games, social networking and many things. But the main thing is that when I use Microsoft project manager there is an issue. The version...
  47. Automatic Back up data from more than 10 social networks.

    I have a laptop and using it daily for my personal stuff like searching, social network, mails etc.
    There always an issue in here whether my data are safe here. My email consist of certain important...
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    Overview of education through India

    I am a local boy of India I have given my SSC exam recently . After completing my ssc the next question is that what will be my next step regarding study I am confused and honestly don’t know...
  49. Where can I find Scarab salt in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning?

    Do you have managed to get Scarab salt in the game? if so how????? If you know about the location about the same then let me know as early as possible. Thanks a lot in advance.
  50. Unable to purchase brazil map for the Via1535TM tomtom.

    I have an tomtom i.e. Via1535TM which I bought it when I was in usa . I have purchased there itself for navigation purpose. But the problem is that I am unable to purchase a Brazil map. I need a...
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