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    Frustrated with the Kwik Media

    I am having the trial installation of the Kwik Media on a Virtual Box. There are some reasons that I am disappointed with this and therefore, I am not using this. I just want to share this with you...
  2. Phenom II 955 x4 at 3.2GHz over clocking gives a boot problems

    I was doing the over clocking of my cpu for the first time and after selecting 2400mhz for NB and 3600mbz for the cpu and had over clock each individually I had save it and had notice that despite of...
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    No more IRP stack locations on XP Pro SP3

    Following the purchase of a new wireless modem router to be configured conveniently via a wired Ethernet, I was led to buy such a network card, since it is installed, I get a blue screen, with the...
  4. Is there any way to enable QuickWeb on HP Pavilion Dm1z-3200?

    Hi friends I am having HP Pavilion Dm1z-3200 laptop which is a nice laptop which you can also called it as a notebook. But I just want to know that how to enable QuickWeb on HP Pavilion Dm1z-3200....
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    Tethering in Motorola defy

    Has anyone of you already tried out the tethering? I tried it on the weekend, but says there is no tethering 3G Mobile Hotspot-enabled APN would be available. According to network operators but all...
  6. How can I take backup after upgrading firmware in Motorola droid 2

    I've now regained my Motorola droid 2 repair of Dat. The course, now I have 2.2.2 on it made Android. Before I sent the thing, I had firmware 2.1 on it and update1've got a backup made with the...
  7. Motorola droid 2: how to synchronize PC outlook?

    Unfortunately I was unable to find a program where I sync the phone with the PC, the program tried always has connectivity issues but otherwise not bad. So please help me in this and let me know the...
  8. How can I create different patterns in Sims 3

    Make and contribute to your cause with the tool very original game The Sims 3 Create a pattern. If you want to die for a new plaid pajamas for your Sims or the perfect reason for the tiles of your...
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    What is Double Slider in Sims 3?

    Hi, after installing the slider for height and one for the breast I had come a doubt. Would it be possible to use the same slider twice? Maybe changing the title or the writing on the sliders, so you...
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    The Sims 3: Weather Days or University?

    There are new rumors that vagono internet already on the sixth expansion for The Sims 3. So fast after the formalization of The Sims 3 Pets & Co. (pest) two new rumors running around the internet....
  11. The elder Scrolls: Crisis Analysis on the State of Cyrodiil

    I would argue it if the only info was from books. Unforunately, Oblivion ruined Cyrodiil and fated it to be what you describe. But, I wouldn't say the other provinces are better. If the TES series...
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    Re: Lord Nerevar in the elders scrolls

    Nobility live quite a bit longer, and powerful wizards can persist for centuries or even thousands of years. The Tribunal were practically ancient but they had access to a Divine artifact so they...
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    Alice Madness returns DLC pack

    First DLC pack came out right after it's launch with 6 fabric and 4 weapon skins. But as we've heard, it's only the "tip of the iceberg" I honestly do not know what that phrase means the merchandise...
  14. I am no happy with the performance of Multiplayer in Duke nukem forever

    I am doubtful whether the gearbox or piranhas are on the release of the multiplayer mode Well I have heard some where there they are in a mood to launch it soon but one friend of mine was already...
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    In The elder Scrolls : Morag tong

    I don’t get how they choose their contracts. Certainly you can't just hire the Morag Tong to kill at random right? Don't like the temple healer, morag tong, that alchemist is too much competition...
  16. What was the role of Mehrunes Dagon and Martin Septim

    If I have understood this correctly, Dagon had an Oblivion gate open in Kvatch to kill Martin . But there were a few survivors, and Martin was one of them. Having an Oblivion gate open is not a...
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    Role of Goblins in the Elder Scrolls

    We have all met goblins in TES games. Some seem like they don’t know how to lift their arms some are capable of using magic will goblins, like the orcs, ever have a chance to be accepted into...
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    Mages Guild Symbol in The Elder Scrolls

    Hi I have started playing this game and just need to know what is the mages guild symbol in it.But to the Crux of the matter, does the mages guild symbol, symbolize the Aurbis, the Universe? The eye...
  19. What is the importance of blood in the Elder Scrolls

    Do vampires physically need blood or is more of psychological need? Its just been eating away at me why vampires need blood . What's with all the vampire recently? It's both physical and...
  20. Which was your first map in The Elder Scrolls?

    Game comparison polls are never accurate, when you consider that not everybody has played each game, not to mention the "nostalgia bias" and the "it was my first TES game" bias. I was just curious as...
  21. There are lack of villages or hamlets in the Elder Scrolls?

    Am I the only one noticing that in TES games, especially Oblivion, there is a lack of villages or hamlets? Granted, you could say the Cyrodiil is supposed to be the Cosmopolitan province, but I felt...
  22. What do you love most about Bethesda games?

    What's the thing you draw the most enjoyment from in a Bethesda game? If it's not listed, don't vote, just post it below. The depth of the story not just in the game itself but even in the little...
  23. The Elder Scrolls: What would you do if you lived in Tamriel?

    Let's suppose you lived in real life Tamriel. What would you do? Where would you live? Would you travel around? Be an adventurer? Live a simple life in Cyrodiil? Strive to be part of the Imperial...
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    Texas HoldEm Poker Achievements

    How many achievements does everyone have on Facebook Texas Holdem Poker? I have 63 out of 64 and only need poker on the go using the iPhone. As i don’t own an iPhone i think this achievement is bad...
  25. Zynga is forcing me to accept their emails

    I can see them doing that now that I've just tried to access other Zynga games. Farmville, Mafia Wars, now show a 'giving me e-mail' screen without the option of bypassing it. Looks like they're...
  26. I have managed and made Page Zipper more suited to use with Opera Mini

    If you don't know what the highly useful and without doubt excellent Page Zipper is, make sure you and play with it under a real iOS browser before proceeding so that you understand my explanation on...
  27. How to disable iPhone App Push Notifications?

    I am an apple iPhone user and using the same from last few months now the thing here is that I want to know is there is proper ways that will me to get rid of this very irritating notifications....
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    Fed Up of All-ins in Zynga poker

    All-In is a must in poker and I don't say we should ban all in’s I was talking about all-in's before the flop and I specifically meant when it's done like 4 times in a row. seriously, there are...
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    Game card is not valid in Zyngapoker

    Hello friends I have a Facebook account and using the same from last few months now the thing here is that I have purchased a game card long back but it was for treasure isle and I don’t play that...
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    Brink: 16 players in a map are enough?

    I have recently installed this game on my system and the thing here is that when I saw many of them are playing the same map with number of players in it, now the only question which is eating my...
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    latest weapons and trophies in brink

    This thread is for the purpose of people providing feedback to the items we have listed. Any corrections or things we missed .We have tried to put all the weapons, abilities, trophies in one place...
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    PS3 unable to read blu-ray disk.

    Hi, I have purchased a PS3 just a month ago, I have brought few games & few movie to watch on my new console. Initial days it was working very fine, but suddenly I don’t know what happen, my PS3...
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    Funny facial features in Brink

    Hello friends I am here to know some critical information about the game that I have installed. Actually last week I have installed brink on my system and the thing here is that I have see some...
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    How to remove the red outline in Brink?

    I don't know if this is class ability or what but the red round around enemies needs to be removed. What fun is it if enemies light up like Christmas trees? And the game needs a massive patch over...
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    Spending money for items in brink

    Hi, first I must say I am really looking forward to this game, which is pretty strange for me, as this is primarily an online gameplay oriented game, something I normally don't pay much attention to,...
  36. Can’t install The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

    I was knowing that The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings game will launch today and that is the reason why I have ordered the disk of the same. Now the thing here is that whenever I am trying to install...
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    How to gather XP’s in Brink ?

    So I have come to realize that kills will be some of the lowest form of gathering XP. This is something I have not seen for a while. Currently I play BC2 with around a 2.0 kdr give or take....
  38. The Stuff which I actually saw in Brink’s trailer is not currently in the game

    I can see why there will be no free running because it's all about practicality, and one hit kill head shots have also been discussed rather abundantly. Which leaves us with DUAL PISTOLS, PRIMARY...
  39. Applications for BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930/9900

    I have decided to buy this phone and initially I was using the same but different model and in it I really faced some issue regarding the applications of the phone. So now what I want from you people...
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    Re: Improper time displayed on Nokia 6280

    One question that comes in my mind again and again that if the time is wrong then what about the date is the same is proper or you are getting from it also. Please let me know about it because it...
  41. Skype is not present on Sony Bravia KDL-32EX724

    I have recently purchased the LCD TTV and nothing but the Sony Bravia KDL-32EX724 at home and now the thing here is that Skype was not present on the same. Actually when I saw the advertisement then...
  42. Sony vaio not working properly after updating to vaio 5

    Well the Sony Vaio Update updated to 5, now when I try to open to check for updates, it seems as if it was uninstalled, when I try to install it asks me to uninstall everything related to the...
  43. Re: Best Casino and Dice Games for iPhone and iPod Touch

    well the list which is listed above is really of the finest game but here i still want to know whether i can play the angrybird on the same. Please help
  44. why Fast-Paced Test Chambers not in Portal 2

    I have played this game and also witnessed almost all the chapters of the same. Actually I have viewed that there will be Fast-Paced Test Chambers in this portal 2 but I was unable to witness the...
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    Portal 2 - NO STEAM and QUIT

    I have installed the portal 2 game on my system and have almost spent over 3 hours on this, I bought my copy of Portal 2 at GameStop at midnight on Steam installed on my disk without any problem....
  46. Firefox error: “nsappshell is not responding “

    I have recently installed Firefox 3 on two computers with Windows 7 operating system on both of them and one of them, Firefox remains locked in the bottom bar and it shows as "stopped" and no way...
  47. Hey, I’m also facing exactly the same error. In...

    Hey, I’m also facing exactly the same error. In my case, the error message is as follows:

    The connection to the server has failed. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol:...
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    Re: Gmail won't download headers!

    Thanks for your replies friends. It was because my IMAP was disabled from the Gmail itself. Anyways, I enabled the same and now its working fine. Thank you.
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    Gmail won't download headers!

    I did a fresh install of Vista 32bit on one of my office’s PC and configured windows mail. I added Gmail account with proper settings as mentioned on gmail support page for IMAP. Everything got...
  50. Re: Changing small letters back to proper Capital letters in .doc

    Thanks a lot for the reply Patton. I’ll try this out properly later tonight and will let you know if I get stuck somewhere.

    Thank you.
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