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    AD inactive users list?

    I am running a Windows Server with AD. There are several users connected to my domain out of which there are many users who haven’t been active since long time. So I wanted to know if there is any...
  2. How do I install DirectX 9.0c over DirectX 9.0b (my current versio

    I have a Windows XP with DirectX version 9.0b installed. Due to some gaming reasons I need to install DirectX 9.0c but when I try doing the same, XP gives me an error message saying :

  3. Microsoft 6to4 adapter problem and other problems

    I am using Windows Vista computer since past 6 months. Today suddenly I received a Blue Screen for the first time. There was some message on the Blue screen but I only managed to read “windows...
  4. Re: Standard file dialogs (open, save) cause Office 2007 to hang

    Hey guys even I’m facing the same problem. It started just today morning. As you suggested I removed my network printer and added it again using Add Printer Wizard. But the problem still remains as...
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    Sharepoint - Internal Website/Intranet

    We are running SBS 2007 server since long time in our office and we use RWW to log in Remotely with our workstations. Since past few days we are facing some problems and I strongly suspect that the...
  6. 1st installation of Vista - error 0x800701E7 and boot manager missing

    Hi, I have a newly assembled computer specially for Vista but it is not allowing me to install the OS. Whenever I isnert Vista DVD and run the Setup, sometimes I get an error message just after a...
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    Unidentified Network: Limited Connectivity

    I recently installed Windows Vista on one of my desktops. Installation went fine, all programs loaded properly, network adapter recognized properly and everything was working fine. Recently I tried...
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    device hard disk has a bad block

    Hi, I have a Windows XP desktop. Am using this since past 1 year and never had any problem. But since 10 days suddenly my boot time increased, desktop started freezing, applications respond very...
  9. SoundMax drivers and sysprep -- better workaround?

    I have a Vista desktop at my home that obvious have SoundMax installed. I have read somewhere that if we need to run sysprep, we must uninstall SoundMax drivers first. But yesterday I forgot doing...
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    no active mixer devices available

    My Windows XP based desktop started giving me problem since today morning. Whenever I’m trying to access the Volume Control Center I get an error message saying “There are no active mixer devices...
  11. convert mdi to pdf without loosing OCR information

    I need some urgent help from you all. I have about 20 scanned books in .MDI format which I need to convert into .PDF file. I already received OCR information with the MDI Viewer. Unfortunately Adobe...
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