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    Re: How to move OneDrive folder

    There is an easy trick to move the OneDrive folder. You first need to shut it down and then move your onedrive folders to where you want to put them in any location. After that delete the folder...
  2. Re: watching streaming video makes firefox to consume more RAM

    Can you try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox browser and see if that helps. To disable hardware acceleration, open Firefox and then go to Tools > Options > Advanced > General > and browse...
  3. Re: Entry Point Not Found error message with firefox.exe

    You can also try to use Revo Uninstaller to uninstall your Firefox version 27 and use its deep scan to completely remove all the traces of the browsers installation. After that shut down your...
  4. Re: DCPROMO to demote problem with TAPI3Directory...

    You can easily try to remove the application directory partition that is used to store AD-DNS. All you need to do is just delete the application directory partition and recreate it. There is also a...
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    Re: cannot join Bing Rewards program

    Most of the people are let down by the bing support team telling that you cannot participate in Bing Rewards because of the violation in Bing Rewards Terms of Use and such cases include - having more...
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    Re: using Calibre in Sony ebook reader?

    You will just not be able to connect to the Sony's servers with Calibre where all the books are stored that you have purchased. Other than that calibre is way to good compared to sony software. You...
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    Re: Kobo Glo Firmware 2.10.0

    You can try to download the Kobo Desktop program to update your ebook reader by downloading it from the website. After doing the installation, open Kobo Desktop on your pc and then...
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    Re: Java 7 update 45 blocked in firefox

    You can try to install the Click-to-Play Manager 1.3 extension and it will be able to fix the issue. This extension was recently updated and it works with the blocked plugins in firefox browser. You...
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    Re: remove facebook pic used by

    When you are logged in then check the top right side of the page, there is a button with your name and it also has your picture on it. Just try to click on it and then choose Edit...
  10. Poll: Re: Vote for the best Firewall Software for Windows OS

    I use TinyWall Firewall which is a very lightweight security program. TinyWall includes a combination of characteristics that distinguishes it from the freeware or commercial firewall. TinyWall does...
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    Re: Explaining ports, Sockets and Connections

    I would like to explain you about this concept. Well first of all, A socket being a IPC mechanism. It is an o.s resource which serves to make two processes communicate with each other . The...
  12. Re: The internet is frequently disconnected in my led modem

    I was also facing the same problem on my computer due to the loose connection was expelled from the team because the lock that was provided was not adequate. So before you go to what's important to...
  13. Re: Unable to view translate option on Internet explorer 9

    I have faced the same issue on mine system as well and I would like to suggest you the following steps and sop that you can solve your issue. To do these go through the following steps: first close...
  14. Re: Error: “This program might have been moved or deleted” while downloading on internet explorer 9

    I have gone through this same issue and I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. to do this go to my computer on desktop and then make right click on that...
  15. Re: When Opening Emails it freezes up Outlook Express on windows XP SP3

    I had the same problem and I followed the following steps to resolve the problem of mines to do so, follow these steps. Open Windows Explorer by clicking on the start and then have a knock on my...
  16. Re: How to stop "Enter Network Password" pop-up in Outlook 2007 checking AOL account.

    I would propose the following steps to disable the popup. To go throughout the following steps: Close all applications and afterward make a strike in the start area and after that you go to control...
  17. Re: After downloading internet explorer 8 I am receiving message click here to manage, disable or remove your add-ons

    I've been through this same problem and would like to suggest the following steps, so you can solve your problem. To do this, go to the home icon on the desktop and after that hit on the default...
  18. Re: I am not able to Login to some sites on Firefox

    I would like to suggest you to install the internet explorer and so that you can solve your issue. After installing you need to follow the following steps and so that you can solve your tackle, once...
  19. Re: Need information regarding delete about: config entry on Firefox

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. to do this you need to follow the steps below: first close the all application and after that open the Firefox...
  20. Re: Unable to view home button on internet explorer 8

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this open the internet explorer and after that make Right-click an empty space on the toolbar and select...
  21. Re: Even though computer is connected to the internet still IE8 cannot connect to the internet

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this you need to follow steps below: go to the start icon and after that make hit on the run. Now under the...
  22. Re: Some media sites are not opening on internet explorer 8

    I have gone through this same issue and I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. To do this go the start icon on the desktop and after that make select on...
  23. Re: Internet Explorer 8 won’t open asf streams in wmp

    I would advise making an Internet optimization. Configuration settings in Windows Internet Explorer 8 can be the basis of one or extra of the following troubles. Understanding performance troubles in...
  24. Re: In windows xp the Internet Explorer 8 hangs every time

    I was searching the internet for a solution to the problem Black screen that have occurred recently, leading me to this page. I have read and tried all the solutions in vain. Finally in the task...
  25. Re: Facebook not working on Firefox and Internet Explorer

    In my opinion it is necessary to follow steps, so you can solve your problem. To do this, follow these steps.

    First open a browser and then do a hit on the Tools menu option on that and then go...
  26. Re: Google search virus, can’t connect to internet

    Launch cmd. In that type ping -t and hit enter. If you are getting constant response then it means the internet is fine. But if the connection is dropping in between then it means your...
  27. Re: Deleting Thanksgiving table after completion

    To end the Mission Thanksgiving you will, however, build your Thanksgiving feast, a new decoration / building and building to be completed only with the help of your neighbors FrontierVille precious....
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    Re: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula Compatibility

    ASUS I have never had any doubt in view of the number of returns sav I return (even on high-end cards), Gigabyte is a horror(its only my opinion). So therefore if you want a motherboard with very...
  29. Re: Apple ipad: how to work with spreadsheet or excel sheet

    Yes you can able to work over spreadsheet in your Apple device. I have some information about this process which is known as the Number, this application is introduced by the Apple organization....
  30. Re: Windows 7 64 Bit: RAM using more memory space while computer is in idle mode

    As per my opinion this problem might be occurred for any malware or the spyware, which is attacked your machine. Because I also having the experience of this type of problem, in my machine the RAM is...
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    Re: windows 7: driver for hp m1522nf printer

    Though you already check the cartage and if this miss ok, then I think there should be any issue with the printer hardware. Before that do a simply trick to check whether the printer connector is on...
  32. Re: NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M driver not working properly

    Try with the other version of driver. Download the driver from NVIDIA web page, make sure fro that you are going should be the compatible with the machine specification and the windows platform that...
  33. Re: Kaplan study program freezes the web browser

    But I think you missed out something, the above solution is indeed correct but I would say that it is an incomplete solution. You were going on a right track but stuck in between. After changing the...
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    Re: mouse acts as jerky in windows 7

    I was facing the similar issue with the keyboard, but according to my tricks to solve this is sounds as peculiar, I restore the machine and it simply solved. Actually I was also not have the...
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    Re: Dell XPS 1340: webcam stopped working

    It simply indicates that the web cam application is crashed; you can apply any one of process, either un-install the software or repair the application. I suggest you to repair the application. For...
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    Re: How to access newsgroups in windows mail

    News groups are having their own rules and own instructions and also some default ways of posting your comments in the feed section. So to access the news group you need to create a new account from...
  37. Re: HDMI overscan with ATI Radeon HD 3650 in ubuntu

    I don’t think this one is creating problem for the ubuntu, it sounds with the output device. First of all make sure that, the HDTV is properly configured with the graphical interface of your machine...
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    Re: Outlook hangs while loading profile

    I recommend you to log in the machine in safe mode and open the outlook application and disable all the add-ins those are applied to the application. And then restart the application. I think the...
  39. Re: VLC 1.1.4 crashes on Windows 7 while playing audio CD

    It sounds like simply the audioCDbug, some of the disk will not support with the windows port and for this type problem that you mentioned in your post will occur, either the machine will freeze or...
  40. Re: How bluetooth differs from infrared in performance ?

    Now a days the bluetooth utility is also available in the laptops as well. most of the people use it to transfer documents among two laptops or between a laptop and a mobile . Although the speed in...
  41. Re: Toshiba Qosmio: Screen flickering during playback any video

    As per my knowledge the problem that you mention in your post, while there is any problem in vista machine regarding the graphics, don’t think that program which was running during the problem is not...
  42. Re: In both 'Normal' and 'Safe' mode windows 7 freezes frequently

    I think by restoring the window the problem might be solved for tat you go to the start menu of the window and then go to Accessories option of the window, proceed to the system tool option where you...
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    Re: GeForce or ION Driver with windows 7

    The GPU of this series that you mentioned in your post is compatible with GeForce GTS 250,240 GPU’s. But I have doubt with GTX 280, where as the driver of this is re-configured but I found somewhere...
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    Re: How can you reorder pictures in Facebook ?

    Yes Facebook is indeed attracting a huge number of people irrespective of the age group. It provides a number of application with different ideologies. The numbers of applications attracts me the...
  45. Re: Ubuntu: How to make fast internet connection?

    I think the problem is for the browser, use the effective cache. Because it takes the space which is required to save the web sited which are save d in the browser. Make sure that the browser cache...
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    Re: Vista:Computer freezes while playing videos

    Reinstall the DirectX program in your machine, then download or if you already have in the Driver CD then install the driver in your machine. Make sure that you are installing the update version of...
  47. Re: Quicktime 7.6.6 and Corel VideoStudiox2 not functioning properly

    I also have an bring up to date subsequent extensive exchanges by means of Corel Technical Support - Apple have at the moment honestly admitted they have a infection within their latest QuickTime...
  48. Re: Quicktime as well as Itunes will not uninstall in windows

    I too have this same problem before a week. Would not give me permission to install iTunes and it display message saying that I could not until I installed QuickTime, although it would not allow me...
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    Re: After launch Safari Does Not Appear

    Can you tell me what is happening on in the 20 minutes between restarting the computer as well as logging in on the way to your user account? Has it been open in one more account?If it has Safari...
  50. Re: quicktimestreaming.qtx error message crashes my Safari

    You check your Safari web browser working properly or not. Reinstall it. If there is a same problem you have after the re-installation of your Safari then you have to try another web browser. There...
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