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  1. Re: getting rid of Trovi search from Internet Explorer 11

    I use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to disinfect this browser hijackers and toolbars. It has a protection module in real time, based on advanced heuristics technology. This specific module of...
  2. Re: master password box keeps appearing in firefox

    There is an add-on called StartupMaster 1.6 for Firefox, I would suggest you to install this extension and check if it is able to resolve this issue. This extension is a minor enhancement for...
  3. Re: Youtube plays all video at 760p hd quality

    When you start a video playback pause it and reduce the video quality to 144p. After a few time when you do the same the video quality will get automatically reduced to the same. It will not go 760p...
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    Re: How to archive all emails in Apple Mail

    Yes you can do that. It wont be tough I think. Apple mail offers you a option through which you can archive your email and then lock the same and keep it aside. Later on it will also improve your...
  5. Re: How to remove Clash of Clans from my Google Plus account?

    You need to first log into Google Plus account and then choose Home in the drop down menu in the upper left corner. After that choose settings and scroll down to half way to choose "Manage apps and...
  6. Re: Is it possible to record streaming audio file on Windows 7

    Try to find the song on iTunes store or try to buy a dvd of the same. Then you can try having the songs wherever you want. Because you had owned the
    same. It could be considered as un-ethical if...
  7. Re: delete top websites and bookmark in android version of firefox browser

    You can easily remove the website entries which Firefox displays in your android mobile phone on the new tab or at the homepage. You simply need to move the finger over the entry which you want to...
  8. Re: Youtube error "There was a problem while playing. Touch to retry" on my android phone

    Even I was facing this same problem but I tried to clean the Data from Youtube again and again and I also uninstalled all its updates and now video streaming is working fine for me. I am guessing...
  9. Re: Dealing with so much spam in multiple gmail account

    Spam control is a big mess. I think is the cleanest one. While other are just loaded with tons of spam. Even if one day you don't site on your emails you will get a huge number of spam list....
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    Re: Kindle ebook reader supports hindi text?

    I think that Kindle reader fonts support Hindi because of the Devanagari script which is rendered properly. However the font might be not good in display. There are many languages that use the...
  11. Re: Some useful addons to clean up cookies on Firefox

    Firefox has many addon for that. Some of them have settings through which you can wipe out history on exist. The job is done by the addon itself. But it is complicated to locate which one is the best...
  12. Re: stop Microsoft Office Upload Center 2013 from running

    If you are saving documents to Skydrive then the Upload Center will be used. When you will not save or edit or share coduments on Skydrive then you will not use this feature and thus it can be...
  13. Re: Chrome browser scrolling problem on OS X Mavericks

    If nothing is working then most probably you will have to wait for the 10.9.1 update which will come with the fixed patch for the browser. This problem not only happens with the Chrome browser but...
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    Re: Kindle Fire HDX swf file support

    I have heard that you will need to install the Dolphin browser to get the flash working in the Kindle Fire HDX. Note that you will need the Flash 11.1 version inorder to view swf file working. After...
  15. Re: Google Chrome resolution problem after Windows 8.1 upgrade

    Even I had the same problem but was able to solve it afterwards. When you are on the same screen, you need to check the box that will let you to set one resolution for all monitors. After that choose...
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    Re: Kobo Glo Firmware 2.10.0

    I noticed that after upgrading to this new firmware, it brought the Back button again to the below toolbar. Actually, there are a lot of changes done in this update. I havent explored more but soon...
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    Re: Sony Reader PRS-T2 evernote features?

    I think that the Evernote feature is a huge disappointment in Sony Readers. The main problem with this app is that, if you want to send a note to Evernote then you can only do so if you are connected...
  18. Re: Facebook Chat problem in Internet Explorer 11 Preview

    What you can do to solve this problem is that you can add the Facebook page in the Compatability List in Internet Explorer 11 Preview version and it will show you a message on Facebook to update the...
  19. Re: Youtube video is not playing in Yahoo Chat box

    The issue lie with flash or with your antivirus. You said that you cannot see the video preview. So the first thing to troubleshoot this thing is to update your flash player. You can just go on web...
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    Re: remove facebook pic used by

    If the above solution doesnt work then open your Outlook account and then go to Inbox and then Options and then go to Content from third party networks. After that you will get an option to "Dont...
  21. Re: compatibility mode missing in Internet Explorer 11 preview

    The problem with Internet Explorer 11 Preview is that it cannot recognize which websites require compatabilit more and which websites dont. So, what you can do is simply manually press the Tool icon...
  22. Re: How to remove Mixi.Dj search from Firefox browser

    You need to open Firefox and then go to Tools > Add-ons > Extensions and then remove the Mixidj extension if it is present. Afterthat go to Tools and then select Options and then go to General Tab...
  23. Re: FB connect not working via app sharing on blog

    I am not sure about the FB app but for the fb login plugin it is essential to use some custom option. There are people on web which develops application for different web platform. Try contacting...
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    Re: Facebook chat wont work in

    You can try to do some troubleshooting by filtering your contacts, this way all of the contacts or only the selected ones will appear in the list. So, to do this, go to the
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    Re: How to block facebook scams

    Facebook has done some changes in the privacy policy tweaking it more to give you a proper way to deal with different apps on FB. Now it is not a new thing. It is going on from long time and there is...
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    Re: defective screen of Nook Glowlight

    Even I was facing similar issues. I was using my Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight for some weeks now without any problems. But after some time when I turned on the glowlight then 4 very small spots...
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    Re: Uploading on Skydrive takes long time?

    There are many people who are facing this similar problem of slow uploading on Skydrive and hence many have moved to Dropbox or Google drive because they are much faster than Skydrive. Even I was...
  28. Re: solving "You're currently signed in with an Office 365 email account, which can't be used with"

    Also check whether your MS account doesnt end with .edu domain extension name and also if it is managed by any domain admin, then make sure to sign out from any MS services. And then do the steps to...
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    Poll: Vote for Top Benchmarking Software

    You should be knowing that there are many software to speed up the performance of Windows PC, but which tool is the right one and gives you accurate information, is the matter of choice here. So,...
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    Re: Opera Next 15 missing features

    Opera Next 15 is nothing but a beta version of Opera 15 build version. The interface has been smoothed, and some new features are introduced, but it is mainly the rendering engine that is evolved....
  31. Poll: Re: Vote for the best Firewall Software for Windows OS

    I would vote for ZoneAlarm Free Firewall because it provides good protection against attacks from the internet. It is free for non-commercial use and provides permanent protection to any users. It...
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    Poll: Re: Playstation 4 vs Xbox 720

    Many are calling the next playstation gaming console as Playstation Orbis, rather than Playstation 4. Here, the term Orbis, reminds of a Orbit, which means the console design would be changed...
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    Re: Benefits of submitting Blogs

    I will recommend to go with a website where you have lot more to do. Blogs can generate a limitation which you cannot get rid of. While in a website you can customize a number of thing. If you are...
  34. Re: Steps to install Apple Bluetooth Module in your Hackintosh personal computer

    When u buy a Bluetooth module from the respective site. It also has an attached pdf file along with it and your module Looks identical to the one in the PDF guide except the four wires are colored...
  35. Re: YM 11: “signing in to chat took longer than expected, please try again later”

    I am agree with the above user as ensure that first but along with that you should also check whether the internet connection that you are using is perfectly active or else you may get the same...
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    Re: Unable to load game on yahoo messenger 11

    see there could be some another reason as well regarding the internet connection speed.

    I am not sure about this but the thing is like if you are using an dial up connection for surfing the...
  37. Re: Getting Resource DLL error while installing Yahoo Messenger 11

    don’t know why you are having this problem with your machine because I have install the same version as you have mentioned and it works perfectly in my machine.

    I would say you should try to...
  38. Re: Opera mini cannot connect. review your network settings

    For more information you can contact the official site expert. This will be work to solve your problem. The official expert has knowledge about it. They provide you the information that help to do...
  39. Re: Customize the message indication on Outlook 2011

    I had did once a change in my Outlook express. I had changed the background of the same, by editing the registry key. Here you need to modify the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Mail...
  40. Re: video footage audio to soundtrack audio in windows movie maker

    I would be giving you the most simplest idea of solving the problem and I am sure you would be getting the best help with it and this would be very interesting to know and this help is from the...
  41. Re: want to delete all mails from one sender in hotmail to deleted folders

    I have the steps that you need to follow to remove all the mails.
    1) You need to select the sender name whose mail you need to delete.
    2) You can do this by checking into the checkbox before the...
  42. Re: Opening Tools -> Options menu freezes Firefox

    It might be due to some virus effect in your computer and so you can just scan the computer with some updated antivirus and clean all the affected files. See if that is helping you in any manner.
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    Re: Weak magic in Might & Magic Heroes VI Beta

    I is possible to have a lot of effects based abilities but you could illuminate your gutsy individual and require standoffish buffs for your equipped compel fine they have got that, could such as to...
  44. Re: After updating Google Chrome v13 the page load very slow on the new tab

    It seems like 12.0.742.122 was the most recent official in version 12 . keep in mind these are separate installs and don't auto-update. you can install standalone installs above the top of every...
  45. Re: Cannot use the Might & Magic Heroes VI Beta key

    I'm right now encountering the same issues Malacite (prior notice) encountered. I preordered the event a few days in the past to gain entrance to the beta, declared to be started for the second time...
  46. Re: Shortcut in safari to refresh the process

    If you are trying to use RSS as the option then it’s a good idea to do refreshing, since safari doesn’t check for the feed over and over again in between 30 minutes. So if RSS is option to use...
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    Re: Unable to delete mailbox from

    I have same problem sometime before. First you have to uncheck the "enable" box in preferences. Which can work like a charm. To niggling: more explicitly, the method I got it to work was by...
  48. Re: How to store mail files using apple mail store

    Apple Mail documents are in Home/Library/Mail. The key is to shut the Mail project first. When the Mail project is open, the Mail envelope is covered up in the Library organizer. This averts you from...
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    Re: gmail account verfication problem

    The issue seems to be common for many users. I checked on which is the adword support forums, and found that many has reported a similar issue. The common place where the...
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    Re: Sound stopped working with firefox

    follow the below steps :-
    • open the internet browser
    • go to any web page that has audio or video playback
    •control panel>sound setting
    •go to volume control> click on mixer...
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