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  1. Re: Auto Editing images software for sharing on Facebook

    You can do that your android device also. There are many apps that will automatically crunch your images into a readable format and then you can share and upload that on the web. It is good to use a...
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    Re: Importing ppt presentation in movie maker

    I had used some ppt convertor before but I was unable to get a proper quality from that. I had seen that by converting the resolution is affected the most. And for screen recording you can try using...
  3. Re: Which free video editing tool offers professional features

    For those who are having mac system can try using iMovie. I do not think there is anything better than iMovie. It is an amazing software that offers you many easy to use video editing options and it...
  4. Re: RegClean Pro software automatically starts at Windows 7 boot

    I am using Hitman Pro to get rid of this free software from my pc that gets installed without my knowing. This is actually an anti-spyware tool whose characteristic is to automate the execution of...
  5. Re: Microsoft Excel 2010 crash when I trying to save it in pdf

    There is no need to use any kind of virtual printer. You can try a very tiny utility that will generate the pdf file as per your need. And it would like a virtual printer. In the Save As dialog box...
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    Re: How to put an audio in a gif file

    It is not possible to add a audio in the gif file. You will need to use some other thing for the same. You can try making a swf file that will help you to get animation with audio on the same. It...
  7. Re: Downloading Windows XP Service Pack 3 for old pc

    Most of the sites are offering you a official version of Windows XP Service Pack 3. Microsoft has ended support for this. That means if there is any serious virus or bugs for the OS there will be no...
  8. Re: How to get full hardware details in Mac system

    With an simple command you can find that detail inside mac directly. You dont have to go on any site. You have to go in terminal and there you will need to type networksetup -listallhardwareports and...
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    Re: Netflix App for Windows 8 not working?

    Even I used to get a "W8159" error message for my DRM error for the Windows 8 Netflix app. So, to solve this issue, I first opened up Goolge Chrome browser and then went to the Netflix website and...
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    Re: Bluestack slowing down my dell laptop

    Bluestack is a heavy tool according to me. It works well on a pc that I have at office. It is a gaming pc. But when you install the same on any low end pc then it will work slow. And it will also...
  11. Re: How to find a collaboration software for small office

    There are many collaborative tools that are quiet easy to use. But this all comes with monthly subscription. Here Microsoft Project is a desktop based tool, while there are ample of online which are...
  12. Re: Cropping videos on a free movie editor tool degrade the quality

    You can try Total Video Convertor. It is also one of the best software through which you can convert files as per your need. This tool has a huge amount of file formats which you can use to product...
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    Re: What can be done to speedup vmware

    Compare to regular hard drive, I had seen vmware works much better on a ssd. If you can go for upgrade then that is the best solution. Regular hard drive is limited due to its rpm. And there is no...
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    Re: Adware warning while installing DVD Shrink

    You must skip using the tool and use something else that is not having this kind of warning issue. You can find ample of them online. Why don't your try Nero. It is a popular dvd burner software...
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    Re: DVD Shrink error fail to read d:\ parameter

    It can be due to dvd protection format. Did you tried any other working dvd with the same. I am sure that will work. If not then you have to try some other software. There are many available. This is...
  16. Re: Unable to save Office 2011 files on Mac shared folder

    I also think this is some kind of permission problem. We have work-group on windows. You can configure the pc to work on different work-groups. Just check once that the mac system which you are using...
  17. Re: How to replace Windows Explorer with more effective file manager

    I am using XYplorer. I am using this tool only from long time on Windows XP pc. It works fine. My system is bit outdated and sometime it works very slow. So I use XYplorer to navigate to my files....
  18. Re: How to skip Activation code of WhatsApp or Viber on Bluestack

    You cannot do that. You have to provide a working mobile number. Just provide your and Whatsapp will drop you a code. Most of the time this app will try to detect the sms automatically. But as the...
  19. Re: eMudra digital signature error "Your security settings have blocked a self-signed application from running"

    The error is because of JAVA Security settings. Neither your browser nor your operating system is responsible for that. There is a very easy fix for that. Go in Control Panel. If you are in Windows...
  20. Re: Professional Voice Assistant software for Windows

    The best example of touch based support is atm machine. In that you just tap on option and thing changes. You can get bank details, you can get money, etc. In the same way you can create your own...
  21. Re: What are the different file formats that Windows Movie Maker support

    As far as I know movie maker can only provide a mp4 file format. It depend on the type of video output you are using. Like you can already see when you save a video you have different options to...
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    Re: Want a bit help to convert vhs to dvd

    It will be costly if you have to buy vhs player also. Easy cap is cheaper and it is available in the market. You can borrow the player from your friend or anyone who has it. Easy cap has a component...
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    Re: Microsoft OneNote Notebook Sharing Tips

    It is much more easier when you are using it from skydrive. I am having a windows tablet. I can just open and modify files in it. I am able to make changes and it work really well. There is no issue...
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    Re: LastPass vs KeePass, which is the best?

    I have been using KeePass because I have too many non-computer related passwords and keys in the database that I store. So, basically it is more convenient for me to use that in such places where I...
  25. Re: Adobe Updates notification keeps on coming up after installation

    I am using a third party software update tool. I do not go ahead with checking a new version for each and every software. I am using FileHippo update checker software. This tool simply gives me...
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    Re: Best Teamviewer alternative software

    Did you try to use ScreenConnect. It is the best software that you can use and it will serve you exactly what you need. If compared with Teamviewer then you will have to pay only 1 time feed for this...
  27. Re: How to modify keyboard shortcuts for left hand usage

    Kbdedit is another simple tool that you can use to modify the keyboard layout. It is very easy and has simple options. The tool is quiet fast and works really well. Anyone can use this tool to modify...
  28. Re: Simple tool to control network pc through single mouse

    Try Remote desktop. You can configure this on your system. In this way you can control the system completely. I do this to troubleshoot problem that I face on which are in the network.
  29. Re: Windows Scheduled Task: Unable to start task. 0x80070005: Access is denied.

    Even I have checked that many users face similar kind of problem to run a batch file when they are using Windows Server 2008 task scheduler and then they end up meeting with an error code 0x80070005....
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    Re: Weird audio problem

    If the audio control is grayed out then you have to check the sound hardware. This is a bit common with many pc. Last year I lot the lan port of my Gigabyte Motherboard. I was unable to get internet...
  31. Re: before installing Office 2010 it asks for msxml 6.10.1129

    To solve this problem you need to click Start and then in the Run box type regedit. After that go to this registry entry - HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib\{F5078F18-C551-11D3-89B9-0000F81FE221}\6.0\0\win32...
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    Re: Broadcom 2045 Widcomm driver download

    Follow the below instructions to get the software to work in your pc:

    If your computer has an embedded Bluetooth wireless adapter, verify that Bluetooth is turned on. If you have a plug-in...
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    Re: need webcam drivers for sony vaio webcam

    Most of the webcam either usb or integrated in the laptop are plug and play. They do not require any third party special drivers. You just have to use a web cam application to use it. In your cause...
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    Re: C00D10D1 Error - .WAV file

    The best media player compare to all other things is VLC. This player is amazing and fast. It works with almost all video formats. You can play a variety of video formats in the same. It also does...
  35. Re: Office 2007 error Setup cannot find the required setup controller

    The setup file is damaged. When you run a office setup it extract all the files in a temp folder from where it beginnings the copying process. In your cause a internal component of the entire setup...
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    Re: MS Access 2007 - Cant find MSAIN900.dll

    Even I was facing this same issue and have tried to reinstall Office many times without any luck. Finally, I borrowed the Office 2007 CD from my friend and reinstalled it again on my pc and now...
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    Re: Unattended install of DotNet Framework 3.5 SP1

    I am providing you a link of .NET Framework Deployment Guide. This can help you to get proper parameter for Unattended DotNet Framework installation. You have to refer to the process here which is...
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    Re: Ie7 bdb57ff2-79b9-4205-9447-f5fe85f37312

    There can be some add-on in your browser which is triggering the download. You will have to remove the same. The browser might work well on Safe Mode but when you switch back to normal you will get...
  39. Re: Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 won't install on terminal server

    This type of issue appear if there is a old or any other edition of office suite is already installed. You will have to remove it first and then only you can go ahead with the new setup. Once you are...
  40. Re: Where to find some good portable cleanup applications

    If you only need a cleaner then go for Comodo System Cleaner. This is a tiny tool through which you can clean your system and enhance your output. The cleaner offer you two step process and does not...
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    Re: New features of Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

    Photoshop Elements is a thinner version of Adobe Photoshop, ideal for those who only interested in making their images better on basic level. But if you need full support then you have go with Adobe...
  42. Re: How to protect Word files from being shared on internet

    You can add in the file preterites about the same. File properties will remain same and you can remove the editing rights for it. It is easier. This will keep the authors name intact on it. Or the...
  43. Poll: Re: Advanced SystemCare vs Advanced System Optimizer

    I had just started using Advanced System Optimizer. I found the tool very effective. It has a Smart PC care type of thing which allow to boost the system performance. It works fine and offer more...
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    Re: Cross platform online backup solution

    There is a popular online solution called as Carbonite. It is one of the most popular online backup service. The best thing is that a desktop client comes almost for all platform. This is amazing...
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    Re: Need a backup software for continuous backup

    I did not trust Windows backup tool. Because it is not constant. If there any new update or any problem it stops working. So it is better to go with a professional backup software. Right-now I am...
  46. Re: How to scan a file in docx format instead of pdf

    There are some free online service which can help you to convert a image to a editable text. You can see that and try out. While you can also use a ocr software. There are plenty of them which are...
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    Re: Advance sound equalizer software for Windows 7

    I think the equalizer is more than enough for this purpose. You just have to enhance the audio quality by managing the settings. That's all. Using a third party software can create problem with other...
  48. Re: Which is the best free cloud software for Windows

    Configuring a online storage is not so complicated. You can do that buying a IP address and configuring a IP address. This is easy and fast. But compare to that using up Google Drive or Sky Drive is...
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    Re: remove Gmail notifier plus from Windows 7

    Well, can you go to the Program files area in your C:drive and then check for the folder named Gmail notifier plus or anything similar. If you find that out then get inside the folder and check for...
  50. Re: Tuneup utilities slowing down my Windows 7 PC

    You must also try the same thing. Run a memory scan using memtest and checkout. There are chances that the system is having some kind of hardware fault which is giving out the issue. That will put...
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