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    Re: How to get Firefly in Kindle Fire HD 6

    I did an recent firmware update on my Kindle Fire HD6 with 4.5.3 version and even I thought that firefly was not installed with it. But later when I tried to swipe down from the top to turn on Wifi...
  2. Re: How to turn off Archive indexing in WordPress

    Do not just modify the robot.txt file just like that. Try to learn as much possible. Because there can be serious problem if you do that. Robot.txt is a crucial file and if you add a no index to the...
  3. Re: How to get rid of website title in Wordpress post

    Before doing any kind of changes in your site it is best to take a backup. And then go ahead. Because there will be serious issue if you don't see that first. You can take backup through cpanel or...
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    Re: adding more dictionary in Sony PRS-T2

    If you have bought the Sony PRS-T2 reader that has English dictionary then it will only support that language at the moment. All the specific ereader features 2 built in English language dictionaries...
  5. Re: How to add a Facebook like popup on a wordpress site

    There are tons of plugins you can go for. You can use the one that simply fits well for your site. Each of this plugins are having different type of features. So you must always check the...
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    Re: How to speed up a slow drupal site

    If there are too many plugins in the cms loaded then you might face such problem. It is better to remove those things and then it will be working very well. You can go in the admin section and from...
  7. Re: Is it possible to connect to mysql database through a php file

    Through ftp someone can mess with your site but not with the database. Unless you had kept the ftp login, cpanel login and database login as one and same. It is right that to connect to the database...
  8. Re: How to convert a old Wordpress theme to responsive theme

    No there is no need to replace the entire theme. The good part of using Wordpress it hat you get ample of themes in the market which will allow you to get a responsive theme as per your need. There...
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    Re: any reviews on Kobo Aura H2O

    The Kobo Aura H2O is very similar in form to the Aura HD ebook reader. The retail price of the new device was $180 approximately. You can turn on/off the light by simply running a finger up the far...
  10. Re: How to reset Vocabulary builder in Kindle Paperwhite

    Can you go into this directory - /system/vocabulary/vocab.db and alter the vocab.db file. If you try to remove it then it will be again downloaded from Amazon but if you alter db file then after a...
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    Re: Tips to create a simple HTML Contact US From

    There are few sites which can provide you option for creating a form on your self. You can try them also. I had used one of them. This site gives you sample form design. You can download and add them...
  12. Re: Confused between php and java for web development

    One good part of using Java is that it provides you a number of tools through which you can create a reliable system for your business. This is very easy to design up a good business module when it...
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    Re: Kindle Paperwhite light is not turning off

    Even I agree that a hard reset usually fixes the issues most of the times. Incase you have a bad battery then there are stuffs which can run it down like for example, if you load a lot of books makes...
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    Re: Difference between Wordpress 3.7 and 3.8

    There are lots of security benefits which will help you to get a more proper output. You must update that. 3.8 features a clean design where you can simply manage your site properly. It also provide...
  15. Re: Among Drupal and Wordpress which has best feature for Spam control

    I will go with Wordpress here due to so much different plugins available for it. I do not think you can find that much amount of plugins for drupal. You can use many things in WordPress for...
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    Re: Plugin to speed up website built on Drupal

    There might to many things on your site due to which it is slow. Like heavy images, themes, etc. You have to trim it down. The best thing to increase site performance is using a cdn. You can buy a...
  17. Re: Event ID 40960 error 0xc000006d after power failure

    It looks to me that a service is trying to authenticate before the directory service is available. You can try to restart your machine and see if that works. Or else try to disable the computer...
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    Re: Playbill template

    I used to build playbill templates from the ground up in Microsoft Publisher. I create a Center Fold template up or else I simply open the theater program template and delete everything and remake...
  19. Re: Is it possible to add 3D graphics on HTML 5 website

    Adding a flashy element can cause a bit issue with your website. It can slow it down a bit. It is necessary that you must first go ahead with ready to use templates. There are some amazing one...
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    Re: using javascript how to clear text area?

    By using javascript you can erase or delete any text in the textarea, just check the below example where a textarea element is created that contains some text

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    Re: Will Turbo C++ 3.0 work on Windows 8

    Turbo C++ is really great tool. I love the simple graphics and console functions. I am using this on Windows 7 and it works fine. There is no issue at all. But I am not really sure about Windows 8....
  22. Re: Which text editor will be great for writing website codes

    There are various text editor available. Now this is good for those who loves to go with manual coding. Here you can go with each and every stuff manually by writing every piece of code. So you need...
  23. Re: Looking for some excellent books on best coding practices

    Check for C++ Coding Standards: 101 Rules, Guidelines, and Best Practices by Herb Sutter, Andrei Alexandrescu. It is a nice book for those who want to have stro0n1g base in C++. The book covers many...
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    re: Is it worth to go for HTML5 right now

    It is best for multimedia usage. The new HTML5 has more interactive support for media files. Like for running a flash video you have to add a additional plugin on your browser. HTML5 replaces all...
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    Re: Ebook to learn Android Development

    The book Beginning Android is having 4 editions. From 1 starts the basic and till the 4th edition you get the maximum knowledge on the same. So you can stick with that book. You can search on web...
  26. Re: How to create a simple widget for Android Devices

    Just check the below link. It is a complete guide in creating the widget for Android. It include everything in it with sample code. I am too learning android and I am right-now on the widget creation...
  27. Re: How to develop a secure applications for mobile phone

    A number of elements are involved in making your application secure. It is basically a challenge to create completely secure plan for different number of platforms and I am sure you will need to take...
  28. Re: Adobe Flash Player download timeout when installing on Firefox

    Did you checked whether JavaScript is enabled or not in your Firefox? If not, do it now. That could be the reason preventing Flash player to download and giving errors. It is here:
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    Re: What does Remote Code Execution means

    This is not a script. It is a kind of attackers choice where he tries to contact a system and execute a code. You might have a heard about number of vulnerability appeared in IE and other browser...
  30. Re: Monster Life game out on Google Play for Android phones

    This a new game by Gameloft offering a nice environment. I loved this game and I am too playing the same. The game has nice environment which makes it quiet lite while playing. It does not have extra...
  31. Re: From performance point of view which is better Rainmeter or Fences

    You can find that through Task Manager. The best part of using Rainmeter is that, it does not need installation. All files are just extracted in a folder and from there you can run it. While Fences...
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    Re: Google Nexus 7 now available in India

    That’s true, EBay is very old and trustworthy but you can also trust on others like Indiatimes. I have good experience with Indiatimes shopping and ebay both. But have never use Tradus hence...
  33. Re: Need a batch file checking for installation of software

    To create an installer using the batch file to have more functionality to detect existence of softwares and files in a computer. Also to have features like checking the version of the operating...
  34. Re: How to get a Java Program output in Tabular format

    After playing a lot around the code I found the following trick. I would request you to first look at the following code:

    System.out.printf("%s \t \t %s\n", "Operation", "Result");
  35. Re: Need some good testing utility for software testing

    If your requirement is regardless of the language used in creating the application then i guess TestComplete will be best suited to you. The only reason I am suggesting you with this test tool is...
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    Re: What is a lifecycle of a computer?

    Many times it happens that though the software looked good when in concept or visualized to the client, after development and after using i8t the software starts generating some problems or maybe...
  37. Re: Looking for some useful Safari extension on Windows Vista

    That does not matters. I have some of those apps on my browser. I had kept separated users accounts for people. I do not allow them to login on my account. By the way it is recommend that you must...
  38. Re: VB Script or batch file to run Excel Macro 2010

    I am not sure whether the CSV file works with Excel but however after trying I got that the files were opening and also my very own personal macros were present over there. But the problem arrived...
  39. Re: More features needed in Intel Desktop Utilities

    Actually I am very very disappointed with this tool. This tool does not have a feature of individual CPU cores temperature monitoring and no instant logging. Other than these two you cannot control...
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    Re: Hardest Characters in Street Fighter x Tekken

    Capcom has achieved the seemingly impossible, to marry two very different playing styles and create a new, spectacular, deep and accessible, which will appeal to fans of both franchises. These...
  41. Re: Can’t download Sniper Elite V2 demo via Steam

    I have just finished the demo a few times and I would say it's not bad. So, technically, it's been said again and again but hey this is not the top, but it's more than enough. No, the only...
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    Re: Can´t see computers on My network places

    First of all turn off any firewalls for debugging. If the firewall is an issue, you'll have to configure it to allow access to "trusted zone" addresses. Note that some firewalls must be uninstalled...
  43. Re: Where I can find stuffit expander for Mac OS 7.5.3

    Without any doubts, Stuffit Expander is the best compression and decompression utility for Apple platforms. If you've ever found to have problems of space on your disks, or you need to carry some...
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    Re: Best Javascript Book to refer?

    I am a computer science student and I refer JavaScript: The Good Parts from O'Reilly. I found this book excellent and very useful. As from the programmer point of view this book has everything that I...
  45. re: I wish to enhance my PHP, wanted to know how do we write good PHP codes?

    That was a commendable effort and an excellent piece of information, not only for the beginners but also some undisciplined adults. Even I would like to add certain stuffs relating to this. Just my...
  46. Re: How to fix error "no acceptable compiler found in $path means "

    It does not looks a really big issue. There are two things you can do. Try re-installing the xcode as said above or switch to some c compiler for mac which is compatible with md5deep.
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    Re: Need help in making the Native Application

    Well I just coped the makefile from one in every of the opposite examples to your folder containing the take a look at example. All the makefiles found within the WDK samples space are an...
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    Re: Creating a business directory website

    idev-BusinessDirectory 3.0 is a good tool for creating business listings directory in your own website. One of my friend is using it currently and he is very much happy with it, that’s what I am...
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    Re: Will using iFrames hurts SEO

    They have basically the same problems as frames a unique URL, a unique title, and orphaned pages. There are also questions about whether search engines can or can not read the content found within...
  50. re: Is there a way to protect auto bloggers and articles Copying?

    You must know in advance that whatever the method used to address this problem there is no way to guarantee 100% that our texts are not copied anywhere. However with the use of applications and...
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