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  1. Re: Clients are not pulling updates from WSUS

    It might be possible that you do not have enough space to store all those updates. You can see that by expanding the WSUS drive and check it in the download more section.
  2. Re: Problem in accessing My wifi router‏

    I have never tested this software My Wifi router which seems to be suspicious and I would recommend you to not use it since it brings most of the malwares and adwares. So better uninstall it and use...
  3. Re: Geolocate IP addresses of Autonomous System

    There seems to be many website on where you can geolocate IP addresses, just search for that on google.
  4. Re: HyperX Fury DDR4 RAM available in India

    I dont think that it is available in India yet, but still you can try to check online ecommerce sites like Amazon or Ebay or some other place for its availability.
  5. Re: Windows 7: I need help with my Libraries and folders

    By default, files that you move, copy, or save to the Documents library are stored in the My Documents folder. You can check where the files are getting saved in your Internet browsers and can also...
  6. Re: Samsung to launch its new MP3 'U5' for sports

    You mean, you want to purchase the Samsung MP3 U5 player? You can easily buy it from amazon or some other ecommerce website that you want.
  7. Re: Optical photoconductor needs to be replaced error in Mac OS X Lion

    There was a solution given on the apple community that you can follow below to solve this issue:

    From the Finder menu choose Go, then Go to Folder...
    Enter /etc/cups/ppd in the Go to...
  8. Re: configure nokia siemens SL2_141 wifi with reliance ADSL wire with rj45

    Well, it will be better that you should call their Engineers since they would be knowing the configuration settings for the internet connection.
  9. Re: DNA a211-I wrongly flashed firmware now it reboots, unable to connect

    You can try to download the original firmware from this website -
  10. Re: How to make a Custom receipt for free

    I have not tested it but you can try to get the eReceipt Maker that can be used to produce sales receipts for your business. You can also use this program to create products receipts or service...
  11. Re: How to make a Custom receipt for free

    There are many free receipt templates such as Rent Receipt Template, Cash Receipt Template, etc; that you can download from the internet. Search it on the web to download anyone of those.
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    Re: Unable to load Resource DLL

    The problem that you are facing is happening because of a third party shell extension that you can investigate using Process Monitor tool, download it from here -...
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    Re: Unable to load Resource DLL

    To work around this problem, create a locale directory parallel to the existing 00000409 (U.S. English locale) directory that corresponds to your system default locale language code, where the...
  14. Re: How to find out which hardware is reconnecting?

    Can you try to go in Windows Device Manager and check if there is any resource conflict which can be fixed.
  15. Re: How to block others from accessing my home network?

    You can simply try to put some long password with the combination of special letters and numbers to prevent anyone to access your internet without your consent.
  16. Re: removing Software Distribution Service 3.0

    Go you your %Windir% folder where there is a folder which keeps this updates, for me it was in this location - C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution. You will have to delete some files from this folder to...
  17. Re: Which is best linux operating system 2014

    Below are the best Linux Operating System of 2014 based on their category:

    Best Laptop Distro - Lubuntu
    Best Enterprise Distro - SUSE and Red Hat
    Best Desktop Distro - Xubuntu
  18. Re: How to auto forward specific mails from yahoo to gmail?

    I dont think there are any ways to auto email from yahoo to gmail email. But you can auto email from gmail to yahoo by setting a POP settings.
  19. Re: Software of Seagate GoFlex Satellite’s needs improvement

    How old is your hard drive? Is this happening for the first time or happened before as well? By uploading data, you mean you are copying from a server to the hard drive or directly from hdd to hdd? I...
  20. Re: Need Help Nokia siemens router 1600 Problem

    Can you try to check the Setting Page of your Modem and also check if SSID is enabled or not and also check for the authentication settings.
  21. Re: Asus taichi back screen solution after Windows 8.1 update

    You can follow the steps given on the below link to update BIOS on your Asus Taichi laptop:
  22. Re: I need a good text editor for Windows 7

    There are many powerful text editor for Windows 7 such as Notepad++, TextPad, E Text Editor, EmEditor, UltraEdit, etc. You can choose from any of this software which works pretty well in the...
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    Re: MobileLite Wireless best deals?

    If you can go to Junglee website then you can get the best deal for your Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader for Smartphones and Tablets. They mention the price for any products from...
  24. Re: download USB MODEM Driver FOR QMOBILE E780 for windows xp

    You can download the Qmobile e780 usb modem driver from here - and can also download its PC Suite from this link -...
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    Re: I cannot type in the browser - help

    It seems to be some kind of adware issue or virus issue in your pc. Have you tried scanning your pc with some antivirus software and checked if it is detecting any viruses in your pc. You can also...
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    Re: Opera 25 bookmarks disappeared

    I found the below information on the official website of Opera to get the bookmarks back into the browser:
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    Re: wd sync to synchronize data

    WD Sync is intended to synchronize data from a computer to your Passport drive and SHOULD NOT be used as backup software. To use this software properly, we strongly advise that you do not wipe or...
  28. Re: why this navigation bar program not working in blogspot?

    You need to create a basic navigation bar like the below example:

    <!-- start navmenu -->
    <div id="navigationbar">
    <li><a title="home" href="LINK">Home</a></li>
    <li><a title="TITLE"...
  29. Re: download USB CDC MODEM DEVICE FOR ALL CHINA MOBILE for windows 8

    Download a tool called Driver Booster which detects outdated drivers on your PC and allows you to download and install their correct versions of the driver in a few clicks. The drivers for your PC...
  30. Re: Unable to access Bios of Lenovo G580 preinstalled with Windows 8

    Follow the below steps:

    1. Try to remove the hard disk and do a reset by draining the power (press power button for 10 seconds without battery and AC adapter).
    2. Try to enter bios using F2 key....
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    Re: What is C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe

    First of, if you are not able to find the svchost.exe in this folder C:/WINDOWS/System32 then it might be removed to another location, so try to copy it back to the same folder. If this svchost.exe...
  32. Re: Download and Install .mrp Game file in China Mobile Phone, if java or .nes games are unsupported

    Well, thats the problem with all these china mobile phones. If you got the manual of your mobile phone then try to check what all file formats does it support. According to that download all the...
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    Re: System Time sync Vs SQL

    Yes, you can try to disable the Windows Time service by going to services.msc and see if that works for you.
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    Re: System Time sync Vs SQL

    There is some problem with the HP Server Model ProLiant BL495c G5 Servers and times issuues with SQL 2005 SP3 in a cluster. The BIOS causes time loss and the only solution is to revert back to an...
  35. Re: text, menu names, buttons disappear re-appear on mouse hover

    Thats great to hear that you have solved the problem. One thing you can also do is scan with the CCleaner software to repair any registry keys if they are corrupt.
  36. Re: ATF cleaner is clearing my chrome bookmarks.

    The ATF cleaner is a temporary file cleaner for almost all the internet browsers with easy to use interface. At the main screenyou will get the option to clean all temporary files or select files for...
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    Re: cyclic redundancy check, what is it?

    A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is an error-detecting code commonly used in digital networks and storage devices to detect accidental changes to raw data. Blocks of data entering these systems get a...
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    Re: Features in HP Color LaserJet 4700.

    Unfortunately, wireless printing is not mentioned in the features of this HP printer. Laserjet 4700n connection methods are as follows:

    Enhanced input/output (EIO) card slots for optional...
  39. Re: How to boot into Safe Mode on Linux Mint?

    Hi wlgoode,

    To start linux in safe mode, hold down left Shift key when the computer boots. Incase holding the Shift Key doesnt display the menu then you can press Escape key continuously to...
  40. Re: How to boot into Safe Mode on Linux Mint?

    I think that when you start booting up your system, and you get the grub screen then you need to press Escape key to select the boot options. After that you can select the Safe Graphics Mode and...
  41. Re: which country's internet speed is the fastest?

    This is a very good question, more likely a General Knowledge question. Anyways, according to Cisco, South Korea has the best broadband service in the world, with an average download throughput of...
  42. Re: hola unblocker has encountered a problem

    Can you please specify your queries in more details? It seems to me that you want to use the Hola Unblocker extension for Firefox browser. In any case try to drop the disc service in addition to...
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    Re: Norton is horrid!

    Microsoft has also stopped providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP. If you already have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, you'll continue to receive antimalware...
  44. Re: How to use Dell Laser Printer 1700 with a Macintosh iMac

    You are using the latest version of Mac OS X on which the printer might not be supported. But in any case, you can try to search for a guide called "Install Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks on Dell Inspiron...
  45. Re: cant use binatone DT 845W wifi modem installed by airtel broadband for bsnl broadband?

    Can you please specify what is the problem you are facing in details? I think that you need to download the latest version of the firmware from the below link and then setup with the settings given...
  46. Re: Help Me To Choose A Best Connection To Avoid Roaming Charges In Democratic Republic Of The Congo

    I am going to suggest you to go for either Matrix International SIM or Wowtel Wireless International Roaming SIM cards. I have heard that both of these cards will be very good and affordable as well.
  47. Re: The firmware has detected that the system date/ time has not been the enter to continue

    Are you using the proper CMOS battery and is it a good battery? Have you tried to bend the battery contacts when removing it? Have you also tried to install the battery with the polarity in the...
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    Re: java+music

    You can follow the official website of Java to get information on how to create Jframe -
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    Re: How to stop Automatic Direct3D Output

    Can you try to open Windows Explorer or go to Start > Run and then type %appdata%\vlc in the Run and press Enter.
  50. Re: Media Center error - Component Registration

    Can you try to follow suggestions given in similar type of threads from the below topic:
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