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  1. Re: some applications not working in Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Can you try to run the below command in an elevated Command Prompt and check if that works:
    Dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:DirectPlay /FeatureName:netfx3

    You might also need to ensure...
  2. Re: Windows auto update failed to work after windows 8.1 upgrade

    You can try running system file checker. This tool works slow but it is effective in fixing this kind of problem. You have to just type sfc /scannow and hit enter in cmd. The system file checker...
  3. Re: Asus T100 black screen at shut down problem running Windows 8.1

    I was also facing same problem with my Asus T100 tablet. When I used to put it to sleep mode for some time then the power button wake up was working fine. But if I kept it for longer period, the...
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    Re: High disk usage on Windows 8 64bit

    High Disk Usage means constantly running applications in the background. You have to find that first. It can be a file sync app like SkyDrive, Google Drive, it can be a antivirus scanner or any other...
  5. Re: Windows 8.1 not as stable compared to Windows 8

    I can be due to certain apps in your system which causing the issue. You have to clean your system. It happens that we all update our system without seeing what all software are installed. Many of...
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    Re: How to re-install usbccgp.sys driver file

    The Usb drivers are only to be used for the Usb devices with the media functions such as the video and audio. You can try to install the motherboard chipset drivers that you have got in the...
  7. Re: Windows 7 re-installation giving boot manager missing error

    Change your Windows disc. Get a new one. It has some damage file in it. A proper CD does not take long time to expand files once they are copied. I think the entire setup complete up within 30mins....
  8. Re: black screen while upgrading to Windows 8.1

    The same problem happened to me when I was trying to update to Windows 8.1. The installation went through fine but in between the setup process I got a black screen. There was no Windows tiles coming...
  9. Re: volume control keyboard shorcut in Windows 7

    If you want to make a Master Volume Shortcut and assign a key to it then you need to right click on an empty area on desktop and then click on New and Shortcut. After that copy and paste the below...
  10. Re: Imaging software to restore multiple pc on lan

    No tools provide you that. You have to go with manual restore in each and every pc one by one. Here you can create a image file and store it in the pc hard drive. Create two partition. Create a...
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    Re: Gtalk issue with Windows 8.1 preview

    I havent tested the UK version of Google Talk but right now I am using the Hangout version that they have released which is working fine for me. This program is not so great because I am not able to...
  12. Re: How to downgrade from Windows 8.1 Preview to Windows 8

    You can try to use some backup program, that you can download by searching it on google. After that use the same backup to recover the Windows 8 on the partition or drive that is used. Or else you...
  13. Re: Bootable XP USB created via Komku failed to boot

    Simply arrange a usb dvd drive. That will do the job. Why are you wasting time in building up this separate stuff which can slow down the process. After formatting you can simply use a system disc...
  14. Re: 0xc1900101 - 0x20017 error, cannot update to Windows 8.1

    Can you try to disconnect any external devices except for mouse and keyboard and then try to Refresh the PC and then try to install the Windows 8.1 Preview again. This same problem was happening with...
  15. Re: Windows 8 installation 0x80070002 on Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13

    It might be that there is a driver conflict when you are trying to install Windows 8.1 preview. And I can bet that it might not be the Intel Thermal Framework drivers. Also, can you try to update...
  16. Re: display blue screen or blank screen in the background when locking screen in windows 7

    There is a boot screen tool called Windows 7 Logon Background Changer that you can use but I dont know whether it will work the same way that you are asking but since it has an option to personalize...
  17. Re: YMF724 soundcard driver download for Windows 7 64bit

    This is very old Sound card. So it is not supports in Windows 7 because windows 7 supportive driver does not develop for this sound card. I think you can download some compatible driver from internet...
  18. Re: Lnk files cannot back to exe in Windows XP.

    There may be chances that, the file that you are trying to back in Exe was not for any Exe file, it may be for some other items store in your System. So make verification whether the Lnk file that...
  19. Re: OS X Lion (10.7) I am able to access Conceptronic NAS ( CH3HNAS ) however can't open any folder

    It appear to be OS X 10.7 Lion Server get rid of the previously pack open source Samba software and replace it with Apple's own tools for Windows file sharing and network directory services. The...
  20. Re: Missing “Save As” option in OS X Lion as "Duplicate" is not helping, Apple should bring it back

    I have the same opinion that the position of savings in case of accidents is a fantastic idea. yet, it should be at the outlay of functionality.
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    Re: Reaction on using OS X Lion

    I'm overwhelmed that Apple bowl away years of high-quality design and functionality of desktop computers are not mobile devices, why struggle to copy IOS when they serve different reason These...
  22. Re: Lion update makes the Mac operating system to freeze on startup

    I have heard that many people have got troubles with using lion update. I myself had used lion and let me tell you that this update was a problem for me. I was not able to uninstall the update. I...
  23. Re: stop the rearranging of icons on OS X Lion

    When using Lion, You should keep in mind that whatever default you set the parent folder will not apply to the subfolder;You can have different views for different folders according to your...
  24. Re: Help, I am experiencing very choppy video after Apple OS X Lion install.

    For resolving the problem I would like to suggest you for not using the VLC media player. Instead of that you can also use other players for playing the videos. I am suggesting you for that because...
  25. Re: Font not displaying properly in Mac OS X v 10.7 Lion while using safari 5.1

    It clearly is a bug as it is mentioned above by someone. The same font renders fine in Firefox. So you can try using firefox.
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    Re: Will Kensington MouseWorks with OS X Lion?

    I can say that in the meantime I discovered that only on the US site Professional Mouse there is no program for Lion. But I found suitable TrackballWorks program on the Kensington 2010 and a...
  27. Re: Permission denied message while trying to modify music file properties

    There are many mp3 tagging tools you can use without doing all those stuff. Just download some easy to use tools. I am listing some of the most common tools that can help you for this purpose :

  28. Re: After upgrading to Lion the icons won’t stay put

    Apple Forums/"Communities" have countless such presents w same situation. I, too, have this situation of both icons not staying put regardless of displacing .DS Store (concealed) records AND, Finder...
  29. Re: How to Remove Address text in Windows Explorer on windows XP

    Well my friend I have also heard about the same tool and it also allows you to do the changes which you wanted to do, so you can check the more details about it on the internet and get it.
  30. Re: 3GB ram memory been used constantly in windows 7 64 bit

    Can you check out the startup processes? Go to run and then type msconfig and then see in the start up if number of softwares have been running there and making this system use all the memory. I am...
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    Re: Windows 8 Server PC

    I have searched on the google to get the idea about the entire thing and I have come to know that there is an improvement for the Hyper-V's storage support with the tools for the handling scalable...
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    Re: Change in Windows OEM licensing

    Nothing much about it is just simple that they have been working out with the restriction as, if you have bought licenses for your system and in case you have been changing the complete hardware and...
  33. Re: My computer is viping out my files automatically

    I have dell laptop with Windows 7. I am facing a problem that when i added some music files to my media player and when i do this it would actually wipe out my music file , similarly when I add ...
  34. Re: Is it necessary to have Page File in Windows

    Page file is nothing but an additional RAM to your system. Ram is an temporary storage which holds many current processing. Page file helps the processor to execute more functions. Many of us do not...
  35. Re: I am having a Diskless OEM Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine

    You are all free for installing the free VMware Converter inside Windows and p2v the local host. AFAIK Windows 7 is not given support for yet. But the thing you can do is that give it a try. Another...
  36. Re: Using VMWare Player in a company environment?

    It is characteristic and quite usual in many commercial environments that the clients are not allowed for installing any software with no authorization and in a lot of case they still can't install...
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    Re: Gaming support on Microsoft Windows 8

    What I know that this there is more glassy look and better interface with faster performance in Windows 8. There were some videos on this, but I don't know they are true or not.
  38. Re: Microsoft office 2011 for Mac : Microsoft word cannot be open showing error

    This fault happens if the Office 2011 program was moved or copied you probably have done it so you are having this trouble.
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    Re: FOSS for low end system is worth or not

    I have some more listing of light weight Linux operating system. You can choose any of them for older machines.

    Debian Linux -- This is for average systems, Pentium 3/4 type. You can simply use...
  40. Re: Asus "Republic of Gamers" G60JX notebook with Snow Leopard 10.6.3/10.6.4

    Are you using an original disk for installing this windows or you have downloaded the copy of the window in your machine? because see the thing is like if you are having the original disk then you...
  41. Re: Ubuntu, Unable to move files, error: Permission Denied

    I think you don’t have the administrator privileges and you cannot do that if you are logged in as a normal user, because you are moving something in a system folder and for gaining access to that...
  42. Re: Error message “gave up waiting for root device” during boot Ubuntu

    You need to boot the LiveCD and run the boot info script onto it. This helps to perform such kind of installation on you ubuntu system. an be used for a quick demo or test of Ubuntu. This LiveCD...
  43. Re: Error: Target Filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init during mount filesystem at boot

    I positively require accommodate with this, the setback is on my laptop, and I'm going to go home for Thanksgiving where it can be my just machine. I have schoolwork I definitely need to finish this...
  44. Re: After Reboot –GRUB “no module name found”

    Get GAG Bootloader. You are undoubtedly able to most fit get it from the SystemRescueCD. Introduce that as your bootloader as a substitute for GRUB.
  45. Re: Windows 7 video is not proper on Intel Desktop Board D510MO

    Download and run CCleaner and Driver Sweeper. This two tools will help you to wipe out old files from your system. Run Driver Sweeper to remove old useless drivers and then run CCleaner to remove...
  46. Re: Software to adjust Partition Size on Win 7 and Win Server 2008

    If you do not wish to make use of some additional software to do that then you can do that with the steps below:

    Start> Right click Computer (My Computer)> Manage
    Click on Disk Management which...
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    Re: Should I go for Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit?

    The expensive full version of Windows 7 includes both 32 and 64-bit edition. The user can even change it after installation but the operating system must be installed to new, so much overhead. For...
  48. Re: File disappears after editing properties in windows 7

    What is the software that you are using to do the editing? I think that there might be some problem with the software. Try to make use of some other image editing software and see if that can solve...
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    Re: BC2 GTX 460 giving bad performance

    In gaming it appears that Sandy extension is the approach to go and a second 460 SLI while they keep up on the will make you happier and you'll be available for Battlefield 3 that perhaps can be...
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    Re: How to move Win 7 System Files in a new HD

    I also agree that CloneZilla live CD will be helpful to you as I have sued that and was helpful to me.
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