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    Re: Windows 8 Maps cannot find my location

    In order to get the proper locations, you should have enabled your location on the system and that particular applications should be allowed to use location. Most importantly, Maps should always be...
  2. Re: Youtube automatically changes video quality to 240p

    As far as I know buffering videos online or downloading them on the desktop consumes the same amount of bandwidth. Hence what I do is simply download the videos and watch them in any media player...
  3. Re: Get rid of gadgetbox search engine from google chrome

    That’s correct. You will not find anything named as gadgetbox because it comes with a program called SProtector. Yes, check your Add/Remove Applet again. I’m sure you will find SProtector. Simply...
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    Re: Will iPhone 5 has any 3D screen support

    I am not able to understand why till yet Apple has kept iPhone 5 hidden. They are not revealing anything on it. Is this just a assumption. Is Apple really working on it. If Apple release iPhone 5,...
  5. Re: Tweaking Ice Cream Sandwich for better Performance

    I can provide you some tips. First go in the menu and remove all those applications that you do not need. Simple choose the app icon and drag it to the top side. You will see a uninstall option. Once...
  6. Re: Google Play with Cloud integration for App restore

    No Google Play does not has any of those features. Whatever you download or buy is wipe out when the phone is restored. You can try to keep the app backup through Titanium. This is the only options...
  7. Re: Is Zend Studio worth package for development

    There are many development framework on web that you can go for. Some of them is Yii, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Prado, etc. First of all if you go for the list of framework then you will surely...
  8. Re: For only Rs.5 we can get Set Max HD on Airtel DTH

    This type of offers looks some kind of mystery. I do not understand from where you guys get this news. I visit the official website a number of time, but still I cannot locate information on...
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    How ImpressPages CMS works?

    I am having my own website which needs to be updated by its content and I am looking forward to come in eyes of google for which I would be needing to have best and unique content on my website. I...
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    Re: Unable to save the bulletstorm game

    Even I have seen the same problem on my windows machine while playing the Bulletstorm through GFWL. But it seems like I have solved it. Actually initially I faced the problem with the PhysX files...
  11. Re: Error: "An error has occurred in the portal site" on Sharepoint

    In this period are much busier the site, and that is why I write today (day 24) the first post of the month of March ... what a shame. However, my attention is mainly focused on a sharepoint project...
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    Re: How to remap LPT1 for HP Printer on Windows 7

    Windows XP SP 3, I have a laser printer (HP LaserJet 2100) connected to the parallel port. Last few days my Windows no longer communicates with the printer ("Print Error" in the working window of the...
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    Best 10 Features Of Windows Phone 7

    This thread I have created to discuss about the features provided in the Windows Phone 7 operating system. And specifically it has been made to discuss about the top 10 features of this mobile...
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    Re: Battery life of Logitech G700 gaming mouse

    I am using the same mouse but unluckily my mouse does not run even for 8 hours. I guess I was using my mouse so badly while playing Virtual Cop that it drained to its last battery light just in 5...
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    Re: nLite : unsupported file

    I want to make an addon for ms office by using the nLite Addon Maker but as i have never used this program, I don't have any idea that how to use it and how can i make an addon by using the same. can...
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    Best 1920x1200 Monitor for Gaming

    I want to buy a new monitor and i guess i would prefer for 1920x1200? Price. My budget is $300-500 and i have tried finding good monitor but still i have not found one in my budget. Please suggest me...
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    Compaq nx6110 keeps freezing and hanging

    I have bought this Compaq nx6110 just before some time and there was nothing wrong with this system. But suddenly what has happened to this system as it has started hanging and freezing at anytime....
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    Swiftech water cooling kit

    I am in a search of the water cooling kit which and i have came across one good cooling kit that is Swiftech water cooling kit. Actually there would be many better then this as well but for now i am...
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    FASTEST download speed ever

    I have a simple question in my mind that what maximum download speed
    you have seen in your life on any browser. I am talking about the file download. Actually since i have recently downloaded the...
  20. How big is Empire City compared to Liberty City in mafia 2

    I have played the Mafia 2 on my windows vista system and it was great to play this game. There is no problem while playing this game as i have seen that everybody just posts problems on the forums...
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    Nokia C5 Gmail imap settings not working

    I have recently bought a new Nokia C5 mobile phone on which i have created the Gmail Mail Box. But i guess this maibox is not working properly as it is not showing any of my mails. I have tackled...
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    Chrome crashes with IDM

    I am using Windows XP on my machine on which i have installed Google Chrome browser but there is something wrong with this browser. Actually i have an Internet Download Manager (IDM) on this system...
  23. Automatic screenshot to file using Snipping Tool?

    I want to ask you guys that can i use Snipping Tool to automatically save a screenshot to file on regular intervals? Are there some commands which i can use for taking the screenshot and save it to a...
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    How to retrieve Deleted Junk Email

    I am using this Hotmail Account from last 1 and half year and i have never made any mistake for accessing it or controlling it but i was bit tensed yesterday and by mistake i deleted the JUNK Mails...
  25. Office 2007 on Dead Hard drive - can't activate on new notebook.

    I have got the student version of Office 2007 and have installed it on my Dell Notebook. Now i am not able to recover the data from the Hard drive. I have downloaded it again but it says that i have...
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    Autohotkey problem

    I have created a program in Autohotkey but the problem that I am facing is that it only works in Windows XP and Vista computer and not for Windows 7. I have a lot of users who use Windows 7 but since...
  27. Will Photo Story 3 install and run on Windows 7?

    I have installed windows 7 on my computer system and since then i am facing some problem while running the Photo Story 3 on it. Actually i am not able to install at all as i am getting an error as...
  28. Turn off a BitLocker drive on Windows 7 Professional

    I have installed Windows 7 Professional on one Hard disk which was encrypted with BitLocker on a Windows 7 Ultimate operating system. At the time of installing, i have removed the main hard disk...
  29. Message: Windows Photo Viewer can't display this picture because there might not be enough memory available on your computer

    I am getting an error on my Windows 7 as Windows Photo Viewer can't display this picture because there might not be enough memory available on your computer/ My system is new brand and it has enough...
  30. Windows 7, Media Player 12, collapsed Taskbar Toolbar for Media Player?

    I was using Media Player 11 on my Windows 7 Operating system but now i have upgraded the media player to the Media Player 12 in which i am not able to have Media Player toolbar to the taskbar which i...
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    Help to get rid of cyber security malware

    I have installed windows 7 operating system on my computer and it has been infected by some virus as my system keeps on giving me alerts about Cyber Security which is an antivirus software. I have...
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    Nokia C5 ROM memory

    I am using a Nokia C5 and i want to ask something about this phone, thought this question is bit uncommon but can anybody tell me that what is the ROM memory of this phone. I know that an internal...
  33. Touchpad on/off drivers for Toshiba Satellite A200

    I am using Toshiba Satellite A200 laptop on which i have installed windows xp operating system and i am suffering from the problem on this laptop. Actually touchpad on this laptop is not working and...
  34. Garbled Reception on Blackberry Tour Car Bluetooth

    I am using Blackberry Tour mobile phone and i am having a problem while using the car bluetooth with this mobile phone. I have 2006 Lexus RX400h car and sound system of this car does not works with...
  35. Re: Windows Live Messenger stops receiving messages

    I am running with the a Sprint and they were not capable to fix the problems , it does not get the messages and have used so many different users , phone to phone, system to phone and phone to...
  36. pin number of Blackberry storm 9500 was locked from SFR

    I have bought a new Blackberry Storm 9500 from SFR and i was gonna use this phone in Thailand. Now the problem is that SFR have locked my phone when i reached thailand. PIN number have got locked and...
  37. Re: Desktop Manager Won't Connect - USB unrecognized??

    It seems strange...I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and I am unable to get them as synchronization functioning at all . I am carrying with a Curve 8900 and it worked well while working on...
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    Connect PS2 to laptop and play games on it?

    I have a Dell laptop on which i have installed windows XP operating system and recently i have bought a new Sony PS2. I want to ask you guys that is it possible to connect my PS2 with the laptop and...
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    Re: Hide incoming SMS

    Guys !! Another one suffering with the same problem.... We have had finished to send the messages with PID=40 and DCS=10 in the area of North America, but not to UK phones. The exact application does...
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    KIS 2010 - black list is corrupted

    I have just upgraded from KIS 2009 to 2010 version . Actually, it terminated up being a installation of KIS 2010 since I didn't get any credit for the ending time on my KIS 2009 authority. I have...
  41. Malware.Trace, Adware.MyWebSearch, Backdoor.Bot, Trojan.Agent, Disabled.SecurityCenter

    I have installed Windows XP Home Edition on my computer system and the problem started by XPAntiMalware popping up. I have installed Norton and Spybot on this system to secure system. I am unable to...
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    Re: Can't export to Panels folder

    Hi experts ! I need some help to figure out some issues of mine and the suggestion to solve this. Actually, I have recently finished my first panel and running with the same issues as stated by...
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    Persistent Malware/Viral Infection

    I have installed several anti virus softwares on my system which includes McAfee AntiVirus Plus, AVG Anti-Virus as well as Avast anti virus. I was feeling that my system would be much safe but even...
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    SLI Bridge for Intel D975XBX

    I am having an Intel Desktop Board D975XBX on my system and i have heard it many times that nVidia would be releasing an official drivers which can provide support to the SLI connected on an Intel...
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    PDF toolbar does not work in IE 7 on Vista

    I have installed an Adobe Acrobat 8 on my 64 bit Vista system and i am using an Internet Explorer 7 on my pc. Actually the problem is with the pdf toolbar as there are few submenus on the drop down...
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    Unable to remove Antivirus Soft

    Somehow this Antivirus Soft JUNK have came into my system on which i have installed windows 7. I have scanned my system for some around 50 times but have not got anything malicious yet but this pop...
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    PC cannot recognize Zen Z-77

    I am using the Zen Z-77 mobile and i have downloaded the pc suit for the same. When i try to connect this mobile phone with my computer system on which i have installed windows xp then this pc does...
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    File in use, cannot save in an InDesign CS4

    I have installed an Adobe InDesign CS4 on my computer and i am getting an error saying that "File in use, cannot save file". I have rename all the time in order to save it. I am using Macintosh on my...
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    Re: How to "hide" your videos on your Zune HD

    A password/PIN would be much better for particular content.This would not important to help in my scenario since if my girl friend was prompted for a PIN when she clicked on a specific directory, I...
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    Re: Webcam not working with adobe air

    I was watching a youtube video and made a right click on the video to reset the webcam configuration, the dialog box automatically got hanged and wouldn't allow me to reset my webcam again. This...
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