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  1. When is Amber Update coming for Nokia Lumia 720

    In our group circle we have three Lumia devices that includes Lumia 920, 928 and mine 720. Rest of my two friends have already updated their phones to the new Amber update successfully and is working...
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    Re: Sony Xperia U vs. Sony Xperia neo V

    You are actually right Maq.H, Xperia U seems better deal with its features and specs. Specially NovaThor dual-core 1Ghz processor that makes are actions smooth on the phone expect the stuttering on...
  3. Re: If laptops are getting overheated is that mean that they are not made for gaming.

    Hey buddy laptops are made in compact way so because of that laptops get overheated. The all component inside the laptops are placed in small place near to each other. There is little room for...
  4. Should I perform modding on new Lenovo ThinkPad L420?

    I buy Lenovo ThinkPad L420 laptop and configuration of this laptop is being as follows:

    CPU: - Intel Core i3 2.1 GHz
    Graphics Card:-Intel HD graphics family
  5. Layout of ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5 changes each time when i restart PC

    I buy this ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5 in yesterday and install it into my windows 7 system. Now I facing problem onto it. Now when I try to restart the pc, layout of this antivirus is being changed. How...
  6. re: Eset NOD32 lock sata drives while using external drives

    Same problem is arriving onto my computer system. After installing this antivirus, whenever I try to attach any USB drive with this system, it freezes immediately. I try it with so many USB pen drive...
  7. HP officejet 5510 - Printing in Fast Draft has disappeared

    I buy this HP officejet 5510 all in one printer in last month. I have seen lot of features of this printer. I specially mention “Fast Draft” option that would allow for saving ink. Now when I see...
  8. Huawei ec122 Cdma1x with MTS Mblaze Rs 999 unlimited

    I purchase a MTS blaze with Rs 999 unlimited broadband connection on last month. MTS ISP has provided me a Huawei ec122 Cdma1x modem for this internet connection. Now I facing problem onto it. When I...
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    Bootloader for HTC Radar

    I buy this HTC Radar smartphone in last week and now I want to entering into the bootloader. How can I do this simple task? Can anybody help me to do this process? thanks in advance for any kind of...
  10. How to use Simultaneous voice and data on 4G network of Motorola Droid Razr XT910

    I purchase this Motorola Droid Razr XT910 mobile phone in last month and there are plenty of features there and few of them are 3G, 4.3″ Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 8 MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS....
  11. How can I run a GUI app from su shell in Linux Mint?

    When I open a terminal and from su admin account trying to run a gui app, it doesn’t run at all. I need some brilliant ideas that works to fix this complex issue on my Linux mint computer OS. I am...
  12. Re: Windows XP pro LAN driver not recognizing on Lenovo ideapad s10e

    i have downloaded the drivers from the link given by official Lenovo. This link states that driver is compatible with the windows xp pro and xp pro already present on my Lenovo ideapad S-10e. hence I...
  13. Windows XP pro LAN driver not recognizing on Lenovo ideapad s10e

    I just want to ask about My Ideapad S10-2, i just use about 2 months and got some trouble onto it. Actually its not trouble but I would be some doubt that this will be issue. I install windows xp...
  14. Help - Need unrooted Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727

    I want to get basic configuration based smartphone and last few days Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket i727 smartphone is being really famous in market. I want to access its basic configuration, stock...
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    Themes for HTC Vivid

    AT&T announces 4G LTE enabled HTC Vivid, the Holiday we've been waiting for. It release on November 06, 2011. Then immediately I purchase it. it looks stunning and specially its features are work...
  16. Using a single license, how many computers can you install Nero?

    I want to install Nero 11 software for compact disk burning purpose onto my windows 7 based three different desktop pc. I decided to save money and buy only single disk for this installation purpose....
  17. Re: How to run dual monitors on Dell Dimension 2400

    Thanks for your valuable reply. I try this above mentioned things onto my system. And finally I decided to use NVidia GeForce GT 430 video card for this dual monitor connection purpose. I found its...
  18. How to run dual monitors on Dell Dimension 2400

    I use this Dimension 2400 desktop pc and as per title mentioned I want to run this desktop pc with the dual monitor. Can anybody help me to do this connection? I try this dual monitor connection but...
  19. Unable to install No More Room in Hell on Windows 7 Ultimate

    I want to play this No More Room in Hell video game on my laptop but when I try to do downloading and installation task on it, it goes failure. I use online download and install task but it always...
  20. How to store ringtones to My Ringtones folder in LG AN270 Exchange

    I buy this LG AN270 Exchange mobile phone and now I want to do some serious work that help to fix initial problem. Yesterday, I try to send selected ringtones from laptop to mobile phone and for...
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    Re: Calling with headphone on Nokia C2-02

    I also faced similar problem. can anybody suggest me another solution to fix this issue. I try this call divert deactivation task but it can’t make any changes. I hope many other solutions also...
  22. Unable to install YouTube Downloader in Nokia c7-00

    YouTube Downloader is an application that allows you to browse, watch and download YouTube videos to your mobile. Yesterday, I try to download and install this application on my Nokia c7-00 mobile...
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    Mango 7712 update process stuck at step 6

    Last month I buy this Samsung Focus mobile phone and now I want to update mobile OS of this smartphone. Previously it contains windows phone 7661 version but now I want to update it to 7712. At the...
  24. Re: Help - Need Favorite SMS app with quick reply on HTC Explorer

    I stopped using handcent because i couldn’t figure out how to stop the double notifications i got from handcent. Should anyone do this task, and then please mention your valuable experience here....
  25. Re: Unable to install Flash Player 10 with Firefox 7

    With IE I'm using some website providing Flash movies to have the Plug-in installed without this stupid downloader prog. But same type of movies gives problem onto these Mozilla firefox 7 web...
  26. Unable to install Flash Player 10 with Firefox 7

    I use this Windows Server 2008 R2 OS and yesterday, I install Mozilla Firefox 7 web browser. After installing this browser I faced problem to watch online videos onto it. Then I decided to install...
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    How to enable speedstep on MSI Z68-GD80 (G3)

    SpeedStep is a trademark for a series of dynamic frequency scaling technologies and I want to enable this technology onto my MSI Z68-GD80 (G3) motherboard based system. Can anybody help me to do this...
  28. Is Anyone Else Thinking about Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone?

    I recently see the specification of this Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone and I really like this mobile phone. The specification says that there is Face detection for picture tags before sharing...
  29. New kindles with Special Offers for a $30 fee

    For those users who wish to do away with the pop-up advertisements on the latest "Kindle" tablet, a $30 fee must be paid in full. This is the latest opportunity over this tablet and I read it in one...
  30. Undervolting Turion x2 Ultra on HP Pavilion tx2520ej

    I have work on HP Pavilion tx2520ej Entertainment Notebook PC and I used this notebook for surfing internet and playing video games. Now the problem is the heat, it gets too hot. For solving this...
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    Dell latitude xt and Windows 8

    I read yesterday one article and in that article the writer is mention that the windows 8 are being present on the Dell latitude xt tablet pc. Can anybody see the review of these windows 8 onto this...
  32. What happen IF I purchase Sony Xperia neo V FROM ANY OTHER COUNTRY..

    I am citizen of India and last few days I waiting for launching this Sony Xperia neo V smartphone. I have not seen any news that tells about this mobile phone is being launched in India. If I try to...
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    Power LED Blinking on Netgear WNCE2001

    One week ago, I had Netgear WNCE2001 wireless adaptor with the Time Warner Cable. But then due to some problem I change it to the Verizon FIOS. But it also not works and hence I decided to get back...
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    Should i buy Amconics ZEN12?

    I am interested to buy Amconics Zen12. I hope that many users used this Full HD media player. Please share your comments on this media player. Should I buy this device? Thanks in advance.
  35. Unable to socialite log in on windows development preview

    Hi, two days before I finished windows 8 development preview installation and now I want to test some activities onto it. Now the problem is that when I try to log in as a socialite then it gives...
  36. Is it possible to upgrade the windows 7 to windows developer preview 8?

    I have a laptop currently running Windows 7 SP1. I'm desperate to try out windows 8 on this laptop system. I know that this is an latest OS but I want to install an windows 8 developer preview onto...
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    How to tattoo my motherboard

    I’ve had one of the most confusing error messages today. my query was about to modify BID and change the preinstalled OS. When I try to do this task by using an tech support team then they said me...
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    Re: Unable to Turn on FileVault on Mac OS X Lion

    I try to check this error message on /var/log/kernel.log. Then it describe shutdownstall log message with some hexadecimal number. I don’t understand the meaning of this message. Please help me to...
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    Unable to Turn on FileVault on Mac OS X Lion

    Yesterday, I perform clean installation of the Mac OS X Lion on Macbook. Now, after the clean install, it won’t help me to turn on FileVault. After finishing this clean installation computer...
  40. Mute button never changing to white on HP Pavilion dv4-1155se

    I buy this HP Pavilion dv4-1155se laptop in last month and now I seen one problem onto it. Actually it doesn’t give any problem but I want to do some action onto it. The problem is that one mute...
  41. Need plastic voice tubes for Plantronics MX500 Series

    I use Plantronics MX500 Series wireless headphone with my Nokia mobile and because of some issue I need plastic voice tubes. Can anybody suggest me the best tubes for this headphone. Any information...
  42. Standby mode of MSI GF615M-P31 crashing Video

    I buy this MSI GF615M-P31 motherboard and initial condition it gives nothing problem. Now it show problem when I try to set system in Standby mode. If I set this system in standby mode, and if the...
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    ETA on Ice Cream Sandwich

    I want to install this Ice Cream Sandwich mobile OS on my Samsung nexus S mobile phone but the problem is that I can’t know about when this mobile OS come into the market. Then please help me to...
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    Anybody put Custom ROM on Kindle Fire?

    I want some necessary things on this tablet pc specially the custom ROM. This kindle fire contains the Android OS. Is there anybody already put custom ROM on this tablet pc, then share your own...
  45. MS Office 2010 & Recovery Media on Toshiba Tecra R840-00L

    I just purchased another Toshiba Tecra R840-00L laptop. There are a couple of concerns, and now I have to create a recovery media on it. How I can perform this task? I also think that to install the...
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    Kindle Fire vs. Lenovo Ideapad A1

    I want to buy the best configuration based tablet pc and hence I am looking for the tablet pc that can be providing me the best configuration with advanced applications. After reading few articles I...
  47. Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 demo downloading at 51% for Xbox 360

    After reading an interesting article about this PES 2012 video game, I try to download the demo of this game. But unfortunately this will be gives problem and it stops at 51%. I don’t know why this...
  48. Re: Can I downgrade Iphone 3GS for playing videos on websites after 4.3.5 upgrade.

    After reading your reply I am little bit confuse but later on I understand your thoughts. The problem Still I am not sure that this problem happens because of the upgrade problem but it happen after...
  49. Can I downgrade Iphone 3GS for playing videos on websites after 4.3.5 upgrade.

    One of Limera1n blog readers was able to downgrade his iPhone 3GS from iOS 4.3.5 to 4.1 firmware. Can I do this process for solving my problem? My problem is that when I try to play videos on...
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    Need 24GB RAM on Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7

    I am trying to work through getting my system satble. I bought the Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 motherboard and now I need 24GB RAM on it. The reason behind it because I believe there is some sort of...
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