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    Re: Good Cpu cooler with 120 or 140mm fan

    It is easy to locate a good cpu cooler. But you must decide to buy only after reading its performance. Because many coolers looks fancy and shows powerful feature but when it comes to usage their...
  2. Re: Can I get a HD resolution on HDMI to VGA adapter

    I also think you must get a graphic card and on that you must use a dvi or hdmi direct connection. So that you get nice resolution output. Or else it will be really hard to get what you are trying....
  3. Re: Want a loud sub-woofer for home theater setup

    There are many sellers on Amazon who are selling sub-woofers. You can start buying from low cost to high cost depending on your budget. The output of
    sub-woofer depends on the watt. And on that...
  4. Re: No bass output on sub-woofer of iBall Tarang

    It is a hardware issue. If you are speaker is very old the then woofer quality will keep on decreasing and if you are trying to play audio very loud then you will face issue with the same. The output...
  5. Re: How to turn my regular 2.1 speakers to Bluetooth speaker

    There are ample of adapters on ebay. And I hope that this can work well. It is a very smart choice to have this kind of hardware. It offer you a portable solution to use the adapter. One thing I...
  6. Re: Want advice on buying a reliable photo printer

    Before buying go on the web and checkout different models. Make a list of the same as per your need and then you can go for that. It is very important to check the printer specification and the...
  7. Re: Disk usage 100% instantly after updating Windows 8.1

    Try to find the list of programs in your pc. I am quit sure this is not due to windows 8 updates. There is something else in your system which s causing such a high disk usage. It can be antivirus...
  8. Re: Which Corsair gaming keyboard is great for racing games

    Corsair has a good variety of keyboards you can go for. This are amazing and great for day to day usage also. But they are costly. VENGEANCE K65 is one of the best model I had seen. This keyboard is...
  9. Re: Excess bass on iBall Tarang desktop speaker

    I am also using a used iBall Tarang speaker. It is really great. I had bought a 8 month old speaker which has a few months of warranty left. The speaker works well on large sound. If you can arrange...
  10. Re: Zalman Z11 fan stays on even after shutdown

    Can be a bios problem. You have to change the BIOS battery once. This might fix the issue. When you turn off the psu must also disconnect the power to all component. If the fan still keeps on...
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    Re: How to use a motion controller on a pc

    You can find some motion controllers online and they work for limited games only. To use them you have to use a software or application which supports motion controlling. There are few professional...
  12. Re: Can I cool down a hard drive through a external fan

    There are ample of coolers available for laptop, but you cannot find anything for a hard drive. You can keep it on a surface with fan below. That will cool it down. Or you can keep it near to ac if...
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    Re: Sandisk released the first 4TB SSD drive

    This has been just released and surely the cost will be high. But this one is really great news for high capacity SSD drives. It is going to be rocking when you have this much storage in your system...
  14. Re: What is the maximum life of a Gold Plus rated psu

    There are different psu ratings. It is necessary to choose one that can provide you more stability. Your entire system hardware depend on the psu. When you face power failure the system shutdown...
  15. Re: Looking for 200mm stock fan for Cosmos II

    120mm fans are more cheaper and you can add multiple in your system. You can get one under Rs.500. This fans works well and are able to give out multiple air flow in the system. You just have to...
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    Re: Audio service error on HP Envy 700-074

    Sometime it happens. Old driver crash after windows installation. It is quiet nice to recheck everything back again which will help you. I am talking about updating the drivers in your system. You...
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    Re: Loud fan noise from Alienware Aurora

    The fault depends on the fan noise. If you are getting sound only while playing games then it is correct that the fans are spinning really hard to keep the cpu cooler. But if the fan has some cracked...
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    Re: Cpu case for gaming pc under Rs.5000

    Just check Antec X1 CPU Cabinet. This one is quiet better in looks. It offer you 11 drive bays. You can hook up good amount of storage hardware in it. The cost is just around Rs.3400. The size is...
  19. Re: Does all cpu fan are same or there are different types in it

    There are some high air flow cpu coolers. This are more better compared to regular stock cooler. High Airflow means bigger fan blades, more ventilation and a more reliable heat-sink. Most of this...
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    Re: How does Eyefi wireless SD card works

    This is a new feature. Here even if your mobile phone or camera is not having a wifi you can still share your file. You just have to insert the card. And done the photos can be accessed through wifi....
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    Re: Which 2.1 speaker is best for gaming

    Just checkout Sony SRS DB500. Amazing audio quality. The speakers comes with powerful audio support. It also has a very unique design. Sound quality is great here. It is a costly one but it is a one...
  22. Re: Thermaltake Chaser MK-1 vs NZXT Phantom 630 Gunmetal Grey

    NZXT Phantom 630 Gunmetal Grey looks really decent. One of my friend has this cpu cabinet. It is quiet classy. Thermaltake Chaser is more flash compared to this one. It is costly but worth buying...
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    Re: Wifi adapter to control BenQ projector

    For using the Bluetooth keyboard/mouse you have to check the range. Do not keep the pc too far away or else you will not be able to use it. I had faced this problem. I had kept the keyboard mouse on...
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    Re: How to fix hard drive frozen password

    This thing happen if you had recently updated your bios and it is not done properly. So depending on your motherboard model you have to download the right bios version and run the same. This will...
  25. Re: Unable to delete print queue of Dell AIO 948 Printer

    It happens when the printer is not properly configured. You have to simply re-install the printer. If the settings are not proper you will face this kind of problem. For that just uninstall the...
  26. Re: Distortion problem on Xonar U7 sound card

    I am having very bad experience with external portable sound cards. That is the reason I never trust this. Compare this when you have a internal one then ti works more nicely. It is hooked on your...
  27. Re: Fixing the power button of Corsair cpu case

    You have to contact a person who is selling Corsair case. You can only get a button if anyone has a damage or old case with him.You can remove that and add it in your system. I had faced the same...
  28. Re: Drive bay to increase storage for a mid tower cpu case

    There are external drive bays available. But there are no internal choices. Most of the cpu cases are different. There is no common standard for storage thing. You have to two choices here. First you...
  29. Re: Which headphone will play audio through usb hub

    Almost all usb headphone supports usb hubs for playing audio. You have to choose the right audio output for that. First connect the headphone on usb hub. Play a audio file. Then right click on the...
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    Re: Need help to remove Intel stock cooler

    The fan has pins on the 4 corners. You will have to turn them to open it up and pull them one by one on the top side. It will get out easily. Do not try to push hard. You can break things here. If...
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    Re: Microsoft Excel fails to detect printer

    Click on Start > Device and Printer. In that see whether the printer is set as default or not. If not then try to apply the settings. Make it default. You can add the printer from here and once it...
  32. Re: How to setup Corsair H90 Liquid Cooler on Intel Core i5 processor

    The assembly is simple here. There are videos no YouTube and the cooler also has a manual that shows the entire process of assembly. You can use that. Corsair H90 is very simple to install. Just...
  33. Re: Blue screen error with Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB

    Replace the hard drive. Contact the seller and send it back. The drive is not proper due to which you are getting the error. I will recommend you to get it replaced. It happens sometime you get...
  34. Re: Which type of screen guard is best for any Smartphone

    There are different types of screen guard. The one which I know is Ultra-Clear Screen Protector. This one is the most popular which give you a sharp view and crisp screen. You have more clarity here...
  35. Re: Looking for some compact interchangeable lens camera

    Interchangeable lens camera are costly. But they are compact and amazing. They are much better compare to a regular point to shoot camera. The best one according to me is Sony NEX-3NL. It is a...
  36. Re: Does SSD matters in a 4th generation Intel Core i5 laptop

    I do not think it is so important. If you are getting in with the laptop then buy it or you can avoid it. It necessary that you must upgrade only if needed. SSD can boost the system output up to 10...
  37. Re: Need advice to capture HDR videos from digital camera

    It is always good to take photos in outdoor. Because in bright light the camera is able to process images more properly. I had seen a huge difference between photos taken inside and outdoor. The...
  38. Poll: Re: Which is the best brand for buying desktop speakers

    According to me Creative is the best one. They give you some of the best speaker model in the market. It also offer you some budget speakers at a best price. One of them is Creative SBS A520. This...
  39. Re: Help needed to reset AirPort time Capsule

    There is no need to reset it. It is better if you can checkout the settings. Slow speed can be due to various other reason. You have to check that first. If you reset everything will be wiped out...
  40. Re: Cost of Cosmos SE Computer case by Cooler Master

    It is a full size tower case. The case is quiet costly. I not am able to find the price. It looks the price is not yet announced. The cooler looks amazing loaded with a huge size fan and enough space...
  41. Re: Is it worth to buy a small cpu case for gaming

    That will have ventilation issue. A small cpu case has less space inside due to which you face problem. And also it can heatup fast. The benefit of having a full size case, is that you can hook up...
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    Re: Reliable heatsink for old pc

    I think the regular stock rom that comes around Rs.300 is quiet enough for cooling purpose. There is no need to spend more money on that. If the fan is working it will draw out the heat. But if the...
  43. Re: New in the current series of iMac released by Apple

    For office usage I think iMacs are great. They give you the best hardware config and are amazing enough to work well. This are ideal for all purpose. Once you buy them there is no need to go for any...
  44. Re: Printer with high ink output for heavy duty Printing

    I still remember long back our office has a dot matrix printer. I think this one is the cheapest one for printing huge amount of papers. But today they are replaced by laserjet. I think compare to...
  45. Re: It is worth to buy a external blu ray drive

    LG has some models under that. GP50NB40 is one of them. It cost around Rs.2,000. This is a external blu ray player. You can run the disc on it. But I do not think Windows Media Player can play that...
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    Re: Printer with OCR facility

    That is a costly solution. A OCR feature can be only provided in a multi-functional printer. It is not available in regular one. Now HP has certain models that you can try out. The one which I know...
  47. Re: Suggestion for a good keyboard mouse combo for laptop

    There are three combo's available which are the best according to me. All differ in price in features. The combo consist of full size keyboard mouse loaded with great build quality and decent...
  48. Re: Best one among air cooler and liquid cooler by Antec

    If you are really interested in Liquid cooling then go for H20 920. This is a portable cooling solution that comes packed inside a nice enclosure. You do not require to mess with fittings here. It...
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    Re: Water spill on hard drive.What to do ?

    The drive is dead now. Do not turn it on. It is an electronic device and water has destroyed it. Keep it aside and get a new one. There is no chance to recover your data also. Try contacting some...
  50. Re: For headphone which is best Creative or Sennheiser

    It is right if you need something in budget then you can go for Creative. This is really awesome. It provide you a good quality sound with cool features. Like you can go for wireless headphones also....
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