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  1. Re: Dead or Alive game installation halted on Windows 10 TP

    I also think that by changing the location of place where you are installing the game the problem can be solved. You have to choose another partition and then you have to test. I am quiet sure that...
  2. Re: PC Shutdown when I play Call of Duty Advance Warfare

    Heating can be one reason but it can be easily figured through many applications. You can find them on the web. If that is the problem then as mentioned above the psu might not be able to perform...
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    Re: Any news on GTA 5 when it coming on pc

    Rockstart is simply skipping a huge platform for GTA 5. Because there are so many users who are still waiting for the release and would love to play it on the pc. And for a single game I do not think...
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    Re: Anyone playing MotoGP 2014

    First of all the new version will give you amazing graphics. If you have a good graphic card then you will really enjoy the graphics on the same. It is amazing and the game is more realistic. You...
  5. Re: Which are the good upcoming pc games for June and July 2014

    If you are looking for some open world game then go with Wildstar. This one is an multiplayer online rpg game. Through this you can discover various planets and get new levels. The game is nice and...
  6. Re: Is The Last Tinker: City of Colors is a good game

    The Last Tinker: City of Colors is based on a fictitious world called as Colortown. The game looks very childish. But it has a friendly surrounding. That means you wont get confused while playing it....
  7. Re: Which is the best truck for Plain level in Spintires

    I am at the fuel station. The above tip really worked. Through Diff Lock and All Wheels you can boost the acceleration. But do not keep on using it. That cost a very high amount of fuel. Move slowly...
  8. Re: Which are the latest upcoming games after WatchDogs

    Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth has a long time to come. There is a new version of Tom Clancy’s coming up in the market. It is called as Tom Clancy’s The Division. If you had played the...
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    Re: No sound on any Steam Games

    Go in Device Manager and right click on the audio hardware. Choose update drivers. That will resolve the issue. Steam does not comes with any specific audio settings. You can try to check the drivers...
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    Re: Does Steam is going to sell Watch Dogs

    I am also waiting for the same. I hope this game finally comes on steam which will be better. I was expecting this for pre-order. A few sites were selling it before release and steam is still not...
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    Re: Does Steam is going to sell Watch Dogs

    I am also waiting for the same. I hope this game finally comes on steam which will be better. I was expecting this for pre-order. A few sites were selling it before release and steam is still not...
  12. Re: How to fix activation issues of Microsoft Games

    It happens sometime you get those error. You can fix the same. There are many other ways of activation. The first thing you have to check is that your activation key is proper. You are typing the...
  13. Re: Will applying liquid cooler will boost game fps

    Liquid cooler will only keep your system more cooler. It will surely boost the processing power of your system. The more cpu remain cools the more better performance you will get on the screen. The...
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    Re: Borderlands 2 screen flickering glitch

    I think your graphic card is heating up. Due to which you are getting those glitch. You will have to check the temperature. Just install GPU Temp. This tool is quiet nice to give you current...
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    Re: What is new in Batman Arkham Knight

    Chaos never end in Gotham city. After Joker it doe snot means that all villains are gone. They will came up with more nasty ideas and start creating problem. It looks that Batman is more geared up in...
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    Re: Credit Card error on PS4 billing details

    I had also gone through that issue. I was getting "Your credit card information could not be updated. It’s been updated too often within a short amount of time. Please try again in a few minutes"...
  17. Re: Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures crashing on Dell 2420

    Updating the video driver once will also help. You might be using very old version. Try to go on the official website of Nivida and get the latest drivers. Or you can check the Nvidia control panel...
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    Re: Game Controller vs keyboard for fps gaming

    There is a huge debate on this topic. Game controllers are ideal for consoles. And if you have a pc then stick with your gaming keyboard. Buy better one. Keyboard surely give you more choice but it...
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    Re: RAMBO pc games is worst as it was expected

    I skipped to Angry Birds after playing Rambo. I was quiet angry and thought Angry Bird will suit my mood. My friend has this game. He called to me play the multiplayer mode. I played a few starting...
  20. Re: very choppy sound at cutscenes in Yesterday Game

    It is a driver bug. You will require to remove multiple audio drivers from your system. It is very common that sometime we add more than one drivers in the system which generate this kind of problem....
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    Re: MOTOGP3 (d3derr invalidcall)

    This kind of error appear if your system is not able to meet the minimum system requirement of the game. You have to first check what is the minimum hardware needed to run that game. It is not going...
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    Re: Nintendo DS adult games

    There are not many but some you can try like GTA: Chinatown Wars. The game follows the GTA theme offering you good levels and nice gameplay also. One more game you can test is Dementium series. This...
  23. Re: Is it possible to emulate consoles games on pc

    You cannot play any of those games on your pc. There is a huge difference between the hardware and technology which is used in your pc compare to what is available on the console. I had seen some...
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    Re: Will Knack Game work on PS3

    Knack is a action game. And you can look out for more similar type of games on PS3. This game s not going to work on PS3. The game has good feedback. I was also looking for the same on PS3. But I...
  25. Re: PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One in terms of features

    PS4 is a good budget solution. I will not say it is really bad but the same gives you amazing output. You can have good gaming graphics on it. If you are ready to ignore media server type feature...
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    Re: Looking for some GTA 5 cheats

    I am also looking for the same.I found some on web but they don't work. So there is no use of mentioning them hear. I need some cheat to have unlimited health and ammo. It is a huge waste of time to...
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    Re: New upcoming games for 3DS and PS Vista

    There are very few games. I had seen the frequency of game releases for ps vita and Nintendo 3ds is declining day by day. Portable platform are not much considered as playing games no other consoles...
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    Re: Few tips to win in Clash of the Clans game

    It is a kind of time management game. I found this a bit boring. For many upgrades you have to wait back. It must have some kind of option to unlock it fast. I am looking for cheats here. But can't...
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    Re: Anyone playing Contrast PC Game

    It is a puzzle type of game. The game offers you instant shift between 2D and 3D. At some point you might be playing as human while at some you will be a shadow. The game has a nice story line where...
  30. Re: Heatsink making a very loud noise while playing games

    It is done by the bios. If the processor heatsup it increase the cpu fan speed to keep it cooler. And in your case at the time of playing games your cpu is getting very hot. Try to check that through...
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    Re: When Beyond Two Souls is coming for pc

    This thing is due to piracy. You know that whenever a new game is released on pc it is cracked and distributed on torrents. Many people play those pirated games only. Due to which gaming developer...
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    Re: Cs 1.6 Win 8.1 BEX error

    Run Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. And in that go in Processes. See that czero.exe is running or not. If it is then the game is running in the background and it is not able to launch...
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    Re: save manually in How to Survive game?

    That is a common problem with many games. I had bought Saint Rows IV recently which has the same thing. You cannot save the game from the place where you want. It has checkpoint and the next time...
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    re: Gameplay of Beyond: Two Souls game on PS3

    The game is unique. It has amazing storyline. I will say it is a slow pace game. At some point you have to find certain things. This game has a more realistic approach. Also the game is loaded with...
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    Re: Looking for some free good graphics games

    I think Microsoft Flight will be good enough. When we talk about best or high end games then there are hardly any choice available. All are paid. Microsoft Flight is a old game which you can download...
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    Re: Game like From Dust for Windows

    No there is no similar game available. From Dust is aware wining game that is really awesome and unique. I also enjoyed the game lot. But the publisher has not gone for the next version. They must go...
  37. Re: Characters you want to see in Mortal Kombat 9

    There are in all 36 characters in the game I think. I saw the list on wikipedia. Each of them are having special kills to destroy enemies. The game has Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street....
  38. Re: Dark Game looks terrible in preview, should I buy it or not?

    It is a horror rgp game. There are ample of videos on Youtube that can give you clear information about the game. The game is based on killing enemies, sucking their blood and then moving ahead. The...
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    Re: Missing textures in Deadpool game

    Yes just update your gpu drivers. That will fix the job. The game is not having any bug here. I am also playing the game. I having a 1GB nvidia 630m gpu on my laptop where it works really well...
  40. Re: Freezing and frame-rate problem in Marvel Heroes

    Lagging is the most common issue with systems which are low on memory. My system was having 2GB ram on which I was playing Far Cry. It lags a lot sometime in between. But later on I added a...
  41. Re: Tomb Raider 2013 crashed after playing for few minutes

    There is a patch available for that. You have to look on the steam. The patch fixes the crash issue. It is common with pc version of Tomb Raider. It looks there was some flaw in the game itself which...
  42. Re: How to defeat the final boss of Dead Space 3

    Try some videos on Youtube. There you can find out information and gameplay video of how to kill the final boss. I was watching the same and later on I was able to end the game. It is right that...
  43. Re: Gameplay of Dead Space 3 looks similar to Gears of War

    The game has some nice moments where you can expect better combat skills. You must check out the inventory section here. According to me the game is good enough. It is a third person shooter game...
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    Re: What more you want to see in Dead Space 3

    Did you played the entire game. It is good according to me. The game features a mixture of combat and action packed gameplay. It would be not complicated but in the game like Dead Space 3 I was...
  45. Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 sound not working

    Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling your sound driver??? If you haven’t then you can give that a try. Don’t just uninstall and reinstall the sound driver manually rather try below way.

  46. Re: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is a failed game

    One thing I would like to appreciate regarding this game is that the graphics of the World of Warcraft series have been improvised a lot in this game. As compared to the graphics of older games,...
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    Re: Save point in I Am Alive game

    I loved how the old games had the saving system where we were able to save the game almost anywhere. All we had to do was to go in the game menu and save the game on desired location. Also we would...
  48. Re: Tile for desktop disappeared under Metro in Windows 8

    The Desktop shortcut on the right hand of the taskbar must have disappeared in your Windows 8 consumer preview. I have attached a file which has the lnk file for the desktop shortcut. You can...
  49. Re: Wait for PS3 version of Dark Souls, don’t buy it on PC

    When the game was to be released for the PC first and then the console, I thought that gaming industry had realized that PC gaming was much important and long lasting than the console version. I...
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    Re: Dark Souls worth it to be bought or not?

    It depends on you if you want to play Dark Souls or not. According to me this game is good only when played with Xbox 360 console and not by using keyboard and mouse. The porting of Dark Souls has...
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