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  1. Re: Windows 7 64bit cant detect old system image file

    If you are having Windows 7 bootable disc then you can try that to restore your pc back through the recovery image. You have to boot your pc through Windows 7 bootable disc first. In that you can...
  2. Re: after installing Windows 8.1, MSVCP110.dll file is missing

    I will suggest you to perform a clean boot in your Windows 8.1 operating system and see if that fixes the issue. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search. Or, if you are using...
  3. Re: error 0x80070652 while installing Windows 8.1

    There is a windows update available for download that makes the computer ready to install Windows 8.1 on your Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT based computers, just download it from going to this web...
  4. Re: Not getting delete confirmation box on Windows 8

    It can be some bug in the system.This does not happen usually and I don't really think Windows has a settings to disable that. You can try running system restore. That is the default options that...
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    Re: error 0x800706cc in Windows 8

    You can try to go to PC Settings and go to Update and Restore. Here you will be able to check the Advanced Restart options which might be the third option, just click on Restart. It will give you...
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    Re: Windows Defender error 577 in Windows 8.1

    I also had this similar kind of problems but was able to solve this on one of my computers that was running on Windows 8.1 operating system. The problem was with the Service which was not started...
  7. Re: Downgrade from Windows 10 Technical Preview to Windows 8.1?

    First of all go to this link - You need to make sure that you are logged in to your Microsoft account...
  8. Re: Apps in Windows 10 Technical Preview not taking the same color scheme

    Some old apps might give you the kind of problem you are facing. There are many apps which might not properly take the full color scheme of Windows 10 TP. Here you have to simply check and verify...
  9. Re: Svchost.exe CPU Usage goes to 100% when connected to internet

    You can find out which applications are eating too much ram/cpu in detail through a process explorer. This is a nice portable tool which is free to use and is nice tool. It generate a detailed...
  10. Re: Windows 8 Blue-screen error with write read only message

    Try to check your ram status. You can use memtest for that. There are few windows based memory testing software but that doe snot help much. Verifying the ram from boot mode is most effective and it...
  11. Re: wifi drops constantly and shows limited in Windows 8.1

    I was having this issue for 3-4 times now. The issue definitely seems to be with the new Windows 8.1 update. So, I returned my laptop to the tech support and they remove the 8.1 update from my...
  12. Re: Intel(R) 82801GB/GR (ICH7 Family) LPC Interface Controller - 27B8

    It is a big pain to locate drivers for Windows XP 64bit. This does not really work well on old system. But we have some smart tools that can do the job of finding right drivers. You don't need to...
  13. Re: Need Windows 7 x64 Drivers for HP Compaq dc7800

    You can download the driver for HP Compaq dc7800 Convertible Minitower PC which is running on Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) from this link -...
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    Re: popup msg: server busy (switch to or retry)

    I also think that you have some spywares in your computer that you need to remove. Are you using any firewall instead of Windows Firewall in your computer. Try to start the pc in Safe Mode with...
  15. Re: need drivers for Canon LBP-1120 for Vista Ulimate 64 bit

    I am giving you a direct link to download the drivers. Just click on the same and choose the operating system. There is specific 64bit driver available for this printer. You can just get Windows...
  16. Re: stop: c000021a fatal system error....0xc0000135

    Can you try to boot up your pc with any Windows XP CD and then select R for repair options. When you will do this then a recovery console will start and take you to disk prompt. At this prompt you...
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    Re: bluetooth device driver Motorola SYN0717A

    After you install Motorola SYN0717A's bluetooth driver you will need to enter a passkey for other bluetooth devices for connection. When you will search in the Bluetooth Settings for the Dongle you...
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    Re: .squashfs file

    Instead of installing and making any changes to your existing system there is one more thing you can do. You can go ahead with booting your system through a bootable usb. Creating a bootable pen...
  19. Re: ’Task Scheduler service has encountered RPC initialization error’ on Windows Vista

    Even I found a different solution for this problem. We need to click on Start and then type regedit in the search box. After that navigate to the resigistry key which is HKLM > System >...
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    Re: Robocopy to copy missing files only

    Even I was facing the same issue and was searching for a solution that might work while specifying a drive or a directory. After searching I found out that I had to add a blank character before the...
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    Re: Image recovery crashed on Windows 8

    SFC is a very long process but will be effective. It is best to go ahead with complete formatting. Many are recommending you the same. Formatting will wipe out all damage file and give you a more...
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    Re: Unhandled OS Error with Corsair SSD

    It is right that the error is associated with some application or driver. I had gone through this issue when I was trying to install a 32bit windows no 64bit system. Through it support the OS...
  23. Re: What to do if I forget Windows 8 login password

    That can be done through Windows Password Recovery Tool. You have to download this software and you will have to use to wipe out the password. You have to create a bootable usb through this tool....
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    Re: Will Windows 8.1 run on 512MB of ram

    I do not think it will work. Windows 8 comes with a new interface which has a bit more of graphics. I had tested this in old system it lags a lot. It is better to stick with Windows 7 or Windows XP...
  25. Re: Windows 8.1 freezes after installing fresh update

    Try to run system restore. That is the best way to resolve the problem. You can find that in your Search box. Run it. It will remove the updates and configure the settings on manual. Windows will not...
  26. Re: Windows 8.1 crash after adding a new sound card

    It is a driver bug. I am sure with that. Because the same thing happened to me. I upgraded my Windows 7 directly over Vista instead of fresh installation. A lot of new problem appeared. Each time on...
  27. Re: Windows 8.1 crash after adding a new sound card

    It is a driver bug. I am sure with that. Because the same thing happened to me. I upgraded my Windows 7 directly over Vista instead of fresh installation. A lot of new problem appeared. Each time on...
  28. Re: Windows 8 failed to detect partition of my secondary hard drive

    Do you have any important thing in that. If not then why don't you just format the hard drive. It will do the job. This is one of the best way to fix the problem. Just try to format it and then check...
  29. Re: Auto brightness adjustment application for Windows 8 laptop

    Those type of apps are available for portable devices. Because they comes with a sensor. While laptops does not has those sensor due to which auto brightness control is not possible. But you can try...
  30. Re: Cannot format windows pc with genuine Windows 7 disc

    It can be. There can be many reasons behind the problem. I had gone with the issue due to a faulty ram and my friend has faced same thing due to faulty dvd rom. For running the setup if there is a...
  31. Re: Screenshot Tour of Windows 8 Release Preview

    I think that other than interface, Windows 8 provides a good security as compared to older operating systems released by Microsoft. It has an inbuilt anti-virus and a spyware that will protect your...
  32. Re: OS X Lion has Waking /Sleep Wi-Fi Network and Finger Swipe in Firefox trouble

    I've found a solution from the road. If you go to System Preferences and click the "Use two fingers" option to slide between the pages, which will work in Firefox and iPhoto which had not opened...
  33. Re: Having trouble to set up Dual monitors and full screen on OS X Lion is there any another method

    I am also with you on this I totally have the same opinion. This is a foolish matter, and one that require to be fixed almost immediately. just what the heck do they believe they're playing at
  34. re: Samsung RF711 - Error "Installation may take several minutes. Please wait..." coming on Windows 7 SP1

    First of all you need to check the installation files that you use for installation. It is necessary to check out these things for solving troubles. The installation files might be making some...
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    re: Error Message at Processor startup.

    Have you try to clear the CMOS after installing the new CPU. By clearing the CMOS it reset the BIOS settings to the default setting. So after CMOS cleaning you have to access the BIOS setup utility...
  36. Re: Message on screen : changes is made to windows, you need to re-intsall & activate

    This error occurs on those system, which are not running license copy of Windows. That means those who runs pirated windows. An Windows update runs this notification on the screen so that the user...
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    Re: How to turn On Wi-Fi for U-buntu 11.04

    Yes you have to make the use of this proprietary drivers may the Ubuntu Wi-Fi start up need some application help to make the start up . So these types of driver are not freely available. You have...
  38. Re: Keyboard giving wrong characters after upgrading from windows vista to windows 7

    Installing windows 7 again should help but remember that your data is preserved in the C drive under a folder called "Windows.old". So you need to you run the installation from the boot, you get the...
  39. Re: How to Remove Address text in Windows Explorer on windows XP

    There are some sorts of the hacking tools which are there which change the address text to which ever you want, so you can go to the Google and check it for yourself.
  40. Re: Not able to install Vmware Workstation on Fedora

    Here is short guide that can help you to install Vmware on Fedora. he installation is not tough. Once thing you must know that the current vmware product cannot work with higher version after Fedora...
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    Re: What is new in Windows 8 Theme?

    If you are having a windows 8 superbar theme make sure that you are having the windows 7 superbar in your PC. if you have it then only you can use this theme it does looks good and is very much...
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    Re: How do you find Windows 8 Theme?

    I have gone with windows 8 aero theme though it was out quite some time ago but frankly speaking I did not like it much since the UI is not good I found the metro one to be quite good and I will be...
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    re: PowerPoint for Mac 2011.

    You will go to most likely lose the linked content when, unless you make to utilize of CD feature package while you made a presentation in old PowerPoint and stimulated the PowerPoint file to an...
  44. Re: Is it necessary to have Page File in Windows

    Additional ram are also an better choice to improve your system performance. You can add those sticks to get higher output from the system. But with that also upgrade your operating system. Because...
  45. Re: crashes with VMPlayer 3.0.0 causing X on host.

    As of now I am using a SLES9 guest in an Ubuntu 10.04 host, with VMware Player 3.10 build 261024. I gave the VM 1536MB of RAM, and I am having a couple of virtual hard disks attached. After a while...
  46. Re: Microsoft office 2011 for Mac : Microsoft word cannot be open showing error

    May be I can help you just see which one of the following cure your problem

    1) Check the program path it should be something like

    Macintosh HD\Applications\Microsoft Office 2008

  47. Re: Need help on editing grub.cfg for dual boot with windows 7: Ubuntu.

    OSprober jus don’t simply add the correct parameters for windows 7. It only makes an account for chainloader +1. I think that I am sure to a fare extent that this will be solving it. I can add...
  48. Re: Error message Try hd(0,0): NTFS5: No wubildr during boot Ubuntu

    My advice is uninstall Ubuntu from Windows using the Control Panel. The next step is to be perform an rebooting task on it. Then after that using the compatible instllation CD of this ubuntu you can...
  49. Re: Ubuntu Software Center gives error message previous software installation failed

    There is an remove option available on it. You need to use the proper way to perform this previous software installation process cancellation task. In that you need to find the best option inside...
  50. Re: Ubuntu gives “The disk drive for /media/sda2 is not ready yet” message during reboot

    If you still faced this kind of problem, then you need to try this solution. This would be work and it will be help to you for accessing all the drives of this system. In that you can open the...
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