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  1. Re: Getting stack error 116 during email files attachment

    You must have to first make verification for your saved email, whether it is over the limitation if possible then delete your unwanted mail from your account. And also if possible then defrag your...
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    Re: Error code 0x800f0902 on Internet Explorer 9

    To resolve this issue, install the accurate Internet Explorer 9 language pack particular to windows 7 version and architecture. Internet Explorer 9 speeds up some webpage rendering. This update of...
  3. Re: How to Reset the Web Browser Configuration for YM 11

    When by Mozilla Firefox or another substitute web browser is well, it is significant to keep in mind that the installation and correct configuration of Internet Explorer is necessary for Yahoo...
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    Re: New FB interface sucks

    No dude I don’t think so that is bad at all I juts loved the new interface and that’s the reason why people are getting slowly adjusted to it, so that’s a good feature I feel. that’s what I...
  5. Re: How to extend network to two rooms with 2 wireless linksys routers

    If you want to do that then you will have to wire a computer to the WRT120N and the open the interface at

    From the main Setup page, modify the LAN IP address to
  6. re: Accessing router with Linksys E4200 Lan-Lan Connection

    It is possible that the router you are using is defective and for that reason you are facing the problem like this. It will be better for you to contact the dealer from where you bought this. They...
  7. Re: My Internet activity starts without a browser on

    I have ran my Windows update, Norton redesign, adobe update when this everything began, but it didn't serve a useful purpose. So they might as well be present. I peruse a different website and...
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    Re: IPad - Gmail mobile version on opera mini

    Opera Mini 4 offers a significantly enhanced experience compared to phone-native browsers. This browser has to be facility to handle the mobile version based web site. Then I suggest to you for doing...
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    Re: How to Update Facebook Status via Opera Mini

    Some friends on Facebook add emoticons on their statuses. Most of the time they use the desktop to do this task, but if you want to do this task then you can also use it using the desktop view option...
  10. Re: Opera mobile web browser goes to black screen on startup

    I would suggest you to try to stop the opera and try to restart it. Also you must try to restart the phone.
    Make sure that you have cleared the cache. If you are still facing the same problems then...
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    Re: No more version numbers for Mozilla Firefox

    Most of us use extensions which cannot keep up with Firefox’s development progress. Hence this is the best thing that helps to remove such kind of action on this software. The most important thing...
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    re: Firefox prompting for saving PDF file

    The adobe reader which you are using might be of the lower version and the PDF file which are been used on the internet might need the higher version of the reader to get it, as you are able to save...
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    Re: Font rendering in firefox 6

    I suspect that it is more of a Windows problem then a Firefox problem however it is said and I have also heard that this would be better or fixed in Firefox 7.0. I think we should wait for firefox 7....
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    Re: Firefox 3.6 Update without permission

    Look out for the option check for update button which has been used to initialize the update process. And that’s were you give the permission to get the updates. And if you have clicked over there...
  15. Re: FireFox 6.0.1 behaving weird in Windows 7/64 bits

    This is sounding like it is very reasonable approach. I think that this has came up with this update itself this must be a bug in this update and would be irritating all of us now and if the...
  16. Re: Can I use two facebook accounts with Firefox Simultaneously?

    I don’t know about using the same browser but if you want then you can make use of different browser for different Facebook account to login and use them at the same time. If you want to do that...
  17. Re: Mozilla Firefox 6 slows down and keeps on crashing

    Actually most of the issues with the Firefox are been caused by extensions. Take one suggestion that you start the Firefox in safe-mode to see that how it will work, so after checking in the safe...
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    Re: Patch Panel Mounting for lan setup

    Switch provides you better cabling support, while patch panel clears your cable wiring. With the help of patch panel you can clear up lying wires a more. At start for your need switch can be better....
  19. Re: How can I get the download bar again in Google Chrome v13

    Well from what I know about the Google chrome the download tab only appear when you download something. It will come back so that is only way I think of seeing if this works.
  20. Re: Chrome 13 failed to play certain video embeds

    anybody who has gone through in the history four years be familiar with that you can implant video in a web page. But prior to HTML5, there was no standards-based way to do this. almost...
  21. Re: Need information about the unlimited broadband plan form BSNL with good FUP

    Yes I am also agreeing that the BBG ULD 2150 is not good at all. Right now I am using the home user plan. I have the bsnl unlimited home plan which cost me around rs 750 per month. And I can able to...
  22. Re: Field of View fix for Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

    I used 90 in the FOV for COD and was really helpful so I used it with every FPS. That’s why I use it with every FPS game I use. So, would love to see the effect of FOV in the third person shooter...
  23. Re: Is it possible to setup Gmail as an exchange in

    There is special technique to solve this problem. in that first you need to open the mail application. Then it will point to that its downloading messages from server. The next is to be as freeze...
  24. Re: Dedicated Server for Warhammer 40K: Space Marine Multiplayer

    No, I'd be happy to see if a server that was dedicated to the task at hand would cope. You can't honestly think that a typical pc, replete with consumer grade specs will go with the high end xeon...
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    Re: How to play live radio over http?

    Dude you know what I have got a detailed information about this design of the coding and I found it in a website named as code project. You can definitely check it out from there you will get ampole...
  26. Re: Someone is using my home internet connection

    I would like to tell you that if someone is clued up Mac filtering then it is simple to bypass and the router logs can be cleared as well. If no one else using the wireless devices then you can just...
  27. Re: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad: A spectator Sports, not a War

    Some other ideas that could improve the game much are Addition of old school compass along with radar like old times, Weapon sway with no stamina so you have to take a break to hold your breath and...
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    Re: How Did Facebook Originate?

    Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of facebook. Facebook is a social website launch in Feb 2004, today facebook contain billons of users around the worlds. Each user has their personal account in...
  29. re: Getting script error 2053 while printing in Internet Explorer 9

    The problem that you are facing might be happening because the printer driver in your computer could be outdated or incompatible or might be corrupt. To fix this, download and install the latest...
  30. Re: Strange upload pattern eating downloading speed

    If you ask me about this issue then I suggest you to use any one of the downloading or the uploading task on your system. This will be help to just perform any one task in fast manner and then later...
  31. Re: "Fix my computer dude" is a scam or software company

    even I got the same call and they told me that they are calling from The reason is that I have a security issue with my system . the told me to buy their product or...
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    Re: How to import Setting to Google Chrome?

    Ok,, next time you try to import the bookmark just close the browser in this case Mozilla when you do so as it conflicts with the browser and so it doesen’t continue and gives your error. Just...
  33. Re: How to Remove Cookies Automatically After Accessing Website?

    First I want to ask you why you don’t want cookies? Cookies are secure and they remember all the information filled by you in various textboxes of various website so next time when you visit that...
  34. Re: Unable to solve resolving host error in Google chrome

    The Google has mechanism which is used to improve the page load performance. Which known as the DNS pre fetching mechanism. This feature can cause such a problem to the browser and give such a error....
  35. Re: Google added Full Screen Flash on Dual Monitors as a proprietary part of the browser in Chrome 5

    The routine which is presented above works, in any case I did not have the "74 39 83 E8" string and it was not in location 00180fb0h. I did have "74 39" as a single unit in one of the following few...
  36. re: Is it possible to add an RSS feed in Internet Explorer 9?

    Well I have systematic step for you, so this is what you have to do
    1) Go to a particular site with the RSS support. Now type Alt+T so that you will be able to get the tools drop down menu.
    2) Well...
  37. Re: Flash video ads play on Opera even "Enable content plug-ins on demand" is turn on

    The other thing is to be use an alternative flash player online update task on this system. This is the best way that works to solve such kind of problem. you need to perform an task that has to be...
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    Re: Zone Status not available on IE 9

    The new IE just sucks. To make the interface simple they have removed all the indicators and controls, and now it’s so much pain to enable all of it. The only thing that I have found useful was the...
  39. Re: Why Opera need to activate Flash content by twice click on it?

    Opera has not been individually able to appropriately perform this video browsing and viewing task. Adobe Flash Player and browser plug-in takes help of the SWF to view these online videos on your...
  40. Re: Opera is not supporting Enable plug-ins only on demand aka Flash block on website like

    Include me in you league because I am also facing the same issue that you are and I am using plug-in-on-demand with the placeholder and its with Opera 11.00 on a Mac :mad:
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    re: reboot Google Chrome sync to solve error

    I think you should try to click the wrench menu icon and then click options. The window will appear and then try to click the Personal Stuff tab and press Stop syncing this account. Confirm this by...
  42. Re: Chrome unable to retrieve last session in MAC OS X 10.6.4

    I would suggest you to once check the preference settings option of google chrome. Make certain changes and try again. After you make changes refresh and restart the google chrome on your mac system....
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    Re: Unable to kill frozen Opera

    I regularly experience this complex of problems, on both WinXP SP2 and on Windows 7 system. Then I choose the change the setting option. This will be work almost all the time. The manual of the opera...
  44. Re: CPU usage stuck at 100% after trying to close Opera 11.50

    If the system closes this opera web browser in some particular time and I wouldn’t be gives any other problems then I think this is not the problem of the opera. This is happen because of the...
  45. Re: Emails which are manually labeled do not show up in Opera

    I have some steps for you make sure you follow it and the rest will be a smooth process for you. so do follow it and let me if that worked out for you.
    1) Go to the Mail Database Consistency Check...
  46. Re: Opening Flash pages in opera browser make it not responding

    This browser takes lot of time to load as it has been very high appearance and gui and this make is very slow and that where the problem in loading heavy pages.
  47. Re: Getting security alert “The server's security chain is incomplete, and the signers are not registered” in Opera

    Such a sites which are giving security warnings can harm the browser and user security therefore opera browser giving the warnings and also they never completed their security chains. And I am not...
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    Re: Saved pages is not opening in opera mini 6.1

    Opera has promise that they will released nest version of Opera mini 6.1. This newest version of opera mini comes with feature of supporting MHTML page format. So that now we can open MHTML web pages.
  49. Re: Mozilla firefox 6 getting blue screen and crashing

    Do you have any flash player installed? If yes then un-install the Adobe Flash Player. I assume that if Windows is crashing and showing a BSOD then that indicates a problem with a system driver or a...
  50. Re: Firefox 6 forces ClearType feature for some texts

    I would advise you to have a check with the gfx.* settings. So what I am saying is that you need to have a check about the same and ensure that if all the settings are there in the default mode and...
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