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    Re: Animated gifs not working in Powerpoint

    You have to insert the gif file in the from of Movie in Powerpoint. And then in animation just set it on automatic. If you set any settings like mouse hover or mouse click the gif file will not...
  2. Re: Accidentally deleted iPhone backup, can I create backup with iTunes?

    I would like to give one more option for you and what you have to do is go to the iTunes and in there you will find iTunes preferences or user preferences.
    1) Go to the user section.
    2) In the...
  3. Re: Stress testing, monitoring and benchmarking tools for both Intel and AMD rigs

    I can help you for Stress Testing:

    Memtest-Best thing for identifying if your memory is broken (if its inactivity slips, speaking to or physical)

    Prime95-Excellent project for stress testing....
  4. re: AppleMobileDeviceService.exe slows the CPU and doesn’t sync iPhone 4 with iTunes 10.4 and windows XP

    Well my friend I have a solution which can helpful to you so here is simple solution for that case well it is for Windows 7, 64 bit computer:

    Go to the C:\ProgramData\Apple\Installer...
  5. Re: System previously being sync with iPad error message while connecting new iPad

    It worked - I'm in Windows iTunes 7 with 10.4. The key is to wait until the message "time estimate" appears and then disconnect. Works like a charm.
  6. Re: problem cannot reply all at email outlook 2010 base on windows 7 64-bit

    Hello i am not that much aware with it but as you are saying that you are getting some error so i search about this on internet and i found the following link. i think this will give you some idea...
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    Re: what is Nvidia Lightboost technology?

    Don’t know exactly what is that actually but quite agree with the above user. Anyways you can go through the LINK I am mentioning, you may get somewhat related to whatever you have.
  8. Re: Getting blank iTunes store window in iTunes 10.4

    I have solution that you can try. For this method you don’t have to un-install the iTunes. As you are running windows operating system so I would say you to just try out the following method,
    • Open...
  9. Re: Which are the best Parallels vs. VMware on Macbook Pro?

    I will suggest you to download the Parallels and Fusion both and tried for free on the system and see that which is good and also which is the best to use on the system; this is how you will get the...
  10. Re: Desktop Manager 6.0 lost the Bluetooth Connectivity

    You can check on the internet and see that you will be able to get some of the solution over there and also I think you will get the solution of the connectivity of the Bluetooth with the Desktop 6.0.
  11. Re: Download VLC Media Player for android devices

    No doubt that VLC media player is better than the real media player. VLC media player is better than the default media player of android and real player because it supports mostly all kinds of...
  12. Re: Unable to resume or suspend in VMware workstation 8

    That depends on some things, How Vmem is assigned, what else is running the host, etc. Anyway, the point of re-strengthens mine, fast suspend / resume test is not really going to work out without...
  13. Re: Client Operating system freezing often in VMware workstation 8

    To solve the trouble. I did following things. But it didn’t help me much.

    I tried to uninstall 8.0 and do a fresh install new
    I also tried to remove "hiding" directory for each virtual...
  14. Re: Will fedora 15/gnome 3 work on VMware workstation 8

    No, I do not think GNOME Ubuntu 11.04 3 will work
  15. Re: Windows 7 IE9 Rendering broken with Fusion

    Open, closed IE9 multiple times, restart VM - but there is still value.
  16. Re: Few Emails Received having huge text in Outlook Express 6

    I'm having this situation the sum total of a sudden as well. It began about a few weeks in the past. Never have I had this situation on any workstation I'm dealing with in all my years. All my...
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    Re: Unable to install VMware workstation 8

    Try to install following things.

    Install VMUSBArbService and vmusb
    and re-enumerate local usb-devices
  18. Re: Need Software for Modem / computer Speakers

    I do not think you might need to get any of the software for the modem or for the computer, as when you receive a call or dial any of the call then you might be able to hear the voice on the speakers...
  19. Re: Why don’t many people prefer using OpenOffice?

    Yet me utilizing Openoffice but don't encounter any inconvenience with it. Be that as it may in all probability for the reason that I’m not utilizing it regularly, I unequivocally utilize it to see...
  20. Re: How to Backup Factory Installed Hardware without Reinstallation Disk?

    The framework picture I was saying could not permit you to backup just the Office Suite, just the entire computer. I don't skill you would be able to move the Office Suite to a different computer (or...
  21. Re: Cloning C drive to a new drive that works up to a point

    You would be able to invariably open the Ghost browser; it will open your picture and permit you to copy any document / records / folders you should their first area on your unique "C" drive. This...
  22. Re: Where can we find Windows Picture and Fax viewer?

    I needed to have a strategy to get Windows Picture Fax viewer to head up manually to accommodate an old person who is not quite great with PCs but has been attempting to get into Digital Photography....
  23. Re: VMware workstation 8 unable to work in Gentoo os

    I was able to install 8.0 on Ubuntu 9.10 VMW, install and enter the license, which moves the "license-ws-80-471780" / etc / vmware Gentoo - it worked. and I am able to start virtual machines .I also...
  24. Re: Installing Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) on VMware fusion 4.0.1?

    I'm confused about how this is possible. Once you download Lion of the Mac App Store and install the installer application is gone. You cannot re-download (at least on the same machine), because it...
  25. Re: WinPatrol Monitor Cookies in Internet Explorer after Microsoft security updates

    Now I discover a NirSoft freebie that will help Control-a to select all and I can paste. It is the way that can be easily use to handle this monitoring cookies task on your system. Then I suggest to...
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    Re: Lost connectivity in VMware view 4.6

    We've had the precise same matter and it turned up to be a recognized matter with 4.6 and Zero clients. So not convinced if this would be appropriate to you nevertheless in my case it was OK in 4.5...
  27. Re: Unable to recompose all my desktop pools using VMware view 4.5

    Exact identical matter here. Updated to 4.6 all the way. Then the following week updated the agents to 4.6. Recomposed. And had error on a number of machines: Provisioning mistake occurred for...
  28. Re: What is the need to upgrade to VMware view 5?

    VCenter 5 should be able to manage 4.1 hosts. I still pour over the upgrade guide to see if there traps.
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    Re: PCoIP not working in VMware view 4

    Managed to fix our 'black screen, then disconnect when remote-con-PCoIP "theme, paying VIP PCoIP external UDP load balancer. After establishing the secure gateway in the configuration of the SS,...
  30. Re: Help-Need to make a video recording tutorial is also one of the software that does the similar kind of task. It is specially designed for the Windows system and it is absolutely free. This is the software program for recording...
  31. Re: How do you uninstall a program that won't uninstall?

    I have 2 projects that are non-genuine software: Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft XP Professional with Front Page. I have attempted erasing them through Add or Remove program through regedit but...
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    Re: Working panel missing in Adobe Edge

    You should you some of the clean up tolls which will clean the file which are in the bad sector and also will repair and give you the file which were corrupted to use, so try some of the tools.
  33. re: Adobe reader close by DEP when directed to print

    Recall that the Video Driver is in addition utilized to render parts to be printed. This is why we would like to see late society attempting to introduce windows XP. Well, that would be not totally...
  34. Re: Missing important folder from my desktop, need help!

    We have Windows issues with degenerate profiles where it will, well you know that! Make certain to not utilize this drive but put it as a slave on a different system so you don't overwrite the lost...
  35. Re: Hybrid drivers for dell alienware m11x R1 laptop

    Actually you are right there could be some problem with the operating system you have installed, and if suppose the current version that you have installed is working perfectly then according to me...
  36. Re: How to find MVI files on Mac OS X 10.6.8

    Before doing any think on it and I must say that to check that Where and how did you move the library? This information help to you for reaching the MVI files on this system. Try this process on your...
  37. Re: I am looking for VMware workstation 8 Beta downoad

    Those are quiet nice features mentioned. But I too agree to go with Vmware 7. There are many reason for the same. First is that it works stable. Till yet there is no major issue on my system. I can...
  38. re: Unable to run stylesheet in firefox && error: Parsing an XSLT stylesheet failed

    There could be a variety of causes. And to name a few:

    illogical/incorrect path to the stylesheet

    Unacceptable characters in the stylesheet

    indecent syntax
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    Re: How to create button on adobe edge?

    I don’t know about button but according to me for looping the animation you can try the below mentioned code, it is actually a script that you have to run:

    <script language="JavaScript">
  40. Re: Need to do seek in timeline for Adobe Edge

    You could seek the timeline to a starting / ending blank frame. The javascript of the adobe edge software helps to do this task on your system. Then use it and hope that it will be help to you for...
  41. Re: How to get adobe edge animations to trigger on-hover or on-scroll

    This is not a programming question, but a statement. I suggest to you for use an proper way that can be help to solve your complicated difficulty. Some changes affect only the selected appearances....
  42. Re: Need another Javascript library for Adobe Edge

    This is an early look at Edge, for evaluation and feedback. We can’t know that the newest javascript features and tools present on this newest software or not but I think we need to wait some time...
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    Re: Is Adobe Edge another walled garden?

    Adobe wants to help designers and developers and to give them a choice. The adobe edges fulfill this entire designer requirement. I think the way this software is to be designed is really...
  44. Re: Unable to install Adobe Edge on Windows 7

    We are fixing the "disk insert" bug and the fix the bug using the command prompt. There is an inbuilt option present on this windows 7 system that works to auto run this disk. In response you can...
  45. Re: Cannot access vmware-host after upgrading windows7 and vmware fusion3.0

    Same problem and I don’t think that this would be solved because this has been the problem with the application itself and the problem would be solved when the application would be having the...
  46. Re: How to pause or stop the Adobe Edge animation

    I use this code and then I was able to do this stop the animation in the middle of this loading or running process. You can also try this on your animation project. I use this on windows 7 and it...
  47. Re: Adobe Edge looks great but not works in Internet Explorer 8

    IE9 is the last version of IE to be supported in windows vista as well as other windows based system. This web browser specially provides the facility to support this CSS as well as the HTML5 type of...
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    Re: Adobe edge Preview 2 is now available

    I also read that these tools are now available on the market. Adobe Edge, for those who don't already know, is a design tool. This will be suitable for the animations purpose. It is a new web motion...
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    Re: VMware view on Cisco webVPN

    I have had the same confront and got a really high-quality operational explanation. ASA access via ICA or RDP plug-in to a Citrix or Terminal Server is the standard remote access offering here...
  50. Re: What things you like to see in VMware view 5.0

    I just set this up and see what the trouble is. I do not think you need anything.
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