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  1. Re: Why my Windows folder shows 365GB of total space in Windows 7

    How come the same problem with same amount of file size is noted into some other windows 7 system? I am the person having a windows 7 system and facing the same issue. Now the most surprising thing...
  2. Re: An extended error has occured when mapping a network drive

    Verify to confirm that the PC date is the similar in addition. The actual time typically isn’t the difficulty, however rather the date. So please check this. In between I am trying to find more...
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    Re: BOOTMGR is missing after Windows 7

    There are a number of reasons intended for this error message, e.g. corruption toward the file bootmgr or bootmgr residing on top of a dissimilar drive. It’s based upon your precise issue. Boot...
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    Re: Does not found anything great in Windows 8

    Windows 8 is mainly designed for an touch based interface. It is for those who work on touch screen devices. The operating system is designed to work with many sensors to capture motion and...
  5. Re: After installing Lion, system has slowed dramatically. Need help

    I think that there is no "splash screens" in Lion. And also "extremely annoying splash screen advertising the MacBook Air"
    For the more help you can also refer the Apple support website which is set...
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    Re: How to Share folders in Windows Xp

    To share data over network follow the instructions :

    Click the start menu, then the Computer button on the right-hand portion of the menu.
    Double-click the hard disk drive
    Double-click the...
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    Re: My computer getting restarted again and again

    You can use the System restore option of the computer. On starting the computer press F8 to get advanced booting option and then select safe mode option . When Windows boot in safe mode then there...
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    Re: C drive disappeared from my computer

    The C drive disappearing from my computer is very uncommon it can happen when an registry of system is affected by any action on and it is easy to retrive it back follow the instructions .Run task...
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    Re: Trash cannot be empty on Mac OS

    Mac O.S has many privileges to the files and folders that need to checked before deleting the data, if such error occurs then check whether the folder has granted any locks on it.As you are the user...
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    Re: The evaluation copy of Windows 7 got expired

    Take the back up of all your documents and whatever else you want and store it in an external hard drive or to DVD. IF you still have the restore partition then you can reset your desktop back to...
  11. Re: Facing Internal Monitor error message on Vmware workstation

    Just for quick ensure that your system is not using NUMA architecture. The information of this is located in /proc/vmware/NUMA/hardware file. If there is no file here located then your server does...
  12. Re: Segmentation Error while Installing Ubuntu LTS on Vmware

    It will bet better you must have a look on the compatibility version of vmware. It is giving the error which can be related to the hardware incompatibility. The official website of vmware has many...
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    re: Swapping displays in PowerPoint for Mac 2011

    Whenever you’re trying to swap the display, move your mouse cursor beyond the right side of the screen on your Mac OS. Now you find that it’s appeared in your project screen on your System. Where...
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    Re: How to run Nested Vms

    Due to the new version support the installation of guest has become much more easier. You can easily create the virtual machine using the same source of iso file you have with you for Vmware. The...
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    Re: Does anyone uses ZFS

    You can try the same via FreeBSD. It is possible to port this file system on a FreeBSD system. ZFS is not just an file system, but something more than that. There are many advance integrated volume...
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    Re: way to boot directly to desktop in Windows 7

    Well, you're absolutely right. But you can skip the first part. You do NOT need to set a password. so basically just follow steps 1 to 5 and leave your password blank if not using it.
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    Re: What Is 32 Bit Architecture?

    For most of the customer it is difficult to run the 64 bit application program into 32 bit platform, so now most of the companies are trying to develop the application which can better run on 64 bit...
  18. Re: Need help with Mac OS X 10.7 Gold Master Installation

    There is an similar guide related to Lion installation and that will surely work on this. The below guide which is linked states more on Snow Leopard installation and I know that only you need to...
  19. Re: way to re-activate a legitimate copy of Windows 7 Home Premium?

    If you are installing windows and after that you need to re activation for the home premium then I will suggest you at the windows installing time do not enter your product key, and at that time...
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    Re: Windows XP product key does not work

    Hello there are many discussion available for this query. Even on a Microsoft site you will get the proper solution of it. While searching about this I found the following link of the same site. You...
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    Re: how to default AOL as email

    Hello I try to find about this on internet and in internet search I found this following settings to make it default you have to edit your registry key for that you have to follow the following...
  22. Re: On Mac how to convert Pc format External Hard disk?

    I would like to appreciate you for your help. I followed your steps. When you reached in disk utilities, I selected the outside hard drive and went to the erase button. Did you actually want me to...
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    Re: How to recover theme on windows 7?

    One thing that can be tried and done to solve this problem. Note down the exact name of the theme and search for the folder that consists this theme. Right click on the file(theme) and choose delete...
  24. Re: After changing Mac address in backtrack 5 airmon-ng not able to find any interface

    Hey when you type this command

    It should give you interface list where all detail will be there. Which all card is connected .It will show along with its name and interface to which it is...
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    Re: Blue Screen of Death on XP

    Below are some threads that you can refer and try out. BSOD has number of causes. The error is mostly related to some graphic driver issue. For the same when you run a fresh installation try to boot...
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    Re: Windows 7 is not starting up

    This can be due to virus issue. Your explorer is corrupted and because of which the system freezing. There are two ways to fix it. First boot in safe mode by pressing F8 continuously when your system...
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    Re: How to install backtrack 5 on dell streak 5?

    Following are the steps to install backtrack 5 on dell streak 5
    Step 5
    Since Arm version of backtrack 5 is more than 4 GB and SD card does not support more than 4 GB of data .you need to resize...
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    Re: Unable to delete movie file

    Explorer is attempting to be too smart (and then not) by whenever you look through the directory that includes the avi's or press on an avi it attempts to gather information such as dimensions, play...
  29. Re: Getting registry recovery alert with no reason

    Well, after whereas the symptom happened once more. Then there were also a variety of other errors with internet explorer (had to shut rather often), and irregular bugs with other programs. To create...
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    re: Backtrack 5-cracking WEP with no client

    Maybe the fragmentation of time. Again, I agree! Ops seems to have disappeared, so I guess we'll know more when I get back! Usually an access point will discard all packets from a Mac, not on their...
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    Re: Backtrack 5 Gnome 32bit install hangs at 99%

    Be blocked for a while don’t worry my laptop took 20 minutes in 99% and desktop took 15 minutes in the way that files are being copied back mad is rapid when the system is creating files that will...
  32. Re: How to use live Ubuntu disc to recover windows pc

    Hard to say without deliberate precisely the whole thing that possibly will have been there, unluckily. If you comprise the patience to troubleshoot this in advance, you are capable to acquire help...
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    Re: Can't get my wifi to work in backtrack 5?

    You possibly will not contain a wireless card that supports monitor mode or packet injection out-of-the-box on Backtrack 5. Run airmon-ng start [whatsoever iwconfig says is your wireless device] to...
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    Re: How to Make A Bootable DVD for Windows 7

    With an installed Nero you can find under the tab Data the possibility of a bootable data DVD create. The data required for the boot sector Nero automatically provides. You just have to select the...
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    Re: How can we store two blocks in one sector?

    I would suggest you that you should use the formula for knowing the two blocks in one sector. This very suitable and correct way to know the solution of this problem. You can follow formula of the...
  36. Re: How to import registry string value from *.csv file or ini file

    I want to tell actually how to import the .ini files. This function imports a .reg file and makes the individual entries with the Install Shield registry functions. The benefit of this technique is,...
  37. re: desktop ini, windows explorer, folder option, system folder, windows 7

    According to me and as your problem I want to tell you some steps. First of all you will open my computer then after you will click the tools. After that you will click the tools tab in the windows...
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    Re: how to unhide the sub folder in windows 7

    I would like to tell you that how to unhide the sub folder in windows 7. I am telling you some steps with the help of these steps you will be able to unhide the sub folder in windows 7. You can see...
  39. Re: Windows automatically maximize above taskbar bug

    I only get this on my screen when I'm using an external display to extend my desktop. I use the taskbar on the right to take full advantage of the wide screen of my laptop. I have this in my two...
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    Re: Under Linux how to control the fan speed?

    For your card are you using the “restricted” fglrx drivers? And is the driver loaded correctly and working? Because Ubuntu 9.10 uses the open-source xorg-video-radeon driver as default and this...
  41. Re: The target drive letter is not obtained by recovery C: drive

    I had a Sony VAIO laptop a few months back and one night my laptop crashed and after that when I turned it on it took me to the VAIO recovery tools because something was wrong over there. Then I used...
  42. Re: Not able to play Blu-Ray Disks after windows 7 upgrade

    Hi, I have read your issue and I can see that you were not having any problems to play the blu-ray discs in windows vista but a=the problem started when you upgraded from windows vista to windows 7...
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    re: Which operating system does Powerbook G4 has

    According to me you can install the Linux operating system if you like Linux operating system otherwise in the market another operating system is available. If you want to know about default...
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    Re: What is logical memory in computer refers to

    There are many advantages to a virtual memory. Firstly, it marks the separation of physical memory and logic. When there is virtual memory available, programmers can have a very large logical...
  45. Re: What type of partition is recommended for Ubuntu Server

    The only disk partitioning process is more complicated than the entire facility. In general you can get two options. The first is the the classic partitioning and LVM (Logical Volume Manager), being...
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    Re: Technical support until 2014 - Windows XP

    Although Windows v7 is out and used on most of the system Microsoft shifting the end of the support period for the popular Windows XP Home from April 2009 to April 2014. The mainstream support which...
  47. Re: How to run hassle free setup of Virtual OS for servers

    Virtual Machines usually are independent over the hardware support. They can run a run a server and transform into a set of files. The benefits of virtualization are so obvious that many...
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    Re: How to fix amdsata.sys error?

    Once a virus program or malware disguises itself as amdsata.sys file and run on your computer, you will notice the following symptoms significantly. Computers run slower than ever, for the reason...
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    Re: Dual screen mirroring in Linux Mint

    I think that I am also facing similar kind of issue. I am running KDE Mint 9 I have two screens, both known (one VGA and one DVI). My graphics card is an ATI [Radeon 9550] I went into "System...
  50. Compiz is not working with Dual monitors on Linux Mint

    It is clear that I am facing issue with Compiz. Actually I am trying to run Compiz on more than one computer, I mean to say working with two computers. One computer is having card Intel 945GM and...
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