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  1. Mobo Genie is not identifying any of my phone on Windows 7

    MoboGenie does not seems to be working well on my system and I am not able to figure out why. I am having around 4 to 5 android phones at my home. All are using it. I am using MoboGenie as the only...
  2. Is there any Custom ROM available for Oppo R5

    Oppo R5 is an awesome device and I am trying to find custom rom for this model. But I am not able to find anything. I want to test a few new roms as I am able to get the stock rom. On the official...
  3. Dead or Alive game installation halted on Windows 10 TP

    I had just done with downloading Dead or Alive game for my pc. I am having a Windows 10. I was using Windows 7 before, last week I updated to Windows 10 to test new features. When I start the...
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    Want a good wireless headphone for TV

    I am looking for a wireless headphone for my flat Samsung TV. I want a wireless headphone. Whenever I watch movies my mom complain a lot about the volume. So I want a wireless headset. Hwo can I find...
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