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    Re: Antec Neo 620C PSU for I7-4790k

    I dont think there is any problem with Antec Neo Eco 620W power supply and it will be compatible with your Intel i7-4790K CPU as well. But with that GTX 970 graphics card it would not be possible to...
  2. Re: Brother MFC-j870DW scanner driver for Windows 8.1

    I think that you not only have to install the driver but the full software that comes in the package that you download from the Brother's official website. You will also need to ensure that the...
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    Re: Pin Identification on Gigabyte Motherboard

    You can try to check out some video reviews of your Gigabyte GA-81945GZME-RH motherboard to see where all the connections are to be done on youtube. Or else you can even check the manual of your...
  4. Re: Mouse and keyboard randomly disconnect and reconnect again

    First of all disconnect all usb devices except mouse and keyboard and open Advanced System Settings. Here, click on Advanced Tab > Environment Variables. Go to System Variables and then click on new...
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    Re: Antec Three Hundred Two vs Antec One case

    Both case that you have listed seems to be good, however, if I were you then I would go for Antec One case that looks solid. Just in case if you want then you can also add a 120mm fan at the side to...
  6. Re: dell inspiron need help resetting all passwords

    I think that you will have to ask the seller from where you have bought your Dell system. If they are not able to give you the password then return the system and get a refund or else you will have...
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    Re: Antec VP630F for GTX 770 graphics card

    After looking at the technical specifications of Geforce GTX 770 graphics card it seems that it requires 600W power supply. So, Antec VP630F power supply would be more than enough for the video card....
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    Re: Antec VP650P power supply enough for GTX 970

    After checking the technical specifications of GTX 970 graphics card it seems that it requires only 500Watts of power supply, so indeed the Antec VP650P psu would be more than enough for this card....
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    Re: error code 0x000006f7 installing printer

    You are facing this problem because of the heavy driver conflict. I will recommend you to reinstall the printer and usb drivers if it is usb connected, usually. But before proceeding ahead you should...
  10. Re: getting message "A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed" on Windows 8

    There is also a tool called Driver Booster that can install all the required drivers available for your hardware peripherals. It is is software that allows you to automatically search for a computer...
  11. Re: recover files from Kingston DT 101 G2 32gb usb drive

    There are many free software to recover files from usb drive, one such is called Recuva program. It is a freeware software to recover your lost files. While many free software performing this task...
  12. Re: How to install Windows XP on Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H

    Are you not able to performa a clean install of Windows 8 on your pc? You can easily do a clean install of the operating system even with an upgrade version of Windows 8. You can try to follow this...
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    Re: SanDisk Ultra II vs Kingston SSDNow V300

    If you will actually consider buying the Samsung 840 Evo then it will be worth the model which also comes at the $100 mark. The Samsung SSD are considered as a premium model compared to any other...
  14. Re: Antec EA-750 not compatible with Haswell processor

    As per Antec, the below Power Supply's are fully compatible with Haswell processor:

    EarthWatts Platinum: EA-450, EA-550, EA-650
    High Current Gamer M: HCG-520M, HCG-620M, HCG-750M, HCG-850M
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    Re: Antec 750w for MSI R9 270X enough?

    The difference is not that much noticeable in the PCIE 3.0 and PCIE 2.0 slot. The MSI R9 270X graphics card that you are choosing is not a huge upgrade but if you were going to choose the R9 280X or...
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    Re: How to solve GTA 5 Error CE-34878-0 on PS4


    Even you can try the other method to solve your problem please check the below steps.

    Shut down and disconnect your PS4 from power for at least 10 seconds.
    Plug it in...
  17. Re: western digital external hdd making clicking sound

    If it is making a lot of clicking sound then surely it is going to die within a short period of time. So try to backup every important data as soon as you can and then send the hard drive to the...
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    Re: Sound failure & Slow... Boot on Intel DG41RQ

    Well the best rated motherboard is hard to find because the processor uses a 775 socket which is very old. But still there are few new motherboards that you can check out for the socket from this...
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    Re: HELP! Pop Crackling noise on G41M-ES2H

    Well, if that is the problem then it can be only solved by a stable release Realtek audio driver for Windows 7, you should try to email them and ask for a fix for this issue. By the way are you using...
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    Re: HELP! Pop Crackling noise on G41M-ES2H

    Have you checked if your board is Windows 7 ready? Also, did you install the proper audio drivers in your pc? Check the HDMI connection to the TV whether it is properly inserted or not. You can also...
  21. Thread: new graphics card

    by T.J.

    Re: new graphics card

    You can easily go with any Seasonic 550watt power supply which would be enough to run your graphics card and also all the rest of the hardware components. As for cpu cooler, it really depends on...
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    Re: western digital hdd password

    Try to unplug the power and press the reset button on the back which will reset your hard drive to the default and not erase any files. After that you can use the default user/password by looking in...
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    10 Tips to Create Viral Video on Youtube

    Today, more than 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds! In this saturated space, it becomes essential to stand out and leverage the virality of content. Here are some tips to...
  24. Re: Antec VP650P 650 watts psu compatible with Haswell processor?

    As per Antec, below are the following Power Supply list that is fully compatible with the Haswell Processor:

    TruePower Quattro: TPQ-850, TPQ-1000, TPQ-1200, TPQ-1200 OC
    EarthWatts Platinum:...
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    Re: Gigabyte UD6 Memory Problem

    It might be possible that you might have a faulty RAM slot, you will be able to use dual channel in p55. You can try to test if its faulty slot or module is to just put one stick in the slot and...
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    Re: Asus Z97-A black screen problem

    Are you also getting any error messages as well. Was your system working fine before or is this a newly build computer which is having this black screen issue? How much RAM and what PSU model are you...
  27. Re: WD Green Caviar hard drive wont stay connected

    I checked all the difficulty you are facing on the Western Digital external hard drive that you have. I will strongly suggest you to download the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics test first for the drive...
  28. Re: SeaSonic S12II 520W vs Antec NeoECO 520W vs XFX TS Series 550W power supply

    The Antec NeoECO 520W power supply is also equal to the SeaSonic S12II PSU. You will not get a quality unit like this and it is worth if you are getting it at a lesser price. This Antec psu is very...
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    Re: Asus Z97-A black screen problem

    You can try to install your old graphics card but note that you will have to change the settings in BIOS from onboard display to GPU or something. Then try to boot the pc and install the latest...
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    Re: Antec HCG-620M vs Corsair CS650M Power Supply

    If the Antec HCG-620M is coming in the same price that of your old Corsair power supply then it will be better to go with the Antec one. This Antec power supply is a modular one and it is the best...
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    Re: Wireless keyboard of Sony VAIO Tap 11 problem

    If none of the above solution is working for you then it seems to be a hardware issue. So, the best thing that you can do is just get a warranty service on it. Incase of Bluetooth, you can try to...
  32. Re: HP pen drive always ask to format when plugging it in computer

    Can you try to right click on your Pen Drive and then go to Properties > Hardware > and select your device and then go to Properties and choose the better performance option. After that click to...
  33. Re: Western Digital Caviar Black access time problem

    It seems to me that you will have to check the power management in Windows or the BIOS menu as well to see what all options are on and which ones are off. Can you try to set the Turn off disk option...
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    Re: cannot configure Logitech K400 in Setpoint

    If you can try to update the Setpoint software to version 6.50 then you wont face any problems. You might be using the old 6.32 version, so you need to uninstall it first and then delete every single...
  35. Re: getting usb 2.0 speed with Transcend PCI Express USB 3.0 card

    I have found out that your Transcend PCI Express USB 3.0 card uses the Renesas Electronics usb 3.0 host controller driver. You can check it with the driver download by going to the Transcend website....
  36. Re: Logitech K800 wireless keyboard automatically typing on its own

    Can you try to unpair your Logitech K800 wireless keyboard by using the Logitech Unifying Software and then repair again. I was having teh game problem where my keyboard was pressing the Spacebar key...
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    Re: unable to update ASUS H87-PLUS bios

    Follow the below steps to update BIOS in your computer:

    Insert a USB flash disk that contains the BIOS file to the USB port.
    Turn on the system.
    The utility will automatically checks the...
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    Re: old Antec Earthwatt 500W for Haswell processor

    Below are some of the Antec Power Supplies that are fully compatible with Haswell processor:

    EarthWatts Green: EA-650 Green
    EarthWatts Platinum: EA-450, EA-550, EA-650
    High Current Game:...
  39. Re: Is Kingston Mobilelite wireless worth buying?

    I purchased it and found out that it cannot be connected to any android devices that I had, even with the latest version of the app installed. At the first time, it was slow to connect and somtimes...
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    Re: Should I buy MicroDuo?

    The Kingston DataTraveler microDuo is a very good usb drive having the feature of USB-OTG (On The Go), which can connect to different mobile phones as well. Most of the usb drive doesnt have this...
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    Re: All files lost on WD My Book 2.0

    Well, if there is too many problems with the hard drive then Data recovery may or may not work. Most of the time you only get corrupted files from your hard drive but if you are lucky then you might...
  42. Re: getting "Restart to repair drive errors" in Windows 8

    Can you try to run the below command by opening CMD in administrator mode and then typing the below:
    chkdsk /spotfix c:

    There are also many other chkdsk options which might help. In any case, if...
  43. Re: WD5000E035-00 drive not recognized, please help

    First of all unplug the power adapter from the UPS and connect directly into the wall socket. Most of the time surge protectors reduces the power which is needed after a number of devices are added...
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    Re: Crucial M500 or Kingston V300 SSD

    If you can spend another 20$ then you can even get a better SSD of Samsung 840 Evo. You can easily install it in your system and it runs very fast with no noise at all. This is a quality product from...
  45. Re: retired block count 2 error with Kingston 240gb SSD

    I agree to the fact that is written above but still, if you want to, then you can try to reinstall the Operating System on your SSD and see if it works fine. After that test the SSD with different...
  46. Re: Bios detects 4 gb Starlite gold but windows 32 bit does not

    Can you tell us what is the blue screen error message you are getting? After installing the new RAM you might need to reinstall Windows on your machine and Windows 32bit will only recognize below 4gb...
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    Re: No Power, no fans, no nothing!

    If your motherboard is not booting at all then its definitely the motherboard or power supply issue. Can you try to just connect the motherboard to the PSU and then check if it either lights up or...
  48. Re: Seagate 3TB ST3000DM001 hard drive clicking problem

    Can you try to get a diagnostic report via the drive's serial terminal interface. You should not use any commands other than ctrl+z and especially not the "m" command, as it is a data destructive in...
  49. Re: SoftAP feature is not Available for HP Wi-Fi mouse

    Yes, this problem looks to be a flaw with HP's mouse only. To solve it partially you can go in Network and Sharing Center and then click on Change Adapter settings. Now search for your wireless...
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    Re: Need Help with external partition

    First of all you need to break sentences in your queries because it is very difficult to read anything from it. Secondly, you can download HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool by searching on the net and...
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