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  1. Re: how to fix Dragon Ball Xenoverse has stopped working

    Well, have you tried to launch the game in compatability mode and checked if it is working? To do that right click on the game.exe file and then click on Properties. After that click on the...
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    Re: Dying light.exe has stopped working

    Even I will ask you to monitor how much RAM is being used when you are playing games by running a utility called MSI Afterburner. It will also give you imformation about how much temperature rise is...
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    Re: theHunter: Primal freezes all the time

    Just try to delete the whole game folder and redownload it to the default Steam location on the C drive. If you are downloading this game on your second drive then it might be a cause of the problem....
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    Re: Assetto Corsa crashing all the time

    Are you having any type of mods installed in your pc? Can you try to uninstall the game via Steam and then go to the folder where it is installed and delete everything from there. After that go to...
  5. Re: Dragon Age Inquisition crashes to desktop due to DirectX error

    You can try to use some method suggested to fix similar problem with Battlefield 4 and check if that works or not. First of all try to install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package and DirectX...
  6. Re: gameplay movements delay playing Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

    Well, can you try to disconnect all the gaming input devices that you are not using, such as the Joysticks, sterring wheels and everything else. Also try to uninstall any controller emulation program...
  7. Re: gameplay movements delay playing Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

    Did you try to disable the option of Vsync by going into game Options > Display > VSync and disable it completely. I have checked that the game is set to Double Buffering turned on autmatically and...
  8. Re: Counter-Strike Global Offensive crash while connecting to online server

    For playing online you need a good bandwidth. Or else the game will not work and it will keep on getting crashed. You must have a good internet connection for the same.Compare to that playing on lan...
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    Re: Lords Of The Fallen crashes at intro video

    I was also facing this same crashing problem with this game and I did a couple of things to solve this problem. I dont know what exactly worked for me but still I will let you know about it. I just...
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    Re: Risen 3 Titan Lords game will not start

    Most of the Nvidia graphics card owner's are only the ones who are facing this problem where this game Risen 3 Titan Lords wont start in their computer. So, to solve this issue you all should try to...
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    Re: unlock pre-order DLC in Sacred 3

    Most of the US people are facing this problems. So try to add "?cc=us" without the quotes at the end of the app ID in the URL and you will notice that the DLC will be not available in the US, if you...
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    Re: save game in MouseCraft

    Yes, the developers of this game MouseCraft have said that they have rearranged almost all the levels in this game. Therefore they have deleted all the existing levels from the beta. There are almost...
  13. Re: Ulauncher crashes while playing State of Decay

    The same thing was happening to many people and this was caused because one of the file didnt get through the installation. So to solve this problem, you will need to verify the files again. To do...
  14. Re: Warlock 2: the Exiled Application aborted and crashing

    I was also facing similar issue when I saved the game to quit for some time and then I when I came back after 2-3 hours I got the same error message as stated above. So, I just rebooted my computer...
  15. Re: unable to change controls in Deus Ex: The Fall

    Deus Ex: The Fall is a game ported from Android and iOS smartphones to PC. So, due to some limitations, the developers of this game might have deliberately made the controls not to change and it will...
  16. Re: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 graphical artifacts problem

    You can also try to turn off or lower the settings for Motion blur and see if that works for you. Or else, as said above, this could be a crossfire problem, so try to set alternative rendering in the...
  17. Re: how to play Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation HD on pc with xbox 360 controller

    Even I was facing the same problem. After numerous attempts I went into the game options and then set the game to be played on keyboard and then changed it back to controller. After that I just press...
  18. Re: Execution of Alan Wake in PC leads to File IO error

    To solve this problem that you are getting with this game all you need to do is make a different Windows Account in your Windows setting menu. And select the account name in English only. After that...
  19. Re: Wasteland 2 crashes while starting a new game

    Well, for me this game is not starting from the Steam client but it will start from the original .exe file where it is installed in my computer which usually runs through the Steam client. But even...
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    Re: Starbound beta crash fix

    Is the crash happening immediately when the game is loading? If so then it could be a hardware problem. Can you check the Windows Event Viewer and get some information about the crashing of the game?...
  21. Re: black screen when fight stars in Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition

    It seems that many people who were using the Nvidia Titan graphics card are having this problem and disabling the Shadows only lets them to play the game till the moment. Until a patch to fix this...
  22. Re: controller not working with Contrast 2013 game

    Last time I checked the Steam community then the developers of this game said that there is a Xinput support to play this game with the controller. The different type of controllers that were tested...
  23. Re: Call of Duty: Ghosts error EXE_ERR_COULDNT_CONFIGURE

    If you have a DirectX 10/9 video card then the above fix will not work because this is only for those who have DirectX 11 compatible graphics card. So, make sure to have the same requirement. You...
  24. Re: Call of Duty: Ghosts error EXE_ERR_COULDNT_CONFIGURE

    If you have a DirectX 10/9 video card then the above fix will not work because this is only for those who have DirectX 11 compatible graphics card. So, make sure to have the same requirement. You...
  25. Re: Artifacts in between while playing Sniper Ghost Warrior

    Those are artifacts. It looks your gpu is getting heated. You have to check the temperature. Download and install a gpu temp monitoring application and keep a eye on ongoing temperature. Overheating...
  26. Re: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition game freezing

    There are many people who were having this problem. For more turning off the V-Sync worked but for others it didnt work. However, you can try this solution and see if it works for you. If that doesnt...
  27. Re: Cabela's African Adventures crashes starting first safari

    Even I was facing this problem where the game used to crash to desktop when ever I tried to play through the missions. But later I found out that if I change the resolution from 1920x1080 to below...
  28. Re: bought Goodbye Deponia Premium Edition for pc and didnt get soundtrack and bonus

    Even I am not able to find the soundtrack and bonus features in the Premium Content folder. I hope that there shouldnt be any sort of indication that we bought the premium version in our game...
  29. Re: how to play Air Conflicts: Vietnam with a controller

    After installing the game I noticed a file called joyconfig.ini in the game folder, so I guess that it might be possible to remap axises and buttons for the controller. But there is another file...
  30. Re: how to save manually in Legends Of Aethereus

    Well, I am playing this game and from my opinion this game doesnt have manually save option which is really frustrating because I played this game for about 1 hour and suddenly the electricity went...
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    Re: Shadow Warrior 2013 game crashes constantly

    You are not alone since many people are facing this crashing problem at random chapters in this Shadow Warrior game. If the game developers are reading this problem then they should definitely try to...
  32. Re: enable FOV option in Day One : Garry's Incident game

    After reading from the Steam community I found out that the game developers are going to add FOV options in this game in the future update. So, until then you can either purchase the game or wait for...
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    Re: Alien Rage Unlimited fps cap

    There is a tool available for encrypting or decrypting Bulletstorm initialization files that can be used to increase the FPS in this Alien Rage Unlimited game. You can download the file from this...
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    Re: Splinter Cell: Blacklist FPS issues

    Yes, even I think that this game is poorly optimized. I am using the GTX 660Ti graphics card and have to play this game on medium settings with tesselation option turned off to get atleast 50 FPS,...
  35. Re: multiplayer abilities lost when logging out from Lost Planet 3

    Yes, this issue seems to be happening due to minor internet connection dropping during online gameplay. So, the development team might be building a save state where all the game progress will be...
  36. Re: communication error with Kobo Glo ereader

    It seems to me that the database in your ebook reader is messed up. Can you try to log out from your Kobo account on your Kobo Glo and the log back in and see if that solves the issue. By doing this,...
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    Re: How to run iOS games on PC

    BlueStacks emulator is only for android games and not iOS games, so it wont work on PC with iOS apps. You will have to download some other emulator like iPadian. It is an iPad emulator that works on...
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    Re: Graphic sexual content in Outlast game

    I have just watched the video on youtube and by looking at the background in the game there migth be some brutal sexual torture or else naked body lying around that were tested by the monster or so....
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    Re: Total War: ROME II graphics issue

    Even I am noticing that graphics problem. Its really disappointing to see such issues after Shogun 2 game. I think that Shogun 2 was having the High Res texture pack that was released after a few...
  40. Re: Lost Planet 3 crashes to desktop on my pc

    I had the same problem with this game on my computer and what I did was I went into the Lost Planet 3 installation folder and then right clicked the Lost Planet 3 setup.exe file and then went to...
  41. Re: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Steam servers too busy

    Well, you can try to restart Steam in Safe Mode and then try to install the game which will not get stuck most of the time. After it is done, you just need to finish the installation on your pc and...
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    Re: Kindle Paperwhite extra Dictionaries

    You will not be able to order your Kindle with other dictionaries but you maybe able to install your own dictionaries as soon as you get your kindle ebook reader. There are many standard Mobipocket...
  43. Re: getting Xbox 360 Controller to work in Spelunky HD pc

    For all those who want their different controllers to work with Spelunky HD game on pc, other than the Xbox controller owner, all you need to do is download a file called x360ce which is a XBOX 360...
  44. Re: Pre-ordered Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition and didnt get some stuff

    Well, most of the people dont have Emperial Edition of this game so it could be possible that the game company might be fixing this issue soon. Some of the users who purchased this per-order received...
  45. Re: The Raven Legacy of a Master Thief wont launch on Windows 7 64bit

    There are a lot of bugs in this game and until it is not fixed I would suggest that people should wait before buying this game. One of my friend didnt face any problems with this game but on the...
  46. Re: Going for BioShock Infinite. Want some info on gameplay

    It is an awesome game. It offers you great graphics and a very long story line. If you love exploration, fps and fantasy type game then this one is the best choice. I think you must start with this...
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    Re: How to get crosshair in Payday 2 Beta game

    This beta version of Payday 2 game doesnt have Crosshair. It seems that the developers made this change because they wanted the gamers to feel as real as possible by making it a real life kind of...
  48. Re: The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC stuck at "connecting" screen

    I have found that if we disconnect from the internet on out system then the game works fine but we will not able to enjoy the gaming experience since it will either stutter or lag before an autosave...
  49. Re: Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition lags at some stages with slow motion

    Yes, most of the people and even myself are getting lag and slow motion gameplay at the particular Graveyard stage. Seems like the stage itself is bugged and I am also getting low fps. The only way...
  50. Re: cannot start Deadpool game bought from Steam

    Have you tried to launch or play the game in Windowed mode and not full screen. Also, just try to add the "-nocrashdialog" without the quotes at the end of the launch option for the deadpool.exe game...
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