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  1. Re: using gmail account to sign up to Microsoft account

    You can also try to import or subscribe to your Google calendar in microsoft account. To do that sign in to your Google account and go to the Export your calendar page. After that follow the...
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    Re: How to remove .lnk malware

    The best tool to use would be Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. It will detect and remove viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, dialers and other spyware of all kinds of unwanted programs. Simple to use and...
  3. Re: mouse pointer disappears on google chrome browser

    Can you try to type chrome://version in your chrome browser address bar and confirm that you are using the latest version of the browser? If not then this way you can check if there is any available...
  4. Re: Firefox 35.0.1 freezes until mouse is moved

    Can you try to start Firefox browser in Safe Mode and test by loading the webpages? To do that simply click on the menu button and then click on Helo. After that you need to select Restart with...
  5. Re: cannot obtain Xbox One YouTube App Achievements

    First of all, can you please tell us whether you have already paired the Xbox One with your Youtube account using the Xbox One app. When you first open the YouTube app, you can sign in with your...
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    Re: Google Chrome memory leak problem

    This problems usually happen if you have kept open the Google Chrome browser for a very long time, so try to restart Google Chrome every now and then. When you close this internet browser then you...
  7. Re: unable to remove youtube videos on Watch History

    There is a fix for this problem but only on Google Chrome browser. So, if anyone wants to know the same then in Chrome you neen to right click on the checkbox and then select Inspect Element. After...
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    Re: Firefox user profile gone bad

    At the time you have made that second user and had installed a new Firefox into it then have you tried to make any changes to that Firefox profile before you wanted to test with it. Incase you have...
  9. Re: Firefox 30.0 sluggish and freezes sometime

    Well, have you tried starting Firefox in safe mode? This is usually a testing procedure only and you must not use it for normal browsing. To run safe mode, check on the menu bar and click the Help...
  10. Re: What happens if i resend friend request in fb?

    If your friend has unfriend with your facebook profile, then it is upto your friend to accept your profile. Until he/she doesnt accept you as a friend you will keep seeing "Friend Request Send" or...
  11. Re: watching streaming video makes firefox to consume more RAM

    Can you try to open Firefox in Safe Mode and check if it is still consuming too much RAM. To open firefox in safe mode click on Start and then in the Search box type one of the below command and the...
  12. Re: netscape is not supported in internet explorer 11 error message

    Yes, you are getting that problem because the latest Internet Explorer browser does not support Netscape kind of plug-ins. You will have to manage the add-ons in the Internet Explorer browser. To do...
  13. Re: accessing other users OneDrive public folders

    If you want to access one of your friends folders that are not currently marked as public then you will have to tell him to first go to OneDrive by signing with his microsot account. After that tell...
  14. Re: changing firefox browser icon from taskbar

    There are many add-ons that can change the icon of firefox browser. Download and install one such add-on called Titlebar Tweaker Plus. It is a Firefox extension designed to offer the ability to...
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    Re: How to install Kobo app on Kindle Fire HD?

    You need to first of all google for "Kobo app apk free download" and download it on your computer. After that copy this apk file to the Documents folder of your Kindle Fire by connecting it to your...
  16. Re: youtube full screen video shows white border at bottom

    I was also facing the same problem on my Google chrome browser and to solve this issue I first went to the Chrome plugins. After that I clicked on the plus sign in the top right side of the Windows...
  17. Re: Entry Point Not Found error message with firefox.exe

    You will have to again reinstall firefox cleanly, so download a fresh copy of Firefox browser from its official website and save it to your desktop. After that uninstall your current version of...
  18. Re: delete top websites and bookmark in android version of firefox browser

    To remove a bookmark from your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone you need to long press or long tap a bookmar and then you will get an option to remove it, simply tap on it. For deleting the top websites I...
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    Re: Reset Excel 2007 back to Default Settings

    I cannot say for sure if there is any default button anywhere. But other way would be by removing Excels tree in the registry and also you will have to uncheck all the addins. You will need to open...
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    Re: Nook HD+ cable issue

    I have been using Nook HD+ ebook reader for a year now and its not that snug as well. When I am using it while its connected to the charger then all I need to do is bump it and one side will pull out...
  21. Re: Chrome browser scrolling problem on OS X Mavericks

    Many people are facing this problem after updating to the latest OS X Mavericks in their computer. The problem happens because the Chrome setting resets to default settings after updating to...
  22. Re: "format disk" error after updating firmware on Kobo Aura HD

    Well, have you tried to do a factory reset on your Kobo Aura HD. It will format everything and then update to the latest verson of the firmware which is available for your ereader. But before that...
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    Re: How to recover deleted history in google chrome

    I also use History Viewer software to recover the deleted history in google chrome. You also have your web history stored online if you have either google toolbar installed or have a gmail account....
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    Re: Kindle Fire HDX Screen problem

    There might be some mismatch between the glass and the panel of the screen. It could be possible that the ebook reader that you have got might be defective and therefore you should check with Amazon...
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    Re: Skydrive uploading speed increasing?

    First of all exit Skydrive and then open the run dialog box by pressing Windows key + R key on your keyboard. After that type %localappdata%\Microsoft\SkyDrive\settings\global.ini and press enter....
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    Re: Java 7 update 45 blocked in firefox

    It seems that from now on all the versions of the Java plugin will be considered as vulnerable in firefox and it will get blocked by default in the same browser. Many are accusing Oracle's bad...
  27. Re: Text sharpness problem with Kindle Paperwhite

    There are many people who are facing same problem with the Text in Kindle Paperwhite. So it definitely seems to be a problem with some of the Paperwhite's that are manufactured from the company. You...
  28. Re: Internet Explorer 11 Preview locks up constantly

    Internet Explorer 11 Preview still is in beta stages so you can expect problems like lock ups, freezing, etc; of this browser quite often. Until a final version of IE11 is released, you should be...
  29. Re: sync microsoft exchange activesync with my samsung phone

    You should be know that before setting up Activesync in your mobile phone you will have to contact your wireless provider and ensure that your internet plan supports ActiveSync synchonization with...
  30. Re: finding out number of bookmarks in firefox

    There is a program called AM-DeadLink that you can download from the internet. What this application does is that it checks for the bookmarks and see if any one of them is not dead and will also give...
  31. Re: google chrome tab automatically closing itself

    There definitely seems to be a virus in your computer because I was also facing the same problem on my pc where chrome browser tab was shutting automatically if I tried to switch tabs. After I ran...
  32. Re: Folders and Files shared on Skydrive with me wont show up

    Can you tell us what method you are using to share the folders and filer to you and how do you share the files to other person as well? Is this issue also happening if the files are shared to another...
  33. Re: change colors of a stylesheet (.css) in Opera Browser

    I think that user stylesheets work only for webpages. Incase you are willing to apply your Contrast W/B style to the main client as well you will need to change the toggle shortcut. If you want to...
  34. Re: Sony PRS-500 eReader Firmware update available

    You need to download the ReaderLibraryInstaller_3.3.00.07130.exe from here. This is the driver through which your eReader can be recognized in the Windows 7 computer. After double clicking the...
  35. Re: can I access skydrive files offline on Windows RT?

    If you want to make an individual folder and all files in it available offline, then when you are connected to the internet then press and hold or right click on a Skydrive folder and then click on...
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    Re: Nook Simple Touch software update

    You can also try to upgrade your Nook Simple Touch by manually downloading the software update from the below link:...
  37. Re: File contained a virus and was deleted error with Internet Explorer 10

    The error message that you are getting can occur if you are infected with the Sirefef or ZeroAccess malware. So, whenever you try to download anything from IE 10, you get the this malware...
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    Re: Mail Client in Opera Next 15

    Opera Next 15 contains a big novelty by changing the rendering engine of web pages. Opera 15.0 is now based on Blink, a fork of Webkit developed by Google and used in Chrome and Maxthon browsers....
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    Poll: Re: Best Headphone Manufacturer

    I am using Bose QuietComfort 15 headphone and am quite satisfied with it. I preferred the Bose headphones for its lightness and comfort compared to the Beats. Bose always provides everything you may...
  40. Re: transfer downloaded ebook to Kindle from Mac

    There is an application called Send to Kindle app, available for both PC and Mac computers, to transfer personal documents to Kindle from your pc or mac. Send to Kindle app for Mac OS is offered by...
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    Poll: Re: Which is the best Image Hosting Service

    Well, I use Imgur which also gives unlimited free space to upload pics. But you wont be able to upload videos on this site. The files that are supported on Imgur are JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, TIFF, BMP,...
  42. Re: Manage Search Engines in Firefox does not work

    There is a file called prefs.js, in profile folder, incase gets damaged or corrupted to the extent that it is no longer writable, then it will prevent any changes from being saved. So to fix this...
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    Poll: Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs Galaxy S4

    Well, I am looking to buy a new mobile phone and since Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to release soon, then I will definitely go with it. What I have heard is that Samsung will present its new...
  44. Mozilla Firefox OS for Smartphones Announced

    On the eve of the opening of the Mobile World Congress, the Mozilla Foundation has officially kicked-off its new Firefox OS for mobile and announced a slew of partnerships.

    Initially unveiled...
  45. Re: Nvidia and Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8 Release Preview Available for Download

    Even AMD launched the Catalyst driver for Windows 8 Release Preview. The manufacturer notes that the driver supports video series AMD Radeon HD 7000, HD 6000, HD 5000, and the corresponding range of...
  46. re: "Windows firewall cannot run because another program or service is running

    This error is cause due to the settings left in by "Routing and Remote Access" service. And windows wont stop reporting this error even if the service is stopped because the RRAS is still holding the...
  47. Re: Youtube video does not load on Sony Bravia KDL300PX22

    I think that the issue could be related to scaling. What is the pixel resolution input to the TV you are using? You will get this effect on movement if the picture needs to be upscaled or downscaled...
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    Re: Samsung B2100 Solid Mobile Phone

    Whether there is some water spilled or dust particles, this mobile has high strength that adapts to extreme conditions. Robust due to its shell and shock-proof non-slip, it can also prove functional....
  49. Re: Too many cookies are getting collected in Internet Explorer 8 that cant be deleted as well

    I would recommend you to first boot your pc in safe mode and then try to delete the cookies from the computer. You see, safe mode is basically a diagnostic mode that runs minimal set of services and...
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    Re: Explaining ports, Sockets and Connections

    Absolutely True, a given socket can be associated with just one process, so nothing can stop that process from doing what it wants by the data it receives from the socket. In general, there is...
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