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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S6 overheats?

    There was many news on Samsung dropping Qualcomm processor for its Smartphone, specially Samsung Galaxy S6 because this Snapdragon 810 CPU used to have some overheating issues, therefore they...
  2. Re: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact error "close external connector covers to secure waterproofing"

    I would recommend you to download the Update Service (SUS) from this link. Even if you have the latest software installed in your mobile phone, it is always recommended to run this Update Sevice to...
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    Re: Samsung Galaxy S5 with FM radio

    I have looked on the Samsung website and no where it is mentioned that there will be FM Radio in Galaxy S5. Other huge websites are saying that there will be no FM Radio in this new smartphone from...
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    Re: Oppo N1 support for 4G

    There is no support of 4g network in this Oppo N1 smartphone. This is because the Snapdragon S600 processor doesnt support LTE network from what I have heard so far. They also cannot install an extra...
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    Re: booting problem Acer Iconia Tab A110

    There is a hole on the left side of the tablet and check by inserting any pin in that same hole to reset the tablet. If that doesnt work then turn off the tablet and then hold the Volume button and...
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    Re: Wi-Fi usage in Nokia C6-00

    It is always recommended to ask the administrator first to connect to the institutions wifi network because if you access it without his consent then surely the matter can get worst to you. Simply...
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    Re: Nokia Asha 210 dual sim restarts constantly

    If the phone is contantly restarting then to solve this problem you will need to delete the unwanted configuration settings in your mobile phone by going in the settings area. If this solution doesnt...
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    Re: yellow hue problem with Nokia Lumia 920

    It seems that many people who are using a Nokia Lumia 920 are having problems of yellow hue when taking shot from the phone's camera. Nokia care people have told that there are some color shifts at...
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    Re: Volume down button problem in Nokia Lumia 720

    It definitely seems to be a hardware problem because you said that when you are hard pressing the Volume Button then it seems to work fine. So what you can do is, take your Nokia Lumia 720 to the...
  10. Re: enable keyboard auto-complete suggestions in Galaxy Note 2

    On your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 you will need to go to Settings and then scroll down and go to Language and Input > Samsung Keyboard and then tap on the Start-shaped icon. After that you will need to...
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    Re: iPhone 5s release in India

    It is wrong to say that there are no Apple fans out there in India even though if no new innovation is done in the iPhone 5s. There are many apple lovers who are willing to get their hands on this...
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    Re: alarm problem in nokia lumia 920

    Nokia lumia 920 works like that way only, if you switch off the phone then the alarm would not ring at anytime that you have set. Even in Android phones, when you switch the phone then the alarm wont...
  13. Re: HTC One dropped by mistake, now it is completely dead

    Also try to long press the power buttong when you have connected the phone to the computer. You should atleast try to charge the phone for more than 1-2 hours and see if something comes up on the...
  14. Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price and Release date?

    Well, it is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone is expected to release at the third quarter of the month, that is, in between anytime from July to September, but you can further expect it to...
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    Re: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

    Well, android mobile phones are very user friendly. If you have experienced with different touchscreen phones, then you will notice how smooth the android mobile phone touchscreens are, to move pages...
  16. Re: In the Launcher tray, how to remove Mobile ID in LG Optimus Elite?

    I too have used LG Optimus Elite and I too am facing the problem because of the odd setting that the developers have installed in the launch tray of this phone. I know that many people who have used...
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    Re: Google Wallet on LG Optimus Elite

    Being a girl I think that it is most unsafe for our use. For Example, I use my Google Wallet in medical store to buy some medicine. Then the details of transactions will have the name of the medicine...
  18. Re: How to unlock bootloader of Asus Transformer TF300?

    This will be great if give it a try. There must be many customers who must have purchased Asus Transformer TF300 and will be in need of the bootloader. Even if we can get around three hundred to...
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    re: how to reset Nokia 6021 security code?

    I hope you must have got the solution that you required; if you still are in a problem and are not able to get access to the phone then I think you should contact the nearest Nokia Service center or...
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    Re: Webcam not working on HP Pavilion dv2840se

    There is a way by which you can confirm if there is hardware / BIOS malfunction or not. It is necessary to restore the hard drive to its original state of our content box. You can do this by...
  21. Re: Touch pad scrolling not working on HP Pavilion dv4-1428

    You can find the settings in Windows 7 touch screen control panel and choose mouse, and after that hit it on the Device Settings tab and after that typically there is still a "Settings" button or in...
  22. Re: Recovery Manager not working on the HP Pavilion dv6-3151ee

    I have faced the same issue on mine system as well and I have tried the other tools to use recovery manger. There are lots of third party tools used to create the recovery of your system. It might be...
  23. Re: After upgrading to windows 7 my HP pavilion dv6-3140 not working

    I think you have lots of issue on your operating system and so therefore I would like to suggest you to uninstall and after that install the windows 7 again and after that your issue will get solved....
  24. re: The HP Pavilion dv8225nr would not recognize my SD card

    According to me you need to update your drivers and so that you can solve your issue. to do this you need to follow the below steps: first close the all program on your system and after that make...
  25. Re: HP Compaq Presario CQ56 unable to create the recovery disk

    Your HP Compaq Presario is Windows 7. This offers some easy to use for backup windows settings and data, documents and other important files. When they are able to form a recovery disk, you have to...
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    Re: Gfxui not working on HP G70

    This issue may be happened due to the Microsoft visual studio application program. Some of the specifications of the machine are supported. NET Framework for a better user interface. If you have not...
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    Re: Hp G60 235DX is not going under hibernation

    I would like to suggest you create the system restore and so that you can solve your issue. to do this go through the below steps: First click on the Start image on the desktop and then have a knock...
  28. Re: Need windows XP driver on Compaq Presario CQ42-268TX

    I would like to suggest you to download the driver manually from the device manger and so that you can solve your issue. To do this goes through the following steps: first close the all application...
  29. Re: What is the way to reset the sd card password on mobile phone.

    If you saved a password on your mobile phone then becomes a problem if you have forgotten the password. You have to contact customer service to obtain information from them or you can try to connect...
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    Re: Need driver for Toshiba Satellite M500-S432

    Drivers for nearly all Toshiba laptops are obtainable on the authorized website of Toshiba. So I suggest go to the Toshiba website and download the drivers from here. I think it basically should give...
  31. Re: Toshiba L500-S5990 unable to detect hard drive

    I would like to suggest you the following steps and so that you can solve your issue. to do this go through the following steps:

    Disconnect the laptop from the AC adapter and power supply. Turn...
  32. Re: Unable to install HP DeskJet driver on Toshiba Tecra M7

    I would like to suggest you to update your driver manually and so that you can solve your issue. To update this follow the below steps: first close the all application on your system and after that...
  33. Re: Need Wireless driver for Toshiba Satellite A305-S6858

    There could be some sort of virus on your system because your laptops have wireless controllers lost. First, it must allow any anti-virus software on your system and then check if there are any...
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    Re: How to format Toshiba Portege m400

    I would like to suggest you to perform the factory setting and so that you can solve your issue. to do this first restart your system and after that hit the F11 key from the keyboard continuously and...
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    Re: How to Recovery Toshiba Portege M900

    Hey dude, you need to take caution when making the process of establishing a system restore. You need to connect the computer to an external power source via the adapter at the time of the recovery...
  36. Re: Cannot find internet TV and Netflix on HP slate 500

    If you are not working for you, then I advise you contact Microsoft regarding the matter and see if you are working for you. Microsoft is also a support forum that has been developed to work with the...
  37. Re: Windows 7 64 bit freezes on Compaq CQ45-137tx

    There are several reasons behind a stall of an operating system. This will need to work more the boot sector. In msconfig good to see that most services are working well and that it is not necessary...
  38. Re: Need a Internet settings for the 3 network on xperia x10 mini.

    on my Xperia mobile phone I have Vodafone network and to start the internet first I have called the Vodafone customer care and after that I have turn on the GPRS and then start configuration in the...
  39. Re: Windows phone 7: Marketplace Application Update Error code c101a24b

    I would like to recommend you to following step s and so that you can solve your issue. To do these follow the steps below: first go to the windows phone start screen and under that make hit on the...
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    Re: Xperia X10i PC companion menu shows blank.

    I would like to suggest you the following things and so that you can solve your issue. To do this you need to update. To download the updates make click here. Now once you hit on this link make click...
  41. Re: There is no message shown in the sent box of Nokia E7

    As mentioned to you that the messages are saved in the sent box then I went to the nostalgia of the mine problem. In fact, the thing here is that when facing the same problem also tried many things...
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    Re: Microsoft Lifecam crashes after boot

    I would like to suggest you to install the newest video driver and so that you can solve your issue. to do this follow the steps below:

    Go to the start and then make hit on the run.
    Now under...
  43. Samsung Galaxy S Plus Android 2.3 Gingerbread Smartphone with 1.4Ghz Processor Unveiled

    Samsung is now making its hardware upgrade to its flagship smartphone instead of preparing a software update of Galaxy S. Called Samsung Galaxy S Plus, this new smartphone will benefit from technical...
  44. Re: Need drivers for Dell Inspiron n5010 on windows 7

    According to me you need to follow the following steps and so that you can solve you issue. To do this you need to install Dell_System-Software_A05_R260000.exe. On your system go some official...
  45. Re: iPad problem after reboot resembles the iPod

    There must be an incompatible application which is the main reason of your problem and hence i would advice you to get this problem resolved you will have to restore the iPad to factory settings. if...
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    Re: How to Delete arbs and rocky hills

    Just surround a couple of towers or cinemas and collect from them only. Collection times are low enough with just a few businesses open that you can still drain your energy pretty fast. Keep what you...
  47. Re: Micromax q75 games, software and application free

    FIFA, due to its good graphics and gameplay. And that is why today I want to tell you about new fifa 2011 for mobile phones. So, if you want to have fun in your free time scoring goals with your...
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    Re: USB port not working in Nokia N8

    The following list, I would like to show ways to fix the problem. Maybe it will help someone.

    It is not a "step by step" list! If the first step does not resolve the issue, the second should be...
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    Re: Social Widget for Nokia N8

    I found some solutions on how to get the Social Widget back on the Nokia N8 mobile phone, please follow my method. First of all you will have to uninstall the Social Widget from the Application...
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    You can also try to download a popular messenger...

    You can also try to download a popular messenger called Line Messenger for your Nokia E5 device. In most of the other similar model of Nokia this app is working great, so it must also work in your...
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