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    Re: Water blocks for cooling Radeon 6970

    It is quiet not possible to fix a liquid cooler of specific cpu model on another. It will not work properly. There are chances you might face issue with configuration. Somehow try to find something...
  2. Re: IE 10 missing from my Windows 8, can i install it separately

    Nope, that is not possible. First, Internet Explorer 10 comes built-in with windows 8, second, it is not available for download separately anywhere on Microsoft's sites. Obviously, not on any other...
  3. Re: How to install Ubuntu on Android Tablet PC

    There is a free Ubuntu installer also available. The only important thing you need is to root your phone. The image file runs through a shell command and can be terminated as per your need. Those who...
  4. Re: Not able to send file from Pidgin to Yahoo Messenger

    It looks some issue with Pidgin. Try to uninstall that and then re-install through Software manager. You can remove it by right clicking on the shortcut icon and then clicking on Uninstall. Once you...
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    Re: Resonance looks too dull for PC

    It is better if we can give a try and then find out other things. Above all the game is free and offers a quality output. The game is quiet fine and nice to play.
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    Re: Will Android 4.1 Jelly Bean support Flash

    There must be some alternative. I had seen some flash players on Android. Those are third party devices which work in some way. I hope those works. But with official support is quiet easier.
  7. Re: More features needed in Intel Desktop Utilities

    I am looking for an easy way to turn on/off the background monitoring feature. There should not be a conflict for resources when running another monitoring program. This is useful for overclockers...
  8. Re: Dell Precision 690 workstation does not able to boot into Windows

    Did you try boot the system using any bootable USB stick or live CD? You should try this procedure whenever your system shows problem with booting and start up. If the Windows boot sector gets...
  9. Re: Does Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 supports ext3 or exFAT

    With exFAT is possible to exceed the limit of 4 gibibyte FAT32 file for up to 64 Zibibyte theorists, generously sized handle drives larger (64 versus 2 Zibibyte theoretical Tebibyte FAT32), access to...
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    Re: The Walking Dead episode 1 game is too short

    Telltale has promised that they are going to release the episode each month. They might be aiming that last one comes out right before the next season starts on AMC. While playing the game I can...
  11. Re: Remote Desktop connection to Server 2003 Console using Windows Mobile

    As far as I know that several Windows Mobile devices come with Remote Desktop. You can find it in Programs menu. If it not present there, you can have it anytime from any third party site or from...
  12. Re: Firefox 12 automatically changes my persona theme when I bookmark a page

    Personas from Firefox version 3.6 has revolutionized the way we see the themes and in some sense the look of your browser from Mozilla. Themes available for Personas are so many that no longer...
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    Re: How to Re-Partition HTC One S 16GB memory

    There is app called Link2sd in android market which allows you to change the internal memory looks for Android phone. Using this app you can You can fool the android into thinking that SD card isa...
  14. Re: Lenovo ThinkServer TD230 RAID does not recognize 3TB Drives

    What you can get inside the BIOS? Does your BIOS can detect 3TB HDDs individually? As far as I know that some controller cards will not able to recognize larger HDDs without a proper version of...
  15. Re: Creative WebCam Center 1.71.02 available with additional features

    Looking through the Creative newsgroups, I noticed that many users have difficulty operating their Creative webcam with IM software like Yahoo! Messenger and despite the use of the Super Webcam...
  16. Re: Does Blackberry Tour 9630 compatible for OS 6 upgrade

    I'm not sure what made Verizon to release these updates, hopefully that will be the deployment of the OS 6 for the BlackBerry Bold 9650 and Blackberry Curve 9330 soon You can pick up the changes very...
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    Re: How to increase wubi partition size

    Ubuntu installed by Wubi mainly consists of a folder called ubuntu (several GB size) on Windows. Since the PC booted into Windows, find out ubuntu file. Its approximate size is in GB, on which...
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    Re: How to replace Blackberry 9700 Screen

    I'm changing the LCD screen of my BB smartphone. I did a wipe and updated everything but the phone did not respond. The flex of the screen is "anchored" to the board in a small plastic connector...
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    Re: Steam client available for Android?

    Still, I think Steam for Linux platform can provide a huge boost. There are plenty of people who most want to change (or try IIG), but Windows-only software secure. The players would then have a...
  20. Re: Macbook Pro freezes often with WD Scorpio Black 500GB

    There are two solutions: either format it to FAT32 or install the add-on MTFS-3G for Mac OS X Just look on Google and allows you to use a hard disk NTFS-3G. I had the same problem with my media...
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    Re: PC with MSI 870A-G46 does not boot up

    Where did you get the PSU?:no:

    Did the PSU came along with the case?:rolleyes:

    You didn’t mention the model and manufacturer name of the PSU?:cool:

    Did you try using a different...
  22. Re: Does MSI P67A-GD65 supports Ivy bridge processor

    Let’s say so, I would prefer in any case, the B3-boards. The BIOS makes a better impression on me. You can also use it as a "bridge board" if you want to change gradually financially.
  23. Re: How to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a Mac using BootCamp

    However, it makes the most sense, in addition to Windows 8 install Mac OS X on the hard disk where you used the solution to Apple's Boot Camp. This has several reasons: Firstly, we simply perform...
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    Re: How to sync mp4 video to mp4 audio track

    After much research, I finally found a tool that offers a number of file handles MP4 , and it's free too. The tool is called MP4Box and is part of GPAC free package (Project on Advanced Content). It...
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    Re: How to set up e-library

    Yes, I am also thinking about the same rather than creating only eBook library which is meant for certain location only. However the web server is very convenient and can be accessed from any place...
  26. Re: Lenovo IdeaPad S205 Netbook cannot find Wifi connection

    I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 and when I installed Windows XP (before I saw her) I could not connect to Wi-Fi network in my office with a modem, the noted but could not connect.

    The trick is to...
  27. Re: HP 5740e loses regional settings and pinned application after image capture

    As far as I know that the time zone settings are stored inside the sysprep_unattend.xml. You can locate this file in c:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep_unattend.xml. Go to the file and open it by...
  28. Re: Ubuntu Unity panel sitting behind top Gnome shell panel

    This issue can be experienced in Ubuntu 11.10. To solve the issue, I have a best solution. Open the Terminal Windows and type, 'nautilus -q'. This command will kill and reload Nautilus. Then you...
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    Re: Can i use Macbook Pro For Music Production

    I used a Macbook 2.16 Ghz currently with 2 GB RAM, 120 GB hard drive, and several external hard drives on which I store the wave files of my productions, and the project folder. Other studio hardware...
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    Re: HTC wildfire keep using GPRS

    Google Android mobile devices where you have configured the Internet access is set by default to connect on 3G data network (UMTS) or GPRS according to the cable company to which they belong. Of...
  31. Re: How to reduce Temps in Cooler Master Silencio 550

    I've had a lot of high end computers without any additional cabinet fans, and yet I had no problems at high temperatures due to lack of airflow.

    Right now here is an i7 860 with an AMD 5870 both...
  32. Re: Windows Firewall cannot run due to 'Windows 7 antivirus 2012

    I think that you should launch Process Explorer and stop each and every one processes from your computer which you think not trust-able. Some processes might be launch from %TEMP%, %Application Data%...
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    Re: Macbook Pro 13" compatible with SATA II HDDs

    Then the only story you have to watch that the SATA speeds in the latest MacBook Pros have a SATA III affiliation, and some is also SATA SuperDrive III. The speed of SATA II is so high that you will...
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    Re: Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC S GPS is not working

    You didnt mention yet what kind of GPS receiver you r using for your mobile . I dont think that your mobile will come with any pre-inlcuded GPS receiver. You need to buy a different and connect to it...
  35. Re: What is your Favorite AGP Graphics card from old days

    Anyone upgrading from an onboard chip to discrete graphics no need to invest much. Nevertheless, the advantages are obvious: on-board chip to operate normally in memory when it comes to storing data....
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    Re: UPGRADE from Nvidia GeForce GT 320

    To play with 1,920 x 1,080, and 16:1 AF 4xMSAA, you should call your own for at least a GeForce 560. This creates an average of 24.8 frames per second. Battlefield 3 is thus barely playable. The...
  37. Re: Overclocking Intel Core i7 3930k with great results

    Intel is aware of having a large following among overclocking and, despite early results, expect new like in the future. Many manufacturers of motherboards integrate the BIOS setting to bypass the...
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    Re: Benchmark Scores from AMD Overdrive

    The tool is actually intended for the new Phenom processors and not for the X2! With the X2's, it seems to have some problems. The other values such as voltage and multiple shows but it seems to...
  39. Re: ICS update will be coming for other Android phones

    Before starting I would like to make it clear that this firmware is not for beginners and is only for developers, since it is an alpha version of the firmware, all you works of the new OS Ice Cream...
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    Re: Nokia Lumia 800 stops Syncing Wirelessly

    What's missing from the Nokia Suite, but present on the Zune is the ability to synchronize content between PC and phone wirelessly. You will not need to use the USB cord to the phone to save photos...
  41. Re: AMD FX-8150 or Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition

    I think at this point you have to correct the source of this question, it is unlikely that AMD released what worse.
    Well, now the FX8150 also has 8 cores, which are perhaps not always used.
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    Re: Voltage on AMD Phenom II X4 960T 3GHz 95W

    Of course the numbers made but I think I was not very far from it will sit. Finally, AMD has in this way the new step in overclocking found where Intel to make do with slightly faster processors that...
  43. Re: Speedfan does not recognize Acer Aspire 5742G Fan

    If I should encounter such a problem I would first like to know whether it is hardware or a software problem.

    Hardware: overheating, battery problems, memory problems, etc.;
    Software: power...
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    Re: Acer Aspire 5750G Screen Resolution Upgrade

    Look for a software that can increase the resolution of your monitor permitted beyond bringing the factory settings.

    All displays and frequencies are handled monitor's Hz (hertz), and if you've...
  45. Re: MSI 970A-G45 shows Black screen when booting Windows 7

    Scandisk will let you know what and how many clusters are damaged and can not find that the standard formatting. Now, again in your place, before any other thing I would do the scandisk, thorough,...
  46. Re: How to install second HDD on Dell XPS 15 L502

    What he is telling is right but before that there is an important thing to know about the laptops. Usually there are 2 different patterns for optical drivers, normal as well as slim. AS i can see the...
  47. Re: Slow motion lag in games due to Nvidia GeForce 9500GT

    The game features some compatibility issues with OS Windows 7, you could fix it by going to the folder where you installed the game and give right-clicking the file "(game_name).exe" go to...
  48. Re: LG Optimus black stuck on firmware update screen

    You have already broked the rules of warranty and it gets voided right after you rooted or mod a phone and it's almost certainly as expensive to get it fixed. I even dont know whether LG will fix a...
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    Re: LG Optimus black won't start

    Can you even as SmartFlash and NVFlash both work on one of the lowest levels of the device. Because I think a lot would have to be in a bad way even if no longer goes

    To start SmartFlash need...
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    Re: Sound disappeared from HTC Incredible S

    The reason is a software problem or a problem with the speaker sound level. Occasionally, the device may be damaged. There are more than a few steps you can take to resolve the problem. In most...
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