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    aMSN and firewall becomes Slow

    Hello friends, when I send my companion a file by means of Pidgin MSN the transport was extremely slow. I found out it's for the reason that Pidgin doesn't support straight associations as a result I...
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    Nokia N8 GPS unable to find my location

    Hello friends, I have the major difficulty with my N8 Global Positioning System that is the GPS. I now make use of Integrated GPS in spotting techniques and I stopped A-GPS, Network and Wi-Fi...
  3. Unable to avail the "Save Target As" option

    Hello friends, I had currently been upgraded with the Windows 7 operating System. The problem I get is when I right click on to the any of the Pictures and videos in that the option "save target as"...
  4. Message: Your PC is not protected by SONAR Advanced Protection

    Hello friends, I am working with the Windows 7 RC and I am currently being using the Norton 360 3.0 2009 along with that it keeps on telling me the message that “Your PC is not protected by SONAR...
  5. Media Keys Unable to Function For MediaMonkey

    Hello friends, the problem I usually I face is that media keys not functioning with media monkey, they unable to function until I open Window Media Player in background. Currently I am using the...
  6. Calendar View reminder does not pop up on desktop at startup

    Hello everyone, I am new here to the Windows 7 because I had installed it in the previous week. The problem here I get is that I am unable to look out for the Calendar View reminder. I had downloaded...
  7. Windows 7 unable to connect to the Windows 2000 share

    Hello friends, form the windows 7 ultimate version I am trying to access a network share on Windows 2000 machine using \\\sharename. My Windows 7 OS request me for the user name and...
  8. Windows 7: Snap only snapping to left side of the monitor screen

    Hello to all, I am using the Windows 7 professional with 64 bits system. I am working with Windows 7 for around 5 to 6 months; the snap was working without any problem. But now it is creating problem...
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    Router and DSl Modem not getting together

    Hi friends, I having the major problem that I cannot work along with the Router and DSI Modem. What I did is first I turn off the power to everything. Then I connected the modem to router and router...
  10. MS Excel 2007: Display error message that “The Picture is too Large and will be truncated”

    Hello to all once again, I had the problem with my Microsoft Excel, it display me the error message that the picture is too large and will be truncated_not a ‘picture’- it is in the MS Excel that is...
  11. During boot up get the error “Floppy disk failure 40”

    Hello to all, I am having the system with Windows XP operating system. The problem is when I boot up it display me the error message that "floppy disk failure 40", after this error I have to press...
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    Games that Support AlienFX

    Hello friends, I had decided to create the list of games that support AlienFX. Alienware enabled this, but we do not control which game developers choose to implement it in particular games. If...
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    IP address of a GPRS mobile Phone

    Hi friends, I am currently working with the project which requires the Java program. By working with is project I need to send the IP address and the access point details of the each and every client...
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    How to speed up the computer?

    Hi friends, I am in trouble here, automatically my desktop is working very slow. I can’t understand how does it happen? What can I do to speed up my personal computer? My configuration is: Intel...
  15. Want to have Laptop around 40-50 thousand INR

    Hello friends, I want to have the Laptop of around 40-50 thousand, please help me to buy the good quality of the Laptop. My configuration is this; Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-460M Processor, RAM:...
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    Gaming Laptop around 55k INR

    Hi friends, I want to purchase the Gaming Laptop. My budget is around 55,000 INR. I am trying to get the Lenovo Y560 system. Is it to good to have it? I am expecting the good configuration as,...
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    Ubuntu:WOL doesn't work

    Hi friends, I tried to turn on my Ubuntu 8.04 workstation remotely with the help of the web site. I was unable to configure it. I performed the certain steps on my work station...
  18. How can I install Linux based application on Moto ROKR E6?

    Hi friends, I had the very brand new Motorola ROKR E6 phone. It is claim to be the Linux based device. How could I install the Linux based application or some other application based on it? How could...
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    Ubuntu:Unable to boot into GUI

    Hi friends, I have being using the Ubuntu as the operating system in to my computer. Each and every thing was working fine as far as the booting is concerned in to the Ubuntu Graphic User Interface...
  20. Safari 5: Load page slowly and fails to resolve Address

    Hello friends, I am using Safari as my web browser. It worked good for some days but then after it started creating problem for me. It now load the web page at the very slow pace. And also I am...
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    Windows Vista:Controller stopped working

    Hi friends, I get the error that "Export Controller has stopped working". My operating system is windows Vista, it displays me the error message and then after sometimes it gives me the error that...
  22. Bash command to delete entire Files from folder

    Hi friends, I want to completely remove the entire files from the specific folder without deleting the folder. I want to remove it via the bash command. What can be the good bash command to delete...
  23. Choppy Scrolling in Internet Explorer On Windows 7

    Hi friends, I have the latest configuration on my Personal computer with AMD Athlon processor. While surfing the web pages on the browser some time my scroll becomes Choppy. Scroll bar is not working...
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    Uninstalling Checkpoint Integrity Client

    Hi friends I got the new computer. I got Checkpoint Integrity Client installed with it. It blocks my application while accessing some important thing on the remote system. I am right now unable to...
  25. Improving the wireless internet TV response

    Hi friends, I have the four ports in my house, where three ports is used for the TV and dish network. And only one port is used for the internet purpose. I have the LG internet TV; it’s a blue ray...
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    Windows Unable to Connect Printer on Mac

    Hello, I have the windows vista operating system. I have the problem with my shared printer. I am unable to connect the printer from my windows machine to my Mac book. When I try to connect the...
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    Linux SSD with no TRIM

    My HDDs keeps having problems, so it's time to bite the bullet and move to an SSD. I do have build server with an i7 920 in it. It takes me whole day for compiling. I need faster SSD at a very...
  28. Problem In Installing And Uninstalling Itunes 10

    Hi, I am currently trying to upgrade the latest version of ITunes that is iTunes v 10. But I am unable to install it. Before installing the new version of iTunes, I need to first uninstall the older...
  29. iPod Touch 4G cannot connect to Jawbone headset

    I currently bought a brand new iPod Touch 4G. The problem with it is that it does not connect to the jawbone headset. Bluetooth usually detects it but it is not possible to connect with it. It...
  30. SolidWorks 2010 Incompatible With Intel Integrated Graphics

    Hello friends, I have a laptop which is of Lenovo. It is Lenovo T410 with Intel HD graphics having driver version, and having the operating system Windows 7 with 64 bit. CPU is of Intel...
  31. Security Essentials Freezes during full scan

    I have the desktop Computer. I have the updated one Microsoft security Essentials. The problem with it is that, when we run Microsoft security essentials it freezes during the full scan of the...
  32. Error while deploying XNA 4 game on Windows Phone 7

    Hi guys, I am being using the Windows Phone 7. It display the error message while I am deploying the XNA 4 game on my system that is Windows Phone 7.It does not able meet the requirement to run the...
  33. ASUS XONAR Unified Drivers 1.11 and ASIO 1.0 patch

    As it is mentioned in the title that I am looking for the Asus xonar unified drivers, I have tried to search for these drivers but all my search goes in vain because I am not able to find the drivers...
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    HTC Evo 4g vs. Samsung Epic 4g

    I can both of these phone, since budget is not an issue for me but thing is that I do not need both of them. So the choice comes to one of the mobile phone and in that case I want to know which is...
  35. NVidia GeForce G310M Graphics Card vs. nVidia GeForce 8600 series

    To be honest I am a game lover and I like to play games and for that I will require graphic card. I have done some research for finding the graphic card and I have finalized these NVidia GeForce...
  36. The license file(s) provided is not valid for Fortran Compiler

    Recently I have downloaded this Intel Fortan Compiler that is specifically designed for Linux. There is no problem at the time of downloading the compiler but the problem started after that. After...
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    iMac G5 iSight Display problem

    Like many owners of iMac G5 iSight ( model 17 " 1.9 Ghz G5 Proc ), I have display problems that result in permanent vertical lines and annoying . The problem is recurrent, is a vice hidden yet...
  38. Migrate Thunderbird mail (Windows) to Thunderbird Mac OS X

    As it is mentioned in title that I need to transfer the previous Thunderbird mail folder that are given the windows XP version in another Thunderbird that is installed in Mac OS X, so that I am able...
  39. Symantec Endpoint Protection keeps finding the same cookie

    I do not know what is the problem related to this but this Symantec Endpoint Protection finding same cookies again and again. It shows the same location and same name for the cookies. The action...
  40. Sony VAIO Z overheating when connected to external display

    Currently I am having Sony Vaio Z that is having problem of overheating and this overheating problem occurs if this thing is connected to the external display. One more thing that if I am changing to...
  41. New Sony VAIO Z serious problem with additional SSD/HDD

    I have discovered the cause of short battery life and the other shocking thing is that it is related to the Lenovo Ultrabay adapter. I have studied this thing very carefully and then only I am saying...
  42. Re: Windows 7 Professional Freezes in a Satellite A665

    I think the problem is due to the NIC as before, where I work, there was no internet and the laptop worked just fine without a freezer, now what the internet and therefore that the laptop uses the...
  43. Windows 7 Professional Freezes in a Satellite A665

    I recently purchased a brand new Toshiba satellite A665 which is installed with windows 7 professional edition i installed the DreamWeaver 8 days ago, and my computer has now seems to have few...
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    Desktop Icons don't open programs anymore

    Currently I am having windows XP installed on my computer system. The problem is that desktop icons that are present on my computer system are not opening any programs that I have installed on my...
  45. "Format fs=ntfs" option doesn't work in Diskpart cmd

    I am trying to prime the UFD for changing the image for windows 7 for deploying it. But the problem is that "format fs=ntfs" option is not working in Diskpart cmd, in the command prompt of...
  46. Windows 7 Sysprep manually entering computer names

    Currently we are using windows XP but planning to upgrade all the systems to Windows 7 and I am in charge for testing and deploying it perfectly. In our windows XP we are running Sysprep and we are...
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    Re: BlackBerry 8830 Modem Settings for Pc

    I have tried this tip with my friend then surprisingly it is working on my friend’s phone but it is not working with my phone. I have followed all the steps that you have mentioned and the setting...
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    How can I revert to silverlight 3?

    Currently I am having windows 7 on my computer system and also on my laptop. On my laptop I am having silverlight 3 netflix instant plays. But I have upgraded to silverlight 4 on my computer system...
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    Does it is worth fixing Samsung DLP oldtv

    I am having a 46-inch of Samsung DLP tv which is five years old. The sharpness of the picture quality of my tv has been faded from the past one year, and i am not able to view clear picture quality...
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    Unable to connect Samsung R500 Hue to pc

    I have a Samsung R500 Hue, it is a great phone but i am having a problem with this phone. I am not able to connect my phone to the computer and it doesn't recognize the phone. I need to download or...
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