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    Word and Excel 2007 SLOW on Vista

    I had purchased a Dell Inspiron laptop. I bought it online. With that I also ordered Microsoft Office Home edition. The laptop came with Windows Vista installed on it. The laptop is new so the...
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    Removing a computer from a domain

    I need some help here to get rid of a computer object from AD. I am not able to get rid of the same. The computer that I am trying remove is no longer required for use. I want to delete the computer...
  3. Re-Install Microsoft Office Activation Assistant.

    I am using a trial edition of Microsoft Office 2007. My pc is also accessed by my friends and I found that someone has removed Office Activation Assistant from my system. I cannot activate the trail...
  4. SBS 2K3 Access Microsoft##SSEE with SQL Management Studio Express

    I was just doing a regular checkout of log files.I found one with some error related to WSS 3.0. The files was created inside the data folder of C:\Windows\SYSMSI\SSEE\MSSQL.2005\MSSQ location. The...
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    2008 DC what to backup

    I am using Windows Server 2008, which has all my DC. I am using a inbuilt backup software. I am confused what thing should I count inside backup. I am not able to find anything related to that. I...
  6. Office 2003 & 2007 continually configure and set-up.

    I need some help with office enterprise installation. I am using Vista Home Premium on my system. On that I had installed Office Pro 2003. Things lok to be working fine. Recently I had upgraded to...
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    Best fit lines in Excel 2003

    I am facing problem with line adjustment in Excel 2003. There are around 30 Data in a spread sheet. Now the lines that are listed shows different size. I cannot fit them all to make a common size. It...
  8. "error loading operating system" after SBS update/server restart

    I am using Windows SBS 2003 Server. I had manually downloaded all the updates and install them in the system. It looks the server is having some kind of bug with the updates. I am not able to boot...
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    Backup Fails With Volume Shadow Copy Error??

    From last couple of days I am constantly getting backup errors on my system. It keeps on failing which was configured to work properly before. The error is related to SBS 01.bkf. I had configured the...
  10. Convert to the Full version of Microsoft Office

    My Office 2007 edition will be expired in August. I need some help to convert that to full version. I tried to find out some free keys on web, but what I can find is keygens. I do not think that...
  11. Hyperlink from Outlook 2007 to IE7 Not Working

    The hyperlinks inside the mail has somehow stopped working. Before when I click on them it take me to the web browser and there I can view those links. But know when I click on them nothing happens....
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    Stop 51/Registry_Error/Constant reboot

    My server crashed due to power failure. So the backup was affected but it was in the loop. Later on when we started I found error related to some registry issue. I tried to restore back the last...
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    lost product key for Fable

    I am stuck with a huge problem. I purchased a copy of Fable game about 6 months ago and installed it on my desktop. Played it for few weeks and went outstation hence never got it completed. When I...
  14. Error message while opening up SKU111.CAB file

    Whenever I try to open Microsoft Office I am getting a error on launch. The error is about some missing file. It appears each time when I try to open the same. But it does not move ahead....
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    Opening Word 2007 documents in Word 2003

    I am having a workstation in my network which has Microsoft Office 2003. While on other there is Office 2007. The pc is quiet old so we ignored upgrading to Office 2007 on the same. Now there is a...
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    New ISP requires SMTP change...

    I need some help here. I had changed my ISP to AT&T. Before I was using Comcast. On it I was using SMTP Port 25 that changed to 465 on AT&T. I had managed all the changes. But somehow after that I...
  17. Thread: powercfg.cpl

    by CostasD

    Thank you very much Jigu, I will try that

    Thank you very much Jigu,

    I will try that
  18. Thread: powercfg.cpl

    by CostasD


    I am using Windows XP desktop since past 6 months. It was working fine but recently started getting problem with powercfg.cpl. Other files are working good except this one and when I click this under...
  19. How to convert .cdr (CoralDraw) files to another format

    What are the different options available that can allow me to convert a .cdr file to any other format. I want to use the same on different photo editing software. I am sure there will be some...
  20. Getting "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions" ms

    I am getting a new error message on my pc. I was trying to remove some themes here. The error that I am getting is This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer....
  21. Help: Network Cable Unplugged -- But It Is Plugged In And Working

    I am using Windows XP here. I had installed recently SP2 update on the same. I am facing a problem with lan connectivity. I am not able to understand why it is detecting the lan connection. The...
  22. Re: Unknown Programs - i.e. "BufferChm" from Add or Remove Programs

    I had installed a speed up utility on my pc. I got a popup that my pc is working extremely slow. So I installed a tune up software to improve the speed. But that did nothing. Instead of making it...
  23. Microsoft Office 03 end-user licence agreement keeps opening

    I bought a new HP PC with Windows Vista and Office 2007 Trail preloaded. Yesterday I installed Office 2003 on this system successfully. But when I launched MS Word for the first time, it came up with...
  24. Let me tell you that most of the start menu...

    Let me tell you that most of the start menu folders use to contain several system folders and files. I am talking about folders like Extras and Upgrades, Games, Maintenance, etc. You cannot delete...
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    How do I make my computer run faster

    I had just purchased a new. It is a branded HP system. The model is HP Pavilion.
    It came with Windows XP installed on the same. Now there is a weird problem in using my pc. It is getting extremely...
  26. Microsoft Word is not able to Save the documents

    I am not able to work with Microsoft Word. None of my documents are saving. Whenever I exist the word file it ask me to save it but from some time it is not at all asking the same. I had updated...
  27. scroll with mouse wheel does not work only in Office 2007

    First of all let me list my configuration. It is Dell Optiplex 745 running with Windows Vista Ultimate and recently installed Office 2007 Pro. I bought a new Dell USB mouse recently. Now the problem...
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    Messenger error code 80048862

    I am trying to install the new edition of Windows Live Messenger. The version is 8.1. After installing it is not working. When I try to login with my details I am getting a error code on my screen....
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    Documentviewer.msi error on Windows XP

    I am getting a error 1706 whenever I try to launch Windows Movie Maker. I am constantly getting the error when I launch the same. It gives me a error that unable to locate DocumentViewer.msi. I...
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    English Spell Checker Switched to French in Word

    I had just completed with installation of Microsoft Office 2007. The setup was fine and there was no error in between. But I found that there is some issue with spell checker. When I try to run, it...
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    Word/Excel/PowerPoint: Slow to Start

    I am having a Windows XP system. I am using Office 2003 on that. It is a quiet old system with decent performance. I will not stay it was extremely fast. But enough to do my work. From last few days...
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    Bad_pool_header Blue Screen error

    My system restarts everytime after a blue screen error on the screen. The error that appear is BAD_POOL_HEADER, with the stopcode STOP: 0x00000019 (0x00000020, 0xe168b490, 0xei68b5c0, 0x2c260204)....
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    VPN connection problem on SBS

    I need some help to work on VPN on Windows SBS 2003. I am not able to connect the same. It looks the server is giving us more trouble. I keep on getting error at the time of connection.The error is...
  34. Win2k3 & XP Pro Machines Cannot Join 2000 Domain

    I am using a domain on Windows 2000 server. It is working properly and there are no errors till yet. The Event viewer also shows nothing. But there is some problem with some client pc on the network....
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    Blue screen crash, STOP Error code 000000f4

    I need some help here to deal with a blue screen error on my pc. It started automatically upon reboot. The error code that I facing is 000000f4. I cannot recover my system from the same. I need some...
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    Visual Basic Error? in Microsoft Office 2003

    Each time when I launch word or excel I am getting a visual basic error. The edition of office that I am using is Office 2003. The error that I am getting is about some dll file missing. The file...
  37. Office installation error this patch package could not be opened" error.

    I am trying here to upgrade the office package through web but somehow when the upgrade setup started it crashed with a error. The error was related to some office installation. I am having a cd of...
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