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    Re: Battery not charging by charger in MACBOOK.

    Just plug your charger into the MACBOOOK after turning off the machine. If it still not works then remove your battery and try it on other same MACBOOK if you find similar MACBOOK. This problem...
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    Re: Installing Office 2007 on iMac

    Of course, Office 2007 is just any other Windows application on OS X does not like to install. Currently, there are very good offers for Mac Office 2004, since this spring Mac Office 2008 comes out....
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    Re: Unable to remove mailbox on C6

    There is only one way by which you can remove the mailbox from your Nokia phone thought there would different ways such as deleting by the shortcut key but at the end it is going to be deleted in the...
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    Re: Saved games on iPod Touch

    You not copy over the game App. Under / User / Applications /apps/ are indeed the individual Apps. There in lies one / User / Applications / Documents, This folder stores all user data...
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    Re: How to remove SIM card from Nokia N8

    No, There are no settings required on your phone to get the network signals. As soon as you insert the SIM card in your phone then it should be detect the network signals of whatever network card you...
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    Re: iPod Click Wheel Games

    the message which you have got on your system states that there is no other way to get this game on your iPod for free unless and until you have the same on your computer system. As you said that you...
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    Re: Panasonic LS-84 Loses Color with TV Connect.

    If you are watching a movie in your TV through any portable device only one thing that you have to worry means always connect your cable to your TV properly. Suppose you have not connected this wire...
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    Re: Virus:Win32\Alureon.H Code=0x80501001

    First You need to Close all anti-virus and anti-malware programs. After that you need to Double click on ComboFix.exe and follow the prompts. As element of its process, ComboFix will make certain...
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    Re: FourSquare WP7 code error:

    As in the error, It clearly states that you have to update the version which would be i guess easiest way to compile as well as run the code snippet which you are currently trying. It might happen...
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    Re: MVVM Command in Windows Phone 7 Series

    An accurate execution of the MVVM pattern is the ViewModel should "wrap" the model (i.e the domain.) Customer must have exposed properties of the domain entity which should not be replicated,...
  11. Re: simple way to put time alarm in window phone 7.

    You will get problem solution after trying Counter Timer 1.0.1741 software. Bcoz it has very simple feature which specify the initial time with normally means days, hours, minutes and seconds. To...
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    Re: Windows Phone 7 vs IPhone 4 (iOS 4)

    Logging is very different in the iPhone 4 you can see how the applications are in the start screen, while the LG smartphone that runs on the start screen WP7 is focused on providing a variety of...
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    Re: Splash screen in windows phone 7

    windows phone 7 offers ten colors you can use for your thumbnails and accents that you use here or there on the phone (some mobile operators add one or two colors of their choice).Your color theme...
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    Re: Play MP3 Stream on Windows Phone 7

    Check the MP3 Stream Editor that is a set of tools for Windows for your library of MP3 files. The program will allow you to cut, join and edit your music through a graphical representation of the...
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    Re: Exit a Silverlight Application

    I guess there is no way to exit the Silverlight Application completely on your mobile phone which is running Windows Phone 7. Though i don't see any need to exit this application as pressing the Back...
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    re: Current generation macbook air SSDs

    A little over two years ago, Apple MacBook Air is the first generation before that. At the time of the initial price was already at 1699 €, 999 € are due when SSD installed should be one....
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    Re: External drive as storage center

    I repeatedly use an operation partitioning Mac & PC to an external drive and a USB key: objective, the Mac can write in the best conditions, as well as the PC. To do this with Apple Disk Utility (in...
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    Re: Touch screen for Macbook Air

    At the edge of a patent application Apple describes the use of multi-touch screens and IPS technology in its MacBook models. IPS stands for In-Plane-Switching and makes for a good viewing angle...
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    Re: New Macbook Air run any cooler ?

    The new MacBook Air just isn’t powerful sufficient to be used as a main computer for expert users. The Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, and 64GB SSD won’t sufficiently run applications with...
  20. Re: For Browsing which one i can choose Ipad or Desktop Computer.?

    Some people will never think what are they actually buying..But here you can buy or i can say that you can choose Desktop computer. There are some reason behind this is that Desktop computer has wide...
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    Re: Android 3.0 to Add Video Chat

    The problem is that Gingerbread is going to cut any need to introduce a third interface, and there is much talk of Sense of HTC. From Android 3.0, therefore, it may well be that all interfaces are...
  22. Re: Will Apple remove the optical drive from future models?

    The advantage of such a system is obviously its small size compared to a conventional SSD coupled to an optical reader. It thus becomes possible to mount in a standard notebook optical drive, SSD and...
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    Re: Samsung ST550 Digital Camera

    Oh.! it's great that you want to buy a new camera of Samsung ST550 to take photo or for a video recording. The best thing of this camera is that it is the world's first camera with 1.5" FRONT LCD and...
  24. Re: Dock magnification/menus/hot corners not working!

    I think that this all issues are related to the Mac operating system which you have installed on your laptop. Actually i cannot point to the particular file due to which these all problem might be...
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    Re: How do I get Macbook audio to my HDMI TV

    Simply plug this adapter into the Mini DisplayPort your MacBook Pro or iMac, connect the adapter to your TV using an HDMI cable (available in promotional package), select the appropriate sound output...
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    Re: PS3 and iMac Airport Extreme Connection?

    MediaCenter is a term that is widely used since few years. MediaLink must say that promises much, just see:
    * Full integration with iTunes. Visualization and reading playlists, audio podcasts and...
  27. Re: Internet Explorer 9 Beta install on Windows 7: Service Pack is not supported

    Internet Explorer 9 also offers improved speed and performance, and better compliance with web standards and new technologies. support or 9 decent features for HTML 5 (the new generation of rich...
  28. Re: "this accessory is not optimized for this iphone" error

    I think your phone didn't got the proper update due to which all this problems are raising on your phone. I suggest you to reinstall the iOS 4 on your phone which might solve this problem. It would...
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    Re: Wifi on openSUSE

    These tests are purely subjective. I certainly book some raw data but the main interest for me lay in the feeling. Indeed, these tests were not a whim on my part but have a specific purpose: I have a...
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    Re: Transfer a DVD to Torch 9800

    Wondershare DVD Ripper for PSP brings DVDs on the PlayStation Portable, and has for a number of useful tools for editing and cutting board. Alternatively, convert the whole Wondershare Ripper (not...
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    Re: Acer Aspire One shut down issue

    I noticed this problem several times without breaking never too early to understand the origin ... my wife was the face and told me that I'd be doing and that at that price, it is not surprising ....
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    Re: Acer Aspire 8930G Overheating

    Even though I've already bought several computers from different manufacturers, Acer has disappointed me now and I do not even know who to contact me. Fans can even wanted to install the new one, but...
  33. Re: Blackberry Torch 9800 VERY SLOW, LAGS & FREEZES

    I think your phone have got slow as you have installed many third party applications on your phone, It is obvious that it is gonna work slow as those applications are not recommended to install from...
  34. Re: Internet site that won't work with browser in BB Torch

    I feel that the webpage which you are trying to open from your Mobile browser would be containing some scripts which are not supported by your browser and hence it is not showing the proper result. I...
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    Re: Blackberry Torch and WiFi

    If you search go to the Wifi Setup then it might happen that you won't be finding any saved wifi network so i suggest you to go the first Wifi setup and then look at the bottom where you have to...
  36. Re: How to delete Old Email Address and Schedule on Blackberry Torch

    I have one idea, As you must be synchronizing your email accounts with your phone then it becomes very much easy for you to remove anything related to an emails as well as an accounts. You do...
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    Re: Blackberry Torch 9800 Touchscreen Issues

    I think you should not get panic as it does not seems to be any big issue, There is nothing wrong with your touchscreen as it is perfectly registering your finger touches but it is an operating...
  38. Re: Problem with Storm music player

    If you are a lucky owner of a blackberry, then you are interested, have this program called Aimersoft Blackberry Media Converter as it can convert a large quantity of video formats Blackberry Storm,...
  39. Re: Desktop Manager not recognizing device connected

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager is a tool for managing emails, calendars and multimedia files to BlackBerry devices. The software includes a group of applications designed to sync a BlackBerry with...
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    Re: Webcam or not on Acer Aspire 5532

    No, I don't think that Bestbuy have removed the hardware itself from the laptop as it would be easily visible thing. I suggest you to check at the place of webcam on the laptop as is there any lens...
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    Re: ferrari one 200 wwan module

    There is no problem for soldering both the pci-express and simcard on the same but you should not forget that it would be depending on your BIOS as it may support it but it might not as well. Still...
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    Re: Acer Bio Protection Installation Error

    I have an Acer 6930G and my worry is that I successfully registered my username and password for my mail with acer bio protection in order to access it with my fingerprint, but since I can not to...
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    Re: Acer Aspire One lsass error msg on bootup

    I was having the same error as which you are getting on your Windows XP machine. To boot in safe mode is no problem. The system runs flawlessly here. I've installed this way the removal tools and...
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    Re: Black screen of death on an Acer Aspire 5920

    These special "Black Screens" would occur even for about 10 years and this issue would be discussed in numerous forums. However, most users are likely the term "black screen" so far, actually rather...
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    Re: Time / Clock changing on ACER Aspire 5920

    You need to Click Clock, Language, and Region and then click Date and times to bring up the settings window of the clock that is in the notification area of the taskbar . Click " Change date and time...
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    Re: create setup files

    You need to use Openbox customization, it is interesting to know the existence of Openbox configuration files, which are three in number. Qu'Openbox may not have created the configuration files for...
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    Re: Javascript in IE on HTC HD2

    I think that running the scripts on your browser might has been stopped by anudates. You must have got the pop up on the top pf the page where you have to click for allowing this site to run the...
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    Re: Request Your Vampent vBagX Codes Here

    I have a Sony Ericsson W960 mobile phone for which i want to get the vBagX but since i know an issue with the activation code, I would like to be first confirmed about it so that i don't have to face...
  49. Re: Samsung Corby Gt- s3653 themes,games and applications

    Check the steps to install the games on Samsung Corby Gt- s3653
    1. First activate the phone by typing * # 9998 * 4678255 #
    The phone displays " Enabled "
    2. Copy the 2 files . jar and. jad game...
  50. Re: Samsung Corby Gt- s3653 themes,games and applications

    Everyone wants to look perfect, to have a body that everyone wanted . But even if you do not seem perfect, you 're still normal , or maybe you just put a little weight. If your health is not...
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