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    Re: Malwarebytes Won't Update

    I have two steps for you to work on, see what you can so is that

    step 1

    1) Go to Start, and then Run.

    2) In the run box you will have to type the following command
    REG ADD...
  2. Re: Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 operates only beneath enhanced operational mode

    I am agree with the above user as this is an virus for sure and you should remove it as soon as possible and for that you can simply make use of another antivirus to you machine because the one that...
  3. Re: is relevant knowledge or "rlvknlg.exe" a virus?

    According to me you should try to use another antivirus rather than the one that you are using because to remove the process from the machine you must have to use anyone or else you’ll not be able...
  4. Re: Kaspersky Mobile Security for Windows Phone 7

    I would get more delight via investigating and ending up part of an improving incline right off the trend (early adopter syndrome) than basically accompanying what every person else is purchasing...
  5. Re: Administration Kit with Mobile Security 9

    Home users unfailingly get new versions first for the reason that new versions have bugs and new emphasizes (like encryption) would have unsteadiness issues. This is something I’m confident you...
  6. Re: GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3-iSSD Motherboard featuring onboard 20GB Intel SSD 311 Series

    By offering the Intel SSD 311 Series, advanced for Intel Smart Response Technology, with GIGABYTE's Z68XP-UD3-iSSD MOTHERBOARD, we are able to carry the profits of built framework responsiveness to...
  7. Re: Gigabyte GA-PH67-UD3-B3 MO feature Directed by Intel Virtualization Technology

    It is for making a virtual computer under VMWARE workstation: a CITRIX XENSERVER 5.0. Around the same time as the instatement, I got: HARDWARE VIRTULIZATION ASSIST is not ready and the VM made is...
  8. Re: Gigabyte P67A D3 B3 f4 version slow boot until post screen

    The just choices I am able to consider are to verify that there is no floppy drive prepared and the splash screen and so forth is impaired. In addition prepare quickboot.
  9. Re: How to put router and switch IPs in DNS?

    In my company, I'm working to accomplish interface IP locations into DNS. Then, I have a script that surveys every gadget, gets the interface illumination (with IP & SNM) and produces a host's file....
  10. Re: How to perform Port forwarding in Cisco Router using switching to IP?

    When its all said and done you should target an outer IP of your router on the port of your deciding on. This can be permitted through the firewall and coordinate to The NAS should...
  11. Re: How to access active directory user account even while staying offline?

    Well you didn’t mention the version of operating system but if you are having Mac OS X v10.6, then I would say that try to follow these steps.
    • From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences ...
  12. Re: Yellow notification icon in System Tray of MSE

    You don't have any malware in your Hijack this log and all active scan found was cookies. This type of problem arrives on your system if you use an antimalware on it. this antimalware help to remove...
  13. Re: Installation of MSE advices me to turn on firewall manually

    MSE disables Defender when it is turned on. If this is turning off then such type of unnecessary messages present on it. Hence I recommended to you for use this way and remove this indication type of...
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    re: how to become a network professional

    It is not easy to work on certifications while working full time as an admin. If you can't devote the time to certifications then get involved in forums like the one you are reading right now. Forums...
  15. Re: Warstorm Game: some good combos other than Unit + Artifact

    You will more often encounter dragon decks with many flying units. It is therefore important that when you're fighting with three or more decks used at least one complete deck Archer.
  16. Re: What is the cost to upgrade VMware fusion from 3 to 4 or is there any discount?

    It's very strange not offered an upgrade for existing customers loyal. I've been with the merger from the beginning and gone through all the previous updates
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    Re: VPN trouble with Netgear FVS336Gv1

    Both are static WAN, yes that means the VPN policy.Yes, VPN policies accurately reflect each other. I had also heard that the zones can cause problems in IPSec configurations, so that both have the...
  18. Re: How to Upgrade Home and Office Network to new Gigabit?

    You can search on the internet and get some of the solution or the method to do it over there and also you might get the information to get the cable to use for the connection of the cables to...
  19. Re: How good is Microsoft Security Essentials than Avast and Superantispyware?

    Super antispyware is very good. I think it is better than the two. I have been using it since long and I am very happy with it. It Detects and Removes Spyware, Adware and Remove Malware, Trojans,...
  20. Re: How to Create A Strong Defense Against Virus?

    I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. The other suggestions are as follows:

    Avast! Home Edition
    AVG Free Edition
    Avira AntiVir Personal
    Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows...
  21. Re: 3g modem missing after install of windows 7

    Reset TCP IP is also one of the options that work to find out the 3G modem. To reset the TCP/IP first open Microsoft support site link and then hit on "Fix it for me" option. This help to you for...
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    Re: What is FTP?

    The above user has given you the correct and also the perfect definition of the FTP and also you might be able to understand the usage of the FTP. So might understand what is FTP.
  23. Re: Remove the welcome screen when user log on Domain

    It can be done by method of custom logon screen. Just look for that method. The same can be used to stop the current logon messages that users are getting on logon.
  24. Re: Cisco Linksys E3000 power LED keep flashing

    I tried again and still not working. I held the reset button for 30 seconds and shutdown time. Then I connected the computer to the router and cable modem router. He wrote in the browser...
  25. Re: Is my Linksys WMP600N Wireless-N Adapter is dead?

    Here I would like to suggest you about considering the computer operating system and also about the computer memory. These are the two facts which can also case your card to not work properly. I mean...
  26. Re: Linksys WRT400n configuration for an access point

    Here is an update, Several Internet pursuits demonstrated that to construct a router work similar to a right to gain entrance indicate, the emulating should be finished:

    -Incapacitate DHCP server...
  27. Re: Opening NAT on a Linksys WRT160Nv2 Xbox Live Strict Nat

    Uncheck all alternatives under Port Triggering and attempt Port Range sending
    Port Range Forwarding -

    Application: xbox
    Start Port: 53
    End Port: 3074
    Protocol: Both
    IP Address:...
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    Re: Linksys E4200 with Mac OS X Lion (10.7)

    For those of us who updated to OS X Lion 10.7, I don’t think there is way to put a USB printer in the E3200 through the net interface. As Cisco Connect application has not been updated for OS X...
  29. Re: Linksys WRT54G Netflix for ROKU streaming player

    Well, to update the settings on your router, you unequivocally require a computer wired to the router (for a short time) with an Ethernet link. That method you are able to gain entrance to the...
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    Re: Linksys E4200 DHCP Reservation

    Here is the ipconfig /all consequences:
    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Users\ANMT7>ipconfig /all
    Windows IP...
  31. Re: In Netgear WN3000RP setup created a new _EXT but the old _EXT still exists

    See I don’t see any kind of threat if both the access points show you up there is no problem at all, that’s what I feel. Now what I want to say is that the first one that you created will remain...
  32. Re: Netgear WNDAP350 2.4GHZ fails after 2-3 seconds

    I am experiencing a similar trouble with an Intel (4965AGN) and WNDAP350. Among many other tests, I disabled WMM to see if that helps. That only led to another problem .adios both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz,...
  33. Re: Unable to access some websites with NetGear FS 608 v2 FAST ETHERNET SWITCH

    I don’t think switch has any role to play here. what I would advise you is that plug your router directly to the pc and then see if it is working or not? Worth giving a try.
  34. Re: Cannot get Nintendo DS and Wii online with Linksys WRT160N v2

    It is recommended that you have to reset and re-configure the router if you are done with the firmware upgrade or downgrade. If you want to do that then just press and hold the reset button for about...
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    Re: Netgear WN3000RP - review and purchase

    A couple of things I'm forgetting.

    The image on the support page for WN3000RP is wrong.
    The installation guide mentions a "User Manual". Where is this "User"? Unable to download and is not...
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    Re: Disabling Nat and Firewalls on PPPoE

    The extent that I would be able to see this puts "DMZ" in "ALLOW consistently" under the Firewall Rules, thing is I at present have my location ( to "ALLOW constantly" but for "Any (ALL)"...
  37. re: Routers locks up due to Netgear FVS338 and Playstation 3

    Through much online internet gathering seeking, I found a semi-key to the situation. A chap on some indefinite discussion was having the same situation as us excluding he had some DLINK router. The...
  38. Re: Netgear FVS318G must be Recalled and Buyers Compensated

    I just approached the discussions for data that may help me. I purchased one of the aforementioned and had numerous situations at the same time as the first week or somewhere in the vicinity. I...
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    Re: Failures in Netgear RP614v4

    I had precisely the same situation. My RP614v4 quit working. Just the capacity light is on and makes a point not to distinguish the virtual internet connection. Modem associated straight to...
  40. Re: Need help for Setting up printing through FVS336G VPN

    In fact I had a comparative sort of scenario, when I attempt pinging nothing returns. There are a couple printers, all relegated static IPs:, and Now I doubt...
  41. Re: Getting duplicate MAC address on Netgear WN2000RPT

    As you have noticed the MAC address is the repeater - this is normal and is not the cause of his frequent falls.
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    Re: Unable to access Netgear WNAP210

    I also limit my Access point to 20 MHz as dynamic causes 20/40 .I have to disconnect t accidentally.
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    Re: Blu ray player and Netgear WN2000RPT

    Yesterday I tried to put a static IP address on my Netgear WNDR3700 router and then unite the WN2000RPT to static address. I linked with the SSID that the configuration of static address on the...
  44. Re: Emergency recovery needed in netgear wnhde111

    Instruction for setting up wireless bridge using two wnhde111:

    Switch the mode of first netgear wnhde111 to access point.
    Attach cables to accessible port on router.
    Attach another end of...
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    Re: Connection drops in netgear wn3000rp

    I have an iMac, Airport Extreme base station (APX), IPAD, iPad2, and a repeater WN3000RP, iPhone4 freshly acquired. The iMac is not on wireless network. Although the APX works huge, regrettably had a...
  46. Re: Unable to upgrade netgear WN802Tv2 firmware

    LEDs function just as it should, take to the streets, changing amber, and so on. You can also contact him (the state demonstrates sending me packages when I try to access it). It is as if only the...
  47. Re: Is it possible to hard wire the netgear WN3000rp within the office?

    type followin commands in console

    Two open the Command Prompt window and type
    you must obtain proprietary information and IP gateway.
    If something likes 192,
  48. Re: Unable to configure netgear WNCE2001 router

    if you are not getting whatever the above user has mentioned you can simply download the PDF files that I have attached over here for further information, and for better guidance.

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    Re: Netgear WMS5316 Firmware

    Exactly the same trouble I have just updated the driver for all the points 2.1.2 and 2.0.27 and access to factory settings to establish a new controller and now will not locate access points. In the...
  50. Re: Laptop unable to connect to internet but connects to wireless network

    Same with me well something isn't working, this is what I'm attempting to resolve, but I am confident I supplied the right MAC address and that it was dropped in effectively. So I don't think the...
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