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    HD 7870 flickering with black screen

    I have recently purchased a new HD 7870 graphics card for gaming but I have got some problems with it. When ever I am playing games like World of Tanks or Starcraft II, then at some random time I am...
  2. Tomb Raider 2013 Steam version wont launch

    I have purchased Tomb Raider 2013 from Steam and if I am trying to press the "Play" button, then it will give me a message saying that "Preparing to launch Tomb Raider" for some time before finally...
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    Want to buy Xbox 720 or Playstation 4


    I heard that soon the Microsoft will launch Xbox 720 gaming console in the market? Also, there were rumours that Playstation 4 will also launch at the same time or so? Anyhow, I was...
  4. How to create euro millions checker in Microsoft Excel

    Hello friends,

    I’m trying to make a euro millions checker in excel, I’ve got it to check the five balls ok but having problems with checking the 2 lucky stars cell g4 = 3 ( lucky star 1...
  5. Re: Problem with the IPv6 connection in Windows Vista

    I was having the similar problem and fortunately I solved it. First in the start menu, enter cmd in search (just below "All Programs"), not to enter, above is a line marked "cmd". Right click and...
  6. Re: Switching from Core 2 Duo to Core 2 Quad appropriate?

    Otherwise, please consider the whole thing well: the more power the 775er Quad CPU will not be as overwhelming as though support most programs / games now completely dual core, quad-core at this,...
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    Re: NVIDIA GeForce GT 445m performance?

    According to Nvidia is new to the support for 3D vision, including support for HDMI 1.4a. So you can (if supported by the laptop manufacturer) 3D games, 3D Web streaming video, 3D photos and 3D...
  8. Re: Enable Automatic Tool 1.0.4 of Quick Launch

    I just want to ask you that it only works on English version, because, it did not work on Dutch Windows7. Did you as well seem here: ...
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    Re: Creating a 7-Zip Switchless Installer

    I make use of a rapid batch file converter to build my "Installer.exe". My “Installer.exe” is too minor than StartX.exe and I can put numerous commands in it. Just like “evilvoice's” method....
  10. Re: Information of Visual Web Developer Express

    I have some information about Installing of Visual Web Developer Express. You can easily download and install Visual Web Developer Express via the “Microsoft Web Platform Installer”, it is a free...
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    Re: Details of chkdsk command

    I have some details related to chkdsk which must help you. The chkdsk command is an external command and is existed in the following Microsoft operating systems.

    Windows 7
    Windows Vista
  12. Re: Problem of Hub Transport server and Client Access in Exchange Server

    Although still using WFC and although DAG is a feature of Enterprise Edition, do not really need Exchange 2010 Enterprise Edition to use DAG. Unlike Exchange 2007 CCR, DAG is also included with the...
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    Poll: Mafia 2 vs. GTA IV

    Hello every one !!! I think that every one will be aware of the GTA IV and the newly launched Mafia 2. I feel that most of the part of the game is similar That's the reason i am creating a poll here...
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    Re: Impressions numbered in Indesign CS4

    LOCTEXTO order governs how "fast text location." Being disabled this mode (normal case), the texts are drawn completely. If, however, is on the way LOCTEXTO, rectangles displayed only define the...
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    Re: Folders issue in Hotmail

    Microsoft will renew its webmail service, Windows Live Hotmail. The goal is to exceed the functionality of Gmail, Google's webmail. For attachments, Hotmail will better interact with the service of...
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    Re: Trouble while attaching photos to email

    Problem for the Internet Forum and Network. Click the icon which would be yellow exclamation in the banner above in your first message and in the window that appears, asked the moderator to move your...
  17. Re: Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80080005

    While many COM + applications running under different user accounts specified in the ownership of this user, the computer can not allocate memory to create a new desktop heap for the new user....
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    Re: Adjust default Finder column width

    According to me you should change the width of the third column is, in the case the foreground window, the last column that are posted previews. If you find yourself with a window with four then the...
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    Re: igs to Cinema 4d

    An IGES stands for Initial Graphics Exchange Specification. An ANSI approved standard format Used with 3D wire frame models. It's Often Used in the exchange of CAD drawings. Also I would like to...
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    Re: render engine for animation?

    The following are the steps for an installation of Blender in windows :

    Download the archive and unfold it in a folder called \ Blender2kt on which you have full user rights....
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    Re: error with .pst, inbox repair tool??

    Do you have a paid Hotmail account.?? Because there is also possibility that Microsoft blocks the use hotmail with all mail clients except Windows Live Mail. This is a file that is created when you...
  22. Re: Hunters Email Fight Club - Spam avoid, spyware, scams and cookies

    I am providing you more Advice about avoiding the Spam :

    When you enter your details into a form, make sure that the entries specify the use of information that can be made to your email...
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    Re: How to make a photo manager?

    Speaking of image editing tools that are clubbed with the photo manager would allow a user to have full screen slide show with excellent way of generating savings time cool layouts impression that...
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    Re: Configuring TMG 2010 in Hyper-V

    If a library contains a folder that has his name in an accent you will not be able to file documents through ISA or TMG. It will be shown an error of access denied 401 with an error code 12209 on the...
  25. Re: Running Virtual PC Integration features without password

    First you will have to uninstall a previous version of Virtual PC. Uninstalling a previous version of Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP mode can be done in following ways :

    Back up all data from...
  26. Re: Why Winamp keeps asking for permission in Windows 7?

    The UAC is a feature that was added to Vista, and found in Windows 7. it is used to control the administration of the computer, and it checks if several users use the PC. This feature is installed by...
  27. Re: Error message "Old format or library type is invalid" when automating Excel

    This error occurs when calling an Excel method when the following conditions are met :

    You use early binding to call the method.
    The method requires an LCID (locale identifier).
    You run an...
  28. Re: Advantages of Project 2007 over Project 2003

    The following are some issues that are solved in Project 2007 :

    If the results contain cost profile zero-day cost, days nonzero costs Cost displays incorrect values.
    You save a model project...
  29. Re: What are the new features of Access 2007?

    The Navigation Pane replaces the Database window from previous versions of Access. This pane lists and provides easy access and organization to all objects in the database currently open. Use the...
  30. Re: Microsoft Access to prevent database corruption

    Because only the data is sent across the network, record transactions such as database registry edits are completed more quickly. This reduces network traffic and resulting in increased network...
  31. Re: How to troubleshoot navigation issues in Microsoft Excel?

    Some hardware manufacturers include third party software packages with additional material, such as installation files for hardware drivers. If additional software included for your mouse or...
  32. Re: Error Message while trying to Save a file in Excel 2007

    The process was interrupted during the removal of the original or rename the temporary file. This problem occurs for the same reasons as the scenario described in the section 'document not saved' or...
  33. Remove child domain after child domain DC has failed

    I am using Active Directory with Forest Functional Level 2003 and Domain Functional Level on 2008. I was having a dev domain, that a was a child domain of our production domain. This dev domain used...
  34. Re: How to use ADO to read and write data in Excel workbooks using ExcelADO?

    The ADO can be used solely for transferring raw data to a workbook. You can not use ADO to apply formats and formulas to cells. However, you can transfer data to a workbook previously formatted and...
  35. Re: How To Dismiss a Dialog Box Displayed by an Office Application with Visual Basic?

    You can also try the method described by me for dismissing the dialog box. Use the On Error statement to avoid error messages at runtime which might arise, for example when trying to establish when...
  36. Re: What are the drawbacks of using server-side Automation of Microsoft Office?

    Office applications need to be performed on an interactive desktop and must sometimes be made visible for certain Automation functions to work properly. In case of unexpected error or if unspecified...
  37. Re: Error while shutting down .pst file or the .ost file in Outlook 2007

    If you receive this error messages, you may experience performance problems until Outlook finished the conciliation process. Ost file or the. Pst file. You will able to see gear icon is displayed in...
  38. Re: How to disable warning messages hyperlink in Office 2007 programs?

    In Office 2007 when you click a hyperlink or an object that links to an executable file, you receive the following warning message :

    Hyperlinks can be harmful to your computer and your data. To...
  39. Re: Troubleshoot problems while trying to activate Office 2007

    Sometimes it happens that when you try to activate the 2007 Office product by phone. However, after entering the confirmation ID provided by the support staff, you hear an error message indicating...
  40. Re: How to create a bulleted or numbered list in Word?

    To create an outline numbered list, follow these steps :

    Start Word and open your document.
    In the Format menu, click Bullets and Numbering, then click the tab.
    Select any list style in...
  41. Re: How to select the Styles in

    The styles are available through a floating or dockable window called Styles and Formatting. This window is central to the management styles. To open the Styles and Formatting window, do one of the...
  42. Re: How to create a custom template for Visio?

    If you want to create multiple drawing files with a consistent look, a practical method is to define a basic model for all drawings. By creating your own style, you can save yourself the trouble of...
  43. Re: Unsaved information is lost when printing from operating system shell in MS Word

    Several fields are updated when you print the document, including the date fields and fields page numbers. If you modify the registry, I would suggest you to save any document that contains the dates...
  44. Re: Outlook not receiving emails from MSN

    Msn6.exe is hidden by default, so you can only see it if you have disabled the options in Windows Explorer can not see the file. To view this file, do the following :

    Click the right mouse...
  45. Re: Error message while trying to use Acrobat Distiller to distill a PostScript file created in Publisher 2007

    This problem occurs because the printer driver Helvetica and time (Roman) that the fonts resident in printer and printer driver is configured to replace the device fonts for some TrueType fonts....
  46. Re: WordArt gradient fill prints incorrectly in Publisher 2003

    This problem may occur when you print the publication as separations or as composite cyan-magenta-yellow-black (CMYK). To do this in the Print dialog box, click Advanced Print Settings. Hope that you...
  47. Re: Formatting problem while Printing two-page monthly calendar in Outlook

    Such issues happen very often. If you print your calendar using the monthly parameter available, "2 pages per month," printed calendar is improperly formatted. Also many times it happens that days of...
  48. Re: How to print a Gantt Chart view without table information?

    To create a table without columns displays, follow these steps :

    In the View menu, click Table, then click on other tables.
    For tables:, click on the task.
    Click the New button
    In the...
  49. Re: What is the High Level Assembly Language?

    The language in the HLA compile time allows programmers to easily extend the HLA language, even creating their own domain-specific languages to help them solve common programming problems easily. The...
  50. Re: What is a Macro that is used in MS Excel?

    Macros are sets of instructions that are used to save chronological tracking tasks, a macro is simply a set of instructions such as "delete file", "add record" and so on., And stored in a particular...
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