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  1. Re: Mount&Blade With Fire & Sword: Strapped for Thaler

    The adding of another 300 men to my barracks in Warsaw and the price of all the extra commanders are killing my stash. I will execute of cash earlier than I can gather sufficient troops to prevent...
  2. Re: i5-560M chip & newer i7 2 core chips are faster than the older i7-740QM quad core chip

    I've looked at the site and cannot find TomsHardware graphics CPU for these phones. Probably just me looking in the wrong place. I'll take a look at the Intel site and see if I can find the...
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    Re: Audigy SE working Multichannel in Vista!

    Hey guys I am going to update this experimenting with some various drivers. Now that Vista is RTM and I got Ultimate about 3 weeks I haven't tried my old method but I cannot stand playing things...
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    Audigy SE working Multichannel in Vista!

    After sending a message to Creative about my Audigy SE and its lack of a Creative driver in Vista they told me it most likely would not work. After trial and error I got it to work perfectly and it...
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    Re: Tap Chat not working

    Tap Chat to be recognized in the Creative Audio Control Panel software.
    1. The Tap Chat should be listed in the Device Manager as a USB Composite Device. If it is not showing up, it means that your...
  6. Re: Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD, speakers & headset both connected, only sound from headset?

    With this card you can have sound from the headphones and speakers in one manner: Connect your headphones on the back panel headphone out. Leave Dolby or DTS encoding active if you have a digital...
  7. Re: X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro Series SPDIF fails

    I can help you but for that you need to reply some of the questions so that I can come to know what your problem is. Did this happen right out of the box? Does this happen regardless of what is...
  8. Re: X-Fi titanium Drivers crashing gtx 570

    I did not have another sound card installed before the titanium. After a flashed the bios the multiplier was set back to 15 and i didn’t set it back to 17 until i reinstalled all the drivers and...
  9. Re: X-Fi Midi Synth Reverb and Chorus Controller not working properly

    Sorry, my mistake. I noticed you were using an Audigy as well. I doubt that your personal X-fi would have a problem like that. The reason I convinced myself I was right was that it’s hard to...
  10. Re: X-Fi Midi Synth Reverb and Chorus Controller not working properly

    You misunderstand my message.
    "You may need to vary the amount on a given midi track during the song, and you can't do that by programming a Soundfont." The soundfont has to be set up the way I...
  11. Re: X-Fi Midi Synth Reverb and Chorus Controller not working properly

    If you are using the same general midi soundfont for all your midi files, it isn't too difficult to change it.
    This is how it's done with Vienna in soundfont 2.1 - I suspect soundfont 2.4 will be...
  12. Re: Audigy 2 ZS with Windows 7 64-Bit and more than 4GB of RAM

    I figured out a method to get the mic to work "sometimes" if anyone is helping me try to reproduce it.
    Being a Beta tester for the last 2 years in online games mean when I get bored i try to break...
  13. Re: How much have you spent on hardware so far?

    I think till now around 3000$ average amount I am talking about. Before the $ 2000-2100 my show last year had not spent anything on things related to information technology in oh about 6 years, and...
  14. Re: windows 7 64 bit shutdown with X-Fi Titanium HD

    Minor update:
    A friend of mine manages to extract the file "CTAudSvc" from the Beta Console Launcher I downloaded off the sticky in the main forum. Shut down 2x successfully, 3rd one already...
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    Re: Creative Zen Touch replacement harddisk

    These are the models that correspond to the Hitachi Travelstar C4K40 20GB specifications, the harddisk used in the Creative Zen Touch MP3 player:
    - HTC424020F7AT00 (C4K40 20GB)
    - HTC426030G7AT00...
  16. Re: Joystick not working in IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

    I have just got this game IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover form a shop which is next to my place. I love to play this kind of games very much I use to play Microsoft flight simulator x. And many of my...
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    Re: iPad 2 with 3G checking data plans

    Thanks guys for your vision. So it sounds like everything is too expensive 3G. I mean it works well in a limited form of a smart phone where it is necessary that both need for streaming videos or...
  18. Re: MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum and Phenom II 940

    If the update was successful as I suppose, I should have informed the BIOS on the new processors and what settings they have. Yes, pulling the power cord and CMOS is a good thing when you change the...
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    iPad 2 with 3G checking data plans

    I'm looking to buy a IPAD 2 and was reviewing the data plans. I have two questions if you do not mind:
    1. I have not seen an unlimited data plan. The use of larger data comes from Verizon, which is...
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    Re: ipad screen cannot be rotated

    Yes, I'm sure. If I can change the status of the switch in the approved manner see the overlay graphics with rotation lock on / off. I have also tried to change settings and not with the hardware or...
  21. Re: iOS 4.3 has cut my 3G Internet connection on ipad 2

    I am in France and the same issue, I lost the 3G connection after updating my Ipad to Ios 4.3; My brother was able (after several attempts) to update your iPhone 4 and has no issue with 3G...
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    MSI K8N Neo2 and 2 GHz of memory

    I thought the use of four double-sided DIMMs would result in one being able to run at DDR333 speeds. I just installed my room HyperX PC4000 512 stick and at first I wanted to values of 333, while set...
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    Nokia EMAIL 3.09.0 is available

    According BetaLabs What's new:
    - Open HTML emails directly see
    - The policy data encryption on the device is friendly now.
    - New recording system to speed the resolution of problems in the...
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    Re: Nokia E5 Restart problem

    I have the same problem with my E5, I bought 4 months ago while talking to someone on the phone that just died down, I thought that there is no battery charge. I charge for a time, not restarting and...
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    Re: Not able to delete messages Nokia X3

    That's ridiculous. Even I could write a program that is capable of removing so many messages. You cannot try to Ovi Suite because I have a USB cable, and will not buy one. My previous phones were...
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    Re: Nokia X3-00 unbearably slow

    Having trouble with my x3-00 again. Every time I try to open the directory of the memory card in the APPS folder, the phone just goes all black and after a few minutes the phone is working again but...
  27. Getting IRQL error in MSI NF750-G55 while installing Windows

    I'm in the process of upgrading an old computer to serve as a machine of the media. I bhought the following components: MSI motherboard NF750-G55, AMD Athlon X2 II processor 265 and memory G. Skill...
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    Re: Dell 1702FP: Can't get DVI working

    I have exactly the same problem. Windows XP Home / Dimension 4300/ATI 7500/1720FP AIW Radeon. Using DVI, I see everything to the home screen, then the screen seems to lose the signal (the power LED...
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    StarCraft 2 vs Shogun 2: Total War

    Shogun 2 wins hands down. Strategy games like Civilization massive V, Empire: Total War, and Sins of a Solar Empire intensive learning and planning becomes amazing. These guys are "real" strategy...
  30. Re: Dell Latitude D630 Video not working properly

    Thank you very much for the answers, which are more or less what I was thinking to be honest. However, if Dell replaced the motherboard is the Nvidia chip will be the same or will be a version of...
  31. Nanosuit 2 In-Game Real Time Graphics in Crysis 2

    Texture is in demand from the moment in New Trailer In-Real / in-game graphics? Is that the texture of the dress in the full game? It seemed like it was in the game! I was in real time what the best...
  32. Dell Latitude D630 Video not working properly

    I have a Dell Latitude D630 and I use regularly in a docking station PR01X. I noticed recently that if you undock the laptop while it is on, then open the screen there are a lot of color artifacts on...
  33. Getting error message while playing YouTube videos on Google Chrome

    Google Chrome 8.0.552.237, Using Windows 7 Operating System. I am getting this Error Message:” No error message" appears. The YouTube video box is just a black rectangle”. YouTube is not working...
  34. Which setup would be faster: Pentium D or Dual Xeon

    Memory scores better with Presler, - probably will also result due to new chipset game a little better, the bandwidth of memory, CPU power etc will be better with the Xeon, where you can find things...
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    Gun recoil in HomeFront

    Does anyone know if there’s going to be recoil on the guns like in Battlefield: Bad Company 2? Because that would make the game way improved than what Call of Duty has where you can shoot your...
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    Sounds And Looks Good in HomeFront

    Sounds and looks great guys, But what I think you have done is kicked the PS3 users in the guts with your exclusive map to the Xbox. I for one am not too happy about this to the point of not even...
  37. Bullet damage and player health modifiers in HomeFront

    Am I the only one who does not want benefits or extra abilities armor bullet damage? Ammunition even greater harm than would be set aside. I say keep guns work the way they should and have a very...
  38. Re: Motorola Xoom accessories Vs. Ipad2 Accessories

    Thanks for your reply it really is a concern for us. Originally we were very avid followers of the Xoom even though I have many apple products. We preferred the open source nature, but there have...
  39. Motorola Xoom accessories Vs. Ipad2 Accessories

    I went ahead and bought the Motorola Xoom and was pretty sure it would actually be the next best thing to give my IPad a run for their money. At the moment I began to notice the errors in the...
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    FX5900 Ultra (background noise)

    Have recently been upgrading from 4800 Ti GFX card to the MSI GeForce FX 5900 Ultra, I noticed a nice (NOT) the sound emitted by some of my main processor box (not my speakers), sound is a kind click...
  41. Ancient Vampiric Chest in Vampire Wars

    Wow I keep getting the same chest again and again. Now there is very little chance to get a dead bull. I never post multiple chests. But I admit I skip to try to find a dead bull. I thought skipping...
  42. Combat against same old vamps in Vampire Wars

    Is anyone else getting tired of having to hit the same vamps over and over because they haven't "leveled" up yet? I have my skill rating at 3400, and it won't get any higher because there is NO one...
  43. Vampire Wars: Whom do you attack and why?

    This is mainly a question for higher level Vamps. Recently I seem to be getting attacked more and more by Vamps WAY above my level, it's like I just hit level 70 over again or something. Don't get me...
  44. Why are there not enough gems in Treasure Isle

    I will wait around a little while longer to see if anything changes, but this game is now too difficult. I will delete the app soon. And I can't seem to get enough cash to even buy any. Not only that...
  45. Arctic Isles & Diamond of the North Quest in Treasure Isle

    Can anyone tell me what you think of this release:

    1. Frozen North Map
    2. The Diamond of the North Quest

    1. Frozen North Map has three icy isles in it:
    (i) Lost Expedition
    (ii) Icicle...
  46. Re: Unable to request fruit or energy packs in Treasure Isle

    I am having the same problem. Since FGM came out I have been not capable to request fruit, energy packs, or send gifts to people unless they request it from me. This began immediately after I...
  47. T.Y.B.Sc IT Maharashtra University 2011 Results Declared - Click here

    I am a student of Nagindas Khandwala College of Commerce, Arts and Management Studies and Shantaben Nagindas Khandwala College of Science it’s located at Malad (West) Road no 1,Bhadran Nagar off...
  48. Holiday Isles & 12 Days of Christmas Quest in Treasure Isle

    Holiday Isles
    The first Map of Isles in the Holiday Isles Campaign is Lost Reindeer

    There are five (5) islands to explore
    i) Farmer Ted
    ii) Howlin' Hollow
    iii) It's Rain, Dear
    iv) Tiny...
  49. Treasure Isle: Pirate Ghost Ship & Haunted Voyages

    What you think of the Pirate Ghost Ship & Haunted Voyages here:

    Pirate Ghost Ship

    Haunted Voyages
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    Fresh Flowers in petville

    Hi everyone! I love to play games very much. And apart from games I like to be on Facebook also, but on Facebook also I play games. I always play Zynga games like Frontierville, Cafe World,...
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